[Singapore] Japan’s No.1 Online Mall Rakuten Opens Here


Japan’s top online shopping mall Rakuten has been flying its flag in Singapore for some time now despite not having launched a local version of its site, but it has finally done so – the electronic commerce and Internet service provider has today announced the official commencement of its operations in Singapore.

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State of the Digital Music Industry 2014: An Insider’s View

VC Cafe

Perhaps most promising is the role of internet radio, with the majority of Americans already listening to some internet radio (Edison Research). 2014 will be the year in which internet radio leads the music industry’s growth. AKB48 in Japan…Is this the future of music?

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New study: Britain leads the world in mobile data consumption, m-commerce and internet TV

The Equity Kicker

New research from Ofcom has found that Britain leads the world in usage of several key technologies: Most likely to access TV content over the internet: 23% of us do so every week (USA is second with 17%).

Web 3.0+: The Hyperconnected Global Internet


I overviewed the growth of the global internet and penetration, noting that the future of the Web was going to be driven by emerging countries, as mobile connectivity continues to be more ubiquitous and the West is largely penetrated. Globalization of the Internet. We also have the experience of the Arab Spring, Japan earthquake and, more recently, Occupy Wall Street in the past year to highlight how global the Web has become.

Putting An End To The Biggest Lie On The Internet - Terms of Service


Putting An End To The Biggest Lie On The Internet. It’s long been said that “I agree to the terms of service” is the biggest lie on the internet. Japan. Startups. Mobile. Gadgets. Europe. Video. Enterprise. Venture. Social. GreenTech. Gaming. Opinion. Drama. Guides. Smartphones. Tablets. Digital Cameras. Laptops. Headphones. Events. CrunchBase. Hot topics. Facebook. Twitter. Apple. Google. Android. Disrupt SF. Hackathon. Comment.

Carousell gets cozy with Rakuten to bring its mobile marketplace to Southeast Asia

The Next Web

Carousell is now setting its sights on capturing the audience in Southeast Asia, especially for those who are increasingly accessing the Internet via their mobiles. Apps Asia Entrepreneur e-commerce Japan News Singapore Southeast Asia

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Edge Analytics – The Pros and Cons Of Immediate, Local Insight


The Internet of Things (IoT) brings businesses many benefits, primary access to more data and better insights. Gartner estimates that there will be 25 billion “things” connected to the Internet by 2020. by Jason Bissell and Calvin Hoon, Talend.

3 Reasons to Benefit from the Coming Wave of 5G

The Startup Magazine

The majority of consumers thinks that it’s just a better and faster version of mobile Internet like it was with 4G LTE. It becomes pretty clear that the most significant benefits from the emergence of 5G will get the Internet of Things also well-known as IoT.

41% Of Attack Traffic Originates From China – Akamai


Akamai maintains a distributed set of unadvertised agents deployed across the Internet that log connection attempts, which the company classifies as attack traffic. In the News Akamai Technologies Asia Asia Pacific DDoS Internet report State of the Internet traffic

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The Lean Startup Tokyo edition

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Tuesday, June 9, 2009 The Lean Startup Tokyo edition I had a blast speaking at Startonomics Tokyo , which was organized to foster ties between the startup cultures in Japan and Silicon Valley. I want to thank everybody who helped oragnize the Startonomics Japan event and the whole Geeks on a Plane trip, especially Dave McClure and Founders Fund, who arranged for me to speak in Tokyo.

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[Singapore][Competition] Rakuten Startup Challenge


This challenge comes after the Internet giant set up its Asia-Pacific business headquarters in Singapore last year.

When Winning, the Right Way, is the Only Thing

Growthink Blog

This Saturday was a particular delight, as after playing our game, I took my sons and a few of their teammates to watch an exhibition game between a local traveling team and an all-star team from Tokyo, Japan. People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.

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7 Strategies To Prepare For Global Market Challenges

Startup Professionals Musings

And aging populations in Europe and Japan will join the retiring baby boomers in the U.S. The communication revolution and the advent of the Internet has brought about a new age of globalization.

