Weekly Techstars Diversity / Inclusion Office Hours in New York City

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Work even more closely with the founders to help them with their financings. The post Weekly Techstars Diversity / Inclusion Office Hours in New York City appeared first on Feld Thoughts. The day after the election, Alex Iskold (Techstars NY Managing Director) wrote a great post titled Dear Founders, I Commit to Double My Support For You and Your Startups. It’s vintage, wonderful Alex along with a series of specific things he’s going to do.

Hyphen-tech – a trend that bodes well for London and New York

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Recent examples include Appear Here (property), Thread (fashion), Zopa (finance), Live Better With (health) and Patch (homewares). London and New York are good places to build these businesses because we combine strong startup ecosystems with world leading financial services, fashion, media and so on.

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David S. Rose – Father of Angel Investing in New York

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Rose, who has been described as "the Father of Angel Investing in New York" by Crain's New York Business, and a "world conquering entrepreneur" by BusinessWeek. I recently had the privilege of interviewing David S.

New York State of Mind

David Lee

One of my favorite new restaurants. But it also feels like the “ hacker way ” is influencing different walks of life - fashion, retail, finance, etc. Some lingering thoughts from our trip to NYC last week: I love Locanda Verde. Partly owned by Robert DeNiro, my favorite actor. Even better. Some of SV Angel’s biggest “winners” will come from NYC. But I wouldn’t be surprised if our biggest winner in the next few years hails from NYC or Brooklyn.

What are the advantages of stationing your startup in New York City opposed to Silicon Valley / SF?


Access to many, many more world market centers (advertising, finance, fashion, media, food, etc.). The world’s fastest growing tech startup ecosystem. A much more tightly knit startup community, compared to the larger but more diffuse West Coast community. A city that from the Mayor on down is devoted to helping the tech startup community expand exponentially. The world’s largest Tech Meetup (not to mention Meetup.com itself).

How Humans of New York Went Viral on Facebook

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In the last year, Brandon Stanton''s amazingly simple project, Humans of New York, attracted nearly 1 million Facebook fans. If you haven''t checked out Stanton''s photoblog and project, Humans of New York , I recommend you do so. Weather, finances, things like that.

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How to Get World Class Experts to Support Your Company

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Like many established finance & media companies, GLG knows that the tech startup sector is a growing part of the economy. This is particularly true in New York, where their traditional financial services industry client base has sustained significant damage since the 2008 financial crisis.

Rovio Wants To IPO In New York


Finnish business magazine Talouselämä has published a story on Rovio , the creators of Angry Birds, where they state that the company is seeking to go public in New York. Amazing figures from Rovio and a truly great vision to IPO in New York.

Why Recent Grads Are Ditching Finance for Tech Startups (Infographic)

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In New York, tech startups are the new investment bank. Here''s why

Venture Capital Access Program launches to aid women and diverse entrepreneurs

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We are in the midst of two great disruptions to American business: the internet’s ongoing disruption of most traditional industries: finance, healthcare, retail, finance, fashion, etc. About Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York.

Funding goes global: location is no longer your financing destiny

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What does this new dynamic mean for today’s start-up seeking funding? The post Funding goes global: location is no longer your financing destiny appeared first on Version One Ventures. News Albert Wenger canada marketplaces New York City Point NIne Capital San Francisco Silicon Valley Software as a service Union Square Venture venture capital version one ventures If we look back ten years, the venture world was quite different.

Introduction to the New York Fintech Community

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FinTech New York Accelerator. Rise New York (good mailing list) – includes the Barclays Accelerator , in partnership with Techstars , and a coworking space for fintech startups. Startupbootcamp Fintech New York. Most significant VCs in New York , including ff Venture Capital , are active investors in fintech. Fintech New York: Partnerships, Platforms and Open Innovation. Asset Management Financial Services New York

Nest New York To Help Finnish Startups Establish Themselves Stateside


Nest New York is a new kind of a startup accelerator (can we really call it that?) in New York that helps Finnish companies establish themselves into the US market, according to Finnish Talouselämä.

