What is the difference between a vertical and a horizontal market?


A vertical market is one in which all of your customers are in one particular industry, regardless of where in the food chain they are. For example, the site Noodle.org is a vertical search engine for the education industry.

The rise of the vertical reputation graph

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen a number of start-ups try to carve away parts of LinkedIn by being the “LinkedIn for x” – where x ranges from doctors, teachers, finance professionals, academics, lawyers, engineers, etc. These vertically-focused platforms cater to the specific needs of their users, offering a close networking community around shared interests. The post The rise of the vertical reputation graph appeared first on Version One.

Vertical Markets 3: Reducing Risk in Startups « Steve Blank

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Simulation to Reduce Invention Risk If you’re in a vertical where “invention risk” is dominant, then you want to do everything you can to manage and reduce those risks. For example, in the semiconductor business engineers spend enormous time, money and effort on simulation , the process of actually building the chip in software and running tests to see how well it will perform – well before they ever get to first silicon.

A Place To Call Your Own: Building Your Brand’s Vertical Social Network


Here are the reasons why you should create a “vertical” social network for your brand: Create a more personalized social experience. Other companies focus their vertical networks on connecting customers with each other. By Vanessa Richardson.

Vertical Markets 2: Customer/Market Risk versus Invention Risk.

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Steve,&# he said, “you’re missing the most interesting part of vertical markets. Market Risk vs. Invention Risk - Click to Enlarge For companies building web-based products, product development may be difficult, but with enough time and iteration engineering will eventually converge on a solution and ship a functional product - i t’s engineering, not invention.

Start Your Marketplace Engines

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Communities like those of uTest (software QA testers), as well as NextView portfolio companies GrabCAD (mechanical engineers) and thredUP (parents), which resulted in marketplaces had origins in this approach. Often this focus can be on a specific geography or vertical. But the most difficult challenge is starting the marketplace engine in the first place, which can be sparked with one of the techniques above

Ardent War Story 5: The Best Marketers Are Engineers

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Building an Advisory Board In my travels outside the building I kept my eyes out for articulate and visionary scientists and engineers who had expertise we lacked, and were willing to help in an advisory capacity. Ardent War Story 5: The Best Marketers Are Engineers [.]

Scaling Techstars Horizontally

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There are two common ways to scale a system – horizontally or vertically. If you are a software engineer, you probably get this instinctively. Scale Vertically (or “scale up”): Add resources to a single node in a system, typically involving the addition of CPUs or memory to a single computer. Think of vertical scaling as building a bigger monolithic machine and horizontal scaling as add more machines to the system.

Resilience Engineering #30: Balance and Perspective

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Before getting started I want to point out the vertical axis for negative events is flipped from the previous chart, i.e., really bad events are at the bottom rather than the top.) Maintaining balance and perspective is key to leading complex, constrained projects.

CORE Engineering & Construction, Inc.

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Winter Park, FL CORE Engineering & Construction, Inc. is a full service engineering, construction and environmental remediation firm.

Upcoming Etsy Engineering Talks

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Gregg Donovan will be speaking at Lucene Revolution in San Francisco, May 26th about building out Solr to power Etsy’s vertical search product, including a number of custom extensions to Solr trunk (contributed back). engineering eventsLaura Beth Denker will be speaking at PHPCon in Nashville, April 22nd where she asks the question “Is It Handmade Code If You Use Power Tools?&#.

Google Base + Vertical Search + RSS = Death of Walled Gardens

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Google Base + Vertical Search + RSS = Death of Walled Gardens. The first visible signs of such erosion came when a set of “vertical” search start-ups put 2 and 2 together and realized that thanks to self-publishing and pervasive search, they could create highly focused “vertical” search engines that trolled self-published Internet sites for specific information and then republished this information as one aggregated site. Burnhams Beat.

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Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Top 10 Vertical and Social Web Trends For The Decade


In fact, in the discussion on JuJu brands is yet another validation of the verticalization and niche-ization of the Internet. This week, I published an article called The Top 10 Vertical and Social Web Trends where I have discussed this at length. On Jan.

