Every Startup Needs Intellectual Property To Thrive

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A large portion of your competitive advantage and your potential value to investors is the size of your intellectual property portfolio. When someone says Intellectual Property (IP), most entrepreneurs think only of patents. Here are the key elements: Company name.

Intellectual Property 101

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Please consult with an attorney before making any intellectual property or other legal decisions. Does your business have intellectual property? In the US, if the brand or name is used in commerce, the “TM” can be placed after the name.

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Start-up Tips: Identifying Intellectual Property, Simplified


I have quite often heard people at the aforementioned seminars ask “How do I patent my company name?”. Intellectual Property, simply put, is a creation of the mind that’s unique. Intellectual Property is all about protecting what’s “mine”.

The Top 5 Intellectual Property Mistakes

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Please consult with an attorney before making any intellectual property or other legal decisions. Read on to see five common mistakes regarding intellectual property, so you can avoid the pitfalls. 100% of businesses have Intellectual Property (IP).

8 Intellectual Property Items Every Startup Needs

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A large portion of your competitive advantage and your potential value to investors is the size of your intellectual property portfolio. When someone says Intellectual Property (IP), most entrepreneurs think only of patents. Here are the key elements: Company name.

Intellectual Property Recommendations for Startup Product Managers

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In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Steven Cohn, lead a conversation around “Intellectual Property Recommendations for Startup Product Managers”.

Intellectual Property for Startups in the Real World


Last month we covered the basics of intellectual property (IP) for startups, including a simple taxonomy, some common issues and related documents for entrepreneurs to use when forming a new startup. This could include anything from a clever domain name in the coveted.com TLD to issued patents or patent applications that could serve as barriers to entry for potential competitors.

3 Steps to Protecting Intellectual Property

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Many start-up owners are concerned with the intellectual property (IP) of their company, and they should be. Have a Solid Defense If you have a brand name and learn another company is using it, don''t let it drag on for too long. How do you keep your IP safe from view.

Nuts & Bolts of Intellectual Property for New Startups


So you’ve chosen a name for your startup, product, or both. Having covered all the bases to ensure that your corporate name is available, the domain name can be acquired, and the name doesn’t infringe any existing trademarks (as we discussed last week ), now is a good time to look at the categories of intellectual property (IP) that are relevant to most startups. Intellectual property.

Entrepreneurs Must Defend Intellectual Property Rights

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There''s a movement afoot to transfer your intellectual property into the public domain. It''s communism by another name and needs to be stopped

Protecting Your Business Idea


If you go on to patent the product you will still need to name them in the patent application as a co-inventor but the Work for Hire agreement means they do not share in the rights to whatever they worked on for you.

Startup Blog: Intellectual Property (IP) and Know-how: Defined

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Monday, March 21, 2011 Intellectual Property (IP) and Know-how: Defined This blog will eventually discuss several key issues relating to your technology, including: selection, acquisition of rights, due diligence, commercial market, time to market, end users, size of market, and much more.

Dear China: Stop Stealing My Intellectual Property, Or Else

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Intellectual property theft is an enormous and growing burden for American business. I shouldn’t have to worry about reinventing it again because of intellectual property theft abroad.

The Importance of Trademarking

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See Also: Intellectual Property 101. A trademark can be a symbol, logo, word, slogan, or a name registered to your company. It protects your image and ensures that other businesses don’t infringe on your intellectual property.

The Importance of Partnership Agreements, NDAs, and Security: Lessons from HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

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What we at Traklight often take note of is the many different intellectual property issues that the show touches on. Even from the outset, Pied Piper had problems related to IP, with the founder having to beg a local irrigation company for the rights to the company name.

Choosing Your Business Name

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Making the right choice can be hard, but choosing your business name is one of the most important choices you’ll make as an entrepreneur. The two main concerns for startup business names are the legal requirements, and the commercial use. The Top 5 Intellectual Property Mistakes.

[Infographic] The Cybersquatting Phenomenon


Business owners who have tried to register domain names for their businesses may have found that those domains may have been taken up by someone else.

Basic IP Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know


An intellectual property lawyer can help you identify all your IP assets and develop a comprehensive legal framework with strategies to mitigate your risk and exposure. Think of your logo, brand name or even distinct product packaging.

IP 18

What All New Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Trademarks


Entrepreneurs need to learn how to register a trademark , as well as other dos and don’ts surrounding the protection of their precious intellectual property. You also want to make sure that you can achieve exclusive rights to use a name).

3 Ways to Grow Your Startup

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If you have managed to pull off success with something that 90% of other start-ups fail at, namely make it through the start-up phase, then you deserve some kudos. Entrepreneurship acquisition business loan Business plan Intellectual property merger

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Resources and Tools to Help You Name Your Business

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When it comes to naming your business, are you drawing a blank? If you’re starting a business, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is what to name your new company. See Also Choosing Your Business Name. Tools and resources for naming your business: 1.

