Why College Is a Great Entrepreneurial Incubator

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Many students’ college experiences are getting a makeover; frat parties are replaced with finance meetings, and kegs with KPIs. Starting a Business entrepreneur entrepreneurship incubator startupOh, college.

An Alternative Model for Startup Incubation

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But even Year One Labs only takes 20%, and we only invested in 5 companies, and we don’t follow-on, so we get diluted just like founders do as they take on more financing. In thinking about alternative models for startup acceleration or incubation, I can’t help but ask the question, “What if the incubator owned 80% instead of 20% and the people working on the startup owned 20% instead of 80%? True incubation.

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The Top Texas Healthcare Accelerators and Incubators


That’s why healthcare incubators and accelerators can play a vital role in a company’s success early on by connecting them with financing, work space, mentors, customers, business programs and more. And it’s a […] The post The Top Texas Healthcare Accelerators and Incubators appeared first on SiliconHills. Launching a new venture is extremely difficult.

7 Seed-Stage Funding Sources To Finance Your Startup

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I challenge any entrepreneur, for example, to define the difference between "seed-stage" and "early-stage" financing. Startup incubator seed funding.

Finance Fridays

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They suggested we call this “Finance Fridays&# to bookend Fred’s MBA Monday’s – I checked with Fred to see if he was ok with this and his response was “Hell yes. In the mean time, please meet the Finance Fridays team: Jonathan Wolter has been a lead consultant and software engineer at ThoughtWorks working for clients in Silicon Valley, Texas, Chicago, and India. Finance Fridays finance fridays

The Glorious Post Seed Startup Financing Chaos

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The other day I got a call from Scott Kirstner at the Boston Globe answering: “what happens to all these incubators entrepreneurs after Demo Day”. Five years on, we have Techstars, Seedcamp and a plethora of incubators of variable quality.

New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs


A while back I heard a talk by Dave McClure, a long-time angel investor, who also proclaims to be one of the “new breed” of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, as CEO of 500Startups , which is either a micro-VC seed fund, or a startup incubator, or both.

10 College Business Incubators We’re Most Excited About


To help foster this innovation, many colleges and universities have opened business incubators, helping students and others in their community to help make their innovative dreams a reality. Boston University Business Incubation. Stony Brook University Calverton Business Incubator.

Notes on raising seed financing

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I’ve written ad nauseum on this blog (see contents page) about venture financing so hadn’t planned to blog more on the topic. Tech angels and seed funds tend to be most valuation sensitive but can sometimes make up for it by helping in later financing rounds. Incubators like YC and Techstars can be great. Last night I taught a class via Skillshare (disclosure: Founder Collective is an investor) about how to raise a seed round.

Episode 8: Charlie’s Bcast Email, Startup Incubators, and 10 Reasons Why Startups Fail | The Bcast

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Peter and Jonathan discuss startup incubators, and our guest Caroline talks to us about the “F” word and 10 reasons why startups fail. Startup Incubators – (2:13). Read also: Q&A with Business Incubator Co-founder Joe Maruschak.

What every entrepreneur should know about financing right now

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AngelList makes it easier for founders to reach angels and there are hundreds of accelerators and incubators to choose from. Any entrepreneur trying to navigate the financing landscape should be aware of the over-abundance of angel money compared with subsequent rounds. If not, revenue from your customers will be your best source of financing. The post What every entrepreneur should know about financing right now appeared first on Version One Ventures.

Bill Gross IdeaLabs a different kind of incubator

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Bill started IdeaLabs in 1996 , long before the idea of startup incubators was popular. IdeaLab Infrastructure - Everything you need to start and build a company; Engineering, Designers, HR, Recruiters, Finance, Legal, PR, office admin, photo/video services, etc.

The Difference Between a Business Accelerator and a Business Incubator?

