University of Michigan Joins the Global EIR Network

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In 2015, I announced the Global EIR initiative to try something different. Today, I’m happy to welcome the University of Michigan to the Global EIR network. Applications are now open to become a Global Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institution (EGI). Interested applicants can learn more about the program , fill out an application form , and reach out to Millie Chu at Global Detroit.

Damaged Pure Michigan Brand Impedes Economic Development

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Pure Michigan is a Damaged Brand. As a Michigan resident I’ve followed the developments in Flint with a mixture of horror, sadness, outrage, and confusion. The focus of this post is about the damage that has been done to the state of Michigan’s brand, Pure Michigan.

Microgrants at U. of Michigan Will Spark Innovative Research | The Chronicle of Higher Education

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We recently reported that the University of Michigan was offering a masters in entrepreneurship (joint program from business and engineering). The University of Michigan has 2,983 tenured and tenure-track faculty at its Ann Arbor campus.

Cultural Strategy Key in Global Sourcing

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Nuvar Incorporated , located in Holland, Michigan, develops and designs office furniture and healthcare products. Through a global network of manufacturing suppliers, Nuvar sources component part manufacturing. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Nuvar.

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) to Find Top “Dorm Room Entrepreneur”

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Mary Lemmer, University of Michigan, Iorio’s [Frozen Yogurt]. WHY: After more than 1800 nominations, worldwide the competition will boil down to 30 college-based business owners striving for the title of Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year later this month at the GSEA Global Finals, a featured event within Global Entrepreneurship Week. 6 cool midwest student entrepreneurs up for awards on Friday November 5, 2010.

MBA Students: Why Take an Internship When I Can Start Up?

Campus Entrepreneurship

Erik Gordon, who teaches entrepreneurship at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and University of Michigan Law School, told Inc. Campus as Market Campus Eco-System Global Higher Education Students When I took an internship with a pre-IPO startup in between my 1st and 2nd years of bschool at U of C I was nearly alone on the entrepreneurship career path. Today the route is more established and the infrastructure is filling out. From Inc.

Clusters, Class, Culture and Unfair Advantages

Steve Blank

Forty years later when the Internet has made knowledge global, we’ve run into the second barrier – just knowing about things is not the great equalizer we expected. Somehow I figured out how to apply to school in Michigan. After the Air Force I found the right Michigan.).

The Tucked And The Untucked

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Last night I gave the kickoff talk to the West Michigan Policy Forum. I did my riff on Startup Communities and followed it up with a short Q&A on issues specific to Michigan’s entrepreneurial scene.

Meet Arbor Brewing Company: How Do You Grow A Local Business Brand?


Arbor brewing company was set up in the summer of 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan by the husband-wife duo of Matt and Rene Greff. It is the first brewpub set up in Ann Arbor and the fifth in Michigan. Were you worried that you may not be able to control your global brand experiences?

When You Need To Know – Use A Keylogger


But there is a downside to the global community that instant communication has brought about. A young startup company out of Detroit, Michigan, created a resolution to the problem of wayward employees and curious children.

Innovation in Michiana, How Whirlpool Creates Magic

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Benton Harbor, Michigan, have you heard of it? It’s directly across Lake Michigan from Chicago. It’s a big enough town that it shows up on the weather maps of Chicago TV stations.

7 Ways To Inspire Creativity In Your Employees


One of the most frustrating structures you see in monolithic, global corporations is when employees never interact with people from other departments. It’s thanks to new technologies that ecommerce businesses are taking over the global marketplace.

The Return of University Building in the US | VC Firm Backs New University | Minerva Project

Campus Entrepreneurship

The people who funded, planned, and built Universities like Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, University of Wisconsin, and the University of Michigan are among the greatest innovators in American history. 25% of my time is spent researching university builders in the US.

Women 2.0 Partners Google, Extends Founder Friday Events


has held over 200 Founder Friday events in 30 global cities. Media and event company Women 2.0 has announced that it is partnering search giant Google to support the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the United States and around the world.

