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Kindred Spirits – Our Investment In Founder Collective

Feld Thoughts

We also know many of the entrepreneurs in their portfolio. The team at FC has structurally designed their firm around alignment to founders.

VC Portfolio Strategy

Rob Go

VC’s, and particularly seed focused VC’s, pursue a variety of different strategies in their portfolio. It probably doesn’t really matter too much to entrepreneurs, but after a couple conversations about this with founders recently, I thought I’d share how we tend to think about it. Number of investments.

Founders on a Mission

K9 Ventures

Put differently, there are some founders for whom failure simply isn’t an option. Sooinn Lee is the founder and CEO of LocoMotive Labs.

Design Staff ? Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios

Design Staff

Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios. It’s easy to spot a beautiful portfolio. Look at the portfolio design itself.

Founder Market Fit

Feld Thoughts

” But my post yesterday about The Power of Passion When Starting Your Company was about “founder market fit.” ” And I’ve come to believe that – especially among first time entrepreneurs – founder market fit is much more important than product market fit at the inception of the company. It is.

When Should Startup Founders Discuss Valuation with Seed VCs?

View from Seed

After angels, larger venture firms are probably next in terms of how variable they are when reacting to seed pricing asks by founders. ”).

The Emotional Co-Founder

Seeing Both Sides

There is a bias against solo founders in Startup Land. But if you find yourself a solo founder, don't despair.

Founder Liquidity

K9 Ventures

Let’s say you’re the founder (I use a solo-founder in my example to keep things simple, but this could just as well apply to a founding team) of a startup called Blood, Sweat and Tears, Inc. The objective is really to be able to get some risk off the table for the founders and not leave all their eggs in one basket. aka BST).

Founder Liquidity

K9 Ventures

Let’s say you’re the founder (I use a solo-founder in my example to keep things simple, but this could just as well apply to a founding team) of a startup called Blood, Sweat and Tears, Inc. The objective is really to be able to get some risk off the table for the founders and not leave all their eggs in one basket. aka BST).

Q1 Round-up: Portfolio companies in the news

Version One Ventures

If you’re not already familiar with the startups and founders making up the V1 portfolio, here’s a summary of some of this quarter’s news clippings. Portfolio companies in the news. Beyond funding announcements, several portfolio companies made the news this quarter. Funding and Follow-ons. Exits.

Founder Leadership Models

Seeing Both Sides

There are a number of founder leadership models that can work well as a startup evolves. the founder becomes CTO).

How to Build a Successful and Diverse Venture Capital Portfolio Without Really Trying

This is going to be BIG.

Who is actually building a portfolio whose founders reflect the diversity of the greater population? I went back and calculated the number of companies in the first Brooklyn Bridge Ventures portfolio who have at least one founder who is female, from an underrepresented minority group, or LGBT. Not directly, anyway.

The rise of the female founder

Version One Ventures

Women are underrepresented as engineers, management, investors, and founders. venture capital deals go to women founders and CEOs. However, there are signs that the situation, at least when it comes to female founders, is improving. There are no articles, blogs, conferences, or reports focused on the number of male founders.

What Founders Need to Know: You Were Funded for a Liquidity Event – Start Looking

Steve Blank

To most founders a startup is not a job, but a calling. What does this mean for startup founders? Here’s the thing most founders miss.

Founder Institute This Summer in Colorado

Feld Thoughts

So when Jim Franklin, the CEO of SendGrid (one of our portfolio companies and a TechStars Boulder mentor) asked if I would write a post about the Founder Institute program in Boulder, I told him that I’d give him control of my blog to write a guest post on it. Last summer Founder Institute held its inaugural class in Denver.

How to be your VC’s favorite portfolio company

The Next Web

But good portfolio companies should get more, because VCs have a lot more to give – especially to companies that deserve it.

Tool and resource list for new founders

The Startup Toolkit

Dribbble – browse designer portfolios, many of whom also freelance. A braindump of the tools I frequently turn to for my projects. People.

Founders – Use Your Down Round To Clean Up Your Cap Table

Feld Thoughts

In our portfolio, we generally don’t have this problem because we aren’t big fans of either (a) overfunding companies or (b) escalating burn rates based on headcount. I have two simple rules for founders in my head from this experience. Mark Suster wrote a great post yesterday titled The Resetting of the Startup Industry.

Accidental VC: The Most Dangerous Question for Founders to Overlook in Pitches

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Founders must address distribution in their pitches both overtly and succinctly. You can find those here. ). Accidental VC

Got "Founder Fit?" If You Want Venture Capital, You Need It

Up and Running

A few weeks ago I spoke with Boris Wertz, founder of JustBooks, COO of AbeBooks and founding-partner of Version One Ventures. In Boris Wertz.

A Stroll Through The NextView Portfolio

Rob Go

A year ago, I wrote a post detailing some tidbits about our portfolio. I believe that the best way to understand an investor is to meet the founders that they work with. Second best is to understand their portfolio. So here is an unscientific cut of our portfolio and some commentary below. We have made 16 investments.

