Apple and Women in Information Technology

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There was plenty of Apple news yesterday, but the one that lit me up was the announcement that Apple is partnering with the National Center for Women and Information Technology to help create a broader pipeline of female technology workers.

Can Startups Surf The Huge Information Tidal Wave?

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You need to start now to understand the trends and specifics of the information tidal wave that is building up in front of us. Big Data Christopher Surdak entrepreneur information wave startup

Information Arbitrage - The Information Dilemma

Information Arbitrage

The Information Dilemma. Connect. Email. Twitter. LinkedIn. Quora. September 21, 2011. Today I spent a bunch of time at the Strata Conference in NYC catching some great speakers, speaking on a few panels and catching up with old friends. All in all, it was a productive and enjoyable day. .

Is vendor information flow too lumpy?

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Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor recently hosted a virtual fireside chat. It’s something I have encouraged him to do in the past. It was only a half an hour or so and one of my analyst colleagues said it had. Industry analysts (Gartner, Forrester, AMR, others) Industry Commentary

Mentors 10/18: Hold Information In Confidence

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As we continue deconstructing the Techstars Mentor Manifesto , today’s item is about keeping information confidential. In exchange, mentors will hold information in confidence. If you are uncertain, ask the person who you got the information from. But assume we are respectful, conscientious about what we can and can’t share, and fundamentally default to holding information in confidence.

Information Technology Predictions For 2016 And Beyond

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Grow Operations big data Cloud Computing cloud technology data security information technology IT technologyThese are just a few of the predictions that will likely happen in 2016. Consider it a snapshot of the IT community.

Information Diet

Mark Birch

But here is one resolution that I would hope to see everyone make this year: go on an information diet. But the weight I am talking about is the mental baggage of incessant information consumption. It is time to make a resolution for an information diet.

Facebook Wants Your Banking Information, Too

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After a litany of privacy scandals, Facebook is pursuing customer information from banks. Money

8 Ways to Surf the Entrepreneur Information Wave

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The Internet and its information wave have changed everything – it’s the problem, with constant change, and it’s the solution, if you use it to navigate quickly and self-educate. You can ride the information wave, or be swamped by it.

2018 Reconstruction Awards Entry Information

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The goal of the BD+C Reconstruction Awards is to find the best reconstructed, renovated, or remodeled projects , based on overall design, engineering, and construction project quality. Here are some tips to help you win: 1.

Information Does Not Want To Be Free

Information Does Not Want To Be Free. Stewart Brand is infamously reported as saying "information wants to be free"- the rallying cry against any limits on information ownership, the mantra for free content and ideas. Which obviously leads to scorn and mockery : "Youll often hear cypherpunk weenies with poorly-thought-out philosophies trot out information wants to be free as some kind of pseudo-socialist Utopian vision.". Or this: Information Wants To Be Free.

Evolution of Contact Information

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Ever notice that, today, when you ask an email correspondent for their contact information (those who don''t include it in their e-signature), what one gets is different than a few years ago. Today, one gets: one or more email addresses, cell phone #, Twitter handle, various URL''s to information on the web (usually LinkedIn, Facebook, the person''s blog/tumblr, et al.); lawyers, accountants, consultants), who, no surprise, give reams of contact information.

The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery

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Right now the most important role to hire in Twitter would be a seasoned marketing professional who could proactively change the conversation about Twitter and educate people about its significance as an information sharing tool. Twitter is information discovery.

Keeping Your Information Safe When Ordering Government Documents

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You have to key-in sensitive information such as your social security number online for you to access services. To help you stay safe online, here are four tips to keeping your information safe online when ordering government documents from home.

7 Ways To Stop Information Overload

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Simplify your life with these tried and proven tips that help you manage information overload, the #1 thing deemed to complicate our life and work.

8 Tips To Protect Your Personal Information

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Here are 8 tips to help you protect the privacy of your personal information


Acting With Incomplete Information in a Startup

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Recently this happened again for me in the topic of making decisions based on incomplete information. Incomplete information. I first came across the phrase “acting with incomplete information” in a blog post Mark Suster wrote over a year ago titled “What makes an Entrepreneur?

How To Protect Your Proprietary Information While Communicating Overseas?

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Protecting sensitive information has become a challenge for today’s entrepreneur. Do not discuss proprietary information with people who have no authority in the other company. Why Is Protecting Information Important? When Should You Protect Information?

Residual Information

David Lee

But the bigger risk was “educating the market” - giving people information or other insights inadvertently. That is, the people who get sensitive information may accidentally misuse it without intentionally doing so. When you have lots of meetings with a lot of information flow and brainstorming, it’s not unusual to not only not remember where you got a particular insight but to actually mistake it for your own.

