University of Michigan Joins the Global EIR Network

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After a decade, it’s clear that our federal government has broadly failed us on this front. Today, I’m happy to welcome the University of Michigan to the Global EIR network. Applications are now open to become a Global Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institution (EGI). From a broader perspective, the Global EIR program attracts international founders to Michigan.

Damaged Pure Michigan Brand Impedes Economic Development

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Pure Michigan is a Damaged Brand. As a Michigan resident I’ve followed the developments in Flint with a mixture of horror, sadness, outrage, and confusion. The focus of this post is about the damage that has been done to the state of Michigan’s brand, Pure Michigan.

Why The Government is Isn’t a Bigger Version of a Startup

Steve Blank

And from then on, innovation in semiconductors, supercomputers, and software would be driven by startups, not the government. The Government Can’t Act Like a Startup. The government isn’t a bigger version of a startup and can’t act like a startup does.

Need Ideas for Creative Alternatives to Government Paralysis

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I’m sick of having a dysfunctional government. I think this crazy partial government shutdown is probably going to happen, and to me this signals a new low. I think both sides share the blame in this, and, it will require both sides to return to a productive government.

How we changed the way the U.S. government commercializes science: Errol Arkilic — Part 1 of Episode 6 on Sirius XM Channel 111

Steve Blank

In my interview with Errol, we discussed the origins of the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps), how and why it was created, and how it changed the way the government commercializes scientific research. government needs your help,’ and I remember saying, ‘The U.S.

GM, Raising the Innovation Sting Ray

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Innovation Politics & Government Cadillac Cadillac ATS car car company bail out Car of the year winner 2013 car romance cars Corvette Creativity General Motors GM GM Innovation innovation emergency Malibu MI MI Innovation Michigan Michigan innovation Sting Ray US government car bailout

America, where everybody has a chance to win

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Miss New York, now Miss America, is a Syracuse native and University of Michigan graduate, her name is Nina Davuluri. The new Miss America is a real stunner. I saw the clips at a pub — they had the sound turned down.

Minimum Wage Boost in Silicon Valley Ups the Cinderella Factor

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

As much as I’d like Three Oaks, Michigan to be an innovation center, its got a long way to go. I’d personally like to see Silicon Valley open its doors to immigrants from distant lands like Michigan, Kentucky, Alabama — even Hoosiers from Indiana.

Ira Glass On Patent Trolls

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I listen to the radio when I’m in Michigan. Entrepreneurial Innovation Open Innovation Politics & Government Trends, Futurism, and Research Creativity Ira Glass lawsuits mafia NPR nuisance lawsuits Patent Trolls protection rackets rackets regulation silicon valley This American LifeThank goodness because I’ve got no cable here and my web connection is pokey. It’s sort of a self-imposed news blackout.

Rural Broadband Necessary for Rural Innovation

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Writing you today from Three Oaks, Michigan, aka “Michiana” Steve Case’s article this morning in the Washington Post – Why innovation and start-ups are thriving in ‘flyover’ country – is spot on.

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FAQ Re: Dr. Alan Black

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Greetings from gray and chilly Three Oaks, Michigan. government — it’s just not helpful to his cause at this point in time. ** Background information/FAQ Re: Dr. Alan Black ** . This conference was attended by government and public sector officials of the UAE as well as educators and non-profit organizational leaders from many Arab Gulf countries. He has sent a letter to the UAE government expressing his remorse.

The Tucked And The Untucked

Feld Thoughts

Last night I gave the kickoff talk to the West Michigan Policy Forum. I did my riff on Startup Communities and followed it up with a short Q&A on issues specific to Michigan’s entrepreneurial scene.

A Conversation with 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

View from Seed

But at this point, our government is so backward, dysfunctional and unresponsive that it’s not even on the agenda. So, when I was researching my book, I looked into what actually happened to the manufacturing workers in Michigan, Indiana and in the South.

Principles For Low-Budget Marketing Strategies Every Startup Should Know


It honors the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit, cradle of many worldwide talents, including the multi platinum rapper and the multinational car brand. by Dishan Jayasinha, founder, CEO and creative head of DG Studio.

10,000 Startups – Startup Weekend Next

Steve Blank

Just a crazy idea two years ago, the class is now taught at Stanford , Berkeley, Columbia , Caltech, Princeton and for the National Science Foundation at the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech.

Blue. In a Red State. Pete Buttigieg’s Outlook for America.

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Joe stated that the standoff between Trump’s executive branch and the judicial branch is the first time since the Civil War that two branches of government were so at odds with each other and if it can’t be resolved then “the Constitution doesn’t work anymore.” “We’re

Lessons Learned: Ann Mei Chang

Startup Lessons Learned

Still others, like Civilla , have worked hand-in-hand with government to drive change – in its case taking a human-centered approach to make access to social services in Michigan far simpler.

Making a Dent in the Universe – Results from the NSF I-Corps

Steve Blank

While many government agencies use Technology Readiness Levels to measure a projects technical maturity, there are no standards around Business Maturity Levels. It doesn’t replace private capital with government funds.

For Example! My EG Conference Experience

The Startup Magazine

In 2015, as a full-time mom, she took on the US government in her small town of Flint, Michigan. I arrived in Carmel, California with more than a few doubts.

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4 Amazing Consulting Companies For Niche Startups

The Startup Magazine

More and more governing bodies are slashing taboos and favoring the research that supports the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Running a business is a challenge, and many business owners face major hurdles that lead them to turn towards consulting.

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Janesville – A Story About the Rest of America

Steve Blank

When I got out of the Air Force after Vietnam, I lived in Michigan and I installed process control systems in automobile assembly plants and steel mills across the industrial heart of the Midwest. And with campaign donations spread equally, both parties supported this exodus and no one in the government stood in their way – in fact, they encouraged it. I just read book – Janesville – that reminded me again of life outside the bubble.

