7 Entrepreneur Types Drive Change On A Global Scale

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Yet very few achieve that great aspiration of really driving economic, social, and environmental changes on a global scale. entrepreneur Fiona Wood global change Peter Andrews types

We Need Entrepreneurs Who Can Drive Global Change

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet very few achieve that great aspiration of really driving economic, social, and environmental changes on a global scale. entrepreneur Fiona Wood global change Peter Andrews uberpreneurs

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Artificial Intelligence And Global Ethics


Geo-engineering: These solutions will be able to manipulate large-scale, global environmental processes that affect the entire earth’s climate.

Global Multichannel Consumer Behaviour (Research/Purchase) Analysis

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It is a repository of global data that has as its primary purpose to quantify the role of digital in the consumer journey from research to purchase. That also applies to the consumer Search behavior (#4 below) which includes all search engines and not just Google.

Katie Rae and the Engine at MIT

David Cohen

Everyone who knows Katie Rae at Techstars is thrilled that she’s taken a lead role with The Engine at MIT, a new venture fund and incubator space there. As you know, Techstars is for life and we are excited to strengthen the already strong ties between the Techstars global network and the amazing MIT network. Katie was the Managing Director at Techstars for our Boston program from 2010 to 2014.

Engineering a Regional Tech Cluster-part 3 of 3 of Bigger in Bend

Steve Blank

Dino Vendetti a VC at Bay Partners, moved up to Bend, Oregon on a mission to engineer Bend into a regional technology cluster. Part 3: Engineering a Regional Tech Cluster. Summary: Bend Is a Global Entrepreneurship Experiment.

Aarhus Engineering Hub Supports Uber's Global Operations


In Denmark, Uber's main goal is to help provide cities with a better transportation system – But they also support Uber data centres around the world from Aarhus engineering hub. “In We’re hiring engineers who are able to find their own problems to work on.

The Hidden Economic Engine

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In a recent article in Foreign Policy , Robert Neuwirth investigates the $10 trillion global underground economy, which is also becoming known as System D. Given its size, it makes no sense to talk of development, growth, sustainability, or globalization without reckoning with System D." While the official unemployment figures continue to hover around 9% in the U.S.,

How to Find an Overseas Manufacturer: A Primer on Global Sourcing

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You have a great new product that you want to take global. Now, this same process tends to be referred to as outsourcing if it involves a business function, especially if it’s done across borders, or global sourcing if it involves finding an overseas manufacturer.

Building a global platform to be COO

Life Beyond Code

Being that kind of lucky would be ideal but you can rarely engineer that because in general, free riders will be a majority force. You create a global platform and provide significant help.

Going Global: 8 Things to Consider If You Want to Expand Your Business

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Going global with a startup or business is easier than it has ever been (although it still has its challenges), and for many winning entrepreneurs, their success has been attributed to their consideration toward international expansion right from the very start.

“Engineering is not enough"


Engineering is not enough, the visual side as well as the user interface has to be interesting.". As Creoir works in cooperation with global brands and helps them in developing and producing wireless devices, working in B2B makes building up a reference portfolio challenging, says Väyrynen.

5 Keys To Success In Rolling Out Software Worldwide

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Note that this will require close and trusted cooperation between engineering/development and each localization group. In addition this person should report, dotted line, to product development or engineering. development entrepreneur global localization software

Startup Investor Makes a Deal: Engineers for Equity


But a new angel fund is hoping that they’ll do the same in exchange for engineering talent. Partners W3 EDGE Concentric Sky Rackspace Intridea Dynect DNS Webtrends Global Syndication Partners ABCNews CNN Forbes Metro USAToday Yahoo ©2005-2011 Mashable, Inc.

Lessons Learned: The engineering manager's lament

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, October 20, 2008 The engineering managers lament I was inspired to write The product managers lament while meeting with a startup struggling to figure out what had gone wrong with their product development process. Last week, I found myself in a similar situation, but this time talking to the engineering manager. This engineering manager is a smart guy, and very experienced. And why is the engineering manager suffering so badly?

Uber Aims To Double Its Lithuanian Engineering Team During 2016


Uber is launching a recruitment drive to expand its global engineering centre in Lithuania. In little over a year, Uber’s engineering centre in Vilnius has grown to a team of almost 20 engineers – and the company announced that they are aiming to double the workforce by the end of 2016.

Building the Global Startup Part 3: Assigning Ownership and Achieving Commitment

John O'Farrell

This is the third in a series on building a global company from the ground up. You don’t want quarterly bookings to suffer, or your fledgling global strategy to get hurt by short-term sales pressures, so you should probably not give the role to your VP of Sales, even if she really wants it.

Our 3 favorite startups from the Microsoft Ventures Global Startup Day

The Next Web

At its Global Startup Day event in San Francisco today, the company that Windows built put 11 companies on stage to present their company for VCs, journalists and analysts. Everyone has an accelerator nowadays and Microsoft is no different.

Internet Of Things Will Reshape Global Trade


Today’s supply chains form the arteries and veins that keep global trade alive, connecting a largely borderless, always-on world economy. New innovations offer disruptive possibilities for the future of global trade. Fraud and security is a widespread menace in this now global industry.

Oppex Raises $2.3M For Its Search Engine For Public Tenders


Oppex , the world’s largest search engine and database of public bidding contests, announces closing a $2.3 The global value of public tenders is estimated to be at least $10,000 billion according to Oppex.

