LinkedIn Marketing: A Small Business Guide

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But, LinkedIn isn’t just a social networking site for job seekers—it’s also a great marketing platform for businesses. See Also: 4 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid. The first step to establishing your business on LinkedIn is creating a company page for your business.

Potential Pain Points When Starting a Small Business

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If you feel restless working for someone else and have come up with your own idea for starting a business, you should consider the challenges that you will face ahead of time. Owning and running a business is incredibly rewarding—but it comes at a price. Hiring the right employees.

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The Oxymoron of Small Business Social Media Marketing

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I’ve worked with a great number of small businesses that I admire, both as social media consulting clients as well as potential customers. Are small businesses ready to appreciate the value that they bring? What can small businesses do to overcome these challenges?

Four Recruiting Tips For Small Business Owners In An Overtapped Labor Pool 


by Scott Wintrip, author of “ High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant “ As a small business owner, you’re beyond busy — and that isn’t likely to change. Actively share the talent you discover with other business owners.

Why Small Businesses Can Take Up the Content Marketing Opportunity


Production of quality content, distribution and return on investment are aspects many small businesses and startups struggle with. This does lead to disenchantment and the question, if all small businesses should join the bandwagon.

6 Accounting Mistakes That Put Small Businesses at Risk

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If you don’t handle your business accounts correctly, you might be headed for trouble. Accounting is a significant part of any business endeavor and is not as easy as adding and subtracting. Here are six common mistakes that every small business owner must try to avoid.

How to Avoid Failure: Two Common Small Business Mistakes

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As business owners, failure is common to us- not every idea can be a winner. This means that it is more common for a business to fail than it is for a business to succeed, pinning the odds of success against us. In a world of thousands of business, that’s pretty hard to believe.

Small Business Revenue Is On The Rise: Are You?


Small business owners might not hear this often enough, but you deserve a round of applause. This insight comes from a recent survey of 1,000 small business owners conducted by Constant Contact. How Small Business Owners Master Online Marketing.

8 Things Small Businesses Should Outsource


As a small business owner, it can often feel like you have 1,001 things to do in the run of a day, and not nearly enough hours to get everything done. With this in mind, let’s take a look at eight things that small business owners should outsource: 1.

Every Small Business Should Celebrate the Positives

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Sponsored by VISA Business Running a small business as an entrepreneur is a never-ending challenge of new products, customers, competitors, and an unpredictable economy. Starting your own business means that you must be willing to give up the security of a regular paycheck.

Small Business and Startups: Build Teams, Have Fun

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Who says business can’t be fun? Remember that people thrive on the small things and create an atmosphere that respects that. If you’ve done a good job hiring the right people, chances are excellent that you already like each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Small Business Accounting 101: 9 Steps to Get Your New Business on Track

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Running your own business is a journey of ten thousand miles, and you’re about to take the first step. But before your business really gets off the ground, you need to make sure you have your accounting administration set up properly. Open a business bank account.

6-Step Checklist for Revamping Your Small Business’ Online Presence

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6-Step Checklist for Revamping Your Small Business’ Online Presence written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. The days of prospective customers sauntering down Main Street or even flipping through the Yellow Pages in hopes of stumbling upon your business are long gone.

5 Mistakes That Can Cost You On Small Business Saturday


The big day for small business owners is November 28th this year. Launched in 2010, American Express Small Business Saturday has become an annual tradition celebrating independent retailers. Last year, 88 million people showed up to Shop Small on Small Business Saturday.

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Small Business and Startups: Telling the Truth

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In business the truth can be elusive, even fungible. As much as we try to craft the perfect projections, what happens in business is never predictable and outcomes can not be conjured from a crystal ball. Small Business and Startups: What Type of Boss Are You?

Taking Care Of Business: Advice For Small Business Owners During Slower Months


by Jay DesMarteau, head of small business and government banking distribution for TD Bank. This can be stressful for small business owners, who already have a lot on their minds. A business credit score can greatly affect one’s chances of securing credit.

Productivity Tips For Small Business Owners


Starting your own business takes a lot of courage and determination, but it can also be very rewarding. That’s why the majority of small business owners will tell you that they would do it all over again, even though it is hard work. Hire Freelancers.

5 Recruitment Strategies For Small Businesses

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Finding the most suitable candidate for a job role is one of the most challenging aspects of being a small business owner. If your business is small, there’s a good chance you don’t have an HR specialist who you can rely on to handle the recruitment process. The best recruitment method for your business will depend on a range of factors, including your available budget and the nature of the vacancy. Blog & Grow business small business

10 Things Every Small Business Needs To Do

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Most of the challenges in starting a business relate back to doing the little things right. If you are thinking of starting a small business, make sure you follow these ten important rules for small businesses: 1.