Beyond Silicon Valley: 3 Hot Start-Up Industries in New York

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This regional battle has flared in a new era recently as New York’s newly assertive start-up scene has been jostling for some respect versus the established West Coast hub surrounding the Bay Area.

How to Fine-tune Your Small Business Finances—from Funding to Growth [Webinar Recap]

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Bates: Good morning and welcome to our CEO panel, “How to Fine-Tune Your Small Business Finances From Funding to Growth” which I think is the direction that we would all like to be going. What is the hardest part of managing your finances?

What's the Future of Small Business in New York City?

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New York City is home to more than 200,000 small businesses. But in this election, entrepreneurship has nearly reached the status of a hot-button word, as New York City is blossoming with start-ups and groundwork is laid for new tech campuses.

A New Era of Fundraising for Start-Ups, Crowdfunding now Legal and Web-enabled

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Here’s a nice summary of what’s happened from the New York Times. This bodes well not only for traditional businesses, but also for social innovation organizations , click the link to read a great perspective piece by Tom Szaky, another from the New York Times.

10 random online resources for Entrepreneurs (2010 version)

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My favorite business section of any newspaper is the one I read daily in The New York Times. The columnists cover everything from media to finance to advertising to economics and I benefit from them all.

It’s About Women Running Startups

Steve Blank

She had an interesting insight: existing content/media companies were having the same problem as hardware companies that rarely made the leap to new platforms. And she had a model for a new media company for mobile and wearables. I had a better one when I came back from New York.

What's New York City's Secret to Fostering a Tech Startup Boom?

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But recently New York City’s tech/information economy has flourished--especially in the city''s most diverse borough, Brooklyn. This uptick, he estimated, was responsible for roughly one-third of the job creation in New York City’s private sector since 2007.

6 Start-ups Defining the Future of Finance

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Last year, a coalition of New York banks and investors took a look at all the financial technological innovations happening on the West Coast and asked themselves: Why don't we have that here? Any time there is restructuring there is time for new ideas."

Five common misconceptions about building a startup in New York City

This is going to be BIG.

It’s really difficult for me not to get into the thick of discussions about whether or not you can and/or should build a company in New York City. My company was not well executed enough to achieve venture capital financing—and that wasn’t the city’s fault, it was mine.

Financial Technology Panel this Wednesday in NYC

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I hope you’ll join us at: The Power of “Social,” Venture Capital & Financial Engineering: How Tech Startups Are Challenging The Titans of Finance . Co-sponsored by Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance – New York, the Founders’ Circle, and Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York. Hear from venture capitalist Matt Harris of Bain Capital Ventures and New York City Investment Fund’s Maria Gotsch.

Former Finance Guru Has Business Ownership in His Blood


I am from a small town in Upstate New York. After graduating HS with honors, I went to a private college in Ithaca, NY and majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, Marketing and International Operations.

"An analysis by The New York Times shows that Mr. Bloomberg has doled out at least $650 million on a."

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“An analysis by The New York Times shows that Mr. Bloomberg has doled out at least $650 million on a wide variety of perks and bonuses, political campaigns and advocacy work, charitable giving and social causes, not to mention travel and lodging, connected to his time and role as mayor.” - “ Cost of Being Mayor? 650 Million, if He’s Rich " via The New York Times. NYC Bloomberg mayor government finances New York City

Indirect Attack on Carried Interests by the NYC Department of Finance

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Decision-makers at the New York City Department of Finance have notified practitioners that the Department is actively considering the implementation of a new unincorporated business tax ("UBT") audit policy targeted at investment partnerships, such as hedge funds and private equity funds.

Overlooked Financing Option for Your Business

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No, says Lighter Capital , a Seattle-based company that offers a unique financing option to entrepreneurs: revenue-based financing. So what sort of business is a good fit for RBF, and what's the experience of financing your business this way really like?