NYC Startups Need Engineers. This Company Aims to Deliver Them

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That fact presents a few challenges for Hired, which has been operating in San Francisco since 2012, and pairing engineers with jobs at mostly fast-growth startups. Adding New York allows us to add non-technical companies that need [as many] if not more engineers.

How Google Went from School Project to Global Phenom

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Eventually, it would become the worldwide search engine juggernaut While at Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to pitch their dissertation topic as an actual company.

Building the Global Startup Part 2: Get Yourself a Strategy

John O'Farrell

This is the second in a series on building a global company from the ground up. In the first part of this series I discussed the importance of laying the groundwork for a global company up-front. The goal is to have global platforms on which regional product offerings are based.

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2015 Q2 DDoS Threat Landscape Report: The Downside Of The Decline Of Search Engine Impersonator Bots, And What It Means For DDoS Attacks


On the surface, the news that the use of search engine impersonator bots is down from 57% of all DDoS bot traffic in 2014 to a miniscule 0.9% Nearly every website in existence welcomes Google’s search engine crawlers. Source: Incapsula Q2 2015 DDoS Global Threat Landscape Full Report.

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Limited Budget? Guide To Getting More Visitors To Your Site Without Spending A Dime


In this digital age where the world has been transformed into a global village, you cannot wish away the need to get your business online. Optimized websites have higher chances of being found in the search engines. Register Your Site With Search Engines.

How Two Millennials Are Disrupting the $400 Billion Used Equipment Industry

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Now they lead Machinio.com, the fastest growing global search engine for used equipment. Dan Pinto and Dmitriy Rokhfeld have been creatingbusinesses together since middle school. Icons of Entrepreneurship

Cultural Strategy Key in Global Sourcing

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Nuvar’s in-house engineering assists its customers with product development and design. Through a global network of manufacturing suppliers, Nuvar sources component part manufacturing. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Nuvar.

Digital Attribution's Ladder of Awesomeness: Nine Critical Steps

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I did not want them to make the mistake of trying to achieve revolution at the end of the keynote, rather I wanted to give them a path to achieving a global maxima. Culture is a stronger determinant of success with data than anything else. Including data.

Europe´s Growth Engine As A Stepping Stone To Succeed Globally


The German mechanical engineering industry is strong but it needs to be transformed urgently into the digital century to defend its leadership position.

Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

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The post outlines eight sources vendors use to collect data: Toolbars, panels, ISP data, search engines, self reported, scraped/indexed, hybrid, and external voc. Easy question to answer, and free with Compete (remember, this is US visits only) or SimilarWeb (global traffic).

Six Visual Solutions To Complex Digital Marketing/Analytics Challenges

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A secondary, under-appreciated, challenge is that search engines value freshness of content. It is also immensely beneficial for search engine optimization (great content, delivered fresh, every day!). 4: Optimize for your Global Maxima: Obsess About Macro AND Micro Outcomes!

Two Amazing Bar Charts: % Content Consumption, % Share of Search

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But fresh relevant content is also of value in our search engine optimization efforts, keeps a pipeline of socially shareable assets going. This company has made impressive progress with acquiring ever more traffic via search engines.

Digital Marketing And Analytics: Two Ladders For Magnificent Success

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During this stage you should also invest a lot in Search Engine Optimization. Now in step eight , we really kick things up multiple notches when it comes to creating a truly fantastic multi-channel (or the flavor of the month, omni-channel) execution engine.

Excellent Analytics Tip #26: Every Critical Metric Should Have A BFF!

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While another post, Global Views on Morality: Homosexuality , has 72 Likes and 40 Shares. Analytics Digital Analytics Digital Marketing Marketing Tips Search Engine Marketing Social Media Web Analytics Web Metrics actionable web analytics key performance indicators

Going to change the world? The Global Impact Challenge is calling Finland


You don''t need to be a biomedical engineer or coder to apply, or even be out of the "idea stage" What matters, according to Kekäläinen is that you have a good concept and the right mindset. The program is quite global as well, then attracting 80 people from 36 countries.

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Is Your Brand Magnificent At Digital Marketing? A Diagnostic Framework.

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Having an owned existence means being in control of your destiny, the type of relationship you create and the 16 types of value you'll deliver to your audience when you attract them via Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, and, yes, Social Media.

Empowering Analysis Ninjas? 12 Signs To Identify A Data Driven Culture

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All standard reports are simply the vendor engineer's attempt to showcase the data in the tool. But with everyone doing their own thing it ends up being a structure were there are no efficiencies of scale, little incentive to innovate, and almost no optimizing for the global maxima.

You Are What You Measure, So Choose Your KPIs (Incentives) Wisely!

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And no, she was not able to complete her task after 6.3802146 frustrating minutes because neither your navigation nor your internal site search engine got her to the right page. of Search Traffic vs. Share of Global Search Volume. Yes, data is important. Helps make marketing better.

16 Emerging Startup Hubs to Watch in 2016

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These global cities boast low corporate tax rates, supportive governments, talented engineers--and are poised to become the next dominant startup ecosystems Move over, Silicon Valley (and Alley)!

How to build a Silicon Valley caliber product engineering team in Asia

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Now that I’ve mapped out key first steps that need to be taken and important cultural nuances to be aware of when expanding your business into Asia , many CEOs ask me if they can actually locate their engineering and product teams here and expect the same level of quality they get in the Valley.