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When entrepreneurs think about approaching VC’s to cultivate a relationship for a round, they often try to match their company with what the VC has funded in the past. So, I think it’s sometimes tough to pattern-match based on sectors. But I do think it’s pretty successful to pattern-match based on founders. So if you’re doing you are thinking about how to best approach investors, don’t automatically just pattern-match based on sectors.

How To Match Your Startup Stage To Investor Interest

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You are now entering the rollout stage , with money required for marketing, hiring a full-time team, and a production process. Time is too precious to waste trying to close a deal with the wrong investors at the wrong time.

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Many Startup Cultures Cannot Match The Market Pace

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A common practice is to hire local employees who know the geographic culture, even though this may well dilute the company culture. There is no time to be changing your culture to match the lifecycle.

Small Business and Startups: Finding Your Match

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But of equal importance to how you apportion resources is in who you hire to do the job. Hiring a great support team is like casting a great movie or finding the perfect match on PlentyOfFish. Happy hiring! Macrophoto of two match heads , Wikipedia. hiring.

13 Ways to Ensure You Always Hire the Right Person

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Here at Palo Alto Software , we take hiring pretty seriously. I should know—we just wrapped up a lengthy hiring process within the marketing department. To that end, I reached out to the Young Entrepreneur Council , to ask for their advice on how to avoid hiring the wrong person.

Hiring a CTO for Your Startup


Several people have recently come to me to help them source and/or hire full-time CTOs for their startup having found me through my post that looks at: Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data. You now have two issues: sourcing and hiring. Have they found and hired developers?

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Hiring a CTO for Your Startup


Several people have recently come to me to help them source and/or hire full-time CTOs for their startup having found me through my post that looks at: Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data. You now have two issues: sourcing and hiring. Have they found and hired developers?

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6 Keys To Hiring The Best Team For Your New Business

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Of course, it’s no surprise that most entrepreneurs don’t have a background in hiring teams, and don’t have a budget for training or human resource consultants. Not planning ahead, and only hiring people in the crisis of an open position is a recipe for creating dysfunctional teams.

How do I figure out who my next important hire should be?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

The question is: How do you decide what role is most important to hire for? If I hire someone to do X, I’ll have time for Y and Z. Hire the best person for that role. Examples: You hire the VP of Engineering for Facebook.

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[Infographic] 5 Hiring Tips For Warp-Speed Recruiting


But recruiters need to get used to these facts as the Millennials start to enter the workforce; their challenge is to sieve out and match the best talent to the workplace. And for that they need to abandon obsolescent hiring practices – job classifieds in newspapers, anybody?

Remember the square and round pegs must match the correct holes

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Match the people to the correct task! The matching of shapes seems like a simple concept. Fitting pieces into a puzzle requires matching shapes if you want to see the final picture. The matching of pieces of something is critical to building everything.

The Value of Hiring a Ghost Blogger

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It can be costly to hire dedicated staff for this role, and can take time away from other business priorities. Hiring Out Saves You Time When you start up a blog for your business, it may go slower than you had originally thought.

Whom Should You Hire at a Startup? (Attitude Over Aptitude)

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This will be the team who hires the most talented people, channels them in the most productive configuration and gets the most output from their unique capabilities. Only hire A players. But it is general pattern matching. They hired him when he was an MBA.

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InternMatch: Helping Match Student Interns and Startups


Students are looking for internships, and employers, in turn, when they go to hire are looking for students who've had some sort of internship or work experience. Internships are becoming an increasingly important bridge between students' academic and work careers.

What Not to Look for When Hiring: Experience!

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In the market to hire someone? Everyone looking for their next hire seems to look for the “best” employee, as defined by their experience. So, when you are hiring someone, look beyond how much or how little experience someone has. Once you do find a match, hire them.

Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios

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Hiring a designer is a challenge. Who to hire depends on the specifics of your situation. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than wasting time on multiple in-person meetings if you learn too late that the person is clearly not a match. Choosing who to hire is arguably the most important decision a startup makes. Hiring is important at large companies, but at startups, it’s absolutely critical. Design Hiring It’s easy to spot a beautiful portfolio.

Four Criteria for Hiring an Innovation Speaker

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Four Criteria for Hiring an Innovation Keynoter. You don’t have to hire me as your innovation speaker, but if you hire one, you’ll be well served if you pay attention to these four criteria and my comments in bold. Let this post work as a guide for meeting planners.

Build On-Demand Teams Instead of Hiring Employees

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With the pace of change ever escalating, entrepreneurs today can’t afford to acquire talent through traditional hiring alone, and need to revise the perception that “talent” is only full-time employees. Conventional hiring strategies usually follow a vanilla approach to talent acquisition.

This Company's Secret Hiring Weapon? Ping Pong

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Here''s an unconventional way to make hiring decisions: Ask the applicants to play a friendly game of ping pong. Can a friendly game of ping pong help you make better hiring decisions ? The company hired her, and he predicts she will be a strong performer.

Hire Like Google: 5 Ways

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Small businesses can't match the likes of Google in budget or branding. a handful of recruiting tips tailored to smaller businesses seeking to hire the best and the brightest: Recognize the inherent strengths of the amateur. Is your business playing to its strengths when hiring talent

How to Hire a Winner Every Time

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While all these things are important to do, he says, the best solution is to make sure right from the start that you''re hiring employees who will come into the job engaged and excited and stay that way in the future. Make ''runway'' hires. Want engaged, passionate employees?

