Book: Tech and the City: The Making of New York’s Startup Community

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On Digital Sabbath #5, I read Tech and the City: The Making of New York’s Startup Community. I got through half of it on my flight home from New York on Saturday morning; the balance laying on the couch next to Amy on Saturday evening. If you are involved in the New York startup community, this is a must read book. One thing that jumped out at me that Alessandro segmented the New York startup community into six neighborhoods.

Amazon “Swipes Left” On New York City


Today, Amazon announced it will entirely abandon its plans to build its second headquarters (a/k/a “HQ2”) in Long Island City, a residential neighborhood in the borough of Queens, New York City. Back when he left his hometown Cavaliers for a new team in free agency, he branded his announcement as “The Decision.” Another mayor or governor should swoop in, cut a new deal, and start selling the benefits of a potential 5-10x investment could have on their community.

FHA Loans – How Government Loan Programs Work

The Startup Magazine

Consider this breakdown of government loan programs. FHA loans are one of the most commonly used types of government-backed programs. The government also offers loans designed to help develop rural areas.

Two Days of Entrepreneurial Community Building In Upstate New York

Feld Thoughts

On Wednesday and Thursday I spent two awesome days with my long time friend Martin Babinec (the founder of Trinet), his partner at Upstate Venture Connect – Nasir Ali – and about 1000 members of the Upstate New York entrepreneurial community. Since Upstate New York had gotten so much snow so far this year, everyone was freaked out and all of the events on Wednesday were turned into conference calls that I was going to do from Martin’s house.

The Bullshit of Government Statistics

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I just got the following breaking news alert from The New York Times. This means to me that a bunch of people found new jobs in April. It’s a simple game the government is playing with the numbers. Tags: Politics government statistics Economy Adds 290,000 Jobs in April; Jobless Rate Rises to 9.9%”. Let’s parse this. The first clause says “U.S. Economy Adds 290,000 Jobs in April.” A bunch. Good economy. The second clause says “Jobless Rate Rises to 9.9%.”

Tax Credits for Startups in New York State

David Teten

As our federal and state government continue to worry about job creation, they’re trying their best to promote entrepreneurship. Our CFO Alex Katz just sent out a memo to our portfolio, attached below, about 2 tax credits available to companies that do business in New York State.

Hacking Innovation Education in New York

This is going to be BIG.

We spend way too much time, particularly in and around the New York area, teaching fundraising versus company or product building. They didn’t wait for a curriculum change or some government grant money to come through (although they just got Kaufmann money for it). They didn’t wait until their universities hired a director of this new program. Encourage faculty and administrators to try new things, take some risks, and apologize later.

Big Tech’s Competitor? Government

Andrew Payne

They rewrote the rules for channels and distribution, creating new livelihoods for countless authors and small businesses. On the other hand, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook (and maybe Microsoft) are now so big and powerful that we’ve scaled to a new zone, where market effects are no longer “linear” These companies exert absolute authority and control within their ecosystems, effectively creating their own weather.

Why Governments Don’t Get Startups

Steve Blank

Scalable startups tend to group together in innovation clusters (Silicon Valley, Shanghai, New York, Boston, Israel, etc.) Most grow through sustaining innovation , offering new products that are variants around their core products. but then the government got out of the way.

Why This New York Venture Capital Firm is Investing in Canada

David Teten

We’re a New York based early-stage venture capital firm. Additionally, the Canadian government has significantly more rational immigration policies for foreign entrepreneurs than America, encouraging talented people globally to come to Canada.

Jobs, Bezos, Gates, Branson. Inside the Brains of the CEOs

The Startup Magazine

The industries that employ the most CEOs are management (76%), computers (35%), state government (33%), local government (32%) and schools (12%). (1) Around 4 out of 10 hail from the same 4 states; California, Texas, Illinois and New York. (7)

The Future of Government: Hayward & the Lean Startup

Startup Lessons Learned

It’s been exciting to watch the Lean Startup movement grow from a practice utilized in the tech world to one implemented in a wide variety of sectors ranging from enterprise to education, religious organizations, nonprofits, and government groups. When we talk about government, we mean both the macro outfits whose work affects the entire country (perhaps you’ve heard of the IRS ) and regionally-focused groups alike. I also think politics can derail these efforts by city governments.

[Infographic] Silicon Valley Vs Silicon Alley


What some may not realize is that the startup scenes in other parts of the United States – New York, Chicago, Austin – has been seeing plenty of excitement in recent years. Others innovation New York Silicon Alley Silicon Valley startup scene startups United States

Free Government Money for Startups

David Teten

A few weeks ago, Fred Wilson discussed the role of government grants in helping launch tech companies. Fred is not a fan and argues that evaluating and aiding early-stage companies is not a core competency of government organizations. o New York Grant Watch.

