Founder Suicides

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I recently heard a terrifying stat about founder suicides recently. The post Founder Suicides appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Depression depression las vegas startup communities suicide

Founder Fights in Boulder

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The final event at Boulder Startup Week a few months ago was Founder Fights. A bunch of founders got in a boxing ring for a real, USA Boxing sanctioned event (three rounds, two minutes each). The post Founder Fights in Boulder appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

8 Startup Situations Challenge Founder People Skills

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Startups with weak directives, poor communication, and ineffective cultures are breeding grounds for negative interpersonal dynamics. The best entrepreneurs understand their people and embrace constructive conflict for steering through the maze of innovation and change common to every startup.

Founder Institute Austin Graduates Six Startups


By LAURA LOREKPublisher of Silicon Hills News The Founder Institute opened in Austin a little over a year ago and has already graduated three classes and helped dozens of entrepreneurs. They thought Austin needed more founders and […].

Acknowledging The Value of Coaching and Therapy for Founders

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First, Felicis Ventures is committing 1% on top of every check the firm writes in non-dilutive capital earmarked for “founder development” in coaching and mental health. “Felicis’ bet is that by making such resources available and publicly known, founders won’t feel too proud, or too much pressure to seem successful, to address personal and team issues. He also points to the survey he is doing for his new book titled Depression: A Founders Companion.

Founders Interview: Flash Pack

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As part of The Startup Magazine founders interviews, we sat down with Lee Thompson and Radha Vyas, the co-founders of Flash Pack , a lifestyle travel company specialising in adventure trips for solo travelers in their 30’s – 40’s. .

Flash 124

The Founders – Season Three

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One of my favorite web tv shows – The Founders – is back. Time to fall in love with the start of startups again. TechStars birdbox founders roximity uboolyEpisode 1 of Season 3 – Cave Explorer – is up.

Branding Tips that All Startup Founders Can Use

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You need to invest time and many other resources into transforming the startup in a successful company. Startup owners often overlook a factor that may influence the course of their business exponentially – branding. For startups, it’s important to build the brand from scratch.

Founder Market Fit

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” But my post yesterday about The Power of Passion When Starting Your Company was about “founder market fit.” ” And I’ve come to believe that – especially among first time entrepreneurs – founder market fit is much more important than product market fit at the inception of the company. Founders come in with something they are super excited about. We constantly hear about “product market fit.”

Female Founders Breaking Barriers in the Bodywork Industry

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Contributed by: Yomassage entrepreneurs, co-founders Dr. Tiffany Ryan, PhD and Katherine Parker. Yomassage Co-Founder Dr. Tiffany Ryan, PhD. Yomassage Co-Founder, Entrepreneur Katherine Parker. Massage and bodywork promise relaxation, but at a high price.

7 Keys To Being Seen As A Superhuman Startup Founder

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Investors know this, hence the saying “Bet on the jockey (founder), not the horse (idea).” Typically this energizes new startup founders, but some struggle trying to live up to their own, as well as everyone else’s expectations.

Founder Interview: RedMane Technology’s Tony Lakier

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As part of The Startup Magazine Founder Interview Series , we talked to Mr. Tony Lakier. Tony is the Founder and CEO of RedMane Technology. And what characteristics do you have that particularly contributed to your ability to jump from a startup success to a scale up success?

Kindred Spirits – Our Investment In Founder Collective

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One of our recent investments, offered by Founder Collective (FC) – an eight-year-old manager with offices in Boston and San Francisco – is an excellent example of what we look for when we invest in funds offered by other managers. Investments fg next founder collective LP

Habits of Exceptional Startup Founders

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Highly successful startups valued at billions of dollars didn’t just get lucky with timing or required huge cash investments left and right. Becoming an exceptional startup founder, fortunately, isn’t something you are born with.

Leadership Mistakes Plague Every Startup Founder

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Even entrepreneurs who have built many startups, or sold their last one for millions of dollars, know they make occasional people leadership mistakes. These questions should all be contemplated and understood by every entrepreneur and startup founder, starting on day one of their quest.

9 Founder Habits That Leave a Business Foundering

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After working with dozens of startup founders, I’m still amazed that some seem to be able to do the job easily and effectively, always in control, while others always seem to be struggling, out-of-control, and fighting the latest crisis.

5 Ways To Improve Startup Founder Team Productivity

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I have personally used this approach in leading startups as well as large organizations, in highly technical roles as well as business development and marketing. For one-on-one coaching from the startup founder, I call this approach five-minute mentoring.

Startup Founders Need To Manage Their Optimism

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John Bradberry, in “ 6 Secrets to Startup Success ” identifies five key biases that sabotage many passionate entrepreneurs in their startup decision making. Overconfidence leads founders to treat their assumptions as facts and see less uncertainty and risk than actually exists.

Founder’s Syndrome and Origin Stories

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One of the free ones is on Founder’s Syndrome and Origin Stories. The Impact of My Book Startup Communities. The post Founder’s Syndrome and Origin Stories appeared first on Feld Thoughts. CEO boulder digital arts ceo founders training video

Startup Founders Face Serious Business Culture Myths

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business culture entrepreneur ethics myths startup New entrepreneurs tend to focus only on getting the product right, and assume that the right culture and ethics will come later simply by hiring good people.

Founder Interview: Sales Leads Platform AssuredLeads

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As part of The Startup Magazine founder interview series , we talked with Travis Batiza, the founder of AssuredLeads, a sales and marketing platform serving the insurance industry. Travis Batiza’s experience in founding startups started at 14 and hasn’t stopped since.