The Innovation State of the Union

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

She’s also a professor at the University of Cincinnati in their Engineering department. Steve Jobs once challenged Obama to find him 30,000 engineers so he could build a plant in California. Simply in 1970 the percentage of engineering graduates from US Universities was 5%.

A founder’s advice on hiring a VP of Sales

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By definition, they are really good at selling (including themselves) and it is much harder than assessing engineers. News Recruitment saas Sales Software as a service vertical SaaS VP Sales One of the best parts about having a strong portfolio filled with smart people is the wise advice that founders share with each other.

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Ardent War Story 6: Listen more, talk less

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Getting Out of the Building Wasn’t Entertainment – Discovery and Validation Now that I was the master of the “facts” about customer needs in these specialized vertical markets , and with my team of vertical marketers , I thought I had achieved absolution and redemption. As I enjoyed my post-graduate vertical marketing education , I had forgotten the real purpose of spending time in the field.

Benchmarking Performance: Your Options, Dos, Don'ts and To-Die-Fors!

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With that, let's look at the first rich source of benchmarking data in CI tools, the industry and sub-vertical reports. Since SimilarWeb has international data, you can run these reports for any country and for extremely specific or broad industries and sub-verticals.

How To Become Valuable To A Start Up (If You’re Not An Engineer)


These ancillary duties almost always involve coding, because a technology start-up is driven by software engineering. And if software engineering is the foundation of a technology start-up, then “coding” is the scaffolding that allows the façade to be bolted on.

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ProductionHUB Helps You Search For Media Production Professionals


Florida-based ProductionHUB is a search engine for media and entertainment serving film, television, video, live event and digital media production. Resources digital media production media production online network ProductionHUB search engine

supermac War Story 7: Rabbits Out of the Hat - Product Line Extensions

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Now we were faced with the fact that even though we were gaining market share daily, there was nothing coming out of Engineering. Instead of eight boards, Engineering was going to be able to deliver one new graphics board. At times, what Engineering delivers is the raw material.

Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

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The post outlines eight sources vendors use to collect data: Toolbars, panels, ISP data, search engines, self reported, scraped/indexed, hybrid, and external voc.

The Future of Mobile Search Marketing

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There is no doubt that mobile search will surpass desktop search this year and be the primary vertical marketers and small business owners must focus their time. Google Now has the fundamentals necessary to be that predictive search engine.

FurnitureNear.Me Seeks to Make Furniture Shopping Easier


Lawless, who formerly worked as senior director of online marketing at indeed.com, has launched a vertical search engine called FurnitureNear.Me

Some problems are so hard they need to be solved piece by piece

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Startups that have tried to go up against pieces of Craigslist (the “vertical approach”) have been much more successful (e.g. This pattern – horizontal first, vertical second – is common.

The Startup Factories, How Incubators Are Shaping Entrepreneurs [Report]

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Following the success of Ycombinator and TechStars, in recent years we have seen literally hundreds of regional incubators set up in the rest of the US and Europe , across campuses and within vertical industries, such as mobile or finance.

Burnham's Beat: Is RFID Application Oriented Networking's Killer App?

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Google Base + Vertical Search + RSS = Death of Walled Gardens » 12/19/2005. Unlike many 1st generation AON players which used Intel-based Linux “pizza boxes” as their hardware platform, Omnitrol has engineered a sophisticated hardware platform that uses Gigabit Ethernet to interconnect multiple RISC processors allowing for greatly increased message processing capabilities within a single box and the ability to seamlessly interconnect multiple boxes. Burnhams Beat.

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The Definitive Guide To (8) Competitive Intelligence Data Sources!

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It is simply magnificent what you can do with freely available data on the web about your direct competitors, your industry segment and indeed how people behave on search engines and other websites. They are available from all the major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo!

