Startup Iceland Interview With The Brads (Feld and Burnham)

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Brad Burnham ( Union Square Ventures ) and I were in Iceland a few weeks ago for the Startup Iceland event. Amy and I had an awesome week in Iceland and have decided to go back again next year.

Startup Iceland 2012 Was Phenomenal

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Amy and I just spent an incredible week in Reykjavik, Iceland. Bala Kamallakharan was our host and the founder of Startup Iceland. He’s got a great post up titled Startup Iceland 2012 – Done! that summarizes the event and there are plenty of details on the Startup Iceland Event site about the participants and the agenda. 300+ people participated in what turned out to be a great concentration of the people in and around the Iceland startup community.

A Happier Workplace: 4 Tips From Iceland

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Icelanders are more than twice as happy as Americans. One answer is to imitate Iceland. Why Iceland? Turns out that Iceland is one of the happiest countries on earth. In Iceland, people are proud to publicly play multiple roles and talents.

People Place Thing

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I’m in Iceland spending the day at Startup Iceland 2012. Life iceland life philosophyAmy and I are having a great time in this fascinating country. At dinner last night, I got into a long conversation about what makes for a fulfilling life. My answer was: Spend as much time as possible with PEOPLE you love in a PLACE you want to be on a THING you are passionate about. I believe it’s that simple. What do you think?

How Reykjavik's Virtual Reality Boom Is Heating Up Iceland's Startup Scene

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In 2015 alone, two Icelandic gaming startups received a total of $32 million in venture capital, as they bring their VR concepts stateside. Here's a look at why this tiny country is fueling business growth

How Iceland Get Its Own Tech Conference


In late 2008 the financial system was collapsing in Iceland. Kamallakharan then sent an email explaining what he was trying to do in Iceland. "He He said, ''I don''t get it, you''re an Indian living in Iceland, investing in high tech startups?''".

Tonight Is Life Dinner

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Occasionally we’ll invite another couple – tonight we are having dinner with Bala Kamallakharan (the creator of Startup Iceland ) and his wife Agusta who have been incredible hosts for us this week in Iceland. I think this month I’m getting a bunch of Puffin Made In Iceland Wool Hats. Work-Life Balance iceland life dinnerIt’s June 1st. And that means it’s Life Dinner. On the first day of every month, Amy and I go out to dinner.

deCODE Genetics $400 Million Acquisition Good News For Icelandic Startup Scene


Iceland has a population probably around the size of your capital city's suburbs, but that hasn't prevented it from producing some innovative companies. In recent news, Icelandic deCODE Genetics got picked up by Amgen, a multinational pharmaceutical company, for $400 million cash.

Living Your Brand: Why Our Company Went To Iceland

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Why it''s business-critical to develop workplace policies, perks, and employee programs that are directly relevant to your brand

Why Iceland has the Cleanest Energy and How You Can Be a Part of It


As Finnish residents, we''ve heard rumours of Finlands massive consumption of energy per person, but while our climate conditions might be harsh, it would be outrageous exaggeration to say we have it worse than Iceland does (at least down here in Helsinki).That

StartupReykjavik Taking Applications For Iceland's First Accelerator


After the financial collapse, Iceland finds itself at a perfect time to embrace entrepreneurship. To help kickstart a new era is Iceland's first accelerator, which is taking applications right now and is starting this summer.

Three new VC funds open in Iceland in one week with $80 million to invest


The first week of February in 2015 marks a watershed moment for the Icelandic startup ecosystem as three funds announced that they had finished their funding rounds and were ready to invest.

Icelandic Entrepreneurs Release Film: The Startup Kids


Vala Halldorsdottir and Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir, both documentarians and entrepreneurs, say they began their startup film project because they wanted to motivate young people to become entrepreneurs.

How One Startup Spends Every Penny, Analyzed

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Hint: Book tickets to Iceland What can you learn from the radically transparent finances of Buffer's founders?

