3 Big Ideas For Getting Rich From Ghana-Born Psychiatric Nurse

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For a fresh approach to securing your financial future, a Ghana-born nurse who came to the U.S. offers three sound tips

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N.C. woman gears up for mission trip to Ghana

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GASTONIA — Sierra Roberts is packing a water filter and wedding ring for her trip to Winneba, Ghana. She doesn''t know how easy it will be to find bacteria-free drinking water in the African town

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How This Million-Dollar Fashion Startup Is Helping African Entrepreneurs Stay in Business

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Five percent of sales will go to a charity that supports small business owners in Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, and South Sudan Tom Cridland sells a $100 "Entrepreneur's Shirt"--guaranteed to last 30 years.

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Feds charge NC man with trying to smuggle guns to Ghana

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) AP) — A North Carolina man is facing federal charges for trying to smuggle guns and ammunition to West Africa

Startup founders in Southeast Asia, it’s time to step up

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The service solves a universal problem for companies but it happens that it was built in Ghana, where the internet penetration rate is just 40 percent. Dropifi is looking to streamline customer feedback.

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Sex offender stripped of US citizenship, will be deported

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AP) — A North Carolina man who federal authorities say sexually abused his stepdaughter has been stripped of his United States citizenship and will be deported to Ghana RALEIGH, N.C. (AP)

What Clint Dempsey Can Teach You About Business Timing

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He proved this early on in the tournament when he scored 30 seconds into the game against Ghana , the fastest goal in US World Cup history and the 5th fastest all-time in World Cup history. They say timing is everything.

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Telling Your Brand Story Through Packaging Design: These 3 Businesses Are Doing It Right

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Divine’s chocolate is farmed by the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana. We all like to acquire new things. Every new item arrives fraught with the unspoken possibility that this thing could make your life better.

Bamboo Bikes

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Recently he made a grant-funded trip to Ghana to look for local sources of other key materials (they have lots of bamboo), and for local entrepreneurs interested in using these ideas. Sustainable development and appropriate technology took a leap forward (or at least a bike ride forward) recently with this story, sent to me by Naava Frank. A high-end bicycle maker based in Santa Cruz, CA started experimenting with bicycle frames made from bamboo several years ago.

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Confession of an entrepreneurial optimist

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I would watch my web traffic with wonder, looking at the world map and seeing a pin in Ireland or Qatar or Ghana and think “Holy guacamole, someone from all the way over there is reading my blog!” I am cruising into my 17th year in business.

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Telling Your Brand Story Through Packaging Design: These 3 Businesses Are Doing It Right

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Divine’s chocolate is farmed by the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana. We all like to acquire new things. Every new item arrives fraught with the unspoken possibility that this thing could make your life better.

5 African Tech Startups to Watch

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Rancard Solutions Limited : Rancard, a mobile software company based in Ghana, received funding from Intel Capital in December. With a number of American companies funneling money into the continent, Africa has become a hotbed of new businesses. Here''s a look at the best of the bunch.

The Top 5 Best Cities For Possibility

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Accra, Ghana 19. Every year there’s a list of cities that have been researched to be the best of some category. There are the “most livable,” cities and the “happiest,” the “Best for VC Capital” and more, but can you put a measure on the cities with the most possibility?

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Survey: Women Entrepreneurs Optimistic About 2013

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Interestingly, for the first time in 13 years, women have created businesses at a greater rate than men in three economies: Ghana, Nigeria, and Thailand, according to a Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) study of 59 economies.

[Interview] Nellie Mayshak, Founder Of Canaf Consulting Associates


In many of the projects I was involved with – in Lithuania, South Africa, Ghana and Liberia — we used a practitioner-to-practitioner approach, so that public servants in these countries could share and learn from their counterparts in Canada and vise versa.

USA Jobbed in Draw with Italy

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Moving forward, a win over Ghana and an Italian victory over the Czechs will put the US team through to the next round. Team USA tied Italy 1-1 in the World Cup earlier this afternoon.

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Twitter Link Roundup #273 – Quintessential Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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Why This Clunky Zack Morris Phone Is Taking Over Ghana crowdspring.co/1FshEP2.

Sweden's Saltside sees massive traction with classifieds in emerging markets


Classified sites are extremely local, making it that much more remarkable that Gothenburg-based Saltside Techologies has been on a roll with creating a listing sites in Bangladesh, Ghana, and Sri Lanka.

Lean Startup Beyond the Tech Sector

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She is working toward affordable waste removal in Kumasi, Ghana, a city of 2.5 Guest post by Lisa Regan and conference co-host Sarah Milstein. The Lean Startup methodology has its roots in the tech sector, where companies need to iterate quickly in order to survive. But the methods have expanded into nearly every industry we can name.

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#019 - Vytas Paukštys Of Eskimi


Eskimi is doing business in Nigeria and Ghana mostly, but has users from other parts of the African continent as well.

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Eskimi Rapidly Spreading Across African Feature Phones


Eskimi's largest markets are Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and users of the service can browse profiles, chat, share photos, discuss in forums, and share their interests.

Lithuania's Eskimi Positions itself in Africa with Partnerships with Nokia and Operators


Getting a wider geographic footprint seems to be on the roadmap as Paukštys tells us, "We started focusing on other African markets like Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa and all these markets combined account for more than 2 million members currently.".

