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I’ve regularly blog about patent trolls harassing startups and impeding innovation, the experiences of immigrant founders, and the battle for a free internet. That’s where Engine Advocacy comes in. A few months ago, I joined the Advisory Board of Engine to lend my support to an organization that is doing amazing work for the startup ecosystem. Engine connected 15,000 calls from individuals to their Senators that day. Buffer The post Engine.

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Marc Andreessen

I will donate the prize money to charitable programs that help spread the culture and foundational knowledge of engineering — such as scholarships and summer programs for engineering students. It is amazing to think that the consumer Internet and the World Wide Web are still only 20 years old. I firmly believe our field’s best days are still ahead of us, and I can’t wait to see what the next generation of engineers will accomplish.

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Content Diversity is Key to Search Engine Optimisation Success

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Keeping the attention span of an already flighty internet user is difficult at the best of times. The idea is that the more popular your content is, the more likely it is to be shared and linked to which will contribute to your search engine optimisation success.

Where Is My Search Engine Traffic?

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You need to explore all avenues of getting traffic, and search engines are the primary way users will locate your site. So why aren’t you ranking in the search engines? Put yourself in the mind of an Internet searcher. Put the user first, before the search engine.

It’s a Big Step from Engineer to an Entrepreneur

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Every engineer who has invented some new technology, or is adept at creating solutions, believes that is the hard part, and it should be a short step to take that solution to market as an entrepreneur. Engineers assume that the business issues can be resolved later.

The End of ?Internet? Companies ? AGILEVC

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The End of “Internet” Companies. Al Gore's 2012 Induction to the Internet Hall of Fame. I believe with unshakable conviction that the internet has been and will continue to be the most distruptive innovative force of of my lifetime.

The 30% Internet Gorilla Tax

Andrew Payne

I first noted this nearly 5 years ago, but more recently, some of the Internet thought leaders have written about the theme. I expect that they will continue to do a lot of things well, have significant data and computation advantages, be able to attract a large percentage of the most talented engineers, and aggressively buy companies that get off to promising starts.

How Search Engine Optimization Can Bring You More Clients


Most importantly, is your site optimized for search engines and is it attracting the type and number of visitors you’d like? In the early days of the internet, while search engines were still in their infancy, search engine optimization was much simpler than it is today.

A Great Graduation Speech For Engineers And Entrepreneurs

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My friend Krista Marks (now at Disney – which acquired her first company – Kerpoof ) sent me a copy of the graduation speech she gave at the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing on May 8th. I asked her if I could reprint it here – it’s applicable to any engineer or future entrepreneur, not just recent college graduates. In 1989, I graduated with degree in Electrical Engineering from the USC.

Should You Outsource Your Internet Marketing?

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The internet has been the biggest blessing to some small businesses and a complete business killer for others. Joining the Internet Marketing Revolution. In only the past 10 years, the prevalence of the internet has completely exploded across every corner of the globe. It’s time for those without new marketing techniques to take their heads out of the sand and scoop up the massive business opportunity the internet has to offer. We’re not in Mayberry anymore!

The Internet is Ready for Things

Andrew Payne

I’m not a fan of the term “Internet of Things” (IoT), but it is the best way to describe a future where more and more devices are Internet-connected. The infrastructure elements already exist, as the Internet is exceptional at expanding and shifting to accommodate new kids on the block. Mobile and desktop browsers share the same core rendering engine.


Test Your Aptitude for Business Internet Jargon

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Many of the businesses and entrepreneurs I know still don’t realize that they need to use and understand the Internet, even if their interest is not e-commerce. Here is a quick test of your real Internet savvy. Search engine marketing (SEM). Internet radio.

7 Worst Entrepreneurial Perceptions From Engineers

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Every engineer who has invented some new technology, or is adept at creating solutions, believes that is the hard part, and it should be a short step to take that solution to market as an entrepreneur. Engineers assume that the business issues can be resolved later.

