3 leaders shaking up Finland’s tech scene

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Despite the chilly conditions in Helsinki, the Finnish startup scene is heating up. The country that gave birth to Nokia, Angry Birds and the Linux operating system is continuing to pop out startups. According to Startup100, there are more than 600 active startups in the country.

Ukraine, Estonia, Chile, Finland: The saga of four accelerators

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It’s hard to get the exact data on how many startup acceleration programs are being launched every year, but it’s definitely a lot. If you search Google News for something like “new startup accelerator,” it will return hundreds of headlines from all over the world.

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Top 100 Startups in Finland


Having a flourishing startup ecosystem is great, but what is even cooler is to be able to see who are the most active participants. and Skyhood did when they introduced Startup100.net , a list of the “hottest” startups in Finland. Was your startup on it?

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Where Are Finland's Education Startups?


Hey, Finland. Where are your education-focused startups? Listen, I realize that Finland''s education value will not translate magically into an app or web service, and that platforms like Kahn Academy and Code Academy may not be the most golden of geese.

Largest Startup Acquirer in Finland, Fonecta, Starts Investing


Fonecta , the Finnish directories business that was founded in 2002, is known to be the largest acquierer in Finland. Fonecta, realized that it is not just about market share, but also the long-term vision and for that, they are going to start minority investments into startups.

AmCham Finland Opens New York Office


Whether to tap into American consumers, investors, partners, or workforce, reaching the US is a common goal for startups throughout the Nordics. Or perhaps a startup hasn’t had any success generating sales in the US.

Tim Draper Is Coming To Finland


Investment in Finland. In 2014 Tim’s fund, Draper Associates invested in a Finnish cleantech startup Enevo alongside with Earlybird, Lifeline Ventures, Teollisuussijoitus, and Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa.

Healthcare in Finland: The GE Story


Deltort and Mikko Kauppinen, who now heads the Health Innovation Village, were open to the idea that all they have to do is to be open to startups and you know what - it worked. It was an absolute blast to see them become more and more involved with startups every year. They launched the Health Innovation Village, attracted a lot of startups. Through that, they were able to invite the top healthcare VC's to Finland, who made the trip from the US.

Finland's Startup Scene goes to the movies in 3 upcoming titles


Finland is still far from being called the Hollywood of the north, so without the resources of a developed movie scene three ridiculous upcoming movies are brushing up against the startup scene for financial resources and the can-do attitude. Startup connection.

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Finland's Ubisecure acquired by GMO Globalsign for IoT Identity


In tech acquisition news, Finland-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) specialist Ubisecure announces today it has been acquired by GMO Globalsign , one of the world’s largest publicly-trusted certificate authorities.

Taxi app Taxify Meets Resistance in Finland Launch


Earlier this year we gave a second look at the Estonian startup Taxify , which was doing some serious changes into the Estonian way of ordering a taxi. Maybe I should’ve asked after all: Taxify has now, in fact, arrived in Finland, and it hasn''t wasted time creating a fuss about it.

Stockholm Has What Finland Lacks


ArcticEvening Stockholm was held last night at the Hub Stockholm, where around a hundred people from the startup scene gathered to talk about startups, growth and everything else. Today there's a new way to launch a startup - by building your team in the cloud.

Touching Base With Senseg - One Of Finland's Hottest Technology Startups


Be forewarned, this post might be a little breathless, but this has to be one of the coolest technologies coming out of Finland right now. The other week I got the chance to go to Senseg's Espoo, Finland offices and get my hands on their prototype tablet.

Process Genius - Hot B2B Startup Out of Finland


A certain type or startups is easy to write about. However, occasionally, we come across startups that are from much more serious and difficult to grasp industries. What is more, this startup would be very hot in the news and you would most likely know the name.

The Founder Institute Comes To Finland This Fall


The Founder Institute , claiming the title for the world's largest startup accelerator, is arriving to Finland this fall. Classes are run by the chapter leader, which in Finland is Toni Perämäki. The correct chapter leader in Finland is Toni Perämäki

Entrepreneurship Visa In Finland? Not Unless Your Startup Is Profitable!


Here is my experience with Finland. The story starts similar to many foreigners: I moved to Finland from the safety and comfort of my home country because of my girlfriend. Then you cannot get a self-employment visa to Finland either.

Looking Past "Finland Post Welfare"


Students in Finland have come a long way in a few years. Last night, Finland saw one of its most impressive events in support of growth entrepreneurship - all organised by a small group of passionate students. Finland has to become more appealing on an international level as well.

Another crowdfunding platform in Finland? Innovestor takes a new approach


With their first round open today there''s a new player on the block when it comes to equity crowdfunding in Finland, joining the ranks of Invesdor and Fundedbyme.

Denmark, Finland Lead World in Positive Attitude towards Entrepreneurship


Second and third place go to newly added countries: Finland with 87%, and Australia follows with 84%. Does Finland need a National Day of Failure anymore? This report is also interesting because Finnish entrepreneurs say that they''re still getting over the stigma of failure in Finland.

Next From MONI - Lets Refugees to Receive Salaries In Finland


Finnish fintech startup MONI is taking important steps in helping refugees, while preparing for a public launch and for an A round investment. That equals to over 10% of annual asylum seekers in Finland having received their cards and using them in their daily life.