Is North America Still a Startup Heaven?

The Startup Magazine

The form of companies dominating the startup scene changes , new types of startup founders appear, different partnerships are created, and new, powerful innovation hubs emerge. For example, New York is the world’s second most prominent startup landscape, with more than 7000 startups.

How Reshoring Happens

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Briefly noted: The New York Times ran an article this morning about how Starbucks is moving manufacture of pottery mugs to a small shop in East Liverpool, Ohio.

Ohio 121

Seeking CEO+team for VC-backed startup: Make America Functional Again

David Teten

Our initial test market: We want to make America functional again by helping our users, such as major advocacy organizations and corporations, promote majoritarian-supported policies, e.g., mitigating climate change, strengthening democracy, enforcing ethics in government, promoting national security, and protecting against information warfare. . It’s preferable that you live in the New York tri-state area. See Ready to Join a New Management Team?

Pascal Levensohn in New York November 8: Speech at Museum of American Finance on Risks to Angel Investors

Pascal's View

The Museum has an extensive collection of stock and bond certificates from the Gilded Age, from companies that include US Steel, Standard Oil and the New York Central Railroad. Adult Education Corporate Governance Entrepreneur Venture Capital Web/Tech

America, where everybody has a chance to win

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

The new Miss America is a real stunner. Miss New York, now Miss America, is a Syracuse native and University of Michigan graduate, her name is Nina Davuluri. Wow, we’ve hit a new low. The New York woman won it, fair and square.

A New Era of Fundraising for Start-Ups, Crowdfunding now Legal and Web-enabled

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Here’s a nice summary of what’s happened from the New York Times. This bodes well not only for traditional businesses, but also for social innovation organizations , click the link to read a great perspective piece by Tom Szaky, another from the New York Times.

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Alibaba S-1: How Alibaba Is Governed Like China’s Politburo

Agile VC

Some context… like many startups, the founders of Alibaba still own substantial stakes in the company and believe it’s in the company’s best interests for them to retain an outsized influence in the company’s governance longer term.

China 177

Startup firms partnering with government? Really?

Austin Startup

And yet, in spite of all this, small emerging firms are largely left out of government contracting. Selling to the government is a slow process in the beginning. They dislike bureaucratic processes even more, so the government marketplace has never been an attractive option for startup firms. Yet, small, emerging firms have much to offer government. Last month, the General Services Administration posted a guide to help startups navigate government contracting.

The Best Places Worldwide to Start Your High-Growth Startup

Up and Running

If you’d like to learn more about starting a business in a given city on this list and check out what each city has to offer for new startups, I’ve also included plenty of resources to help you get started. New York City, New York, USA. Up New York City.

Whopper Neutrality – The Burger Based Version of Net Neutrality

Feld Thoughts

In more serious news, the New York governor signs executive order to keep net neutrality rules after the FCC’s repeal. Government AT&T net neutrality whopper

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The “Good” Student « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

Google requires transcripts for new grads. And even not-so-new engineers.

How Venture Capitalists and Government Can Promote Entrepreneurship

David Teten

I’ve recently met with several universities, nonprofits, and government employees who’ve all asked the same question: how can we promote entrepreneurship? The first and primary role of a government is to provide basic public goods competently.

White Tigers in the Chains of Fear

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I just finished reading a wonderful novel, The White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga. It’s a brisk story told in first person by a young Indian entrepreneur. I won’t say much more about the story, but it’s a good one, and deserving of the accolades and prizes its received. Perfect airplane reading, and, it has me [.].

Inc. Magazine Makes a Great Plan

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Magazine‘s July/August issue features a blueprint for revitalizing the American economy “Bring on the Entrepreneurs“ Essentially the plan would have thousands of new companies and millions of new jobs created. Friedman in The New York Times that called for [.]. Magazine Jane Berenston job creation New York Times Thomas Friedman Briefly noted: Inc.

Exclusive: Announcing a Startup that Brings More Efficient Government to the US and Other Countries

David Teten

I’m exceptionally excited to announce that I’m now Chairman and lead investor with some other angels in a new company, Spright Governance Inc. city, addressing what former New York City school system Chancellor Joel Klein called the failure of American schools.

We Need More Entrepreneurs In Congress

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Martin is running for Congress in Upstate New York (District 22) as an Independent. He saw first hand how the lack of new, innovative companies caused some of the best talent in Upstate New York to leave – and decided to do something about it. In 2010 Martin started a non-profit called Upstate Venture Connect with a mission is to connect first time entrepreneurs in new industries with the resources who can help them across the entire Upstate NY region.

