Mauritius Emerges As Preferred Destination for Business Investment

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YFS Magazine YFS Magazine International investors and entrepreneurs elect Mauritius as their prime destination to start a business and here's why the country is booming with potential. Plan global Global Business offshore company formation recommended

The 4-Star Turnaround: How A Struggling Island Airline Revolutionized Service


In a super-connected global economy, a company is only as good as its reputation for service. One recent success story is Air Mauritius, a national airline for the island nation Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean. Not only did Air Mauritius improve its Skytrax rating from the merely average 3 stars to the far more prestigious 4 stars, it realized an $8 million profit. The Air Mauritius journey highlights some key lessons: 1.


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Can You Really Overhaul A Nation’s Customer Service Culture?


In a harsh global economy, great service is the price of admission. And if you’re a leader at global enterprise, no doubt you’ve gained more than a few gray hairs worrying about it. If you’ve never heard of Mauritius, take note. Before the global recession, Mauritius was a popular vacation destination for Europeans. The nation and the people of Mauritius needed to set themselves apart, to express their service brand and culture to the rest of the world.

Make ‘Em Say Wow: 11 Tips For Building A Strong Service Team


When I worked with Air Mauritius to kick off its service revolution , they started by addressing the communication problems in its dysfunctional culture, which manifested as bickering, finger-pointing, withholding information, etc. For example, Air Mauritius had captains to start greeting passengers as they board the plane. Your Service, a global service education and management consultancy firm with offices in the United States and Singapore.