Finland's IndoorAtlas Raises €3.3 Million


Oulu-based Indoor Atlas , the indoor positioning startup, announced yesterday that it had raised €3.3 Indoor Atlas now has offices in Oulu, Finland, and Mountain View, California. million in funding from Mobility Ventures and KoppiCatch, as well as Vera Ventures, Finnvera and Tekes.

Latvian Spotify for books Fabula launches in Finland with 11 publishers


Latvian team of book geeks, incorporated in Finland after Startup Sauna batch of 2013, just launched their service here. Many startups have died trying to compete with Amazon and offering books in English. We see high growth potential in Finland.

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Finland's Tekes Re-Launches Tempo With 75% Non-Dilutive Funding


We all know that Finland is well known for extensive governmental support for start-ups and it is only fair considering the corporate and private income taxes in the country. In total the program funded 61 startups such as Kiosked , LivLiv and HeiaHeia.

Finland and Baltics Grab Investors' Attention At Mobile World Congress


With nearly 100 companies participating or exhibiting, Finland and the Baltic States clearly made a lot of noise at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, the worlds largest exhibition for the mobile industry. There were 28 exhibitors from Finland and 43 from the Baltic States.

Finland's Top Genetics Startup Thrives in an Industry Under Renovation


This is exactly what happened with Blueprint Genetics , a Finnish startup company who specializes in the diagnosis of serious genetic diseases.

What is a startup?

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, June 21, 2010 What is a startup? I think most people have a fairly specific image that gets conjured up when they hear the word startup. How can that be part of a startup? Startups are designed to confront situations of extreme uncertainty.

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The Walking Dead is coming from Finland


Next Games , based in Helsinki, Finland, and developers of the game, are celebrating the news by publishing the first promotional trailer which you''ll find after the jump.

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What Makes a Successful Startup Community? Is it Possible to Build One Where You Live?

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Recently I wrote a post arguing to make the definition of a Startup more inclusive than that to which Silicon Valley, fueled by Venture Capital return profiles, would sometimes like to attach to the word. Think the next big startup can’t come from Dallas, TX? Startup Advice

Indoor Location startups innovating Indoor Positioning

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Lots of startups are going after this market too. WalkBase (Finland) (Low/ $) . Quuppa (Finland) (Unknown) . Indoor Atlas (Finland) (Unknown) . New startups will emerge and rocket to leadership as the Indoor Location & Positioning System market develops.

Four myths about the Lean Startup

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, April 18, 2010 Four myths about the Lean Startup Myth: Lean means cheap. Lean startups try to spend as little money as possible. Truth: The Lean Startup method is not about cost, it is about speed. Trying to learn more about lean startups?

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Going to change the world? The Global Impact Challenge is calling Finland


One of Finland''s alumni, Henrietta Kekäläinen, tells us that she''s always wanted to save the world. Whether you make it into the program or not, you''ll still hone down that idea to change the world, and get in front of Finland''s media.

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Finland's Jakamo Raises €700 000 to Create Cross-Business Communications


Seinäjoki based startup Jakamo has successfully closed a recent investment round today, with €700 000 in raised funds.

Planeetta Internet Launches Jellastic Cloud Platform In Finland


Planeetta Internet , a Helsinki-based hosting firm, tells they've launched the Jelastic cloud platform in Finland, which might be interesting to some local startups. And like most other hosting solutions, their solution is designed to scale up your startup, however you need it. In all, it looks like an interesting solution for Finnish startups.

Lessons Learned: The lean startup

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, September 8, 2008 The lean startup Ive been thinking for some time about a term that could encapsulate trends that are changing the startup landscape. After some trial and error, Ive settled on the Lean Startup. Of course, many startups are capital efficient and generally frugal. But by taking advantage of open source, agile software, and iterative development, lean startups can operate with much less waste.

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FundedByMe To Launch Branch In Finland As Crowdfunding Heats Up In The Nordics


FundedByMe has expanded from their native Sweden and launched their equity crowdfunding platform in Finland. The company also offers the more traditional rewards-based crowdfunding platform (think Kickstarter), but equity crowdfunding offers some interesting new opportunities to startup companies by allowing them to raise money by selling shares to a large number of investors who can invest smaller amounts of money.

Recruitment platform Games Jobs Finland hopes to solve Finland's workforce shortage


As a sign of how Finnish gaming has developed recently, Finland now has a new matchmaking platform and jobs board for game developers. Currently Finland is home to around 200 gaming companies, half of which have been established during the past few years.

Finland's Kippt Releases New Features And Joins Y Combinator


Kippt , the bookmarking service started by Finnish entrepreneurs Karri Saarinen and Jori Lallo, has been accepted into perhaps the world's most famous startup accelerator, Silicon Valley's Y Combinator.

Microsoft Gives Finland A Chance To Move On


Browsing through Twitter this morning has been an entertaining experience, with Finland''s entrepreneurs showing amazement in Steven Elop being the ultimate trojan horse, accomplishing exactly what many suspected from the start. But,Finland needed this.

Finnish Police To Tap On Location-Based Service Grafetee.com To Make Neigborhoods Safer


But in the case of Helsinki, Finland-based location-based app Grafetee (www. It’s currently relatively in wide use in Finland, and the Poliisi – the Finnish Police – intends to tap on the app as a public safety tool and help make neighborhoods safer.

Facebook Places Now Live In Finland


It seems Facebook has finally enabled their Places service in Finland. This enables companies to offer deals for customers, a somewhat similar approach announced by a Finnish startup Dealium last week. Facebook members are now able to check-in to different venues using the mobile apps.