A Founder's Guide to M&A

Hazard Lights

As a Founder of a venture backed company, eventually the question of whether and how to seek liquidity for your shareholders will come into question.

Values Build Startup Culture: A Founder’s Take on Getting Started

View from Seed

This is a guest post from Ben Rubin , co-founder and CEO of Change Collective , which offers courses for behavior change with world-class experts.


Please Succeed or Fail Fast: Why Large VCs & Seed Rounds Could Lead to Portfolio Conflict Down the Road

Hunter Walker

There are lots of implications for founders – both positive and less so – so they should go into these opportunities thoughtfully, but at Homebrew we’ve enjoyed co-leading with some BigVCs and anticipate we’ll happily continue to do so when it makes sense for the entrepreneur. But BigVC hasn’t left seed, just changed its approach.

Investors need to actually use their portfolio products

Version One Ventures

Should an investor really be expected to use the 10, 15, or 20 products in his or her portfolio? As an investor, using a portfolio company is easier when dealing with consumer apps and companies. The post Investors need to actually use their portfolio products appeared first on Version One Ventures. Investors, really?

The Other Founder

Seeing Both Sides

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the unsung hero of many start-ups: the other founder. Larry Page is the other founder.

Second Startups: Why Founders Often Struggle to Find Their Second Act

View from Seed

Investors love the idea of backing second-time founders, especially if they have had success in their last company. 2: Pursue side projects.

Meet Our Newest Portfolio Company, Airbnb

Ben's Blog

They were joined by a third co-founder, Nathan Blecharczyk, who brought programming expertise. The website is clean and very intuitive—not surprising, I guess, when two of the founders are designers. Portfolio CompaniesThis is a guest post by Jeff Jordan, General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz.

How To Allocate Founder and Employee Equity

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Joel Spolsky , c0-founder and CEO of our portfolio company Stack Exchange , posted an excellent answer to the question in the title of this post on the Stack site OnStartups. Before factoring in dilution from investors, the founders should end up with about 50% of the company, total. I'm not going to reblog the entire answer here.

What Is NextView’s Focus? Another Stroll Through Our Portfolio

Rob Go

As a founder, it feels like a long time, but it’s really a blip on the radar in the scheme of things. This is why I’ve made a habit of profiling our portfolio quantitatively and why we write summaries announcing pretty much all of our new investments. So, here is our annual quantitative summary of our portfolio.

Google Engineer: How We Interview, How I’d Beat Us for Talent, & How Non-Technical Founders Should Approach Devs

View from Seed

Portfolio companies can contact us to learn more.) How do you position yourself as the latter if you’re a seed-stage startup founder?

Founder Superpowers: Areas Where Top Entrepreneurs Can Be Truly Exceptional

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Yet despite their differences, each of these powers give founders the ability to perform superhuman tasks. Heat-Seeking (Enhanced Senses).

What's Your Founder Superpower?

Genuine VC

I’d argue that successful founders must actually possess real a superpower to make the nearly impossible task of getting a startup off the ground become a reality. Some founders, most typically those who have been working in a specific industry for a number of years, possess an uncanny ability to envision the future. Period.

How founders get paid: non-strategic acquisitions, dividends, and private islands

The Startup Toolkit

As a founder, you get a pile of money in one of four ways: You generate profits and keep some (dividends). You’re making solid revenue (e.g.

A founder’s advice on hiring a VP of Sales

Version One Ventures

One of the best parts about having a strong portfolio filled with smart people is the wise advice that founders share with each other. In this case, one of V1’s portfolio companies has been looking to hire a VP of Sales and I asked Jon Zimmerman ( @jpzimmerman ), CEO of Front Desk , to share his experiences and insight on the matter.

Sales 31

Startup Metamorphosis: The Story of Bugsee

K9 Ventures

You have to feel it viscerally in order for it to really sink in. That very experience however, makes startup success that much more gratifying.

Brett Berson - Turning a Portfolio into a Community.

Redeye VC

And while I’m super excited about the strength of our investment team, and the value we can add personally -- we’ve worked very hard to transform our portfolio of entrepreneurs from an unconnected group of companies working independently into a community of entrepreneurs who help each other. We want First Round to be a founders First Call.

Stealth is Overrated

K9 Ventures

…and I’ve said it to founders on more occasions than I can count: For startups steath is overrated. I’ve tweeted this before….

Big Data On Demand

Peter Levine

The Cazena founders were former leaders at Netezza, the big data appliance leader that went public and was acquired by IBM for $1.7 Prat Moghe , founder & CEO of Cazena, previously led strategy, product and marketing at Netezza. Andreessen Horowitz Portfolio Companies big data Cazena cloud data center founders SaaS

Founders: Here’s the Most Powerful Way to Align with Potential Investors (Hint: It’s Not About Sector)

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But I do think it’s pretty successful to pattern-match based on founders. Look at successful founders in the portfolio first.