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My Commencement Speech?—?Life at Your Crossroads

Both Sides of the Table

It is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission After 5 years in Europe I decided I really wanted to work in Japan. But I was struggling to find somebody to bring me to Japan. It was 1999 and I had valuable Internet skills. at least I got to visit Japan!

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Digital Transformation And The Evolution of Apps – What’s The Link?


by Keiichiro Nozaki, Regional Marketing Architect/Evangelist of Asia Pacific, China, and Japan for F5 Networks. Mobile is now a significant driver to the volume of software solutions and apps created, and the coming wave of the Internet of Things (IoT) will only accelerate this trend.

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Interview with Motoko Hunt about Search around the World & SES Chicago 2008

Eric Friedman

In Japan, more than 85% of people search to gather information about the services or products that they plan to purchase. If you are targeting Japan, China and Korea, the mobile search is something you should look into as it’s driving so many traffics in these markets.

Towards a new entrepreneurship

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, January 2, 2010 Towards a new entrepreneurship When I started writing about the lean startup , my aspiration was to do more than just share a handful of tips and tricks that work for consumer internet startups.

Bitcoin Emerges as New Standard in Post-COVID Economy?


Even before Bitcoin became a reality, visionaries like Milton Friedman were predicting the rise of an internet-version of cash, as long ago as 1999. The internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government,” he said at the time.

Soundbites from the future

Start Up Blog

There are 5 senses, and we still can’t experience 3 of them on the internet – so we must complete the connection / transaction off line…. The internet is trying to mimic the real world. This is ahead of the USA, the UK and Japan. The internet is in every second pocket. People born after 1995 have never know life without the internet. They’re not Luddites and facilitate their kids obsession with the internet and technology.

7 Keys To Market Growth - Think Global, But Act Local

Startup Professionals Musings

And aging populations in Europe and Japan will join the retiring baby boomers in the U.S. The communication revolution and the advent of the Internet has brought about a new age of globalization.

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7 Ways To Prepare For A Growing Global Opportunity

Startup Professionals Musings

And aging populations in Europe and Japan will join the retiring baby boomers in the U.S. The communication revolution and the advent of the Internet has brought about a new age of globalization.

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Learn from People, Not Classes

Reid Hoffman

Over the past two decades the internet has reshaped our daily lives and the world of business—so it’s not surprising that it’s transforming how companies develop talent. At the time, PayPal was suffering seemingly endless delays in the launch of PayPal Japan.

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5 Ways To Make Extra Money After You’re Retired


Etsy has over 34 million buyers and is growing each year, making it the best place to sell handcrafted goods on the internet. You will be connected to students in China, South Korea, Japan, and India to help them become more fluent in the English language.

How The 5G Revolution Emerged And How It Will Give Business A Boost


3G emerged from the growth of the internet during the 1990s , which created a demand for mobile phones that could support both SMS texting and multimedia MMS transmission of image, sound and video files. As a tariff war between the U.S.

The Firewall Is Dead – What Can Businesses Do To Protect And Secure Their Brands?


by David Nagrosst, head of sales for Cyxtera Technologies in Asia Pacific, Australia and Japan. Every personal and business computer is connected to the internet these days, which puts people and companies in harm’s way for cyber attacks.

Three Megatrends That Will Affect Everybody’s Business


Statistics show that populations in Europe and Japan are having fewer children, while both places face distressing recent levels of youth unemployment. The internet of everything is on its way. by Professor Dominique V. Turpin, president of IMD.

5 Benefits Of Expanding Your Business Into Global Markets


With the extensive focus on how the internet has divided Americans over the last two years, it’s hard to keep an eye on how it’s benefited businesses worldwide. For example, computer technology is booming in India, and few countries can beat Japan for manufacturing.

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[Singapore] Cisco Celebrates 20 Years In Singapore; Opens New Regional Headquarters


“Singapore’s vision is very much aligned with Cisco’s especially when it comes to Internet and education, two of the great equalizers in life.”

