Building A Business Operating System

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Ben Huh, the founder/CEO who I adore and love working with, send out a powerful email about how he’s approaching Cheezburger’s next stage of growth, and how he’s thinking about building the business operating system. I’m kicking off the process of building the business Operating System for Cheezburger. Well-functioning systems and operational processes. The post Building A Business Operating System appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

How Great, Operationally-Focused CFO’s Can Transform Your Business

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Clearly the founders and senior executives of a company are the most valuable resources and their time should be maximized on the most valuable tasks. One area I’ve had much discussion with the companies in which I’ve invested in is bringing on board an operationally focused CFO. I watched Ophir Tanz achieve much in his early days at the Founder & CEO at GumGum, which has now become quite a large business.

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Founders Circle

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Last week my friend Chris Albinson formed an interesting new firm called Founders Circle Capital. In a nutshell, Founders Circle provides liquidity for the founders and employees of a “breakaway growth companies” so they don’t need to sell or take the company public prematurely. It takes time for the equity value to get to a point where it makes sense for the founders and employees to take a bit of their equity value off the table.

3 ways startups can slash operating costs

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John Rampton, the Founder of Due, is on a mission to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with payments for hard working entrepreneurs. One of the more expensive aspects of running a business revolves around handling money. Yes, a budget is important.

Lightspeed Systems Moves Operations from California to Austin


Lightspeed Systems, which makes education software, announced plans to relocate all of its operations and employees from Bakersfield, Calif. Lightspeed originally moved its corporate headquarters to Austin in 2013 and the company’s founder, Rob McCarthy, moved to Austin a year later. The Bakersfield Californian reports Lightspeed has about 80 employees and most of […] The post Lightspeed Systems Moves Operations from California to Austin appeared first on SiliconHills.

How To Find the Right Co-Founders?

Steve Blank

How do you figure out what’s the right mix of skills for the co-founders of your startup? “After reading your post on Why Founders Should Know How to Code it looks like web/mobile startups have it easy. Trying to figure out what the right set of co-founders isn’t so clear.

Founder Leadership Models

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There are a number of founder leadership models that can work well as a startup evolves. Getting the founder model right is critical because the founder is the soul of a company. product), while letting the #2 run most of the day-to-day operations.

The truth about Van Halen’s M&M Rider – just good operations.

Business of Software Blog

“In other words, David Lee Roth was no diva; he was an operations master. This year will be the 7th Business of Software, a three day conference for founders who want to build sustainable, profitable software businesses. BoS Insights Operations

Effective communication tips for operating a business across time zones

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Anton Gladkoborodov is the founder and CEO of Coub, an HD video-remixing platform. The post Effective communication tips for operating a business across time zones appeared first on The Next Web. This article was co-written with Anastasia Popova, Coub’s Marketing Director.

Airware: An operating system for drones

Chris Dixon

in Airware , a startup that makes operating systems for flying robots, popularly known as drones. Airware makes operating systems for low-cost, non-military drones. The founder of Airware, Jonathan Downey, spent most of his life studying aviation and engineering. As investors, we try to back brilliant founders pursuing audacious ideas. I’m excited to announce that Andreessen Horowitz, along with Google Ventures, is investing $10.7M

When Founders Leave


They say that the co-founder relationship is like a marriage. Indeed, founders probably spend more of their waking hours together than with their spouses. So, it should come as no surprise, that just as many marriages fail, the same is true of founder relationships.

Why I Look for Obsessive and Competitive Founders

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This blog started from a series of conversations I found myself having over and over again with founders and eventually decided I should just start writing them.It Yet somehow many people think that startups intended to operate at massive, Internet scale can be casual affairs.

How Founders Can Become Better Leaders

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As a founder, you’ve probably been focused on writing your business plan , building out your financial forecasts to position yourself to get funding, and managing the day-to-day minutia of running a business. Founders of young organizations sometimes feel like they’re under a microscope.

Founder Labs NYC

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Two of my favorite pre-accelerator programs are Startup Weekend and Founder Labs. " Founder Labs does it over 5.5 Founder Labs are longer and more of a committment for everyone involed. Founder Labs was started by Women 2.0. To date the only Founders Labs have taken place in San Francsico. I'm excited to say that Founder Labs is coming to NYC this spring. The Gotham Gal and I have been helping the Founder Labs team come to NYC.

Building Your MVP as a Non-Technical Founder


I did a presentation this week at Coloft that looked at how Non-Technical Founders can go about getting their MVP built. There are a few cases where you somewhat need to see the system operating to have a sense of the value.

9 Founder Habits That Leave a Business Foundering

Startup Professionals Musings

After working with dozens of startup founders, I’m still amazed that some seem to be able to do the job easily and effectively, always in control, while others always seem to be struggling, out-of-control, and fighting the latest crisis. Some founders go too far to become consensus builders.

How to Up Your Board Meeting Game as a Founder [Deck Templates 2.0]

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But more so, these decks are about one thing: upping your board game as a founder. Some founders hesitate to spin up a board early, maybe due to the perception that investors would try to control the company, maybe out of a concern of putting too many balls in the air at once. Said another way, seed-stage companies can be led by a founder; scaling companies require a CEO. Just as founders work with the board to solve problems, so too can executives in their area of ownership.

Accidental VC: The Most Dangerous Question for Founders to Overlook in Pitches

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As an operator, not an investor, I’m amazed at how many casual, throwaway comments that happen inside a VC’s office would be genuinely useful to entrepreneurs building their businesses. ” Founders must address distribution in their pitches both overtly and succinctly.

