Strategic vs. Operational Management

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Strategic management and operational management are different and equally important aspects of the business. Leaders that make the mistake of putting too much attention into strategic planning or operations put the whole organization at risk because one process works harder than the other one. What Is Operational Management? Operations departments typically consist of production, logistics, information technology, finance, marketing, sales, and service.

Announcing NextView Operator Guilds

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We’re calling them NextView Operator Guilds. . The concept our Guilds is simple: We want to bring together small groups of Product and Go-to-Market experts to lend their time to support our portfolio company founders and key operators. Here is who will be joining the NextView Operator Guilds (for full bios, click the link in their name): Product Guild. The post Announcing NextView Operator Guilds appeared first on NextView Ventures.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Business Operations


If you run a small business or large company, there are several ways that you can improve your operations. Here are some of the best ways to improve your business operations. This can save you money by limiting the number of permanent employees that you’ll need to hire. Even though you need to work hard to keep your business operations going, you should be willing to step away and take some time off from the job. Others business advice business operations

Empower Operational Employees to Innovate

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The Benefits of Innovation Training for Operational Employees. Why is it that organizations don’t invest in training operational employees? Don’t this large group of employees deserve a Brown Bag Innovation Training? Nearly all that training is for dedicated innovation teams , or employees who are focused on new product development. It’s almost as if creativity from operational employees is actively discouraged.

5 Reasons Why You Should Provide Stipends To Your Employees


Nowadays, businesses have to face the truth that it’s just not enough to give employees their proper wages. This doesn’t just keep employees motivated, but providing beyond just the basic salary also enables your business to attract the cream of the crop come hiring season.

A Startup Guide To Streamlining Your Operation

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Streamlining operations helps reduce stress while also allowing you to build a business that will have everything that it needs to succeed. Alternatively, if you have employees or partners to work with then delegating certain tasks can be helpful. There are all kinds of tools, tech, and software which can streamline tasks in the business operations. The post A Startup Guide To Streamlining Your Operation appeared first on The Startup Magazine.

3 Technology Trends Streamlining Operations for Healthcare Startups

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We will be looking at a few ways technology is helping healthcare startups streamline their operations and improve overall care quality. The company’s platform leverages data science to swiftly match an employee to the right specialist that’s in their network.

Ensuring Wellness Of Post Pandemic Employees


As a workplace psychologist, I’m often asked what the psychological effects of COVID-19 are on employees. During lockdown, a happy employee was seen to be autonomous, and connected to both friends and colleagues. Employers and Employee Autonomy.

Ways To Increase Employee Experience


The staff are the driving force of the operation so no business can succeed without an excellent team in place. This allows you to bring in a talented and experienced individual in the short term to help the company to achieve a particular goal or to oversee operations until a permanent solution is found. You might not be able to match the wages that the top talent can command elsewhere but you could entice prospective employees in other ways. Engage With Employees.

Run A Tight Startup Operation: 5 Business Security Solutions To Consider


Today, we are exploring various security options that can help you run a tight startup operation without worrying about external forces affecting your work. You never know when some of your employees may click on a malicious link. So, while a startup can require employees to use a VPN for work, they should also encourage them to protect personal online activities as well. It enables startups to save money by allowing employees to use their personal hardware.

3 Ways Startups Are Using AI To Improve Daily Operations


Here are three ways startups are already using AI to improve their daily operations. AI is expected to transform the customer service experience by allowing companies to optimize call center operations and deliver service customized to customer preferences. Another important application of AI for IT operations is security. On-device AI allows companies to secure employee smartphones with facial recognition and other biometric identification methods.

Managing The Operations Of Your Startup


Your success or failure will not rely upon the historical data and industry statistics, but from how well you manage daily operations. Here are five tips for assuming better command over your startup operations: Consolidate and Negotiate. According to an article published by Forbes, metrics that play a critical role in any startup management includes revenue run rate, average revenue per user, customer acquisition rate, churn rate, and operation efficiency.

Global Payroll Companies Save Corporations Money On Operations


When a company has started its operations in multiple countries of the world, there are several challenges it has to face. When a mistake has been made in the payroll, the employees in a company will be angered, and the government in question might suspend your operations, leading to huge losses. Getting a reputable global payroll company is the only way to ensure that your employees are happy and that there are no additional expenses.

How Great, Operationally-Focused CFO’s Can Transform Your Business

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One area I’ve had much discussion with the companies in which I’ve invested in is bringing on board an operationally focused CFO. And it turns out that employee reviews matter. Didn’t have employees sign non-solicitation agreements? Have an employee trying to push you to do a 1099 vs. a W2 … is that good or bad? Most founders hate it which is why they’re founders and not great employees.

Should you outsource your financial operations?