Higher Ed Start-Up Teams With Top Universities to Offer ‘Free’ Courses

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Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and Stanford will use Coursera’s technology to offer a mix of classes including computer science, business, and literature. American Exceptionalism Campus Eco-System Disruption in Higher Education Frontier Thesis Global Higher Education ProfessorsNick DeSantis at the Chronicle of Higher Education has a really great piece on Coursera and some new university partnership announcement.

10,000 Startups – Startup Weekend Next

Steve Blank

Just a crazy idea two years ago, the class is now taught at Stanford , Berkeley, Columbia , Caltech, Princeton and for the National Science Foundation at the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech.

Principles For Low-Budget Marketing Strategies Every Startup Should Know


It honors the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit, cradle of many worldwide talents, including the multi platinum rapper and the multinational car brand. by Dishan Jayasinha, founder, CEO and creative head of DG Studio.

Lessons Learned: Ann Mei Chang

Startup Lessons Learned

My search led me to the Global Development Lab at USAID. As my appointment at USAID came to an end, I began to pursue a number of opportunities to lead nonprofits in the global development sphere.

Blue. In a Red State. Pete Buttigieg’s Outlook for America.

Both Sides of the Table

Because you do have a role in the story of globalization and automation that is not that of victim. I spent Thanksgiving morning in a deer blind in Northern Michigan with my boyfriend’s father.

Swedish Immigrant Helps Reinvent the Mouthguard Industry


But as I tried to find my own path in this, it became clear that there are MANY resources for small startups in Ann Arbor, and today throughout Michigan. There are many more, just in the state of Michigan.

How to Write Better B2B Case Studies: 2 Lessons from Psychology


For example, a University of Michigan study showed that people perceive food additives with hard to pronounce names as more harmful than those with easy-to-pronounce names. Third-party endorsement is powerful. As marketers, we know that customers are our best salespeople.

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Is Content Marketing the New Journalism?


Look at HSBC’s global connections or the American Express open forum. P.S. For those of you in Ann Arbor, Michigan, do not forget to check out our blogging workshop on July 14! Journalism used to be a very specialized job.

Janesville – A Story About the Rest of America

Steve Blank

When I got out of the Air Force after Vietnam, I lived in Michigan and I installed process control systems in automobile assembly plants and steel mills across the industrial heart of the Midwest. And while we gave those policies polite names like globalization and outsourcing, the consequences have wreaked havoc on towns like Janesville. I just read book – Janesville – that reminded me again of life outside the bubble.

Thank You, Anthony Bourdain


What has surprised me, however, is the continuous, organic, poetic, global, and piercing outpouring of love, sadness, grief, joy, and Bourdainian defiance that has been oozing into Twitter over the last 36 hours. What I’m realizing now, 36 hours into this sad news is that Bourdain was like the global version of a Hunter Thompson of food & travel exploration. I woke up a few minutes before 5am PST on Friday. I always look at my phone right away.

States of Innovation, Going Gonzeaux Tour – 2012

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Phil Duncan , Global Chief Design Officer with P&G is a featured speaker at FEI. I’m starting in Three Oaks, Michigan, so, the states I’ll be “covering” will include, at least, and on these approx dates: Michigan – leaving here May 7.

August Roundup: What Are The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies?


We’ve had a little change at Brandanew , and have a new office now in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States. Besides that, our team in toto has real work and global experience of 94 years between us. I’m going to start with news that’s closest to my heart. Those of you who receive our weekly postcards already know this. Our German love and team stays, but the official correspondence office and personally my coordinates are now colored maize and blue :-).

Support Your Fellow Entrepreneurs, Vote in SXSW 2020 Panel Pickers!

Austin Startup

This panel discussion will outline the initiative announced earlier this year at Davos with participating companies explaining their roles and how, together, public-private partnerships are essential to changing health outcomes globally. SXSW 2019, “ GovCity Showcase ”.