[Infographic] Tips For Keeping Your Internet Usage Private


The online space has burgeoned so much that every single minute, around 639,800 gigabytes worth of data is transferred around the Internet; in fact, about 47,000 apps are downloaded and more than two million searches are handled by Google in the same time.

The Future of Internet & Cars

Agile VC

I’ve been doing some thinking about the future of cars and the impact of the internet. When people talk about “internet” and “cars” people usually think of internet-connected automobiles for the purposes of infotainment.

Google Engineer: How We Interview, How I’d Beat Us for Talent, & How Non-Technical Founders Should Approach Devs

View from Seed

Saurya Velagapudi is a senior software engineer at Google, based in their Cambridge, Mass., I recently chatted with Saurya about how he approaches hiring engineers at Google and what founders can learn. NV: What are some basics you’d recommend to anyone hiring an engineer?

Case Study: Resolving Airline Engineering Issues Using Videoconferencing


Airline engineering issues arise due to lack of oversight; methods used for risk management and the use of temporary employees and outsourced specialists. We offer videoconferencing services that can bring airline engineers together online to resolve issues and discuss the industry.

Lessons In Internet EtiqueHow One Engineer Learnt His Lesson In Internet Etiquettette

Inc Startups

When you forget that what you say on the Internet is public, things can turn bitter quickly

29 free Internet tools to improve your marketing starting today

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Described as a search engine for links, Open Site Explorer allows you to see a list of the sites that are linking to you – or another site. This free onpage optimization tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas is a one-stop look at what’s going on a specific page of your site.

The yin and yang of the engineering team and the sales team

Eric Friedman

This is sometimes the result of one team pushing the other to its limits, often the sales team pushing the limits of the engineering system already in place. Vetting the technical feasibility ideas is the job of a strong engineering team keeps things in check.

Why Would a Business Avoid any Internet Presence?

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These days, if your startup does not have an Internet home base up and running, you are not ready for business or potential investors. There should be no doubt that an Internet presence is as basic to success in business today, as brick and mortar was a hundred years ago.

Sustainable Strategies for Internet Startup Success

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It seems like everyone has an Internet startup these days. Without a sustainable strategy, these challenges lead to the terrifying statistic that nine out of ten online businesses will fail, and lead to the current ratio of Internet failures to millionaires being thousands to one.

3 Tools To Help You Get Started With SEO


SEO is a game of keyword- and research-driven efforts, wrapped around a technical understanding of how search engines work and what factors they use in order to calculate a specific website’s value. Quality links will forever remain relevant in both the user’s and the engine’s eyes.

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MeasrFood, a Smart Food Scale, Wins Intel’s Internet of Things Roadshow in Austin


By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News Americans have a problem counting calories which contributes to skyrocketing rates of obesity, said Brad Hughes, software engineer at National Instruments. He thought Intel’s Internet of Things Hackathon might be a good place to tackle the problem. Austin Intel Internet of Things

Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Changes For 2017


Search engine optimization is a practice used to help your website rank higher in the search results fields of major search engines. In the past, search engines only utilized one algorithm. The information above can help improve your search engine ranking.


Five Blogging Secrets for SEO, Community, and Visibility

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The trade magazine, like many other printed publications, have taken a turn towards the internet and getting on board is as easy as logging on to WordPress. Search Engine Optimization has a certain mystique to it.

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Put the internet to work for you

John O'Farrell

Worldwide, we pass over 35 billion hours a month in the digital world, with US Internet users spending an average of 32 hours online monthly. You can leave the hard work of creating the individual tools to the engineers and designers.”. Living in silos.

The Start-up Behind Spray-On Internet

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Chamtech Technologies has developed a "liquid" antenna that can be painted or sprayed on any surface. The pay-off: instant Wi-Fi, anywhere. It started with a simple idea: What if you could hide antennas in plain sight?

