5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Diplomats

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With the red-hot temperature around the crisis in Syria reduced to a mere boil, and the government in North Korea backing away from the brink I gave some thought this week to what entrepreneurs could learn from global leaders and diplomats in general.

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Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 34: Deputy Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken

Steve Blank

How do you drop those on North Korea? . Blinken : We found that defectors getting out of North Korea have much greater access than we thought to technology, much of it coming in from China.

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The Most Important Political Show on TV

Both Sides of the Table

That show is GPS (Global Public Square) by Fareed Zakaria. They also discussed North Korea’s nuclear test this week and what China’s role in containing NK has traditionally been and what it’s doing now.

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What Every Bitcoin Investor Should Learn From a Dictator Named “Awesome”

Austin Startup

Because Iran, North Korea, drug cartels, tax evaders, and money launderers are using Bitcoin to evade sanctions, bank laws, taxes, and pretty much violate every lawful economic law on the books.

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Foursquare? A Bakery?

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Growing Globally Has Never Been Easier. The teapot dictators in Iran and North Korea may get all the ink, but it is the Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian technocrats with their quiet defense of free markets and trade that make hay. For this is the age of the global entrepreneur. Picasso once famously said, “Work is the Ultimate Seduction.”