Iceland's Mailpile Crowdfunds Secure, Modern Mail Client


Also hopping on this trend, a Reykjavik, Iceland based team is crowdfunding a webmail client with a security-focused twist.

New Submarine Cable Between Iceland And U.S. Attractive For Datacenters


Currently the only high speed submarine cables leading to Iceland are coming from Europe, creating a roundabout trip for internet connections to hit North America. But it will also open up Iceland to become a new datacenter powerhouse. Iceland sits conveniently between the U.S.

Icelandic GreenQloud partners with Digital Fortress for Clean U.S. Data Hosting


We’ve written about Iceland being some sort of mecca of green energy for data centers thanks to it’s abundance of hydroelectric and geothermal energy. But staying put in Iceland gives some accessibility problems, as some U.S.

Iceland's CLARA Acquired For €6.8 Million By Jive Software


Here''s probably the first big acquisition of an Icelandic startup to a Silicon Valley firm. Earlier this week, San Francisco-based Jive Software announced their quarterly earnings , and mentioned that they''ve acquired the Icelandic startup, Clara.

Submarine Cable Between Iceland And Denmark To Make Icelandic Data Storage More Attractive


Iceland is getting hooked up to Denmark with an upgraded submarine cable connection, which promises faster speeds and greater redundency. Iceland has been growing as an attractive location for datacenters in recent years.

Use Salesforce? Check Out Opptimal, An Icelandic Sales Pipeline View


If you attend the Arctic15 last October, you might remember Datatracker from Iceland in our pitching competition. Datatracker is being developed by the cloud service company Kaptio , which focuses on helping companies adopt Salesforce, Heroku, AWS, and Zuora.

Glu Invests $7.5 Million In Icelandic Game Studio


million in Plain Vanilla Games, the Icelandic game studio behind popular multiplayer trivia game QuizUp , says Venturebeat. Mobile-game publisher Glu Mobile has announced that it will be investing “up to” $7.5

Greenqloud: Cloud Storage Startup From Iceland Promises To Be Greener Than Amazon Forest


Greenqloud , a cloud storage startup from Iceland comes forth as a user and an eco friendly cloud storage service. Focusing on Greenqloud, it will be interesting how the startup performs in the current economic scenario in Iceland.

Spotify Hits Iceland, The Baltics In Today's New Market Push


Today Spotify has expanded into seven new markets, hitting four countries under ArcticStartup''s radar: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and everyone''s favorite, Iceland. There''s not much more to say about this news, but for our readers in the Baltics or Iceland, it''s worth the download.

How 'Emotional Capital' Could Save Us All From the Tech Bubble

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When Iceland's economy collapsed in 2008, one venture fund emerged unscathed. The founder explains how, and why tech startups should pay attention

Icelandic PixPuffin Manages Photo Collections And Digital Licenses


PixPuffin is a new Icelandic service to help small and medium sized businesses manage their digital assets though a web-based interface. PixPuffin was launched by NordicPhotos , a photo agency based in Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. And, leveraging their close proximity to Icelandic geothermal and hydro energy, they can leverage the eco/green angle of their data centers.

Icelandic BrandRegard Picking Up Steam In The U.K.


The Icelandic software startup, Transmit, tells us that their cloud-based branding and marketing service Brand Regard , is seeing traction in the U.K. Transmit, the company behind Brand Regard, is backed by the Icelandic New Venture Fund

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Michael Lewis’ Boomerang

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Here’s an excerpt from the chapter on Iceland that involves fishing, smelting, banking, and elves. Alcoa, the biggest aluminum company in the country, encountered two problems peculiar to Iceland when, in 2004, it set about erecting its giant smelting plant. The first was the so-called hidden people—or, to put it more plainly, elves—in whom some large number of Icelanders, steeped long and thoroughly in their rich folkloric culture, sincerely believe.

