Top 40 Innovation Blogger? (Top 10!)

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

One had to do with small business innovation — Guerilla Innovation , and another had to do with a Gonzeaux Innovation Roadtrip — with views of innovation through middle America. Guerilla Innovation is essentially a free online blogged book.

The Innovation State of the Union

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Some five years into an early stage technology company, I found myself, an experienced technology manager, as a CEO in search of competent manufacturing. Pamela Menges, Phd CEO of Aerospace Research Systems, Inc.

The Internet Might Kill Us All

Steve Blank

When these governments build “homegrown” versions of these apps, the Orwellian prophecy of the Ministry of the Truth lives in each distorted or missing search result. In the 20 th century, the United States was continually unprepared for an adversary using asymmetric warfare — the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Soviet Anthrax warheads on their ICBMs during the cold war, Vietnam and guerilla warfare, and the 9/11 attacks.

The Ultimate Work From Home Checklist

Up and Running

Obtain a business mailbox —this will give you a street address and help you get found in search results without giving away your home address, or an impersonal P.O. Start doing guerilla marketing.

Twitter Link Roundup #215 – Small Business, Startups, Innovation, Social Media, Design, Marketing and More

crowdSPRING Blog

Guerilla tips for raising venture capital | VentureBeat – 4 Surprising SEM Stats Every E-Commerce Marketer Should Know | Search Engine Land –

How to Start a Travel Agency

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Plenty of your focus should go into social media marketing and more “guerilla marketing” tactics. “I That being said, combining both paid advertising with other guerilla tactics (both online and offline) will likely serve you well.

Twitter Link Roundup #76 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Excellent overview about Google changes targeting content farms and the impact on search – [link]. 20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns – [link].

Twitter Link Roundup #183 – Small Business, Startups, Innovation, Social Media, Design, Marketing and More

crowdSPRING Blog

Excellent Analytics Tip #25: Decrapify Search, Social Compound Metrics | by Avinash Kaushik – [link]. 20 Innovative examples of guerilla advertising | Desizn World – [link].

How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Up and Running

You can argue over Lori’s success, but you can’t argue about the amount of press she got due to hard work and creative guerilla marketing. Be sure to do a web search on your competitors or on other businesses like yours to see where they’ve listed their information.


Steve Blank

The search for commercial supercomputer applications was good news for Ardent, as this was our business as well. Any guerilla sales tactics somebody may know for situation like this?

Web-based businesses circa 2004


Paid search didn’t exist years ago. The smart and seasoned entrepreneurs now have more outlets for guerilla marketing (blogger community is a new and great one). I met with Dave Panos and Andrew Busey of Pluck yesterday to learn more about their product and their company.

Web 60

Lousy Products Might Break Your Bones – But A Name Will Seldom Hurt You

Google is not descriptive of the company’s search core competency nor was it particularly easy to pronounce, spell or remember when the site was initially launched. Legend asserts that the name change from Cadabra was prompted by Yahoo’s alphabetized listing of search results. A quick search of “Netflicks” shows over 50,000 unique instances of this misspelling (contrasted with the nearly 12 million distinct references to “Netflix”). About Who the Heck is Uncle Saul?

What is the perfect startup team?

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