Product Idea: Reverse Engineering VC Investment Strategies

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I went to the portfolio page, looked at all of their investments and from that inferred what that firm’s investment strategy was by sector, stage & geography. But honestly anyone can do this if they spend enough time distilling the key facts about each and every investment and then looking at these facts across the entire portfolio across time. The other day I found myself on a VC website.

How to Build a Successful and Diverse Venture Capital Portfolio Without Really Trying

This is going to be BIG.

Who is actually building a portfolio whose founders reflect the diversity of the greater population? I went back and calculated the number of companies in the first Brooklyn Bridge Ventures portfolio who have at least one founder who is female, from an underrepresented minority group, or LGBT. Most people need a little bit of capital to bring a product to market--or they're an engineer. Of the 32 companies in my portfolio, 18 (56%) were pre-product.

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Start Your Marketplace Engines

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At NextView Ventures, we have a number of companies in our portfolio which are “marketplace” businesses, where buyers and sellers meet to exchange a good or service. Communities like those of uTest (software QA testers), as well as NextView portfolio companies GrabCAD (mechanical engineers) and thredUP (parents), which resulted in marketplaces had origins in this approach.

How to Go From Google Engineer to First-Time CTO

Product and Engineering. How to Go From Google Engineer to First-Time CTO. Product and Engineering. How to Go From Google Engineer to First-Time CTO. Ian Langworth started his career as an O’Reilly author and software engineer at Google. Portfolio.

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The Yin and Yang of Product and Engineering

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For a tech company, product and engineering are the heart and soul of the business. When I do a quick mental query of headcount across our entire portfolio of ~30 companies, I think at least 50% and maybe as much as 60% of the entire headcount of our portfolio is in either product or engineering. The engineering person builds the product or manages the team that builds the product, or both.

“Engineering is not enough"


Engineering is not enough, the visual side as well as the user interface has to be interesting.". As Creoir works in cooperation with global brands and helps them in developing and producing wireless devices, working in B2B makes building up a reference portfolio challenging, says Väyrynen.

Comparison of the Top 10 WordPress Portfolio Themes for 2016

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The Top Free WordPress Portfolio Themes Compared I mostly do custom design work and using standard WordPress themes is kind of a no-no in my world. However, recently a friend wanted some help selecting some portfolio themes for her work. Portfolio Style and Personal Tastes.

Brett Berson - Turning a Portfolio into a Community.

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And while I’m super excited about the strength of our investment team, and the value we can add personally -- we’ve worked very hard to transform our portfolio of entrepreneurs from an unconnected group of companies working independently into a community of entrepreneurs who help each other. Ever since I became a VC, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is: “Don’t you miss being an entrepreneur?

Measuring Incrementality: Controlled Experiments to the Rescue!

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We have to do Search Engine Optimization. Smart Marketers work hard to ensure that their digital marketing and advertising efforts are focused on the most impactful portfolio of channels. The company truly has a portfolio strategy when it comes to marketing.

Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, the Future

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As an analyst, I was upset that this change would hurt my ability to analyze the effectiveness of my beloved search engine optimization (SEO) efforts – which are really all about finding the right users using optimal content strategies. Aggregated search engine level analysis.

Entrepreneurs and VCs can use Innovation Engineering


Yes.Entrepreneurs and VCs can use Innovation Engineering. VCs to validate/verify and revalidate/reverify Innovation of their portfolio and future portfolio companies. More on Innovation Engineering is here: [link] and here [link]. General Ideas & Companies engineering entrepreneur innovation Innovation Engineering VCEntrepreneurs to understand the needs, design, implement, validate/verify and evolve/revolutionize Innovation.

How to Scale Support of Portfolio Companies

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As I’ve worked to build out HOF Capital ’s portfolio acceleration platform , the #1 question I think about is: how do we scalably support our companies? Many VCs offer (or strive to offer) a bundle of levers and support structures to help their portfolio companies. the “TOPSCAN” framework from my research study on value creation by VCs ): T eam-Building – We aggregate openings across our portfolio on our jobs page.

The Ingenious Osmo

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It is at the heart of engineering. K9 Portfolio Company Jerome Scholler Osmo Pramod Sharma Tangible Play Ingenuity. Ingenuity is a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful word. It is also something I strive to have in every company that K9 Ventures invests in.

Video 47 Like Square, but without the square

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I’m pleased to announce the developer launch of K9 Ventures’ portfolio company, (pronounced card-I-O). Brent, the founding engineer of K9 News Portfolio Company computer vision credit card scanning Josh Snyder Mike Mettler portfolio Square

Best Job Boards for Recruiting Startup Engineers

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One of our portfolio companies asked me this week, “Do you all have a list of job boards your portfolio companies have had great success with in recruiting high quality engineers?”. The unemployment rate for quality computer scientists/engineers in the major cities right now is zero; everyone who’s not pursuing his/her own startup can easily get a good job. In a Dreamit talk I gave on recruiting star engineers , embedded below, I discuss a host of ways to do this.

Hiring Female Engineers

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We host 50+ events for our portfolio companies a year -- and historically we've held off on sharing the content widely, since we viewed it as a benefit that came from being a member of the First Round Capital community.


Auth0: Solving the Identity Crisis

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And the product that Auth0 has built blew me away with how well thought through and engineered it is. K9 Portfolio Company Auth0 Authentication Developers Identity Identity Crisis Login TwilioWe have a problem. The first step to solving that problem is acknowledging it exists.

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You Can’t Spell Hardware without H-A-R-D

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In fact, in college I used to joke that Electrical and Computer Engineers could write better code that Computer Scientists (not something I would argue about as voraciously now). I started my tinkering with hardware first.

