San Francisco's Real Start-up Secret Sauce

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Here''s what actually makes Silicon Valley and San Francisco hotbeds of tech start-up activity. I learned to program computers in the sleepy suburbs of San Diego. I moved to San Francisco in 1994, because my wife had landed a great job there.

Gnip is Hiring In San Francisco

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Many of Gnip ‘s customers and partners are in the bay area and they have decided to begin adding people in San Francisco to better support those clients. They’ve just posted their first position in San Francisco to help manage and grow existing customers. Jobs gnip san franciscoI’ve written a lot in the last year about how fast Gnip is growing and how they continue to lead their industry.

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San Francisco CEO Calls Rural Americans Racist; Institutes Xenophobic Hiring Rule

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Melinda Byerley thinks you're a racist if you live outside the big cities, but she only hires native English speakers, a clear violation of federal law

Leadership Lessons From the San Francisco Giants

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How did the San Francisco Giants win? As a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan, I’m thrilled that the club just won its second World Series in three seasons and is celebrating today in San Francisco. The same way your company can.

3 Secrets For Hiring On Wall Street Versus Silicon Valley


While New York is influenced by Wall Street’s high-powered deal-making, business in San Francisco tends to have a more relaxed feel with an emphasis on relationships. Here are 3 secrets when sales recruiting in New York vs. San Francisco: 1. San Francisco deals in hope.

HIred Opens Austin Office


Hired, a recruiting firm for technical talent, announced Wednesday it’s opening an office in Austin. The San Francisco-based company has more than 60 local clients including RetailMeNot, Spiceworks, Reaction, Sparefoot, Umbel, and Under Armour’s new Connected Fitness headquarters. To bring more technology talent […] The post HIred Opens Austin Office appeared first on SiliconHills.

Hired Works with 150+ Austin Tech Companies, Raises $40 Million in Series C Funding


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News Hired is changing the way developers and knowledge workers find jobs. The company, founded in 2012 in San Francisco, opened an office at WeWork in downtown Austin about a year ago. It now works with more than 150 local technology companies from startups to publicly traded companies […] The post Hired Works with 150+ Austin Tech Companies, Raises $40 Million in Series C Funding appeared first on SiliconHills.

Can you build “Silicon Valley” companies outside of the Valley?

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When it comes to hiring, start-ups located outside of Silicon Valley have an initial advantage, because there’s a lot less competition for engineers. News Los Angeles NYC San Francisco Bay Area Silicon Valley Start Up Toronto Valley The big debate among tech circles has always been if it’s possible to build a “Silicon Valley” company outside of the Valley. Is Silicon Valley a physical place or a state of mind ?

San Francisco Is Learning How to Live With Tech Shuttles

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A boom in hiring spurred tech companies to offer shuttles to their new employees. San Francisco's public transportation system wasn't initially prepared for the influx of charter-style buses

AppDirect Is Hiring After Closing a $50 Million Financing

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Headquartered in San Francisco, AppDirect makes it easy for businesses to find, buy, manage, and monitor cloud services from a central location. The post AppDirect Is Hiring After Closing a $50 Million Financing appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Earlier this year, we took part in a $50 million Series D investment round in AppDirect. They also give providers and developers an easy way to distribute, sell, and market cloud services.

Dropbox to Expand in Austin and Hire 170 Employees


Dropbox, based in San Francisco, provides an online storage box that allows people and businesses to exchange files including documents, photos and videos from anywhere. More than 200 million people and 4 million businesses including BCBG, Kayak, […] The post Dropbox to Expand in Austin and Hire 170 Employees appeared first on SiliconHills. Dropbox plans to expand its office office by 170 employees adding to its existing Austin workforce of 30.

Hiring A Key Executive – Tips For The Hands-On CEO


The new hire process, particularly at the executive level, is a significant decision and can be quite involved. The best hiring CEOs understand they are the ones ultimately making the decision and drive the decision-making process. This results in a “watered down” hire.