SpareFoot Wins Austin Startup Games Again


The company recruited Icelandic strongman “Thor” Bjornsson to join the company as its senior vice president of Icelandic business. SpareFoot won the Austin Startup Games for the third year in a row. The Austin-based startup, which bills itself as the nation’s largest marketplace for finding and booking self-storage, had a ringer this year. Bjornsson, known […] The post SpareFoot Wins Austin Startup Games Again appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Austin Startup Games

HPthe other transformation

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Every global supply chain was rocked by the Japanese tsunami and the Iceland volcano. With all the negative news swirling around HP, it is easy to lose focus on the complex operations that continue to drive the $120 billion behemoth. Cloud Computing, SaaS

Female Founders: Two Women Disrupt Shower Head Industry

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Sara (Australian and Icelandic) and Kristina (Bulgarian) met while working for fashion content powerhouse INDIGITAL GROUP in London when the concept of Vitaclean was born.

Bitcoin Miner CloudHashing Operates Multi-million-dollar Facilities on Two Continents


Today, his Austin-based company CloudHashing has mining facilities both outside Dallas and in Iceland, and he’s signing million-dollar contracts with investors looking to cash in on the cryptocurrency phenomenon. By LESLIE ANNE JONES Reporter with Silicon Hills News Emmanuel Abiodun’s first foray into bitcoin mining took place at home in London in January 2013.

I Just Watched “The Startup Kids” Documentary by Yaro Starak

It’s an hour long movie created by two woman from iceland, Vala Halldorsdottir and Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir , who came to America to interview people about life as a young entrepreneur working on a tech startup. Tweet Last night I was at the Sunshine Coast premier of the documentary The Startup Kids.

What’s Old Is New Again

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And last night, while laying in bed in a hotel in Iceland and reading the wikipedia page on Iceland on my iPad, I kept thinking “what’s old is new again.” Over the weekend, Kwin Kramer, the CEO of Oblong , wrote a great essay on TechCrunch titled Hey Kids, Get Off My Lawn: The Once And Future Visual Programming Environment. He starts off with a great Mark Twain quote.

Megaupload and the Future of Multi-tenant Services

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While I was in Iceland a few weeks ago, there was a set of discussions driven by Brad Burnham of Union Square Ventures about trying to make Iceland and “Internet Neutrality Zone” similar to Switzerland and banking. This is a draft post by Dave Jilk, a long time friend, business partner, and CEO of Standing Cloud. While the words are his, I agree 100% with everything he is saying here.

Iceland Is No Mere Rock


Iceland is now one of them. The arrival by Smyril Line ferry was immediately majestic with those eery misty cliffs rising gently above the sea as I approached bohemian Seyðisfjörður along that 20km fjord to eastern Iceland. Remember that Iceland is a country with around 300,000 people.

Quick Left Startup Life Event In Boulder

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We know we’ll be in New York, Boston, Dallas, San Diego, Iceland, and London this year. Quick Left is hosting a Startup Life event with me and Amy on April 25th at their office in Boulder. Registration is open – as of now there are 20 tickets left (it’s a free event).

FutureBrand 2010: Israel Up 11 Spots in Ranking As a Country Brand

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Israel was also crowned as one of the ‘Rising Starts of 2010′ along with Chile, Argentina and Iceland. C ountries are also brands.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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Why haven’t I visited Iceland? Sometimes I meet with a friend or acquaintance and I leave the meeting thinking, “Am I doing enough with my life? Am I taking enough risk?” ” Ramit Sethi once told me he loves those sorts of meetings. (I

Two Trains Heading Down Different Tracks

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The other train was called Iceland, which had begun its journey somewhere between the town of Socialism and the village of Communism. But over time, the people of Iceland began to question if the town of Socialism was such a great place to live in.

Autodesk acquires Reykjavik startup Modio


Modio or Autodesk Iceland will continue their operations in Reykjavik where they currently have a staff of six. Hilmar and other owners of the company at the time, most notably Skuli Mogensen, today owner and CEO of WOW air came back to Iceland and invested in many interesting projects.