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Business incubators mentor companies through childhood while business accelerators guide them through adolescence into adulthood. There seems to be a considerable amount of confusion about the differences between business accelerator and business incubators.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Convertible Note Seed Financings (But Were Afraid To Ask) – Part 1

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Introduction We are in the golden age of seed financing. Venture capital funds, seed funds, super angels, angel groups, incubators, and “friends and family” are all playing the seed financing game and investing early in startups in an attempt to land the next Facebook.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Investors And Incubators Need To Look At Pre-Incubation


This week, I've had several meetings with venture funds, incubators, corporate accelerators and other significant players in the startup eco-system. The same applies to Malaysia, where our partner, the MAD Incubator, is in search of 10 good deals to put through the 1M/1M program.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Incubators Are Reaching Out To 1M/1M


Meanwhile, financing the company will be quite challenging, and I advised Satya to manufacture parts based only on signed contracts and advances against orders, to avoid getting into an inventory-rich, working capital-poor situation.

Financing Thunderlizards in Austin at Capital Factory


Capital Factory, Silverton Partners and Floodgate announced Monday morning they are teaming up to provide matching investments for all Capital Factory incubator companies. In total, each startup will get up to $150,000 […] The post Financing Thunderlizards in Austin at Capital Factory appeared first on SiliconHills.

1M/1M Announces Important Partnership With MAD Incubator, Malaysia


At this week’s One Million by One Million roundtable, we announced a very important partnership with MAD Incubator, Malaysia for entrepreneurship development in the region. This is our first major partnership with an incubator whereby MAD will adopt the 1M/1M methodology to foster Silicon Valley–style technopreneurship in Malaysia. This, we believe, will create a strong downstream deal flow for all of you – incubators, angel investors, and VCs.

Is Wall Street the Best Start-Up Incubator?

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That''s why we keep our eyes on our finances and grow in a way that''s profitable Five former investment bankers explain how their experience at big banks helped them become better entrepreneurs. It used to be that if you were young and ambitious, you headed to Wall Street.

Latvian-Norwegian Green incubator launched and taking in new startups


This July Green Innovation Incubation Centre (GIIC) was launched in Riga. The latter brings 90% of the money to the table while 10% is co-financed by Latvian government. The programme structure consists of two phases - pre-incubation and incubation.

The $250,000 Funding Trap

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And the milestones needed to raise the next round of financing are either not properly defined (and then it’s just a wishy washy mess later on), or they’re unrealistic. This is more than typical accelerators/incubators but far less than $250,000, or even $100,000. One thing accelerators and incubators have done successfully is chip away at the early stage $250,000 funding rounds. This isn’t meant to be a pro-accelerator/incubator post per se.

Democratizing entrepreneurship education: Sramana Mitra’s 1M by 1M program

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Its pragmatic “virtual incubator&# approach : Sramana has spent years talking with entrepreneurs, capturing their stories. As a virtual incubator, 1M by 1M supplements physical incubators and has partnerships with a few of them already, as well as with corporate sponsors.

The Lean VC: a Silicon Valley story about Innovation, Incubation.

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The Lean VC: a Silicon Valley story about Innovation, Incubation, & Iteration. Simply Hired Social Networking & Social Media Venture Capital & Startup Finance « Dave McClure talk about seed investing on GigaOm | Main | Fire in The Valley, Fire in My Belly.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: VCs, Angels, Incubators, Accelerators - What Are You Doing With Your Rejects?


I recently wrote a blog post that I believe is worth pointing out in the context of the strategy roundtables: VCs, Angels, Incubators, Accelerators - What Are You Doing With Your Rejects? That means that less than 1% of the entrepreneurs who apply succeed in getting financed.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: 1M/1M Announces Partnership With MAD Incubator, Malaysia


At this week's One Million by One Million roundtable, we announced a very important partnership with MAD Incubator, Malaysia for entrepreneurship development in the region. This, we believe, will create a strong downstream deal flow for all of you - incubators, angel investors, and VCs.

Latvia's Eegloo 'Incubator' Can Get Your MVP Built for 10-90% Equity


When we first heard about a new incubator in Riga, Latvia we were really excited as Latvia definitely needs a few more. So, naturally, we looked into it and realised that its not really an incubator in its standard form.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Non-dilutive Financing Through Revenue Sharing


For a more elaborate explanation of the deal, please read my blog post 1M/1M: Alternative Financing For Startups Using A Sales Channel Partner. Also, an Incubation Radar profile on CrowdEngineering explains more about this very, very cool company doing crowdsourced customer support.