Nine Bad Behaviors of Struggling Startup Founders

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After working with dozens of startup founders, I’m still amazed that some seem to be able to do the job easily and effectively, always in control, while others always seem to be struggling, out-of-control, and fighting the latest crisis.

Most Startup Founders Spend Too Much Time Talking

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entrepreneur startup talking founder listening communication business When you are not presenting to investors or your team, try to spend more time listening than talking. You can’t learn anything new while you’re talking, yet many entrepreneurs seem to never stop.

Startup Founders Can Learn From Reality Television

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Here are eight key points that I believe should be taken from the show by every startup founder looking for investors in real life, across the range of venture capitalists, angel investors, or even friends and family: You will be judged first as a person, then by your idea.

8 Reality Checks That Every Startup Founder Dreads

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I challenge any startup to show me they have avoided all of these: One of the founders isn’t delivering. You never dreamed that customers would be slow to accept an unproven product from an unknown startup in the middle of an economic downturn.

Some Quick Things Every Founder Should Know

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You get to have interesting conversations with founders and review business plans and then see how these businesses evolve over the years. " Revenue doesn't pay your bills, GM does  —  @msuster 2/ Founders obsess with revenue as a vanity metric. startup

10 Dilemmas Every Startup Founder Must Deal With

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Most entrepreneurs struggle with many startup Founders dilemmas in building their business, and these key dilemmas are probably the biggest source of pain and failure for the entrepreneur lifestyle. Should you start a company solo or find co-Founders to help you?

7 Ways Founders Demonstrate They Can Run A Startup

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Thus I don’t see many startups run in absentia or by big company executives. Startup founders need to see, touch and feel all the key elements of a new business as it evolves, much like an artist renders a new painting or sculpture. business entrepreneur hands-on startup

TestFlight Reality (or the V2 Founder Problem)

Eric Friedman

I have been continuously hearing the same defensive pushback from founders when hearing critical feedback for about a decade. When a user/investor/stranger says “hey what about X” they are met with the same retort: “It’s fixed in the next build – here let me show you” Founder response to feedback. The reality is that the founder distortion field that is so key to building a startup in the first place gets in the way of the reality that real people are living in today.

Startup Founders: Three Must-Ask Questions About Your Data Privacy


Modern startups are awash in information, from real-time customer insights collected via mobile applications to employee data received through online portals. Founders are constantly making decisions about where to invest, when to hire, how to hire and, most importantly, how to grow.

5 Mantras Startup Founders Should Live By

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Here are five mantras that drive the way I do business — important startup lessons I've learned along the way. Lead personal development startup lessons success success adviceWhat drives you to succeed?

7 Startup Co-Founders To Avoid And Keep Your Sanity

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In a moment of crisis, you may be tempted to take on the first person expressing interest as a co-founder. This would be a mistake, and could easily cost you your startup. In reality, the pressures of a relationship break up more startups, or vice versa, than running out of money.

Female Founder Interview: Gabriela Rodil, Consultant and Latina Leader

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As part of The Startup Magazine Female Founder Series, we interviewed Ms. She has some great advice for startups and businesses of all size. And what characteristics do you have that particularly contributed to your ability to jump from a startup success to a scale up success?

Dual Founders Manage Technology Startups Better

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It is just really hard to found a technology company successfully with only one founder, technical or non-technical. entrepreneurs technology dual founders startups business

How to Protect Your Startup Founder’s Shares

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In reality, so-called “founder’s” shares are simply common stock, issued at the time of startup incorporation, for a very low price, and normally allocated to the multiple initial players commensurate with their investment or role.

7 Signals Of A Future Startup Founder From Corporate

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I made the jump myself from IBM several years ago, and now have a satisfying startup advising small businesses and mentoring entrepreneurs. Otherwise think twice before jumping to a new startup venture.

Time For Founders School

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Kauffman just launched Founders School - a new education series to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses during the startup stage by highlighting how startups are different from big companies. “ Startups” introduction is here. 1:53: Types of Startups.

Too Many Startup Founders Sabotage Themselves

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Startups have to deal with many factors outside their control, so this fear can cause an unhealthy stress and worry. Yet failing in a startup is practically a rite of passage, according to investors, as well as successful entrepreneurs. business entrepreneur sabotage startup success

4 Ways To Resolve Co-Founder Conflict

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Startup co-founder disputes are universal. Lead business partners co-founders communication leadershipIt’s just like any other close relationship–there are good moments, and there are times when you will disagree.

How Much Founder Stock Should You Offer Co-Founders?

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Two heads are better than one, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. Giving a co-founder a salary won’t get you the “fire in the belly” you want. The value in a startup is all about tangible results, so there is no equity value in the idea alone.

Stock 311

6 Qualities To Look For In A Startup Co-Founder

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Like any great relationship, a co-founders should evolve as they face new challenges and opportunities. Look for these 6 qualities in a startup co-founder. Grow Human Capital business partners co-founders cofounders human capital partnership partnerships

8 Attributes Of The Most Creative Startup Founders

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Smart entrepreneurs leverage their startup creativity with techniques like involving everyone early and often, ideation, and attending to the details. An entrepreneur is literally “one who creates a new business.”

When Should Startup Founders Discuss Valuation with Seed VCs?

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As the seed-stage startup fundraise process has received more transparency in recent years, ranging from published advice on how to raise seed capital to increased availability through AngelList, Funders Club, and various accelerator programs, I’ve noticed another trend emerging.