How to win the Operations vs. Finance battle: Become a trusted advisor

Active Garage

From the time the idea of a company was developed, those who control the purse strings (finance) and those who manage the income (sales, operations, and marketing) are often adversaries.

How my co-founder and I structure ourselves as CEO and COO

The title felt perfect since I would describe Leo as someone who really thrives with operations. How do you structure how you work with your co-founder or business partners? co-founders ceo coo roles For the first two years of Buffer we didn’t use C-level titles.

How my co-founder and I structure ourselves as CEO and COO

The title felt perfect since I would describe Leo as someone who really thrives with operations. How do you structure how you work with your co-founder or business partners? Coo Co-Founders Roles Ceo Tweet. Buffer. For the first two years of Buffer we didn’t use C-level titles.

Further Thoughts on Startup Operations

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“I need somebody to run operations.&# I never said you shouldn’t have a VP of Operations. I think people understand this title to mean more somebody who handles operational issues rather than somebody who is more like a “chief of staff&# as a COO often is.

Nine Bad Behaviors of Struggling Startup Founders

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After working with dozens of startup founders, I’m still amazed that some seem to be able to do the job easily and effectively, always in control, while others always seem to be struggling, out-of-control, and fighting the latest crisis. Some founders go too far to become consensus builders.

A Founder's Guide to M&A

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As a Founder of a venture backed company, eventually the question of whether and how to seek liquidity for your shareholders will come into question. So, if M&A is the most likely exit path for a venture backed company, what should Founders think about as they approach this process?

7 Co-Founder Strategies That Can Be Very Painful

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In a moment of crisis, you may be tempted to take on the first person expressing interest as a co-founder. Investors routinely decline to fund co-founders who are siblings, or in a romantic relationship. “We strategy entrepreneur startup co-founder business

Founder Institute This Summer in Colorado

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So when Jim Franklin, the CEO of SendGrid (one of our portfolio companies and a TechStars Boulder mentor) asked if I would write a post about the Founder Institute program in Boulder, I told him that I’d give him control of my blog to write a guest post on it. I have enormous regard for Jim and Jon Nordmark, his co-host of the Founder Institute Denver program and want to be supportive of anything they are involved in.

Founders Finding Funding From Friends May Be Fools

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With “cash flow” obligations, investors receive a percentage of your operating cash flow (if any) until they have been repaid in full, or have achieved a specified percentage return on their investment. Some founders are too focused on quick repayment, and they compromise strategic decisions.

How does Etsy manage development and operations?

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Recently, someone asked, “ How does Etsy manage development and operations? &# with these comments: Etsy seems to have scaled far and fast, whilst continuing to add new features; how is all this managed – is there a strictly-defined process within which engineers operate, or is it a case of hiring clever people and letting them get on with it (Facebook-style)? operations people philosophy

The Other Founder

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the unsung hero of many start-ups: the other founder. A lot has been written about the founder/CEO and her growth and evolution as a company grows. Larry Page is the other founder. But then the company hired a VP of operations.

Every Entrepreneur Has Foundation Beliefs from Which They Operate?Most of Them Just Don't Realize It!

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But not enough small business owners realize what those beliefs are; and fewer still, translate those beliefs into their corporate culture, how they operate their business. A business and its culture should reflect the foundation beliefs of the founder/entrepreneur.

How should a startup founder value her time?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Almost no startup founder values her time properly. ” To see this, suppose you divided your time between seven companies, all operating on these terms. Consultants know exactly what their time is worth: their hourly rate.

The 4 Types of Stories Founders Need to Tell When Fundraising

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As an adult, I know the world operates on story first and logic second. Tiny Speck decided to sunset Glitch and began winding down its operations. Trying to recruit a co-founder or key-employee? As a child, I believed logical arguments were enough to convince anyone of anything.

No Startup Founder Was Born With All Skills Needed

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Entrepreneurs need this, because their challenges are across the spectrum from technical to legal, operational, financial, and organizational.

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Almost every day I'm talking to early stage startup founders (see Free Startup CTO Consulting Sessions ) about what they plan to do. Many of these founders have talked with several developers or development firms about their plans.

How These Founders Convinced Millennials to Rub Charcoal on Their Armpits

Inc Startups

With a lean operation and a successful 'Shark Tank' appearance, the millennial founders of PiperWai have customers lining up to buy their all-natural deodorant

Lean 39

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Startup Co-Founder

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Due to founder visibility, the team is so tuned in to the visionary and current direction that every turn to the right to pursue a new idea turns the whole team to the right.

Lessons Learned: Net Promoter Score: an operational tool to.

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, November 22, 2008 Net Promoter Score: an operational tool to measure customer satisfaction Ive mentioned Net Promoter Score (NPS) in a few previous posts, but havent had a chance to describe it in detail yet. It is an essential lean startup tool that combines seemingly irreconcilable attributes: it provides operational, actionable, real-time feedback that is truly representative of your customers experience as a whole.

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Loyalty vs. Location: Why Startup Founders Should Stay Put

YFS Magazine

Grow Operations business relocation startup communities startup ecosystemYour
 city needs you more than you realize. Before buying into the myth that you need
 to “upgrade” to a hub city, take stock of 
what really counts.

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Operating a business in the age of the ‘brand experience’

The Next Web

Julius Talvik is co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Unison , a brand innovation company in Washington, DC, that develops physical and digital products for companies around the world.

Founder Challenges with Startup Development Teams and CTOs


I''m spending more of my time recently working with non-technical startup founders who are having challenges with their software/web/mobile development teams. I thought it would be worth capturing some basic notes about what signals founders commonly are seeing that cause them to call me, what those signals might be indicating, and what might make sense to do as a founder if you are seeing some of these signals.

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