Open Source Entrepreneurship

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I teach potential founders a hands-on, experiential class called the Lean LaunchPad at Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia and Caltech. The Slides/Video tab on the top of this page has all the open source course material for my classes. The Founder’s Workbook. Zoomstra, the publisher of online workbooks offers The Founders Workbook to help you track and monitor your progress through every step of the Customer Development process.

Reduce need for 3rd party apps with open source solution

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Its secret is a business model that focuses on providing a premium service using open source solutions, 90% cheaper than its competition, according to Eleconomista. Hector Castillo, Founder and CEO at Noysi.

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How startups can use open source software to compete against the big guys

The Next Web

Although established giants like Microsoft have proprietary software and systems, much of today’s internet is built on open source software. Brand stories will shine Open source software not only lowers the… This story continues at The Next Web.

Startup 101: “Open Source” Start up Legal Documents

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Legal docs don’t have to be a source of stress when you’re trying to set up a business. Don’t use these documents blindly ” Taylor Wessing – offers a suite of seed investment documents which are available on an open-source basis.

How Open Sourcing Ideas Can Be Good for Your Business

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I could walk down an aisle and open a random book, and it would willingly offer me any knowledge contained within. Ultimately, open sourcing your ideas: Creates trust.

Open Source Business Model


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Monday, March 5, 2007 Open Source Business Model A recent spate of posts on the challenges of running an open source business is interesting ( Tosh , Siemens , Downes , Tosh 2 ) and quite heated as one of the founders of elgg - a social networking platform aimed at the educational space - Dave Tosh laments - Elgg is the most popular white label social networking platform in the world powering over 2000 networks.

Lessons Learned: Great open source scalability tools from Danga

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, September 5, 2008 Great open source scalability tools from Danga If you are trying to build a scalable LAMP service, its always best to start with the original and still quite relevant presentation, from Brad Fitzpatrick when he was at LiveJournal. Youll learn how they pioneered the use of a lot of open source tools at new levels of scale, and even created quite a few more, that are essential scaling aids.

Froont builds open-source community around responsive prototyping tool


What Github did to code, we want to open web design. The layout, font sizes aren’t what distinguishes design, but if you can reuse those you can come to better results faster," says Anna Andersone, co-founder of Froont.

Can't Find a Technical Co-Founder? Do It Yourself

Vinicius Vacanti

This is the first part of a series on becoming your own technical co-founder. In 2008, we couldn’t find a technical co-founder for Yipit. I’m writing about how I became our technical co-founder. Hopefully, I’ll encourage other entrepreneurs with a dream but no technical co-founder options to take their destiny into their own hands. Disclaimer: If you know a great technical co-founder that wants to work with you, join them. Open source apps.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: Why are you Still Making.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Open Source to the Rescue The more I delve into the bevy of open source tools and frameworks the more Im stunned when I see poorly executed applications. Fortunately, an open source Apache product named Tika helps us achieve this with fairly little effort.

Tool and resource list for new founders

The Startup Toolkit

Github – repository for your source code plus task lists and collaboration with your developers. Docracy – open source legal documents. The Funded – reviews and testimonials of investors from the founders’ perspective; do your investor due diligence here.

How to Find Startup Co-Founders Online and in the Real World

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So how do you go about finding co-founders and early members of your startup? VC Cafe took a look at the most promising sources for finding co-founders, both in the “real world” and online. . Who are the co-founders and what have they previously done?

Founder to CEO: Tobias Lutke, Shopify


For my second installment of the Founder to CEO series , I’m very pleased to share my conversations with Tobi from Shopify. Before co-founding Shopify, Tobi was active in many open source projects. Companies are manifestations of their founders.

Evolution of a Founder: Lessons I have learned

Om Malik is the founder of GigaOM. He is the founder of Evolution of a Founder: Lessons I have learned. Being a startup founder is hard, tough, frustrating and rewarding – possibly all within the space of a nanosecond. Are You Winning As a Founder?