NYC 3.0


I shared it with incubators from Ghana to Nairobi , at the White House Treasury Department, and in Indonesia with business and government leaders on a delegation I was asked to participate in by the US State Department. Now that I’m back full time in NYC, I decided to run for the Board of NY Tech Meetup, a dynamic community of 20,000 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, designers and people interested in tech.

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How To Stay At The Top Of Your Game | Dr Sherry Walling, ZenFounder | BoS USA 2017

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So when I was 19, I emptied my entire bank account and bought one plane ticket to West Africa, to Ghana and I had never been out of the country before and I had never a passport and in the spirit of go big or go home I went there for a year. This picture was taken a couple days before x-mas and I think in 1998 and I’ve been to Ghana for 6 months and it was x-mas, I was lonely and missing my family. Dr Sherry Walling, Founder, ZenFounder.

Forget the US or BRIC countries: Gothenburg's Saltside raises a $40 million Series C


We’re in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana, and some extent Pakistan even though it''s not a focus market. The beautiful thing about Gothenburg-based Saltside Technologies is that they throw away the assumption that if you want to grow into a valuable company, you need to be targeting the U.S.,

Disrupting VC


Women are starting businesses at an increasing pace, and guess what…some of these founders may have strongly accented English and are living in places like India and Ghana. As a venture capitalist, I am always looking for highly innovative, disruptive businesses. Ones that challenge the status quo, that aim to make a significant difference in the way we do and look at things.

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Study: Female Founders Fear They're Less Capable Than Men

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The 2012 GEM report surveyed 198,000 people in 69 countries and in all but seven of the countries surveyed women represent a minority of the nation''s entrepreneurs, with the exceptions being Panama, Thailand, Ghana, Ecuador, Nigeria, Mexico and Uganda.

Transformative Thinking for Sale

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The company now shepherds students as well as corporations, conference communities, and enterprise incubators to Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. Saul Garlick, founder of ThinkImpact, has developed a curriculum for innovative thinking based on his experiences in rural African countries.

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Snapchat 101 for VCs and Old Folks

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I’ve chatted with several from Israel, Ghana, South Africa, New Zealand – you name it. As the human ear ages it loses its ability to hear high-pitched sound frequencies (above 15-16 kHz) through a condition known as presbycusis that starts at 18 years old.

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Eskimi Hits 5 Million Users, Sees Solid Growth In Africa


There is also a growing user-base in Ghana, South Africa,Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, where there are over 250 000 users each. Eskimi , the Lithuanian-based mobile social network based on flirting, has announced it recently hit 5 million users, and is growing at 30 000 a day. The service has grown steadily in popularity in Africa, where desktop-based social networks have not meet the needs of every mobile user.

18 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business


For every bottle sold, we give 5 years of clean water to a person in Ghana (we’ve helped people in Namibia and Malawi in the past too!). Each business has a story.

Finnish Startup NurseBuddy in Dublin for Startup Bootcamp's Health XL Program


The other teams accepted include: Claimsync (Ghana) - Has developed software to help healthcare facilities automate patients'' records and process medical records.

The Way I Work: Amos Winbush III, CyberSynchs

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Recently, we signed up a partner that wants us to come out to Ghana to meet; I'm going there in December. Business and Pleasure Amos Winbush III — sporting, as always, a bow tie — lunches with Joe Gemmo, his financial chief.'>

Head Over Hills: Lithuanian Mobile Flirting Platform Eskimi Is Growing


Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia are also showing substantial growth, according to Vytautas Paukstys, CEO. Online dating has been a growing trend in Western hemisphere but of course people enjoy flirting all over the world.

Garage48 Goes Africa Times 5!


The Estonian originating Garage48 team and concept, in co-operation with Google and Nokia will be holding the first two Garage48 events in Lagos, Nigeria between 6th to 8th of May and the second to be held in Accra, Ghana between 13th to 15th of May. We at ArcticStartup heart the Garage48 event for all the rush and enthusiasm that comes forth in the 48 hours of pure innovation.

Meet the 30 Under 30, Class of 2013

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Saul Garlick''s (right) Think Impact attempts to solve the world''s most pressing problems by gathering students, corporations, conference communities, and enterprise incubators in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa.

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Dealflow from Lithuania: These #LTstartups are raising over $100M


Here are the startups rasing A rounds: MoboFree is #1 social e-commerce marketplace in Nigeria with strong footprint in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Ghana with almost 4M registered members who are generating up to 2M daily pageviews. A guest post by Edmundas Bal?ikonis ikonis , CEO of Trackduck.

The ArcticStartup guide to: Estonia


The team has organised more than 40 events since 2011 in places as diverse as Estonia, Russia, South Africa, Palestine, Georgia, Ghana, Ukraine, Oman and more. We’ve brought you guides to Riga and Lithuania before, and we know quite a few were looking forward to Estonia.

The Undiluted Genius of Dr. Bronner's

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By 2008, Dr. Bronner's owned a 200-employee fair-trade coconut-oil operation in Sri Lanka and a 150-employee palm-oil plant in Ghana, and had partnered on a peppermint-oil operation in India.

the vc in me.: My Availability

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