Digital Attribution's Ladder of Awesomeness: Nine Critical Steps

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Can you see how savvy the company's people, process and structure would have to become to allow optimization of a portfolio of outcomes, rather than just one (conversion rate)? It is hard to optimize for the entire portfolio.

Some Happenings In Our Portfolio

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Yesterday, I saw an informal survey of our portfolio companies. Regular readers know that I do blog a fair bit about our portfolio companies but I also try to keep it balanced. Too much pimping of the portfolio doesn't make for a good VC blog.


So You Want to Compete Against Amazon?

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These designers’ unique products are typically not found through Amazon’s search engine as they lack broad awareness. Merchandise product differently: at its core is a search engine for products.

Los Angeles CTO / VP Engineering Job Searches


As the organizer of the LA CTO Forum , I get lots of inquiries by job seekers and people looking for CTO / VP Engineering talent. VCs / Investors Another common inquiry is, “Should I get introduced to VCs or other Investors who might need help in their portfolio companies?”

Congratulations IndexTank!

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I had recently finished the Master of Software Engineering ( MSE ) program at Carnegie Mellon and gone full time on my first startup. These companies don’t have search engineers on staff. IndexTank (@ IndexTank ) has been acquired by LinkedIn !

Gradescope: AI for Grading and Assessment

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Engineers in general hate doing things that are repetitive. K9 Portfolio Company AI Arjun Singh Assessment Bloomberg Beta computer vision education Freestyle Gradescope Grading Ibrahim Awwal learning Machine Learning Pieter Abbeel Reach Capital Sergey Karayev UC Berkeley

Excellent Analytics Tip #26: Every Critical Metric Should Have A BFF!

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Now you have excellent context for making smarter decisions about the full-value of each acquisition channel in your portfolio. There is unlimited amount of data thrown off our digital existences. (Or Or to use sexy term du jour , we have big data!).

Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

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When I search for "avinash" on Google I might rank #1 in the search results because I'm logged into my Google account, the engine has my search history, my computer IP address, it also has searches by others in my vicinity, local stories right now, and so many other signals.

Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models

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The outcome in either scenario is a restructuring of the organization that is exquisitely geared towards taking advantage of portfolio optimization. You can even get great first-step guidance about how to rebalance your portfolio from that last column.

Six Visual Solutions To Complex Digital Marketing/Analytics Challenges

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A secondary, under-appreciated, challenge is that search engines value freshness of content. It is also immensely beneficial for search engine optimization (great content, delivered fresh, every day!). Two things I love a lot: 1.

How Top Venture Capitalists Create (and Sometimes Destroy) Portfolio Company Value

David Teten

Mr. Kalghatgi is a recovering engineer with several years of experience in front-end design and development focused on mobile and web UX before completing his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Empowering Analysis Ninjas? 12 Signs To Identify A Data Driven Culture

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An example is: "We should add these 80 keywords to our PPC portfolio with a max bid of $14." All standard reports are simply the vendor engineer's attempt to showcase the data in the tool.

7 Data Presentation Tips: Think, Focus, Simplify, Calibrate, Visualize++

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You will never obsess about the cost per trade of your E-Trade portfolio, right? There are three elements to our "big data" efforts, or unhyped normal data efforts: Data Collection, Data Reporting, and Data Analysis.

Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big!

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Like everything in life, you want a balanced portfolio (left). Changes campaign targeting, changes content development, changes social strategies, changes product mix, changes keywords for search engine optimization.

Congratulations IndexTank!

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I had recently finished the Master of Software Engineering ( MSE ) program at Carnegie Mellon and gone full time on my first startup. So Diego did what only a hacker who loves music can do — as a side project he built a search engine for MP3s – ( that let you find almost any song available on the web in MP3 format. These companies don’t have search engineers on staff. IndexTank (@ IndexTank ) has been acquired by LinkedIn !

How to build a Silicon Valley caliber product engineering team in Asia

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Now that I’ve mapped out key first steps that need to be taken and important cultural nuances to be aware of when expanding your business into Asia , many CEOs ask me if they can actually locate their engineering and product teams here and expect the same level of quality they get in the Valley.

You Are What You Measure, So Choose Your KPIs (Incentives) Wisely!

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And no, she was not able to complete her task after 6.3802146 frustrating minutes because neither your navigation nor your internal site search engine got her to the right page. You feel proud because you started with just 5% of the traffic from search engines. Yes, data is important.

Excellent Analytics Tip #24: Obsess About Real Business Profitability

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Digital advertising and marketing is a key part of ZQI's multi-channel acquisition portfolio. or other digital channels … The specific description of each step will be a little different for each Danaher portfolio company.

Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check

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Experiment with changes in your digital portfolio based on your time decay results. A wise person said: "To guarantee success, spend 95% of your time defining the problem and 5% of the time solving it." " I believe deeply in that quote.

VMware Buys Nicira for $1.26B

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Like many successful technology companies, Nicira started with a brilliant engineer who had the right experience to see the future more clearly than anyone else. Unlike consumer startups, where engineers tend to be their own first and best customers, most data networking engineers have never run large-scale networks. Martin recruited networking veteran Steve Mullaney as CEO, and together they assembled an all-star crew of the very best engineers in the business.

The Kick-Ass Cloud For Developers

Peter Levine

With this round of funding, the management team intends to aggressively hire more in-house and remote software engineers to accelerate that already tremendous momentum. Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio Companies cloud developers DigitalOcean open source

Cloud 26

Disrupting Proctor & Gamble

Scott Weiss

The vast majority of Quirky products require an investment of less than $50,000 along with one to four designers/engineers working with the community. If you want to build a large portfolio in a short time, you wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio Companies Product Development