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This week everyone has been talking about Zirtual – the on-demand virtual assistant company that collapsed on Sunday night, suddenly laying off more than 400 employees (the company now is going to be acquired by The post Should you outsource your financial operations?

How You Can Streamline Your Business Operations

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So it’s worthwhile learning how to streamline your operations. Most entrepreneurs know that they need to hire staff at one point or another, but it’s not as if the job is done as soon as the employee has been onboarded. Focus on Your Core Operations.

What Happens When Startups Turn from Their Innovation Stage to Operational Excellence?

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Nearly every successful tech startup I’ve observed over the past 20 years has gone through a similar growth pattern: Innovate, systematize then scale operations. Sam also had a vision as early as 2012 about how MakeSpace would be a large employer of middle-income jobs: The company would hire employees rather than just have contractors and he would lead the effort to ensure they had opportunities for growth and benefits for their families.

The ROI Of Investing In Your Employees


Investing in employees can be a very beneficial and all-around positive experience for everyone involved. Employees feel valued and motivated to contribute, work to improve their employer’s business as well as have an incentive and sense of security that compels employees to stay instead of hopping jobs. Here we will go over how to determine the likely ROI of investing in employees: Investing in Employees: Details.

6 Great Ways to Recognize Your Employees

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When employees feel underappreciated, their willpower to work harder is affected. This said, leaders have an active duty to recognize their employees. Employee recognition not only boosts their confidence, but it also allows you to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. When your employees feel that they have a good relationship with you, they are more likely to improve their productivity. Here are some ways you can recognize your employees.

These 5 Things Are Killing Employee Productivity


While there are plenty of things you may be doing right in your business, you may be failing your employees in some areas. Not giving your employees a voice. If you want your staff to feel like they are on a team and are all pulling on the same rope, then let them feel like they have a say in the operations. Have things streamlined, yes, but operate with the belief that your employees are intelligent people and can figure things out on their own, too.

5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement Through Technology


Why keep employees engaged? By understanding employee engagement , you can enhance productivity, improve retention in demanding fields and deliver higher quality products and services. Unengaged employees also tend to fail as corporate culture representatives and brand ambassadors.

How An iPad POS Can Streamline Your Business Operations


Previous incarnations were clumsy, difficult to operate, not very effective and limited in both functionality and features. Whereas in the past a manager was in charge of tracking employee hours by timecards, keeping track of reports and records, tracking sales, checking inventory, keeping track of reservations, etc. One of the biggest time wasters for a manager (and to the overall efficiency of a restaurant) is having to take the time to train employees on POS systems.

5 Practical Strategies To Keep Employees Safe On The Road

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As a business owner with employees in the field, you’re responsible for their health, safety, and well-being while on the road. Grow Operations Uncategorized health and safety recommended safety and health laws vehicle fleet workplace safety

Improve Employee Productivity Using The Following Strategies


The performance of an organization heavily relies on the performance of the employees in a particular enterprise. It is for this reason that the operational management level exists: to see to it that the staff make their contribution towards achieving the goals of the organization. While employers have expectations when it comes to employee performance, their expectations are not always met. Avail all the tools that employees need for work. Motivate your employees.

Understanding Employment Law And Employee Rights


Employees have rights. You also want to ensure that no one on your executive team intentionally or accidentally discriminates against an employee or otherwise oversteps their boundaries by behaving inappropriately. You cannot discriminate against an employee on the basis of gender.

5 Company Initiatives That Reduce Employee Burnout


Employee burnout is on the rise thanks to our digital lives — it’s easy to answer an email at 9p.m. This burnout, otherwise known as stress, impacts employee performance, the quality of their work and relationships with coworkers and management, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Bonus: Employees will love them too, boosting their loyality to the company. In the end, employees are happier and likely more productive.

4 Factors to Consider Before Moving Your Operations Abroad

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There are many reasons why moving your business operations – a part of it or the entire company – to another country. You can check whether the workforce is skilled and properly trained by doing surveys and checking existing operations of other companies directly. Employee happiness is known to have an impact on productivity and quality of work, which is why ensuring good living quality is important. Work-life Employees foreign workers operations regulation

4 Ways Technology Can Help Streamline Business Operations

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Leveraging technology within your business model can lay down the path for improved productivity, smoother operation, and increased profits. Given the highly competitive nature of business today, regardless of the industry you’re operating in, streamlining your business processes through the use of technology can be the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of your counterparts. Here are some of the many ways technology can help streamline your business operations….

Are My Employees Going Through A March Slump?


We all know that a miserable boss equals miserable employees who cope by going through the motions to get through the day. Instead of firing off e-mails try picking up the phone and talking to your employees. If employees are expected to check their e-mails 24/7 to stay ahead of the game, then they won’t be coming to work feeling fresh and raring to start the day. To retain your employees, they need to see it too. The post Are My Employees Going Through A March Slump?