4 Founders & Harvard MBAs on Finding Startup Traction & MBAs-as-Entrepreneurs

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On the heels of our research on HBS entrepreneurs , NextView’s Dimitri Dadiomov (HBS ’15) interviewed several top founders on the early stages of their companies. Matt Prince , Co-Founder and CEO, CloudFlare (Web performance and security to protect and accelerate websites; $72.1

The Other Amazon Deal this week. Drupal founder attracts over $100 Million in 3 months.

Scalable Startup

is the for-profit company founded by Dries Buytaert, the inventor of Drupal, to support his open source project. When Open Source software projects are launched, the progenitors often start a for-profit sister company to garner some income from training, support and consulting. Because they are open source. Google has optimized this open source to freemium model in almost all of its products.

Christine: Open Source Dynamics Discussion

« Venture Chicks at the NVCA | Main | User-Centric Identity Boot Camp Lessons » Open Source Dynamics Discussion Last night, I moderated a panel entitled "Open Source: Ready for Prime Time?" Christine (.net)

How to Compete Against Open Source Competition

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At some point in the past year I watched a video of an Eric Sink presentation and he asked the following question (he said it was asked of him by a college student): Why would someone buy your product when it has an open source competitor? Are there exceptions in the open source world?

The Forgotten Founder: YouSendIt’s Khalid Shaikh

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In Silicon Valley offices , the framed founder's doodle is as common as jewel-toned furniture and quirky conference-room names. Shaikh was having a conference call with his two co-founders to discuss it. Mahler had met one of the other co-founders, Shaikh's older brother, Amir.

Forming Startup Founder Teams

UC Berkeley

The cost of technology is decreasing thanks to cloud computing and open source software. Readiness to work as a team: Founders must understand that in order for their startup to succeed, they will have to work as a team rather than as individuals. Because startups are high stress operations, founders must be able to work together under pressure. Finally we try to understand each founder’s contribution to the startup’s big idea, business model and market understanding.

Startup founders can have their cake and eat it too

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Evelyn Rusli wrote an insightful story for the New York Times about how startup founders are more in control now. Angel Investors are willing to invest more at higher valuations, and Private Equity investors are willing to invest huge sums at later stages and allow founders to cash in some of their stock. Now startup founders can "have their cake and eat it too ". They are founders themselves and identify with the startup founders.

Startup founders can have their cake and eat it too

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Evelyn Rusli wrote an insightful story for the New York Times about how startup founders are more in control now. Angel Investors are willing to invest more at higher valuations, and Private Equity investors are willing to invest huge sums at later stages and allow founders to cash in some of their stock. Now startup founders can "have their cake and eat it too ". They are founders themselves and identify with the startup founders.

Women 2.0 » FounderDating: How I Found My Co-Founder

female founders. founder friday. Lessons learned from female founders and women entrepreneurs. Startup Quote: Wendy Tan White on Building a Successful Startup » FounderDating: How I Found My Co-Founder. Tweet By Elizabeth Knopf (Co-Founder & CEO, Sorced).

FounderLY: An Open Platform for Sharing Startup Stories


One of the best part of my jobs as a technology journalist is getting to hear founders' stories. For his part Matthew Wise wondered what it would have been like to hear stories from founders like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates during their early years. Open Source Storytelling.

Startup Success Podcast, Open Source For-Profit Startups, One.

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Open Source, For-Profit Startups – “FairSoftware is the place to start and grow your online business. We help you team with others, track revenue and share it openly and fairly.

Øresund Startups 'Open Sources' their News


A regional startup blog focused on Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg, and Lund has ''opened sourced'' their news content, allowing other news sites, like ourselves, to republish their content freely. According to Øresund Startups founder Karsten Deppert, what they’re looking for to maximize the amount of information coming out of their region, and to help the nordic startup communities to connect with each other through information. "I

Mesosphere: A Platform for the Next Generation Datacenter

Peter Levine

In 2009, Mesosphere Co-founder Florian Leibert was working at Twitter to scale the application in response to its exponential growth. At the time, he spotted a new open source technology that had been built at UC Berkeley called Mesos and he helped Twitter bring it into full production. Today, almost all of Twitter’s infrastructure is built on top of Mesos, which is now an Apache open source project and is at the core of Mesosphere’s products.