Introducing Arbiter: A Utility for Generating Oozie Workflows

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The vertices of the graph are the actions and the edges are dependencies. First, any vertices with no incoming edges are removed from the graph and inserted into a new result graph. data engineering infrastructure hadoop oozie

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Sahale: Visualizing Cascading Workflows at Etsy

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If you know anything about Etsy engineering culture, you know we like to measure things. Vertices represent individual MapReduce jobs, edges are data dependencies. data databases engineering infrastructure monitoring The Problem.

Why the Future of Tesla May Depend on Knowing What Happened to Billy Durant

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But in 1904, after his first time seeing a car in Flint, Michigan, he was one of the first to see that the future was going to be in a radically new form of transportation powered by internal combustion engines. He also believed that to succeed the company needed to be vertically integrated and bought up 29 parts manufacturers and suppliers. Unlike Durant, Musk has engineered his extended tenure and this year got his shareholders to give him a new $2.6

SaaS Wars: Europe Awakens

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Europe is underrepresented in vertical SaaS solutions – 17% of the companies vs. 23% in the US. Vertical solutions are typically a sign of a more mature ecosystem. In Europe, a range of vertical SaaS companies is beginning to emerge, and it's likely to catch-up in the future.

Why Investing in the Everyday Economy Isn’t Just a Consumer Strategy

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We dove deep into how this investment thesis extends to major verticals of consumer spending like entertainment , clothing , and home. W e’ve also shared why our approach is also “horizontal” — a company we invest in doesn’t have to neatly fit into the consumer spending verticals, but it should have the potential to touch millions of people or become deeply habitual for a smaller group of end-users.

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The State Of The NYC Tech Ecosystem

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

By “deep tech”, I mean startups focusing on solving hard technical problems, either in infrastructure or applications – the type of companies where virtually every early employee is an engineer (or a data scientist). But New York has seen explosive entrepreneurial activity across a much broader cross-section of verticals and horizontals, including for example: Fintech: Betterment, IEX, Fundera, Bond, Orchard, Bread.

Cloud Europe 2017: The Factory is Cranking

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Comparing the list to the top 300 leading SaaS companies in the US, some interesting trends emerge: Europe is showing strength in data/ analytics and security, driven by the booming ecosystem in Israel but is less represented in developer/infrastructure and vertical applications.

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Bringing Transparency to Startup Data: Our Data Repository Project

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Some VCs have data and engineering teams manually wrangle non-standard financial statements and KPIs from their portfolio and pitches and create an internal repository for their own use. Two months ago, I first introduced my vision to create a startup data repository.

How to build a billion+ dollar business in big data: the Palantir case study

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When the problem space is complex you arrive at solutions fastest through a mix of software and people engineering. Palantir has been able to repeatedly pair it’s core analytics platform with human investigators who unlock business value across a variety of vertical domains.

Episode 93: Revolutionizing Produce & Profitability with Greg Eisenbeis

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Greg is the owner of EIS engineering. Using his areas of expertise in precise environmental control, nutrient injection, energy generation, and data center cooling, he is starting a vertical indoor garden that revolutionizes the way food is produced and distributed that uses only 5% of water traditional crops use, and changes the number of harvests from 3 to 4 a year (assuming the weather didn’t kill your crop) to 12. Our Guest Greg is the owner of EIS engineering.

The future of food production – reasons to be hopeful

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Going forward here are three new technologies that should help maintain this trend: Genetically engineered crops: In 1996 there were 1.7 This 87-fold increase in hectares makes genetically engineered seeds the fastest-adopted crop technology in the history of modern agriculture.

CEO Helps Entrepreneurs Bring Take Products from Idea to Fruition


I am a mechanical engineer with a background in consumer product design and manufacturing. We are vertically integrated from design all the way to fulfillment.

Tracking Every Release

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This displays events as a vertical line at the time of the event. Combined with engineers pairing up for code reviews, we catch most issues before they get deployed. engineering operations continuous deployment deploy graphite metrics monitoringWe spend a lot of time gathering metrics for our network, servers, and many things going on within the code that drives Etsy. It’s no secret that this is one of our keys to moving fast.

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