Framework Benchmarks Round 14


Results from Round 14 of the Web Framework Benchmarks project are now available! Our efforts during Round 14 focused on improvements that help us manage the project, mostly by removing some of our manual work.

See-Think-Do: A Content, Marketing, Measurement Business Framework

Occam's Razor

The world does not need a new business framework. seconds)" for business framework on Google today. But most of the frameworks available to us solve for divisional silos. Why build a framework? The See – Think – Do Framework: Content Strategy.

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Becoming a Truly Customer-centric Product Manager with the "Job to Be Done" Framework

The Product Guy

As product managers – whether new to the role, or a seasoned product manager- we frequently come across or actively use the product canvas. I recommend to all my fellow product managers to stop and ask themselves early and often: “What’s the job/problem I’m solving for?”

Start making better product decisions: A framework to go with your Agile Process

The Product Guy

Why do I need a framework? A research conducted by Alpha UX found that 25% of Product Manager surveyed wished for a clearer product roadmap and strategy. Without a clear roadmap and strategy, a Product Manager won’t be able to make impactful decisions.

Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup


We had an interesting presentation at the LA CTO Forum by the CTO of a startup who chose Groovy / Grails as the framework for their startup. t prompted a good discussion around how CTOs go about choosing the programming language and framework for their startup. For example, you may have content management and community needs that closely align with Drupal. There are LOTs of language and frameworks to choose from.

Managing New User Satisfaction On A Daily Basis

Feld Thoughts

We came up with a very simple operant conditioning loop framework. Putting the system in place varies based on the underlying tech you are using, but it’s not that difficult if you approach it with a clear framework. The post Managing New User Satisfaction On A Daily Basis appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Management churn conversion ICDC operant conditioning saasAs we get to the end of 2016, I’m in many conversations about 2016 performance and 2017 budgets.

The Role of Product Managers

Instigator Blog

I came across an interesting discussion on Branch about the role and future of product managers. Satya Patel , who recently left Twitter in a product-related role, wrote: “Product management isn’t a role or a function, it’s a set of skills. Product management also balances the needs of users, the business and the team and makes the difficult tradeoffs needed to keep pressing ahead. In that way, Product Managers are very similar to CEOs.

A Look at Responsive CSS Frameworks

Next → A Look at Responsive CSS Frameworks. CSS frameworks have gone responsive, squeezing content into a spectrum of desktop and mobile browsers with varying degrees of success. Today’s frameworks have an added feature: The ability to change when viewed on mobile devices.

Dave Balter’s framework for being a great leader

Fred Destin

Dave learned a framework called OGSM (Objectives / Goals / Strategies / Measures) after his company Bzzagent was acquired by market research firm dunnhumby. The OGSM framework can be use to manage change at each of these levels. Simple framework : the top 5 list.

Day-to-day Product Management Inspiration

The Product Guy

The Best Product Person (TBPP) is the leading international award honoring excellence in Product Management. The Cynefin framework has been one way to think about this when looking at new problems. product management interview product manager product person tbpp tbpp2016

Combating the Innovators Dilemma – HubSpot’s Experiments Framework


The foundation of this framework is based heavily on Clay Christensen’s work in The Innovators Dilemma. In his work Clay asks a very straightforward question without an obvious solution - specifically: Why do well managed, successful companies repeatedly fail to create new disruptive innovations? This framework was developed fundamentally to combat that challenge and create a lasting culture of entrepreneurial exploration. HubSpot’s Experimentation Framework.

Why Every Company Needs a Growth Manager

Seeing Both Sides

Yet, in recent years technology startups have embraced a new role, Growth Manager — alternatively Growth Hacker, Growth PM, or Head of Growth — that focuses on it exclusively. Yet, the Growth Manager role remains poorly understood, especially outside Silicon Valley.

The Hardware behind the Results of Framework Benchmarks Round 10


At Peak Hosting , we're big fans of TechEmpower's Framework Benchmarks, an open source project the company has been coordinating since early 2013. Covering a wide variety of web application frameworks, this project gives developers useful data that can help them find the framework that will provide the performance and features they need for their application. By Jeffrey Papen, CEO and Founder, Peak Hosting.

Gamification For Better Project Management


It’s safe to say that enterprise gamification is one of those increasingly popular trends for management that are simply bound to explode in the next few years. Read on to find out how to get the most from gamification in project management: Some Great Advantages.

Why You Should Shift To An Agile Marketing Framework

Inc Startups

Today''s savvy marketers are moving away from a fixed or linear approach to executing marketing strategy and embracing an agile philosophy and framework. Using software development as a model, the new thinking is to break up major initiatives into smaller, manageable chunks of work.

Tool and resource list for new founders

The Startup Toolkit

Streak – simple CRM plugin for gmail to manage and share your sales leads. Trello – digital kanban board for project management. Basecamp – I use it for project management with external teams who don’t know our Trello workflow. Tools & frameworks

Seven Essentials of an Effective Innovation Project Manager

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Outsourcing innovation project management might be the most strategic money you spend this year. What I hear from top management: “we don’t have the time or resources for innovation projects, we’ll start later this year.” What framework do they use?

Content Marketing Examples: Who Does Content Marketing Well


Altimeter group in 2012 came up with an interesting study and a framework for accessing Content Marketing performance and success. The framework can help analyze your current positioning , what you can do better and help understand who does content marketing well.

3+1 Social Media Time Management Tips For Your Brand


A quick Google search on “social media time management” will leave you with a flurry of options and key steps to follow through for high efficiency. Social Media Time Management Tips For Your Brand.