How To Work Better with Your Co-Founder


While open-source tools, readily available APIs, social platforms and cloud hosting providers have made it easier in many ways, being a Web entrepreneur is still not for the faint of heart. This is one of the reasons that it's so important to have a good co-founder.


The end of ownership: The zero-marginal-cost economy

The Next Web

Dries Buytaert created Drupal, an open source content management platform, in his dorm room. He is also the co-founder and CTO at Acquia, a company providing enterprise software for websites and commerce.

CTO 59

Thanks Elon Musk For Being A Real Leader On Patent Reform

Feld Thoughts

Regardless, I love Fred’s punch line: So it was with incredible joy that I read these words by Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and possibly the most innovative entrepreneur in the world right now.

The Dentist Office Software Story

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Around this time, an open source community crops up to build an open source version of dental office software. This open source project is called DentOps.’s board fires its CEO and begs the founders to come back and take control of the struggling company. I’ve been telling this fictional story about Dentist Office Software for years to describe why we are so focused on our “networks” investment strategy.

You Don’t Need to be Rich to be an Entrepreneur

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Now, with open source software components, and low-cost development tools, the same job can be done by one good hacker for a few thousand dollars. Founders now routinely use their home to operate their startup until they are well into the revenue phase.

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Work Less, Get More Done, Convenient Open Source, What a Startup.

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Making Open Source Convenient: JumpBox – A startup focused on making it dead-simple to get started with open source applications, they create virtual machines completely pre-configured to just start and go (including versions that runs on Amazon EC2).

When to Give Away a Product for Free

Inc Startups

Dries Buytaert, co-founder of Acquia, talks about how he created the open-source content management system Drupal and why he believes in keeping it free

A New Enterprise Software Franchise: Optimizely

Scott Weiss

Out of these efforts, a number of projects like MapReduce Cassandra, BigTable, and Borg have been commercialized into products, companies, or open-source projects like Hadoop. The founders—Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen—met as product managers at Google, where testing and optimization (such as A/B testing) are deeply ingrained in the product development process. We invested in the company for many reasons, including: Strong founder/market fit.

@altgate » Blog Archive » Outsourcing For Startups


But did you know that founder Markus Frind has just 3 employees for his $10MM+ revenue business? The answer, as mentioned earlier, is that you should out source everything that isn’t core to your long term sustainable competitive advantage.

Talk about what you’ve done – pitch advice

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This advice is from a 2008 post by Jason Calacanis (hat tip Founders Notebook ): 4. In fact, given the amount of open source and off the shelf software out there, combined with the large number of developers in the world, anyone can bolt these things on to their service in a week or three. Obviously the more mature a company is the more stuff there is in the past that can be talked about, but founders of super early and idea stage companies can still follow this advice.

Ad serving is officially a commodity

Well, this has probably already been the case for years, but in the past two weeks: * Openads , the "free, open source ad server," announced a $5mm funding , in part to become an open advertising platform. are licensed open source under the GPL. Amit Shah, one of the founders of Openads , writes that one of their goals, is "to allow as many participants in the advertising ecosystem to work together on one platform for mutual benefit."

When planning and modelling the process is more valuable than the answer

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This morning I was reading from the OSF Playbook about how they have built an ‘open source decision making model’ for investing in deep science startups. A model can be tuned to give any answer its author wants and founders often question why investors want to see them.

Hacking Immigration - The Global EIR Coalition

Seeing Both Sides

We are going to "open source" our learnings from Massachusetts and Colorado in the coming months. Venture capitalists open-source new visa approach for foreign-born founders Our immigration reform system is broken. That isn''t new news. There is now a fix for high-skilled, immigration entrepreneurs that can be implemented TODAY with no legislation required. That is new news. And it has the potential to break through the political logjam.