Information Arbitrage - Letting go

Information Arbitrage


Information Arbitrage - Failing well

Information Arbitrage


If You Get All Your Information On The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem From HBO, You’re Screwed

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The post If You Get All Your Information On The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem From HBO, You’re Screwed appeared first on Feld Thoughts. This is the best quote I’ve seen all week. It’s from Greg Sands post on TechCrunch titled The Real Silicon Valley. . Greg is a long time friend and co-investor. I’m on the board with him at Return Path and he’s on the board with my partner Ryan at VictorOps. Along with my partners, we are all LPs in Greg’s fund Costanoa Ventures.

When Telecommunications and Information Services Are The Same Thing

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I'm headed down to Washington DC today to meet with a number of people in the administration, congress, and the FCC to talk about the internet, information technology, innovation, and the startup economy. You can get them delivered as an "information service."

The informal encounter and the entrepreneur

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Samuel Bacharach writes about how entrepreneurs can casually test their new ideas, using the example of Steve Jobs and IBM chairmain John Akers.

Acting with incomplete information in a startup

Recently this happened again for me in the topic of making decisions based on incomplete information. Incomplete information. I first came across the phrase “acting with incomplete information” in a blog post Mark Suster wrote over a year ago titled “What makes an Entrepreneur?

Lean 75

Information Arbitrage - Tough love

Information Arbitrage


The Single Most Effective Way to Deal with Information Overload

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The promising solution to our information crisis


Which Business Model Is Best: Selling Services, Software, Information Or Physical Products? by Yaro Starak

The post Which Business Model Is Best: Selling Services, Software, Information Or Physical Products? Product Creation business models consulting practice information product marketing selling softwareI’m getting old, at least in internet years. It’s almost 20 years now that I have been online and had some kind of website of my own. During this time I’ve played with all kinds of different business models, all kinds of different ways to make money online.

How Much Information Should you Give VCs for Due Diligence?

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By the time a partner shows you some interest and has take 2 or more meetings they are probably beginning to ask you for more information. The only real benefit of their having this information is in preparation for a term sheet. This is a hot topic I’ve been asked a lot about recently.

Inform the NEW HIRE

Taffy Williams

The new hire when informed of the history should be allowed to determine whether the tasks are better performed from scratch or picked up where left last. Personnel turnover is inevitable. There is no way to eliminate it and you must learn to work with the changes that take place. Hiring new people takes time. When you find the right candidate, everyone is excited to get the replacement on the team and working.

Give Customers the Information They Need Most

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Help customers (or any audience) get something done. Sales

Information Arbitrage - Data Entrepreneurship

Information Arbitrage


Why Informal Business Practices Can Lead to More Mistakes

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A new study says informal business practices can lead to an increase in mistakes. Here is how to introduce more formality into your business.


How to Get Area 51-Grade Information Security

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Consumers want military-grade protection from hackers and identity thieves, but trade secrets are the real prize

Information Arbitrage - Getting real

Information Arbitrage


Information Arbitrage - Loyalty

Information Arbitrage


Where Can I Find Information on Starting Salaries for a SaaS Startup?

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Q: Where can I get some good starting salary information for a SaaS startup? I need the information for CEO, CFO, CIO, CINO, Director of Sales. How much should the starting salaries vary for a startup with $5 million vs $10 million gross revenue? A (Brad): First of all, you can find a great deal of info on structuring employee compensation right here on Ask the VC.

Salary 203

How Fitness Freak Ryan Lee Became A Millionaire Information Marketer by Yaro Starak

That passion eventually lead to starting a website to share information about personal training, which eventually became a six figure online membership site, then several and eventually a multi-million dollar information publishing business.

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The digitisation of analogue information

The Equity Kicker

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the opportunity to find value in the shadows of big data by gleaning insights that are unrelated to reason the data was collected in the first place.

Y Combinator Informs 15,000+ Startups: You’re in, You’re Out, You’re All Accepted to Startup School


The post Y Combinator Informs 15,000+ Startups: You’re in, You’re Out, You’re All Accepted to Startup School appeared first on SiliconHills. By Laura Lorek Publisher of Silicon Hills News Building a startup is like riding a roller coaster of emotions for most founders. Monday it was a particularly difficult ride for more than 15,000 founders because of a technical glitch by Y Combinator. The Mountain View, Calif.-based

Start an Informational Product Business — Step by Step Guide

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Start an informational product business! What is an informational product business? The most recognizable informational product business is The Video Professor – where he teaches novices how to use eBay, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, and more.

Information Arbitrage - Know thyself

Information Arbitrage


Your Secret Source For Homeschooling Information

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I will also talk about where to get information on homeschooling. Finding Information It took a while, but I discussed the idea and my misgivings with my husband, and in the end we decided to work with it. A few years ago, I made the big decision to homeschool my kids.