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Protecting IP in Crowdfunded Deals

Angel Investing News

Investors will eventually want to validate the intellectual property (IP) prior to investing but not just to hear about the opportunity. During this phase of the investment process, representatives of the investor group may agree to a non-disclosure agreement as part of their validation of the IP. I wonder.

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Putting the Dev in Devops: Bringing Software Engineering to Operations Infrastructure Tooling

Code as Craft

Operations engineers don’t think of ourselves as developers, but there’s a lot we can learn from our friends in the development world.

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Startup Blog: Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights

Taffy Williams

That is what I advised the NewCo to do, try to get all the IP under one company. Startup Blog Steps to consider to start and grow a company.

Startup Blog: Intellectual Property (IP) and Know-how: Defined

Taffy Williams

The discussion of IP is sufficiently important to the NewCo that it will take more than one article to get the basics down. What is a patent?

Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 3: The Best Defense is a Good IP Strategy

Steve Blank

Early on in my career I took a “we’re moving too fast to deal with lawyers” attitude to patents and Intellectual Property (IP.) Type of IP. _. The test for non-obvious is: given the prior art at the time of the invention, would a typical engineer 1) identify the problem, and 2) solve it with the invention? Outside the U.S.

Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

Occam's Razor

Because the search engine has determined that the perfect search result for you for the keyword avinash is a unicorn. [Do Big data. Small data.

How To Launch a Startup and Avoid Ending-up in Jail

Scott Edward Walker

Introduction I love working with startups – and trying to protect founders and watch their backs. Potential Criminal Violations Employment Laws.

EU Cookie / Privacy Laws: Implications On Data Collection And Analysis

Occam's Razor

Information like IP address, the page requested, time stamps, browser ids and more are stored. Be careful! :)]. So, it is complicated. A lot.

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How Etsy Manages HTTPS and SSL Certificates for Custom Domains on Pattern

Code as Craft

To preserve client IP addresses, we make use of the PROXY protocol on our load balancer and mod_proxy_protocol on the proxy hosts. How to HTTPS.

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Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

VC Cafe

Dasur’s solution is based on a unique, patented pattern recognition engine. Aerotel Medical Systems. Allot Communications. Amos Spacecom.

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Q2 2015 DDoS Trends – The Fall Of Search Engine Impersonators


Search engine impersonators are bots that pretend to be crawling a website in an attempt to index it and find useful links.

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The Engine of Economic Growth

Taffy Williams

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 The Engine of Economic Growth The Engine of Economic Growth [1] By Stephen A. Conforming environment; and, 5.


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The basic idea of the IPA is that it is a contract between Twitter and the engineer(s) and designer(s) who developed the IP. It goes on to say that Twitter or a subsquent owner could use the patent offensively with the engineers' and/or designers' approval. We will not do more than that however.

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Startup Blog: Virtual Work Force: by Don Alexander

Taffy Williams

I am preparing the next section on IP for this blog which I hope to have completed in the near future. Who’s the Boss? I Did What? Stuck?

Robots, Graphs, and Binary Search

Code as Craft

This includes datacenters, places that make search engines and crawlers, and companies that lease out CPUs by the slice. Linear scan? <?php


Revealed: The Secret Source For Winning Google’s Love by Yaro Starak

In my last post on, we talked about the big fat truth – without unique, fresh, and lengthy content your blog search engine rankings are as good as dead. Yes, Yaro’s AWeber Review – Email Autoresponder post was what stood between me and high search engine rankings of my own Aweber review.

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The Internet is Ready for Things

Andrew Payne

Mobile and desktop browsers share the same core rendering engine. 4G/LTE is a pipe for IP packets. I’m not a fan of the term “Internet of Things” (IoT), but it is the best way to describe a future where more and more devices are Internet-connected. are pursuing IoT platforms. I’m skeptical.


LXC – Automating Containers aka Virtual Madness (Part 2)

Code as Craft

An LXC config file is then created using the IP address and other options. engineering infrastructure operations

Lying on your resume

Steve Blank

Steve, the VP of Sales and Marketing previously ran their engineering department. Most of the sales force were previously design engineers.

Making it Virtually Easy to Deploy on Day One

Code as Craft

At Etsy we have one hard and fast rule for new Engineers on their first day: deploy to production. A new engineer’s first task is to snap a photo using our in house photo booth ( handmade of course ) and upload it to the about page. engineering infrastructure chef deployment first day KVM libvirt QEMU virtualization

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I-Corps @ NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

Steve Blank

Agile Engineering” to have teams prototype, test, and iterate their idea while discovering if they have a profitable business model.