The Hiring Tool That Could Kill the Resume

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Poachable, a startup that launched last week, connects job candidates with employers the way Tinder matches up daters

3 Simple Ways to Hire Better

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To find the perfect fit, stop treating the hiring process like a beauty pageant and start acting like it''s a date. A pageant judge never sees the contestants again, but a hiring manager has to work with the new employee every day.

Thinker. Builder. Improver. Producer. Which One Is the Right Hire?

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Here''s how to match future needs to current candidates and their strengths. This is why smaller companies like to hire big-company expatriates , and people who have helped build bigger companies seek out new challenges at smaller startups.

9 Secrets of Highly Successful Hiring

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I've hired hundreds of people, and fired a few too. When you're hiring, you're growing. It's easy to let that euphoria go to your head and, in a rush of enthusiasm, hire great people who, nevertheless, could be wrong for the job, or your business.

How I Hire the World's Best Employees

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Red Frog has treated it this way from day one with spectacular results: We currently hire just one out of every 750 applicants. Our hires submitted passionately written cover letters. After four months, we've historically hired around 20 percent of those put on contract.

Hire today or gone tomorrow: How your startup is getting lapped by companies who know how to hire

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Still, I contend that most companies have no idea how to hire, and in the last week, my theory got proved to me several times over. I wasn't hiring, but I agreed to meet him due to his generous offer. What's unfortunate is that the company that wanted to hire him is a great company with a really inspiring founder--but it left a bad taste in the candidate's mouth. I know the team who hired this person--he wouldn't have gotten an offer if he wasn't terrific.

7 Common Staffing Mistakes That Doom Many Businesses

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Business success is all about having the best team, yet the average entrepreneur has little prior experience with hiring people and building top-notch teams. Crisis mode hires too often get done without due consideration for strategic fit, training requirements, and cultural considerations.

If, Why, and How Founders Should Hire a “Professional” CEO

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My partners at Greylock and I have invested in a number of young founding CEOs who match this pattern and are doing a fantastic job leading their companies through hypergrowth, such as Brian Chesky of AirBnB and Drew Houston of Dropbox. Couldn’t we just hire a COO and have you stay as CEO?”.

10 Tips to Help You Hire Right

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Hiring is the Achilles heel of all small companies, including mine. Hiring when you have a start date in mind that is just around the corner causes you to accept candidates you would have otherwise passed over. Does her approach match how you do things at your company?

How to get a job at Google, interview questions, hiring process

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The Google hiring process is designed to hire the most talented, creative, and articulate people in the world who will be the best fit for Google. Google receives over one million resumes per year, and hires about 1,000 to 4,000 people each year, depending on economic conditions.

The Real Cost of Hiring the Wrong Employee

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I ended up hiring her on the spot, a gut reaction. I liked Sue, but the cost of hiring, training, and replacing her was quite high. Real Cost of a Bad Hire According to a blog post by a well-known recruiter named Jorgen Sundberg, the real cost of onboarding is $240,000 per employee.

5 reasons you should stop hiring based on titles

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Here are a few ways hiring based on titles alone fails to serve the needs of a growing business. Approach this process with a thoughtful and honest attitude to reveal the core skills your new hire should possess. Banking juggernaut Goldman Sachs recently hired former U.S.

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Beyond The Basics: Create A List Of Interview Questions That Reveal The Truth About A Candidate


Hiring mistakes and turnover can be costly for any organization; according to the Society for Human Resource Management , it can cost as much as half of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. By Omer Tadjer, CEO and co-founder of Comeet.

5 Common Hiring Mistakes (and Their Solutions)

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Building a great team is essential, but these hiring missteps can derail you. Mistake 1: You Rely Only on "Gut Feel" I have found no relationship between years of experience hiring people and effective selection. They want to find a winner--a match!

Design Staff ? Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios

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Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios. Hiring a designer is a challenge. Who to hire depends on the specifics of your situation. Choosing who to hire is arguably the most important decision a startup makes. Design Staff. Photo by hand-nor-glove.

How to convince a startup to hire you

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Ambitious Sailor writes: How can a former navy officer with twelve solid years of overseas defense contracting experience convince a tech startup to hire him as their business guy? Now, does the startup you find have to match exactly on every point?

Why Asking For References Is Useless, And What To Do Instead

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Here's why that doesn't work, and what you can do instead to give yourself the best odds for finding a great match at work. How to Hire the BestAre you still asking for references?

How To Avoid Costly Mistakes When Staffing Your Finance Team


Take measures to ensure new hires are aligned with your culture and committed to embodying your values. To avoid costly mistakes when vetting potential in-house hires or external vendors, consider these four tips: 1. Still not sure about a potential hire?

Is Now the Time to Hire MBAs?

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Conventional wisdom among smart technology entrepreneurs says not to hire people with Masters in Business Administration (MBAs) into startups. My friend Peter Thiel once warned a young entrepreneur: “Never ever hire an MBA; they will ruin your company.” So, with everyone convinced that MBAs are useless, I wonder: Is now the time to hire MBAs? In any case, the episode did not make me want to hire more MBAs.