Win the Talent War - VCball


A New York based VCs quixotic search for new knowledge in early stage venture capital and entrepreneurship. Last night I attended a dinner hosted by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (aka NYCEDC) hosted by Deputy Mayor Robert Steel and Head of the Center for Economic Transformation Steven Strauss.     So if you think about it, for every engineer we can recruit, that will create 10 new jobs ultimately.  VCball.

Walk down Silicon Alley…


Last week I had the opportunity to spend time with startups and tech companies in New York, aka Silicon Alley. Previously where finance used to dominate all conversations, now its about ad tech, social/mobile and Pinterest clones. General entrepreneurship New York Silicon Alley ventureThe excitement in the startup and venture circles in the city was impressive.

VolunteerSpot Raises $1.5M Financing

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Led by ff Venture Capital of New York, with participation from members of the Central TX Angel Network, Nebraska Angel Network, Angel List and Baylor Angel Network, VolunteerSpot expects to double its user base during this year’s back-to-school season. It's a great week for fundraising in Austin with Skyonic raising $9M, Rally raising $7.9M and VolunteerSpot raising $1.5M.

Pascal Levensohn in New York November 8: Speech at Museum of American Finance on Risks to Angel Investors

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The Museum has an extensive collection of stock and bond certificates from the Gilded Age, from companies that include US Steel, Standard Oil and the New York Central Railroad.

Tax Credits for Startups in New York State

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Our CFO Alex Katz just sent out a memo to our portfolio, attached below, about 2 tax credits available to companies that do business in New York State. Enter Alex: I am writing to tell you about two tax credits available to companies that do business in New York State.

3 Tips For Funding Your Small Business


Sixty-five percent of small business owners believe finding financial funding for a new business is difficult according to Hiscox’s DNA of an Entrepreneur study. Crowdfunding for small businesses is a new trend that makes it much easier for entrepreneurs to receive funding.

Uber’s New BHAG: UberPool


As we turn the page to 2015, Uber has a new BHAG, and it’s name is UberPool. The common component of both the original tagline and the new mission statement is the word “everyone.” Armed with this new data, Uber leaned on its legendary “math department” to help drive prices even lower.

How to Get Funding from Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban and Other Stories

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We’ve collated a number of different stories to show you how you can go about getting funding to grow your business or to launch a new venture. They emailed billionaire investor Mark Cuban, asking him for financing. Sometimes your business needs money fast.

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Should Campaign Finance Work Like Kickstarter?

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A mix of tech entrepreneurs, investors and advocates asked for a move toward "small-d democracy" in a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Benchmark’s New General Partner: Scott Belsky


He bootstrapped the company in New York for five years before raising venture capital from high-quality investors like Jeff Bezos and Union Square Ventures, then managed the business to a successful sale to Adobe in 2012. Adding a new partner is a significant event for Benchmark. entrepreneur Finance startup Venture Capital Web/Tech Entreprenuer VCThe partners at Benchmark are delighted to announce that Scott Belsky has joined the firm as our newest general partner.

Doing Deals – 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs (Part 3)

Scott Edward Walker

In certain deals (like a venture capital financing) this is critical because you will, in effect, be married to the guys on the other side of the table for a number of years.

Nov. 8, NYC: Conference on Family Office Investments in Tech

David Teten

I’m honored to chair DC Finance’s upcoming family office conference on investment in innovative technologies, November 8th, 2017, in midtown Manhattan. Other sister events this year that DC Finance is running: The Family Office Real Estate Investment Forum, Thursday, November 30th, 2017 , NYC. New York Presentations and Conferences


Hacking Innovation Education in New York

This is going to be BIG.

We spend way too much time, particularly in and around the New York area, teaching fundraising versus company or product building. They didn’t wait until their universities hired a director of this new program. At the same time, in an effort to build up the base of “bench talent” in New York City, I’ve been running Product Manager School through nextNY. Business plan competitions are the air guitar championships of the startup world.