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9 Ways To Make Your Startup Grow Virally

Vinicius Vacanti

Unless you can afford to buy users, you’ll have to grow virally. Get users to generate content that you optimize for search engines.

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7 Ways To Attract Customers Without Viral Marketing

Startup Professionals Musings

Contrary to popular opinion, viral marketing has not eliminated the need for old-fashioned lead generation to bring customers to a startup.

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9 Ideas to Make Your Next Business Article Go Viral

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Useful Information There isn''t one magic bullet for making a blog post or online article go viral. Humor, anger, or inspiration are all fine.)

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Just Connect: Make Your Message Go Viral

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Is it just a pipe dream, or can you actually engineer virality? Master the winning combination that can make your marketing message go viral. Every business owner dreams of their message going viral. Some people believe that the key to viral success is found in creative navigation of popular social media channels.

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Geeks Gone Viral: The Marketing Genius of Pi Day

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you''re a mathematician, physicist, or engineer, you''ve probably already heard of Pi Day. Advocates for Pi Day are way ahead of you. times.

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5 Common Mistakes Made By Content Marketing Beginners


Or worse still, expecting every single piece to be viral. Ensure that each of your content piece is optimized for search engine results.

You Can't Make Word of Mouth Viral

You Cant Make Word of Mouth Viral. Virality is something that has to be engineered from the beginning…and it’s harder to create virality than it is to create a good product. Thats why we often see good products with poor virality , and poor products with good virality. Virality does.


Startup Investor Makes a Deal: Engineers for Equity

But a new angel fund is hoping that they’ll do the same in exchange for engineering talent. ); // Welcome to Mashable! Have an account?

How an Entrepreneur Turned the Airbnb 'XXX Freak Fest' Into a Viral Hit

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Below, check out Teman''s advice on how to successfully make your story go viral. Well, it''s not. I broke the Internet. What do I do?

5 Startup Marketing Actions to Impress Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

When questioned, founders usually mention word-of-mouth, viral marketing, and a top quality product. Get exposure for your expertise.

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Does Your Growth Engine Need a Tune-Up?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Is your growth engine humming or stalling? Often, even quickly growing companies can suffer from a sputtering growth engine.

Introduction to Growth Hacking for Startups

VC Cafe

Growth Hacking isn’t viral marketing (although viral marketing is part of it). 101 Growth Hacking Startup Curve Viral marketing

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Excellent Analytics Tip #26: Every Critical Metric Should Have A BFF!

Occam's Razor

Raise your hand if you've heard this: "How can we make our video viral?" Or to use sexy term du jour , we have big data!). Ouch.

Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

Occam's Razor

Because the search engine has determined that the perfect search result for you for the keyword avinash is a unicorn. [Do Big data. Small data.

3 Lessons in Viral Buzz From the Mars Rover

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Sure, exploring the final frontier is a huge advantage when it comes to generating viral buzz, but it's not all that NASA does right. Check.

Five Blogging Secrets for SEO, Community, and Visibility

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Search Engine Optimization has a certain mystique to it. An Engaged Audience Will Take Your Content Viral. Have Fun. Bring in Guests.

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Become An SEO Master With These Awesome Tips


Only then can you reap the rewards that come with top quality search engine optimization. The best way to improve a skill is to learn.

Mobile Marketing 2015: Rethink Customer Acquisition, Intent Targeting

Occam's Razor

Why should we spend our marketing budget on the "99 guaranteed ways to make your video go viral" to deliver a great brand ad? Please.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Rank #1 On LinkedIn Search by Yaro Starak

I am really looking forward to making this post holy smokes viral, and I need your help. I feel really welcomed, so thanks to you all.

Viral Growth

Launching Tech Ventures

Viral growth. pumps in a lot of cash), and viral growth happens. Andrew: In this post, you equate viral growth to rapid growth.

Achieving Virality Is Hard

Launching Tech Ventures

I believe achieving virality even in the first 2 categories is a complex task. What can you do to boost viral growth? credit card use).

Virtual Virality

Launching Tech Ventures

Virality, on the other hand, is free, rapid and self-sustaining. So how do you make your site viral? Neither strategy worked.

6 Reasons Your Business Needs A Website At Rollout

Startup Professionals Musings

Viral marketing needs a website. But word-of-mouth and viral marketing doesn’t work without a web site. Marty Zwilling.

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The startup’s long, winding path to viral adoption

The Next Web

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding the viral loop. Andrew refers it to “understanding the engine of adoption”.

GoogleApps / Google App Engine: a year late? still impressive shit.

500 Hats

SGN buying spree battles Zynga for King of Social Games » Tuesday, April 08, 2008 GoogleApps / Google App Engine: a year late? Part II!

Web 2

How to hustle your way to growth

The Next Web

A good metaphor would be the cranks that car engines had before they got electric starters.

How To Grow Your Online Influence And Why You Are Failing


But you can connect the dots and reverse engineer things. Thankfully, search engines such as Google are favorable towards quality content.

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14 List Building Hacks to Grow Your Email Database Fast


Launch a viral competition. For this viral competition we generated 2,987 emails for a total cost of $6,661.11 in just over a month.

8 Ways For Logical Business Thinkers To Get Creative

Startup Professionals Musings

These are the stereotypical left-brain engineers. Even right- brain dominant adults are hard to find, according to many expert views.

What 6 Studies Say About The Best Time To Publish A Blog Post


The Best Time for Going Viral. Only a few content writers seem to know the secrets to viral success. What makes content go viral?

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Building Your MVP as a Non-Technical Founder


Examples might be a recommendation engine, search engine, matching engine or something with a complex interface.

It’s Time: Growth Hacking Your Content Marketing Strategy


Some get lucky with posts going viral or when it gets picked up with Reddit or similar Q&A platforms. Time to take notes, and over to Nina!

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10 Modern Ways To Kickstart Your Business Website

Startup Professionals Musings

Search engines and people love blogs these days. Keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun, to increase traffic, and maybe even go viral.

10 Course Corrections Every Startup Should Memorize


Engine of growth pivot. Most startups these days use one of three primary growth engines: the viral, sticky, and paid growth models.

Building It Is Not Enough: 5 Practical Tips On User Acquisition


If you had very limited engineering resources, would you have them try to build 4 different products at once to find one that works? I hope not.

Why Your Startup Can’t Ignore SEO Marketing


But your organization doesn’t have enough in personal relationships to create a viral following in the beginning. But SEO is not one of them.

Let's just add in a little virality

Redeye VC

The most disappointing answer is when they say “Oh, we’ll just make it viral.” As if virality is something you can choose to add in after the product is baked - like a spell checker. Should we spend $4 Billion on advertising this year…or should we just make it viral?”. It happens all the time. And I’m liking it. Let’s see.

Is An Ideal Entrepreneur Right Brain Or Left Brain?

Startup Professionals Musings

These are the stereotypical left-brain engineers. Even right- brain dominant adults are hard to find, according to many expert views.

I could build Instagram in a week

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Viral growth is a simple formula. Users invite their friends and the viral growth cycle starts. I could build Instagram in a week.

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5 Myths of Video Marketing (& How to Overcome Them)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

4 - Putting a video on a website will improve search engine results. 5 - Viral video is a viable marketing strategy. Myth No. Myth No.

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