Quantcast Opens Austin Office and is Hiring


The San Francisco-based company’s new office will be located at Capital Factory in downtown Austin. It is hiring sales, client services and media professionals. “Austin has one of the highest start-ups […] The post Quantcast Opens Austin Office and is Hiring appeared first on SiliconHills. Quantcast, a digital advertising and audience measurement firm, is opening an Austin office and is holding a recruiting event at Capital Factory on Wednesday.

Dropbox Cultivates an Austin Culture and Continues to Hire and Expand


She later left Facebook to join another startup: Dropbox, based in San Francisco. But Birk longed to get back […] The post Dropbox Cultivates an Austin Culture and Continues to Hire and Expand appeared first on SiliconHills.

Here’s Why You’re Not Hiring the Best and the Brightest

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Always hire the best people. Never compromise in your hiring standards, no matter how big your company gets. There’s an elephant in the room in the form of an implied clause: Always hire the best people… who are willing to live in San Francisco. We pay lip service to the idea of hiring the best people in the world — but in reality, we’re only hiring the best people who happen to be close by.

3 Interview Tips for Hiring Outstanding Developers

3 Interview Tips for Hiring Outstanding Developers. Traditional hiring practices are still beneficial, but a unique interview can effectively separate good developers from the exceptional. Web Designer & Front End Developer at Ustream in San Francisco. Mashable.

Why You Can’t Search for a Job From a Remote Location

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A friend calls me up from: Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, wherever and says, “I’m thinking about moving to Los Angeles (or SF, NY, etc) and I’d love to start interviewing. But I want people that I know are committed to living in the city I’m hiring. recruiting hiring

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How to avoid getting burned when hiring overseas

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Joseph is based in San Francisco and has lived and worked in Singapore, India, England, Australia, and South Africa. Recruiting, interviewing and hiring staff overseas can be an adventure. Bad hires are common, as are disaster stories.

Hiring Employee #1 At A Startup: Expectation vs. Reality


Jen is the Head of Growth at RecruitLoop , an online recruitment marketplace based in San Francisco and Australia. I fired the first person I ever hired. The reality was that I hired someone who didn’t have the aptitude, the technical skills, or the attitude that I needed.

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Startups: Stop Trying To Hire Ninja-Rockstar Engineers


Hiring technical talent is often cited as one of the most difficult parts of scaling a startup. That might be true, but it is an impractical startup hiring strategy. When I hired 'rockstars' at Designer Pages, the requests became increasingly ludicrous.

Hiring Product Managers

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In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Jon Stross, lead a conversation around “Hiring Product Manager”. We are always looking for more product mentors from all around the world. Signup to be a Mentor Today! View the live stream…. About The Product Mentor.

Why I Love Hiring Failures

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An epic fail early in his career taught HomeAway co-founder Brian Sharples that it's a good idea to hire folks who have a healthy familiarity with failure. He raised $1 million from well known VCs, and bet a hefty chunk of it on the company's first event in San Francisco's Candlestick Park.

WP Engine Expanding and Hiring


The company recently opened an office at Geekdom in San Antonio. It also has an office in San Francisco. […] The post WP Engine Expanding and Hiring appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin San Antonio WP Engine, which hosts WordPress websites, announced it has 23,000 customers, up 130 percent during the past year. The Austin-based startup now hosts more than 200,000 WordPress websites. And it has expanded its workforce and offices.

Funding goes global: location is no longer your financing destiny

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One of the biggest advantages here is in hiring: you can pull from their local network and local investors can even interview key hires in person. News Albert Wenger canada marketplaces New York City Point NIne Capital San Francisco Silicon Valley Software as a service Union Square Venture venture capital version one ventures If we look back ten years, the venture world was quite different. Investors weren’t too keen on investing out of town.

ThousandEyes Sets up Austin Office


ThousandEyes, a San Francisco-based network intelligence company, announced Wednesday plans to open a sales and customer service office in Austin. ThousandEyes plans to hire about 30 sales and customer service employees by the end of the year to staff […] The post ThousandEyes Sets up Austin Office appeared first on SiliconHills.

A look inside Google Developer Relations - we are hiring!

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It is a two day event held around the middle of May in San Francisco. We are hiring! Google Developer Relations is hiring all over the world. We plan to hire thousands of people this year.