Putting An End To The Biggest Lie On The Internet - Terms of Service


Putting An End To The Biggest Lie On The Internet. It’s long been said that “I agree to the terms of service” is the biggest lie on the internet. Graphic Designer drchrono Account Director ROKKAN Data Scientist Consultant UN Global Pulse Data Engineer Consultant UN Global Pulse Financial Controller [link]. Startups. Mobile. Gadgets. Europe. Video. Enterprise. Venture. Social. GreenTech. Gaming. Opinion. Drama. Guides. Smartphones. Tablets. Digital Cameras.

How I Made My First Internet Dollar – A Passive Income Niche Site Case Study

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

Making money passively has been something that I’ve been wanting to do for several years, but… Read the rest of this entry » Make Money Online Search Engine Optimization niche websites nick mcintosh passive income website marketingA few weeks ago I received my first ever payment from Google Adsense in my bank account. While it was only $170 , it represents a small but significant step to making money in a way that is completely independent of my time.

Lessons Learned: The engineering manager's lament

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, October 20, 2008 The engineering managers lament I was inspired to write The product managers lament while meeting with a startup struggling to figure out what had gone wrong with their product development process. Last week, I found myself in a similar situation, but this time talking to the engineering manager. This engineering manager is a smart guy, and very experienced. And why is the engineering manager suffering so badly?

Why CEOs Shouldn’t Mess with Engineers


Why CEOs Shouldn’t Mess with Engineers. The sad story of its sinking seems to have several potential causes, but one is noteworthy both in terms of engineering and leadership. Likely cause #1: after the ship was designed and construction was under way, the King overruled the engineers and added much heavier cannons on the upper armament deck. Let’s translate these two causes of failure into Internet-speak. #1:

Russia reportedly planning state-controlled 'Sputnik' search engine


Re-posted from - [link] In what appears to be a further attempt to censor the internet , Russia is reportedly building its own state-controlled search engine. The report comes from Russian newspaper Vedomosti , which claims that the search engine will be called Sputnik, and is being developed by state-owned telecom Rostelecom. However, even if the report is true, the search engine will likely have a tough time cracking the Russian market. OK, here comes Russia.

How to Dominate Local Search Results for Your Business

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Now that the Internet is a huge force behind the success of any business, domination of local search results is vital to the growth of your brand. Just as a biophysicist knows the formulas for DNA, a successful business knows how to dominate the search engines.

The Impending Explosion of the Internet

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It''s a transformation that concerns every company--even start-ups and small businesses--says David Mitnick, founder and president of DomainSkate , an Internet company that focuses on domain name arbitration disputes. Bigger Internet: Opportunity or Horrible Idea?

5 of the Best Tools to Track and Measure Your Domain’s Social Impact

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After all, a website alone no longer provides a strong enough Internet presence to push your site toward the top of Google’s search engine ranking. 5 of the Best Tools to Track and Measure Your Domain’s Social Impact written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

30 Tips for Great Digital Marketing

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By using a mix of these four strategies for great digital marketing: search advertising, webSite, search engine optimization, and social media. Search Engine Optimization. Images can help sell your business, and they also rank in search engines.

Major sites and platforms experiencing outages today, including Dropbox and Google App Engine

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Following the Amazon Web Services outage earlier this week , major sites and platforms are experiencing outages today, including at least Dropbox and Google App Engine. “App Engine is currently experiencing serving issues.

Building habit forming consumer internet services

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The most important post sets out Nir’s concept of the Desire Engine which is a framework for building habit forming services. The centrepiece of Nir’s theory is that successful sites push users through the four steps of the Desire Engine every time they visit. Consumer Internet

5 Reasons To Switch To Internet Marketing

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The Internet is a new-age phenomenon like no other. Among the most significant changes brought about by the Internet includes the way we view traditional marketing. Here are five good reasons to switch to Internet marketing: 1. All is not rosy with the Internet though.