Using Evernote to manage your Startup

47 Hats

Whether it’s the latest set of Heroku commands or alternative revenue models for your startup, you need one place to store all the vital bits, ideas, and decisions. I recommend Evernote. While there are lots of alternatives (Wikis, Circus Ponies Notebook, plain text files, etc), Evernote gives you a set of nice features (versioning, formatting, device ubiquity, robust search) that no other single app has.

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Developing a Business Plan for Strategic Growth

Up and Running

It matches my vision of business planning as ongoing management and steering a business. I’ve dealt with dozens of strategy frameworks, and they all work pretty well if applied correctly. The genius is finding the growth, and managing the steps and resources to make it happen.

How To Get Help With Managing Innovation


This is why you need to know how to get help with managing innovation. Get Help with Managing Innovation by Understanding what Innovation Is. Basically, when you get help with managing innovation , you will learn that it is not about creating a clear path to achieve your goals.

Managing Hadoop Job Submission to Multiple Clusters

Code as Craft

This has greatly expanded our capacity and ability to manage production and ad hoc workloads, and we got to have fun coming up with names for them (we settled on Pug and Basset!). We chose to use Apache Oozie to manage ad hoc job submission.

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Happy New Year! Product Management in 2012

The Product Guy

The last year has seen many changes in the world of product management. Based on my interactions with the product management community, the following are my predictions for the big trends of 2012. There will be a broad-based movement back to enabling the offline application, powered by HTML5, from document management to media consumption. The number of product management roles will continue to grow. Happy New Year!

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5 Tips for Managing Millennials

Inc Startups

Instead, consider the following five tips, which will make managing them easier while engaging them more in your company, brand or department. Recognize that each person is different and must be managed differently Like any group, not all millennials are the same.

Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check

Occam's Razor

I'm convinced that the resulting problems (confusion, FUD, angst, daily prayers, and wasted budget) are due to the lack of a clear framework that can help clearly define the problem. In this post my hope is share a framework that will help define the problem clearly.

A framework for categorizing and comparing cloud platforms

Conversation Management. Sales Activity Management. Information & knowledge management. Workflow Management. A framework for categorizing and comparing cloud platforms – OpenStack, AWS, Heroku, CloudFoundry! This is such a neat framework! Travel.

How to Make Your Content Mobile Friendly

Duct Tape Marketing

Just about everything else – managing email, reading blog posts, participating in social media and consuming content in various forms – can be done, sometimes much more conveniently, using a mobile or tablet device.

Web Framework Performance - Startup Founders Need to See These Numbers


In Web Framework Benchmarks , there are some very interesting and surprising numbers around the performance of various web frameworks. In some ways, this frees us from worrying as much about the specific framework that's being used.


How Twitter Can Improve Your Management

Inc Startups

Your management should be too. Twitter’s revolution of 140-character messages inspired me to create a similar management reporting format that I have found to be very effective. Communication has been streamlined to short messages.

Legal Impact Of Data Protection And Management In The Digital Age


Beyond financial penalties, a data breach can cause irreversible damage to a company’s reputation as well as potentially significant damages payable in civil liability to third parties, not to mention possible personal criminal liability for senior management.

Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts of 2013

Platforms and Networks

Here''s my compilation of 2013''s best posts and books about managing startups. Models That Leverage Dominant Platforms Sangeet Choudary discusses how to manage startup growth strategies that piggyback upon an existing dominant platform, used by AirBnB, PayPal, etc. I assembled similar lists at the end of 2012 , 2011 , 2010 and 2009. Many thanks to all of the authors!

Lean 14

Project Reality Check #7: Cage Wrestling – Project vs. Operations Management

Active Garage

A very robust list of categories provides a framework for guiding projects in a way that leads to sound operational performance. The tension and animosity that can exist between project managers and operations managers may simply be a reflection of failure at the top.

Logistics: A Game-Changer For The Evolving Global e-Commerce Market


Whether it’s secure payment, returns, last mile, cross-border – or a multitude of others such as fulfilment, tracking, transport, even shopping cart management, each element is part of a highly complex ecosystem supported by logistics which is the engine of global e-commerce.

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What we can learn from the evolution of Content Management Systems

The Next Web

1st phase (late 90s, early 00s): New Web programming languages and frameworks. One of the most popular frameworks in those days were PHP-Nuke and Zend, that was tightly coupled with PHP programming language. 2 nd decade (early 2000): The First Content Management Systems (CMS).

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How to Quickly Prioritize Your Product Backlog

The Product Guy

As a product manager, you’ll often find yourself with a growing backlog of user stories and product defects that need grooming and scheduling. A robust ranking framework is key to answering these questions. s scorecards and decided to create a custom scorecard for user story management.

When It Comes to Running a Business, Here Are 12 Things Entrepreneurs Say Are Invaluable

Up and Running

It’s that little trick up your sleeve for managing tasks and getting things done. It’s that little trick or tip that helps them manage their business better, makes things run more smoothly and efficiently, and just generally makes them an exceptional entrepreneur. What’s your thing?

Biggest Product Regret

The Product Guy

The Best Product Person (TBPP) is the leading international award honoring excellence in Product Management. The Cynefin framework has been one way to think about this when looking at new problems. interview product management product manager product person tbpp tbpp2016

Looking for a new product management job?

The Product Guy

Thousands of employers across all areas of product, from management to design, from digital to physical, are looking to fill positions from our community. Manager, Conversion Rate Optimization @ ( (New York) Keywords: AB Testing, Conversion, CRO, e-commerce, Rate [link]. Product Manager – Big Data @ ( (New York) Keywords: API, Big Data, data, e-commerce, roadmaps [link]. product jobs product management

When in Doubt, Apply a Framework (but be sure to keep them fresh!)


I’ve always been a big believer in the consistent application frameworks for business thinking and decision-making. Frameworks are just a great starting point to spark conversation and organize thinking, especially when you’re faced with a new situation.