The Secret to Hiring a Savvy Social Media Manager

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Learn how to avoid the hype and get serious about hiring the right person to manage your social media. The biggest issue is not understanding the scope of work and resources it takes to run social media, says Bryan Srabian , Director of Digital Media for the San Francisco Giants.

How Uber Is Going To Hire 1,000 People This Year

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And advice for how it should be hiring.) Those numbers--hiring between 450 and 1,450 employees--certainly make for a wide range. And should Uber find itself on the upper end of that range, that amounts to a quite remarkable hiring spree. the Hire Power Awards.

How top startups pay designers

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He’d been working at a respected San Francisco startup for five years, but he was getting restless. At Google Ventures, we help our portfolio companies find, interview, and hire senior design talent — more than 40 top-level designers in the last two years alone. It’s pretty easy to get a range of salaries for “UX Designer in San Francisco”, for instance. Here’s what I did: Isolated for geography: San Francisco. Hiring designers is hard work.

Pinterest Unveils Ambitious Plans to Up Its Diversity by 2016

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The San Francisco-based social media company is making a push to hire more women and minorities by 2016

Triggit Is Looking for Serious C / C++ / Hadoop Devs in San Francisco

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More jobs – this time in San Francisco. If you are the sort of engineer that gets excited by this type of scale and latency then Triggit is hiring. We recently invested in Triggit – my partner Seth blogged about our investment and the rise of real time bidding platforms and we put up a post about Triggit on the Foundry Group blog.

Why You Should Hire Like a Rock Band

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Hiring tips from a musician-turned-CEO who runs one of the hottest recruiting companies in the gaming industry. If you want to put together a rock-star team, he says, then hire employees based on their values first and ability second--the way great rock bands do it.

This Startup Offers Cheap Loans for Relocating Employees

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A San Francisco lender offers a much lower borrowing rate for new hires who need cash to relocate

12 Quirky Things Big Tech Companies Do With New Hires

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But what about new hires? When Mark Zuckerberg wants to hire a new Facebook employee, he''ll take that person on a walk through the woods, according to Nick Bilton of the New York Times. New hires will find their desk decorated with a "You''re [In]" greeting card on their first day.

8 Tips For Building An Internet Company Outside of San Francisco


Healy is head of marketing at OfficeDrop, a digital filing system and scanner software provider – and moved to Boston from San Francisco. The San Francisco Bay area is the clear leader in the internet startup world. 4) High hiring standards are critical.

This Startup Promises to Find Your Next Hire for Only $4,000

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Hiring is one of two things: either a huge time suck if you look for and interview talent yourself, or painfully expensive if you use a recruiting company that can charge upwards of 30 percent of a new hire''s first year salary. Shunning the term "recruitment company," NextHire calls itself a "digital hiring solution" and launched in January with an interesting business model. These are areas if you make this hire.

The Wrong Hire Pissed Off my Team, The Right Hire Didn't Have All the Answers

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I rushed and made a bad hire. I hired him because he told me he would bring order to the team. In response to their visible concern, I promised to change the process for hiring. San Francisco-based, they’re one of the best search firms for innovative companies like ours.

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Get hip… Get your kicks at the Ubergizmo Digital Summer 2010 in San Francisco

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Nobody asks you to turn into a shopaholic townie or to hire professional image advisors (usually godawful dogmatic creatures). By Marylene Delbourg-Delphis @mddelphis.

Using Competency Based Interviewing To Build Your Strongest Team


Start-up organizations that have neither the time nor the resources to deal with high turnover or alienating customers by hiring the wrong employee are increasingly turning to competency-based behavioral interviewing techniques. Competency-Based Hiring Starts with the Help Wanted Ad.

First Round Capital Is Hiring!

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As I gear up to hire a new associate for the San Francisco office of First Round Capital I know there is no standard way to find the next person to join our team. “How did you get into venture capital?”. I kind of hate that question. Not because I have any particular point of view on how I became a venture capitalist. No, I just don’t like it because like so many other people in the business I arrived here following a fairly unique path.