The Law on Fonts and Typefaces: Frequently Asked Questions

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may be the only country in the western world not to recognize intellectual property rights in typeface design. Trademark law protects only the name of a typeface, but not the design of the typeface. The right typeface is often the key to a great logo, graphic or web design.

Key Facts In Keeping Your Ideas Safe


Not to be confused with service mark ( SM ), which indicates the source of a service such as slogans, logos, or brand names. This only pertains to a named individual. With over 30 years of combined Patent and Trademark experience, they will be able to protect your intellectual property.

25 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name


What exactly is going to be the name of your business? Whatever the inspiration or relation may be, the naming of your business is one of the most important parts of becoming a CEO. When I first started my business, over 5 years ago, I wanted a name that was unique yet straight-forward.

Intellectual Property is More Than Patents

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When someone says Intellectual Property (IP), most people think only of patents. Here are some specifics: Company name. The company name becomes your intellectual property at the moment you incorporate your startup as an LLC or a Corporation. This name (www.

Defending Groundbreaking Ideas From Killer Competition


One of the most effective ways to protect your intellectual property is to patent it. If you trademark your company’s name , you can establish additional protection in the case of a legal dispute. by Lewis Robinson. It’s finally happened.

The Complete Guide to Registering Your Business Name

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You’ll need to register your business name, and decide what method of doing so is best suited for your specific business needs. See Also Choosing Your Business Name. Trademarking your business name. How to register your business name: 1.

5 Ways To Protect Your Startup From Copycats


Put a Face With Your Company Name. Danielle Tate is a name change expert, on-camera personality, writer, author of a top rated Google newlywed blog and a bridal magazine contributor. Advice For The Young At Heart branding business strategy Danielle Tate intellectual property

Building A Brand? Top 3 Trademark Mistakes To Avoid.


Misunderstand Names and Logos. So you’ve got a great name and a snazzy logo to go with it — is it better to file your trademark as a full logo, or should you trademark just the name itself? If your name is unique enough to achieve registration on its own (e.g.

Update on America’s Slipping Global Competitiveness– Implications for Intellectual Property Development of Senate Bill 515

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patent system and broadly impact intellectual property rights in our country. This morning I gave the keynote speech at the ICAP Ocean Tomo IP auction in San Francisco.


It Should Be A Crime – But Isn’t


I’ve disguised the names and identifying information to protect the victims and the guilty, but the cases are very real. Then, after five years, Lisa discovered her film footage had been used to create a trailer for a film in post-production under another name on Tony’s website.

Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets…How Do You Protect Your Creations?

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In other words, you may have intellectual property. See Also Why You Should Care about Intellectual Property. A thought or notion that’s been floating around your head may be a great idea for a future product or service, but it isn’t yet intellectual property.

What's in a Name?

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Your brand name is only worth as much as you''re willing to protect it. protecting your name with a trademark or service mark is an important step, but so is policing your brand to make sure no one is stealing your name and image.

Top Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make


Finally, completely understand who owns what as the relationship persists, especially in the case of intellectual property (IP). Intellectual property affects the company since its founding. A trademark can be a word, name, logo, or design.

These 8 Disciplines Define A Fundable Entrepreneur

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The name and the type have to fit, or expensive rework will be required later. Register some intellectual property to provide a barrier to entry. Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask me what to do first when starting a business.

4 Deadly Legal Mistakes That Startups Make

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There are three deadly mistakes that relate to intellectual property (IP) ownership, all of which usually surface when the investors conduct their due-diligence investigation: 1. code, logo, domain name, etc.)

John Melanson of Cirrus Logic Named Outstanding Inventor


And this week, Melanson received the Outstanding Inventor Award from the Austin Intellectual Property Law Association. Melanson has worked for more than 40 years in the technology industry, including 15 years […] The post John Melanson of Cirrus Logic Named Outstanding Inventor appeared first on SiliconHills. John Melanson, a senior technical fellow with Cirrus Logic, has 278 U.S. patents and another 91 pending. Melason has more patents that Nikola Tesla.

7 Keys To Market Growth - Think Global, But Act Local

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But it does mean that you think about the global implications at every step of the process: Pick your company and product names carefully. Don’t pick a name for your company or product that has a negative or totally different meaning in another language.

8 Ways To Get Off The Ground With Angel Investors

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Create and highlight your intellectual property portfolio. In addition, your company and social media names are key intellectual property.

The Supreme Court Has Another Chance To Fix The Software Patent Problem

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Seven years ago this was a borderline heretical point of view since it was widely asserted that VCs believed you should patent everything to protect your intellectual property. Of course, this was nonsense and the historical myths surrounding intellectual property, especially the importance and validity of software and business methods, have now been exploded.