Six Rebellious Beliefs That Can Change The Workplace


Known for its joy-making philosophy, Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has made Inc. For Luck, this belief shapes how its leaders treat one another, develops their associates, and spreads the message globally.

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A Venture Capital History Perspective From Jack Tankersley

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Michigan Cottage Cheese: Yoplait Yogurt. The remainder failed as a result of the phenomenon of investing in the best deals in their region which typically were not competitive on a national or global scale. In January, Jerry Neumann wrote a long and detailed analysis of his view of the VC industry in the 1980’s titled Heat Death: Venture Capital in the 1980’s. While I don’t know Jerry very well, I like him and thought his post was extremely detailed and thoughtful.

Innovation, Change and the Rest of Your Life

Steve Blank

I lived through the time when working in my first job in Ann Arbor Michigan we had to get out a map to find out that San Jose was not only in Puerto Rico but there was a city with that same name in California. And the globalization of entrepreneurship means the worldwide pool of potential startups has increased at least 100-fold since the turn of this century. I gave the Alumni Day talk at U.C. Santa Cruz and had a few things to say about innovation. —-.

What is a Social Enterprise?

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L3Cs were first formed in 2008, and are currently only legal in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming, as well as the federal jurisdictions of the Crow Indian Nation of Montana, and the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

New Power: An Interview with Henry Timms

Startup Lessons Learned

The only people who get anywhere near the action are people who have a UN Grounds Pass or who can afford to go to the Clinton Global Initiative. University of Michigan turned Giving Tuesday into Giving Blueday, and they used it to raise $5.5

Are you a Contender or a Pretender?

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KILN Continues to Innovate Innovation Services

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Can any other organization offer a kinesthetic and whole-brained process for turning global trends into new strategies and breakthrough ideas for your organization? A peek at the contents of an IdeaKeg Single. I’m off to the FEI show (Front End of Innovation) in Boston this week.

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Are Indian Students Really Getting $35 Tablet Computers

Campus Entrepreneurship

Later in the piece, Terry Thomas, a partner in the local arm of global audit firm Ernst and Young, is among those striking a note of caution. While the America Research University (such as Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Texas, etc.) The size of the market for higher education continues to cross my path through various google alerts, chat rooms, and newsletters.

Think US Higher Ed has Problems? Check Out China

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“Today a note by MF Global’s Nicholas Smith – provocatively entitled ‘The Sweatshop that Roared’ – came out on the side of the bears, warning that 1960s Japan was in much better shape than today’s China, principally because of one thing: education.&#. I lived and studied in Japan for a bit and focused on Japan during my undergraduate years at Michigan.

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15 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business


The aim from the start was to shake up the industry – starting local and growing global. I followed this gut instinct and launched during the summer of my junior year at the University of Michigan: a site created with just a $4,500 investment.

Durant Versus Sloan – Part 1

Steve Blank

automotive industry grew to become one of the drivers of the global economy. William Durant died managing a bowling alley in Flint Michigan in 1947.

Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

Occam's Razor

Easy question to answer, and free with Compete (remember, this is US visits only) or SimilarWeb (global traffic). Half-way through this post, you'll seriously wonder why you've spent so much time obsessing with Adobe/Google Analytics/Chartbeat or other web analytics tool.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

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Episode 3b: Smart Bear Live!

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

After you’ve organized all the global ad agencies in the world, then you can go after Enterprise once you’ve got that market down. I would work full-time making software all day, and at night I would go home and give ski instructions here in Michigan. Mel went through the Tech Stars Incubator in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Momentum and she had, and she also did some Toast Master stuff with me, so I had remembered this wonderful Toast Master’s moment.

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In Silicon Valley, Founders Fight for Control

Faulted for Michigan Oil Spill. Faulted for Michigan Oil Spill. Faulted for Michigan Oil Spill. Global Support. Facebook. Twitter. MarketWatch. MarketWatch. Barrons. Barrons. SmartMoney. SmartMoney. AllThingsDigital. AllThingsDigital. WSJ Live. WSJ Live. Factiva. Factiva.