Get More Done With These Time And Employee Management Solutions

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Here's a look at three solutions to improve business operations and spend it wisely. Grow Operations productivity productivity tips workplace productivityTime is, arguably, our most valuable asset.

6 Ways For Startups To Reduce Operating Costs


Here are a few ways for startups to reduce operating costs so they can function more efficiently, and make every dollar count: 1. The cost to physically operate a business can turn into a major financial burden for startups. Depending on the business type, there’s the option to have employees and contractors work from their homes to minimize or eliminate the cost to rent an office space. Hire Freelancers and Contract Employees. Keep Employees Happy.

Four Factors To Motivate Your Employees Daily


While a healthy paycheck contributes to employee satisfaction, money won’t keep the best employees if other more important aspects of their employment are not met. If the workplace environment doesn’t fit with the conditions where the brain can thrive, they probably won’t hold on to their best employees for long. Neuroscience has mapped the ideal conditions that, when addressed, allow the brain to thrive and operate much closer to its full capacity.

How Online Training Can Help Even Seasoned Employees


Employee training is usually associated with new hires. However, even the most seasoned employees can benefit from training. Many companies are seeing the value of training veteran employees and for good reasons. Other times company leaders notice a drop in productivity or accuracy or need employees to become more efficient in order to remain competitive. Companies can leverage this reality to train or retrain experienced employees.

Why It’s So Important To Cross-Train Your Employees


Too many companies focus exclusively on training employees for their primary role. As a result, their company ends up with silos , and employees struggle or find it impossible to take on someone else’s role. . The solution is to cross-train your employees (and your partners, while you’re at it). Basically, this means educating and training employees in the tasks and responsibilities of another department or those of another person.

A Guide to Crafting Your LLC Operating Agreement

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An operating agreement is the document that sets the rules for your LLC. In this article, we’ll talk about how to create your own LLC operating agreement, what you should include, and where you’ll need to keep it when you’ve made one. Should I have an operating agreement for my LLC? Although some states don’t legally require you to have an operating agreement, you really shouldn’t run an LLC without one. What does an operating agreement cover?

LLC 130

How to Help Your Employees Get More Work Done

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If you’re running a business, you probably already know that there’s nothing more important to you than your employees. Without them, you simply won’t be able to operate and your business would shut down. It’s common for employees to believe that by tackling multiple tasks at the same time, they’re being more productive. Also, highlighting the most important tasks might help your employees get real work done instead of multitasking.

3 Ways for Businesses to Improve Their Shipping Operations

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That’s why it’s so important that you find ways to improve your shipping operation and make it more efficient. Orders are processed but it takes a long time for the employees in the warehouse to get that order and set the wheels in motion.

How To Ensure The Safety Of Your Employees In The Workplace


They also aim to reduce the financial hardship and suffering of employees and their families that have been brought about by these events. As an employer, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of your employees in the workplace. Increase employee productivity.

4 Operational Features Every Online Business Should Work To Improve Upon


Regardless of the industry a company operates in, there are certain practices and processes that need to be optimised in order to facilitate ideal business outcomes. With that said, below we’ll look at four operational features that internet-based businesses should work to improve upon on an ongoing basis: 1. Every component of the business should be clearly recorded and tracked within a standardized digital interface that all employees are familiar with.

How Gamification in the Workplace Impacts Employee Productivity

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When employees are happy, their productivity is usually high. Employees who enjoy what they do are likely going to perform well in their duties as well as stay longer in the company. Therefore, the employer should invest in ways that will enhance the joy of employees in the workplace.

How To Keep Good Employees Happy And Reap The Business Benefits


by Paul Trapp and Stephen Davis, coauthors of “ Prep for Success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Achieving Your Dreams “ While many business owners say that the first rule of a successful company is keeping customers happy, studies show that also keeping employees happy is critical to the whole process. The big key to business success is the productivity level of your employees and the culture in which they operate.

The Change Checklist – How To Boost Employee Productivity Through Software


Employee productivity should always be a top priority for business owners. Short of standing over your employees and demanding that they remain on-task, it can be difficult to get employees to get excited about their work. Ensuring that your business is well organised and provides a positive working environment for your employees is key to improving productivity. Better Communication With Employees. Ensure Your Employees Are Happy At Work.

3 Inefficient Operations To Clean Up In Preparation For A 2014 Boom


As your startup grows, so does the need for mid-tier managers between employees and senior management. Operations can very quickly get stretched or divided, and if a senior manager leaves, there’s no one left to fill the void. Invest in training, and outline promotion opportunities for current employees who already understand the environment and are loyal to your senior managers. This program yielded some wonderful managers and kept employee retention high.