Out of the Crisis #20: the founders of Bitwise on the role of technology in empowering people, spreading benefits to underserved communities, and the creation of OnwardUS

Startup Lessons Learned

Jake Soberal and Irma Olguin started Bitwise in 2013 with the idea that the technology industry could be used to fix a city--in their case, Fresno, CA. In order to do that, they decided three things were crucial: teaching people to code, creating a sense of place around the tech industry, and proving it's possible to build and ship world-class software from places like Fresno. A company headquartered in Fresno, California. Leaving Fresno was unexpected for me.

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I am looking forward to the possibility of selling several proposals I have developed that could generate tremendous advertising revenues for newspapers, broadcasting companies, magazines, internet media companies and the internet divisions of multimedia companies. Thanks to Jeff and Deadrea Clemmensen, MiPhone Doctor of Fresno. #8 Happy New Year! Every new year brings with it a new form of excitement and anticipation.


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It also gives me the freedom to establish my own work schedule and fee structure, which grants more flexibility to take care of personal things, as well as, generate a desired revenue. Thanks to Jeff and Deadrea Clemmensen, MiPhone Doctor of Fresno ! #18 Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better.

The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisition (Part 1)

Software By Rob

Indeed, I did buy my latest startup, but the deal was done from a spare bedroom of my suburban home in Fresno, California for less than most people pay for a new car. And the funds came from revenue generated by my portfolio of web applications and websites that I’ve built over the past several years. Photo by psiaki. Based on the title of this post you might be thinking I have mad stacks of money in the bank.

Front End Developer Resume, An 11-pound Notebook, A 2-pound.

Software By Rob

Makes Fresno Web Design look like something out of 37Signals. People can go to the app store, download it for free, and we’ll pay them a cut of the revenues.