SWOT Analysis Examples

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A potential business opportunity for Sedibeng Breweries is a government-subsidized export operation, ideally to target markets in neighboring countries that are very similar to their target markets in Botswana so that Sedibeng’s strong marketing campaign can remain consistent.

Nuke’em ‘Till They Glow – Quitting My First Job

Steve Blank

The Vietnam War had just ended and I was out of the Air Force back in college living in Ann Arbor Michigan. Civilian life was good, the government was paying my tuition and I got a college work/study job in the University of Michigan physics department.

Innovation, Change and the Rest of Your Life

Steve Blank

I lived through the time when working in my first job in Ann Arbor Michigan we had to get out a map to find out that San Jose was not only in Puerto Rico but there was a city with that same name in California. Government and the enterprise are now followers rather than leaders. I gave the Alumni Day talk at U.C. Santa Cruz and had a few things to say about innovation. —-.

The 10 Best U.S. Cities to Start a Business in for 2016

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Grand Rapids is also home to StartGarden, a startup accelerator with the goal of turning Michigan into a flourishing business ecosystem. Small Business Development Center Michigan. Government Requirements.

Reinventing the Board Meeting – Part 2 of 2 – Virtual Valley Ventures

Steve Blank

It’s time to ask why startup board governance has failed to keep pace with innovation. The University of Michigan is a possible first test.) There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo. When The Boardroom is Bits.

US Economic Risks (Sept 2010): Impact on Investors & Entrepreneurs

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And when you further strip out any employment created by government stimulus that is uncertain to continue going forward we know that the country is not creating enough jobs. The same happened in autos and one could argue that the same has happened with the government stimulus overall.

Reflections of America this July 4th

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I know we have a budget deficit and as an economic conservative I believe in smaller government. Every government form in England seemed to ask questions about my parents. We need more high-caliber people in Ohio, Michigan and other mid-Western states. July 4th.

Are Indian Students Really Getting $35 Tablet Computers

Campus Entrepreneurship

The Indian Government is focusing hard on education and here is some interesting news regarding their plans for providing $35 tablet computers to millions of students. The Indian government won headlines around the world when it unveiled a prototype 35-dollar tablet computer in July, but questions are now growing over whether the project is just a pipe dream. While the America Research University (such as Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Texas, etc.)

New Power: An Interview with Henry Timms

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University of Michigan turned Giving Tuesday into Giving Blueday, and they used it to raise $5.5 It's very opaque in terms of how it's governed and how the algorithms work.

Support Your Fellow Entrepreneurs, Vote in SXSW 2020 Panel Pickers!

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Through the right data sharing, governance and public-private partnerships— we can escape healthcare’s historically unsuccessful “fix via mandate” approach, pivoting to a patient-centered, just, healthcare system. SXSW 2019, “ GovCity Showcase ”.

Insights from Israeli Central Bank [guest post]

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This is the wrong time to bring down debt and government expenditure. Read: mortgages will not get cheaper, interest-wise, but the government is doing their best to ward off a real estate bubble. By Robyn Klingler Vidra.

Think US Higher Ed has Problems? Check Out China

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I lived and studied in Japan for a bit and focused on Japan during my undergraduate years at Michigan. The American system of higher education has evolved piecemeal, with little central planning from the Federal Government. To my understanding, most of the growth in higher education in China has been following government policy in China, and the government determining which schools will be world class.

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Social Networking and Business Value


Sam earned a BA in Communications Arts and Sciences from Michigan State University. For the past 26 years, Majid has founded, led, turned-around and merged several companies in various industries, as well as providing consulting services to corporate executives in the areas of technology, governance, turn-around and strategy.

An Update on the First Disobedience Award

Reid Hoffman

In April 2015, a mother in Flint, Michigan concerned about the city’s seemingly tainted water supply contacted Marc Edwards, an engineering professor who had previously helped expose a similar issue in Washington DC. But Edwards continued to investigate the issue, heading up a team of volunteer researchers and self-funding more research to help show how government officials were covering up the issue.

[US] The 10 Best Sectors That Are Boosting The Economy


This initiative is starting with a $45 million pilot program that encourages collaboration between the government and industry for more support of new innovation in manufacturing and growth for the economy. According to eWeek , India-based tech firms support more than 280,000 jobs in the United states, concentrated primarily in California, Michigan, Texas, and Illinois. It seems that the dark days of the recession are nearly behind us.

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The Secret History of Silicon Valley Part X: Stanford Crosses the.

Steve Blank

The university found government contracts profitable as the government reimbursed their overhead charges (their indirect costs.) Other universities doing classified ELINT and Electronic Warfare work attended including University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology and Cornell.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

Distribution and use of this material are governed by our Subscriber Agreement and by copyright law. Firms Miss Out on Jobs Push A new federal program that lets states give companies financial incentives for hiring jobless people hasnt gained traction, illustrating the complications of government attempts to tackle unemployment. Michigan. Michigan. Facebook. Twitter. WSJ Live. WSJ Live. MarketWatch. MarketWatch. Barrons. Barrons. AllThingsDigital. AllThingsDigital.

In Silicon Valley, Founders Fight for Control

We have seen the damage that this share structure can cause over the long run, said Anne Sheehan, head of corporate governance for California State Teachers Retirement System, a big public pension fund. Faulted for Michigan Oil Spill. Faulted for Michigan Oil Spill. Facebook.

52 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business


Bruno’s Barkin’ Biscuits, LLC is a small, home-based company in Michigan specializing in all-natural, preservative free, and healthy dog treats. Share Each business has a story.