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Q&A with Mangrove VC partner Michael Jackson: “You don’t build code at a party”

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One of the biggest names behind Luxembourg-based Mangrove is Michael Jackson. It is partially fueled by government, who want to say, oh we started 20,000 companies or whatever, even if they were 20,000 one-man companies that aren’t really going anywhere. Like many top VC firms, Mangrove Capital has been increasing its focus on Berlin this past year.

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#OWS: one insider's view on how banking lost its way (and what to do next)

Fred Destin

The drift was starting: I remember being part of designing and implemented a new type of tax-deductible tier I financing for Deutsche Bank using an obscure Luxembourg-issued quasi equity instrument. Want to buy some Luxembourg bank exposure coupled with a barrier option on a given foreign exchange pair ? Regulators and the Government were drinking the cool aid of home ownership. I spent the first years of my career in derivatives.

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