Demo Days and the General Solicitation Conundrum

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If you’ve been to accelerator or incubator demo days, you’ve likely seen a presentation that either flat out mentions the specifics of a financing round in progress or the details of a proposed financing. In the last couple years, however, some incubators and accelerators have been concerned that their demo days constitute, for their portfolio companies, … Continue reading → Startup Issues

How To Raise Money For A Boutique Startup Fund

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Finance Grow business incubator investors money startup fund venture capitalRaising money for a boutique startup fund was new for me. Here are four lessons that can make fundraising less challenging.

Brief Thoughts on Angel List, "Social Proof", "Spray & Pray", & The Network Effects of Large Scale Investing

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it's not a majority of my activity, but it's significant -- 500 Startups has invested in ~100 deals since we got started last year, mostly at seed stage (altho we recently started our incubator / accelerator program in the past few months). 3: Social Networks & Reputation Systems like LinkedIn, Quora, Angel List are Destroying & Marginalizing the Value of "Rolodex" & "Finance/MBA" Tech Investors.

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A Crash Course In Startup Labs: What Every Tech Entrepreneur Needs To Know


Moreover, startups don’t necessarily face the same issues other business models do – although finances may plague more than less – with trouble-shooting having now entered unchartered territory. By Konstantine Sukherman, CEO of Bit Olive Ventures.

You’ve graduated from the incubator cocoon… now what?

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Just like in college, graduates of incubators are sent off to go conquer the world… with the dream of a multi-million dollar exit and dollar signs in their eyes. In life out of the incubator or accelerator bubble, why do most of these bright start-ups fail?

Super Angels, Lean VCs, Proto-Incubators, whatever. Focus on social contract.

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You can see market evolution, and the market has responded in kind with the creation of new financing options for entrepreneurs. The Incubator ( Betaworks ) leverages these trends through a mixture of internal development and external financing. I swore to myself I was going to stay out of this super angel versus VC debate but I find I have this compelling urge that I need to satisfy. First of all, let's move away from Roe vs. Wade style debating.

The Pre-Seed FAQ

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This post is intended to be a dynamic document, and I will attempt to update it from time to time with new questions that may arise or as financing trends evolve. Q: What amount of financing is considered Pre-Seed? It’s a legitimate stage of financing in the venture eco-system as of this writing (October 2017). In that post I explained that: Seed is not the first round of financing any more. Q: What does Seed financing get used for?

Geekdom Transforms San Antonio’s Technology Industry in Four Years


What kind of impact can a privately financed technology incubator have on a city? Just take a look at Geekdom, the collaborative coworking technology center in downtown San Antonio. Four years ago, Graham Weston, co-founder of Rackspace, and Nick Longo, founder of Coffee Cup Software, launched Geekdom on the 11 floor of the Weston Centre […] The post Geekdom Transforms San Antonio’s Technology Industry in Four Years appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio

China’s Torch Program – the glow that can light the world (Part 2 of 5)

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Torch has four major parts: Innovation Clusters , Technology Business Incubators (TBIs), Seed Funding (Innofund) and Venture Guiding Fund. Examples are Hollywood for movies, Milan for fashion, New York for finance and today, Silicon Valley for technology entrepreneurship.

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Silicon Valley Angel Investing and Incubation 2.0 (Hong Kong.

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The Lean VC: a Silicon Valley story about Innovation, Incubation, & Iteration. Ill be speaking about angel investing & incubator programs in Silicon Valley, and my experiences managing the FF Angel seed investing program ($2M US, 2009) and fbFund REV incubator program ($850K US, 2009).

Impact Investing in India – three trends worth noting


Even though investors are prepared to be patient with their capital, funds continue to stress on the ability of the enterprise to scale aggressively – be it through increasing operations, taking on debt financing or expanding distribution.

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Is This Startup Ready For Investment?

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Corporations running internal incubators face many of the same selection issues as startup investors, plus they must grapple with the issues of integrating new ideas into existing P&L-driven functions or business units.

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Goes Lean

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The process recognizes that Innovation isn’t a single activity (an incubator, a class, etc.). Solution exploration and hypotheses testing : The ideas that pass through the prioritization filter enter an incubation process like Hacking for Defense /I-Corps, the system adopted by all U.S.

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