First 100 Days: Washington Has Become the New, New York

Seeing Both Sides

It used to be that anyone in the entrepreneurial world had to be keenly cognizant of what was going on in New York City. CIOs of financial services companies were viewed as gods by many in the start-up community, controlling billions of dollars in IT spending and often willing to experiment with young companies and the next, new thing. New York City feels increasingly irrelevant to most start-ups as both a source of customers and large amounts of capital.

Great reads on small business and entrepreneurship

crowdSPRING Blog

Governments Clearing the Way for Small Business Creation, Report Says. And new businesses that are opening their doors are adding fewer jobs.”. The home-based business industry is buzzing with new startups, products and services.

Aspen Institute Maghreb Investor Delegation, next week in NY and CA

David Teten

Partners for a New Beginning (PNB), a public-private partnership housed at the Aspen Institute, is organizing a Venture Capital, Private Equity and Angel Investor Delegation from the Maghreb. The schedule of panels in New York is: Monday, January 14 th : Angel Investing Best Practices – 9-11AM, Edwards Wildman offices (750 Lexington, 8th floor; at 59th Street). Europe-Maghreb renewable energy projects are creating new investment opportunities.

Ninja Innovation: What Governments Can Learn from the Next Web Leaders

The Next Web

trade association representing more than 2,000 consumer electronics companies, and author of the New York Times best-selling books Ninja Innovation: The Ten Killer Strategies of the World’s Most Successful Businesses and The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream. .

Why Gateway Accelerate Is A Great Choice For International Entrepreneurs

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New York has a similar program, so let’s count them as five, even though they aren’t formally part of the Global EIR coalition. Government Global EIR immigration missouri st. On September 15, 2016, UMSL Accelerate joined the Global EIR network and began taking applications for its international accelerator program, Gateway Accelerate. Today is the last day to apply , so if you are considering it, don’t wait. The goal of this program is to contribute to St.

5/25-NYC – Investing in Intellectual Capital: Patents, Trademarks, Domain Names, Litigation, Government Rights, and other Intangible Assets

David Teten

I’m excited about the program below on “Investing in Intellectual Capital: Intellectual Capital: Patents, Trademarks, Domain Names, Litigation, Government Rights, and other Intangible Assets” Click here to make a reservation.

Happy Birthday United States of America

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We are currently in the middle of a confusing debate around gender identification which was presented in an easy to consume way in the New York Times Magazine article over the weekend titled The Humiliating Practice of Sex-Testing Female Athletes. Government america birthday declaration of independence democracy july 4thI’m glad I get to live in the United States of America.

Some Final Thoughts on the FCC and Title II Ahead of Tomorrow’s Vote on Net Neutrality

Feld Thoughts

Tomorrow, the FCC is expected to vote on a proposal for new rules around Net Neutrality. And unfortunately there’s a lot of noise these days around anything our government tries to do. As a result, over the past 20 years I’ve learned a lot about how the law works in the context of innovation, new products, infrastructure, and consumer protection. ” The Government Is Taking Over The Internet: The rules will not lead to the FCC regulating the Internet.

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A tale of two cities: Bewildered by the city government's continued cluelessness on NYC's innovation scene

This is going to be BIG.

However, her take on the NYC innovation economy during her recent State of the City Address confirmed my thinking: Most of what the NYC government should be doing to support technology entrepreneurship in NYC is to try and stay out of the way. It's painfully obvious that, like many other folks in NYC government, Ms. Nice going NYC government PR machine. The new proposal of the week: "In San Diego they have a great organization to do that -- it's called CONNECT.

You can lead a city government to social media water, but you can’t make it drink: Thoughts on the new Chief Digital Officer position

This is going to be BIG.

So the New York City government has decided it needs a little social media savvy—you now, since that newfangled Twitter thing came out, they feel like they need to be jumping on board with technology as an early adopter. That’s what’s going to be hard to bring NYC government into “2.0”

Turning the Unemployed Into Entrepreneurs


Virgin Islands,” five states - Delaware, Maine, New Jersey, New York, and Oregon - already have active SEA programs. Big Government - or Small Business? There are, of course, those who say SEA won’t work, that it’s just another “big government” program. new jobs.

City Made: Why NYC Is A Great Place To Be An Entrepreneur

View from Seed

New York City is a tremendous place to be an entrepreneur. New York, it was an adult portion. I believe in New Yorkers. New York is a city that invites escape from whatever it is you do.

Urban Technology: The Business of Smart Cities

The Startup Magazine

Smart cities are a new approach to urban development. They hope to “solve tangled and wicked problems inherited in the rapid urbanization,” according to research from the Center for Technology in Government at the State University of New York at Albany.