The Twitter "Patent Hack"

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The insurgent, three engineers in a walk up in Bushwick, can't even afford the lawyer or the time to file a patent. So IP that was partially funded by our firm was used to sue other portfolio companies. Yesterday Twitter announced that they plan to amend the assignments agreements that they sign with their employees.

The Pay-It-Forward Culture

Steve Blank

Today, in spite of the fact that the valley is crawling with IP lawyers, the tradition of helping and sharing continues. ——-.

Is This Startup Ready For Investment?

Steve Blank

Other than measuring engineering progress, there’s no standard language to communicate progress. —-. Or watch the video here.).

Top 4 Content Marketing Metrics

Duct Tape Marketing

This is the total number of unique IP Addresses that have accessed your site in the filter window. Average Session Duration. Bounce Rate.

Going Global: 8 Things to Consider If You Want to Expand Your Business

Up and Running

Are there greater opportunities for higher rankings in the search engines, or is the design of your website helping or hindering you? (

Protecting The Safe Harbors Of The DMCA And Protecting Jobs

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The content industry's lobbyists have forged two new bills, one in the Senate called Protect IP and one in the House called E-Parasites. My partner Brad and I spent Thursday in DC along with a bunch of entrepreneurs and VCs.   The DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The four safe harbors are explained here. "Network

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The risks of being a small investor in a private company

Chris Dixon

I am no expert on the law, but I have been investing in private companies for about a decade, and during that time I’ve seen many cases where large investors used financial engineering to artificially reduce the value of smaller investors’ equity. Small investors invest in entity 1 that licenses IP from entity 2. startups

Compromise vs. Problem Solving

Feld Thoughts

A great panel full of engineers titled Tech Tutorial Backdrop: An All IP Network and Its Policy Implications came next, followed by a talk from Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. ” My brain is an engineers brain. I spent all day Sunday at Silicon Flatirons’ Digital Broadband Migration Conference.

30 Machine Intelligence Startups to Watch in Israel

VC Cafe

Cognata (2017) – still in stealth, Cognata is developing Artificial Intelligence simulation engines for automated vehicles. source).

This Is How to Optimize Your Business Blog: 14 Powerful WordPress Plugins

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Login LockDown limits the number of login attempts from a given IP range within a certain time period. Enhance your interaction with visitors.

How to Make Sure Professional Services Don’t Take Over Your Software Company

Both Sides of the Table

Often your sales engineers can do the customizations without bugging the core eng team. At a minimum co-ownership of the IP. training.

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How to Master Content Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

Prospects and clients alike expect to be able to turn to a search engine and find the answer to any question or challenge they face.

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Marketing Insights to Increase Growth and Exposure

Duct Tape Marketing

Questions I ask Josh Steimle: What’s changed the most about search engine optimization? Marketing Podcast with Josh Steimle.

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Who should learn to program?

Chris Dixon

Every company I know is hiring engineers (e.g. I’d also argue that if you are a non-technical person working at a web company the the first thing you should learn is internet architecture (DNS, http, html, web servers, database, TCP/UDP, IP, etc). Jobs & the economy. Businesses all over the world need more programmers.

Creating a Tech or Biotech: The Entrepreneur

Taffy Williams

Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights A Few Great Links to Startup Articles ► April (11) Beyond Rumsfeld by (Stephen A. Now what?

Geo-Targeting Can Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates!

Duct Tape Marketing

Or, you can choose to work with a more cost-effective and simple software solution that doesn’t require the complex IP tracking technology.

The Intersection of SEO and CRO (and How to Maximize Long Term Growth)


So, Google (and other search engines) are highly unlikely to penalize for A/B testing. Of course, it’s not so simple. Google runs A/B tests.

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Kernel Debugging 101

Code as Craft

The code at the end of the previous section tells us a null pointer dereference was the cause of the crash, and it gives us some clues as to what happened: IP: [<ffffffff8142bb40>] __netif_receive_skb+0x60/0x6e0. But we’ll still be sleeping with one eye open… engineering operationsCentOS 6.2, Basics and theory.

Startup Blog: Intellectual Property: How Do I Get Rights to Patents?

Taffy Williams

There are a few ways to obtain the rights to IP for your NewCo. Great article and information on IP and patents, truly valuable info.