10 Important Web Design Best Practices and Tips for Small Business Websites

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If you don’t have a dedicated website for your startup or small business, you’re in danger to fall further behind your competition. As their businesses have grown, those business owners realize that they need to stand out from their competition.

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3 Tips To Help Small Businesses Get More Customers In A Post-Google Search World


In the local space, about 50% 1 of searches are done on directories and map apps – further fragmenting an already dizzying number of ways customers find out and select small businesses. For local, the most critical sites are: Google Maps / Google My Business (the most popular maps app).

Three Awesome Tools for Small Businesses and Startups

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It’s not easy to start and run a successful business. After all, business owners must manage many different things and wear different hats in operating their business. From developing products and services to hiring to payroll, owners have a lot on their plates!

Small Businesses Are Hiring More Than Ever

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Small business owners have become more optimistic about their business and the economy in general. Economy

Small Businesses Win Big With Freelance Marketplaces

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Small businesses with big ambitions need resources. Grow Operations freelance marketplaces hiring freelancers outsourcingLuckily, we live in a service economy and we've seen a rise in professional service outsourcing.

8 Smart and Practical Ways To Increase Your Small Business Profits

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Every small business owner has a lot to do but little time to accomplish everything. In the long run, successful small businesses find ways to improve their profitability (the amount of money remaining after all business expenses are paid).

5 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Growing

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Running a small business is a daunting challenge. Statistically, less than 50 percent of small businesses are still operational after five years. Globalization has increased the level of competition and introduced more turmoil to the business environment.

The Top 4 Hiring Challenges Small Businesses are Facing

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Small businesses have more specific needs than bigger industries, and hiring the right employees is as crucial as overall business success

Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Fail


That’s 80 percent of all small businesses started in any year. Interestingly, most of these businesses usually start off very well, getting a reliable stream of customers for the first few months and even managing to add a few assets along the way.

Small Business and Startups: Finding Your Match

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But of equal importance to how you apportion resources is in who you hire to do the job. Hiring a great support team is like casting a great movie or finding the perfect match on PlentyOfFish. Happy hiring! Small business and startup tips: track your own customer service data.

Smart Blogging Tips For Small Business Owners


As a small business owner, you’re required to oversee all your own marketing efforts. You can use online tools like Online Correction to get the job done or hire expert writers from Assignment help to create the best possible version of content. by Brenda Berg.

How To Hire A Small Business Bookkeeper

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As a small business owner, you’re often told to hire someone to manage your finances, but you’re rarely given advice to make sure you hire the right person.

How Small Businesses Can Effectively Use the Sharing Economy

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When used in the right places, any small business can save capital in almost any sector. Outsourcing small tasks. The majority of small services can be outsourced to the lowest-bidding individual through sharing-economy platforms like AskforTask. Business trips.

The 8 Most Common Small Business Accounting Mistakes

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Thanks to the huge range of accounting applications available for today’s small and medium-sized businesses, it’s easier than ever to keep an accurate record of where your business’s money is going. Does your business have employees?

3 Tips to Build the Right Team for Your Small Business

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Sixty percent of small business owners and managers say their biggest human resources challenge is finding skilled talent. But for businesses that can’t afford this, smarter strategies are required. As you identify areas that require personnel, consider your hiring options.

Affordable Social Media for Small Business

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Everywhere you turn there’s a blog post or magazine article on the importance of small businesses having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and increasingly, Google Plus. Now I have to become a social media expert just to make sure my business is relevant on social media?

The Psychology of Hiring Great People

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Building a great team is nearly always the key difference between the success or failure of a business. Each person we hire contributes to not only the development of the product, but also to the productivity of the team and overall company culture. But what is a bad hiring decision?

Change Is the Only Thing That’s Constant: Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Disruption

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It seems you can’t talk about business anymore without talking about disruption. See Also: What Small Business Opportunities Does the Future Hold? The good news for small businesses and startups is that they shouldn’t be worried. For small businesses, this is great.

Small Business Marketing 2014: Smart Web Design Best Practices and Tips

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If you don’t have a dedicated website for your startup or small business, you are not alone. Today, we’ll cover small business web design best practices and tips. It might tell them what your small business does.

Twitter Link Roundup #294 – Terrific Reads For Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Designers!

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When it comes to business, just as in our personal lives, we tend to quickly stereotype people when we meet them. Often, these stereotypes often get in the way of business and personal relationships. How to Hire – [link]

Keys To Develop A Great Small Business Growth Strategy


There are approximately 28 million small business in the United States, and each one is vying for growth and an increased share of profits in the marketplace. Small businesses are responsible for as much as 65 percent of the new jobs created since 1995.