Load Balancing Between VC Partners

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I woke up this morning in Fort Worth, Texas. Fortunately, I’ve got amazing partners. As a result, we’ve always been active at moving primary responsibility for a company (which we define as a board seat) between partners. In addition, we do this exercise as each partner returns from their one month annual sabbatical, as the other three partners have already been handling that partner’s primary responsibilities.

The Starr Conspiracy

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Fort Worth, TX The Starr Conspiracy is a strategic marketing and advertising agency devoted exclusively to enterprise software and services companies. Worth Noting: • The company covers 100 percent of health, dental and vision insurance.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 37: Michael Ingle and Graeme Gordon

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Partner disagreements and a lack of planning killed Michael’s beach volleyball bar venture, but he doesn’t consider it a failure: It cost me about $80,000, but the way I look at that is it was tuition money. I simply wasn’t happy in corporate America.

Dallas Startup Happy Hour Tomorrow

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More than 250 entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and others interested in the Dallas/Fort Worth startup scene have RSVPed for the event. Dynamo Labs was the first recipient of fbFund, a grant fund operated by the Founders Fund, Accel Partners, and Facebook.

A Look Inside the Fascinating Cannabis Branding and Marketing Boom

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As Melanie Rose Rodgers, a Managing Partner at the Denver, Colorado-based marijuana marketing agency Cannabrand told me, “One major challenge our clients face is all the red tape that exists due to marijuana’s federally illegal Schedule I status.”

Branching out: Why you shouldn’t limit your startup to just one location

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Nicholas Petri is a market research analyst at OpenView Venture Partners , where he helps portfolio companies by providing in-depth research into their prospects and customer segments. FieldAware now have an office in Fort Worth.

Six Reasons Your Logo Might Need a Makeover

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We expect them to be the visual representation of everything our brand stands for, to be the recognizable “face” of our companies, to be the picture worth a thousand words every day for so long as our business persists. If your company is coming out on the other side of a storm, it might be worth your time to consider an update to your logo. Maybe the selection was the result of ill-fated and agitated compromise with your partner. We ask a lot of our logos.

Flightcar: Another Man's Wheels Is Your Treasure

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And in the airport market specifically, Silvercar, co-founded by former Zipcar chief technology officer Luke Schneider, also just launched its service in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Flightcar''s three founders help you rent a car for cheap, though it belongs to someone else.

Get More Done: 18 Tips for Telecommuters

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Dana Marlowe, principal partner of the Silver Spring, Maryland-based IT accessibility consulting firm Accessibility Partners , uses lunch as a time to meet with friends and if they show up at her house she politely tells them she''s working.

Google VP: Here's How to Get Bought By Us


A year or so ago the news was that Google and or YouTube was going to help small partners/studios with funding that would be recovered by ADD revenue. I’ll add on one more – are there regional members of David’s team in at least the major markets like Dallas/Fort Worth? Top From Our Partners. Partners. Partners. Global Syndication Partners.

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Invest in Israel Newsletter March 2010 Edition

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Brazil is Israel’s largest trade partner in Latin America. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, TTI has over 30 branches throughout Europe and Asia in addition to its 25 branches in North America. A s every month, VC Cafe is re-posting the “Invest in Israel” Newsletter, published by the investment promotion center of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor , which offers many helpful tools for prospecting investors. See the March 2010 edition after the jump.

Just How Important is the Valley? Let’s Look at some Data.

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Fort Worth, TX. Monster Venture Partners. Bain Capital Partners. [Edit: Added the raw data in a table at the end]. Some of the smartest startup brains I’ve ever met have said that if you want to be in the startup game, you MUST be in the Valley. There are plenty of justifications out there for it, and many/most of them make a fair bit of sense.

Mandatory Redeemable Preferred - Equity Not Debt, According to IRS

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Joyce, Partner, thomas.joyce@klgates.com. By Thomas F. Joyce and Theodore L. Press of K&L Gates LLP Original Title: IRS Issues Private Letter Ruling on Debt/Equity Treatment Under Liberalized Ruling Procedures Introduction. The classification of a financial instrument as debt or equity is a fundamental, recurring question under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code").?On

The Impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on Registered Investment Companies

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It is worth noting that the SEC is expected to hire more than 800 new employees as a result of the increased funding facilitated by the Dodd-Frank Act. Ambler, Partner, diane.ambler@klgates.com. Eisert, Partner, edward.eisert@klgates.com. Edward Eisert, a partner in K&L Gates' New York City office, focuses his practice on advising U.S. Goldberg, Partner, alan.goldberg@klgates.com. By Attorneys at K&L Gates LLP Attorneys: Diane E. Ambler, Edward G.

SEC 47