It’s Better to Beg for Forgiveness than to Ask for Permission

Both Sides of the Table

Having grown up in Northern California and living near a Japanese family when I was really young, I always had a fascination with Japan and wanted to live there. They also knew that I was from NorCal, which in 1999 was a huge bonus to foreign companies thinking about Internet strategies.

Divalicious Puts A Shopping Mall In Your Hand


Serial entrepreneur Weyrich has started three Internet companies and three mobile app companies since the age of 22, and recently sold a Catholic Dating service he owned and operated in 2007 to a competitor.

Silicon Valley Is Still Best Place to Build a Startup But…

Hunter Walker

When I got out to Stanford in 1998 it was still the dawn of the consumer commercial internet. Not because VCs or SF hipsters or Stanford undergrads were especially insightful but because the Internet population wasn’t as diverse as it is today. Traffic outside of US, Japan and handful of European countries used to not matter because the internet was primarily ad supported and the majority of the world hadn’t yet brought their businesses online.

Entrepreneurs Should Rollout Local, But Plan Global

Startup Professionals Musings

And aging populations in Europe and Japan will join the retiring baby boomers in the U.S. The communication revolution and the advent of the Internet has brought about a new age of globalization.

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UK second only to US amongst large countries for ‘Digital Evolution’

The Equity Kicker

It’s easier for smaller countries to substantially re-orient themselves, as Singapore in particular has done, so the real point of comparison here are the other large developed countries: the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan.

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Survival Tips From A Seasoned Digital Nomad Who Made It Out The Other Side


Most large Asian cities have reasonable internet connection. Power outages occur almost daily, internet is at best inconsistent, telephone lines are unreliable, and raging storms, floods and even tsunamis offer a life-threatening extra-worry to the list.

Happy blogiversary (my present: a brand new URL)

Startup Lessons Learned

130 posts (and dozens more that mercifully never saw the light of day), tons of comments, and, of course - you, the awesomest subscribers on the internet. Thats the internet for you. Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Happy blogiversary (my present: a brand new URL) Its official: Startup Lessons Learned has passed the one-year mark.

[Asia] Lots of Buttons Sews Up Startup Asia’s Startup Arena Competition


Lots of Buttons took home the grand prize of US$10,000, as well as a fully-paid trip to Tokyo, Japan, to attend Global Brain ‘s annual Global Brain Alliance Forum (GBAF). E-commerce in Asia is big , and rapidly growing.

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Entrepreneurs Need to Think Global From Day One

Startup Professionals Musings

And aging populations in Europe and Japan will join the retiring baby boomers in the U.S. The communication revolution and the advent of the Internet has brought about a new age of globalization.

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Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

Both Sides of the Table

Many people don’t realize that the majority of the monetization of the Internet originated in Los Angeles but was perfected in Silicon Valley. He built & sold iMall in Internet 1.0 The infrastructure phase of the Internet is over.

The World Economic Forum 2014 #WEF14

VC Cafe

Also, today the WEF unveiled the “ Forum Academy “, a Moocs platform in collaboration with EdX to educate anyone with an internet connection on the world’s pressing issues. A Moocs platform to educate anyone with an Internet connection on the world’s pressing issues.

Prepare Your Startup Now for International Markets

Startup Professionals Musings

And aging populations in Europe and Japan will join the retiring baby boomers in the U.S. The communication revolution and the advent of the Internet has brought about a new age of globalization. New entrepreneurs who want to survive, and optimize the growth of their startups, need to think globally, and act locally, from day one.

Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

Steve Blank

I just spent a few weeks in Japan and China on a book tour for the Japanese and Chinese versions of the Startup Owners Manual. But what made the overwhelming impression for me was finding an entrepreneurial software cluster on par with the Internet software portion of Silicon Valley.

Smartphones – The Crucial Thread In The Fashion Retail Marketing Mix?


My company, Planet Retail , conducted a comprehensive consumer research into e-commerce in 10 key countries, covering mature and emerging markets including China, Japan, India and the USA. Indeed, almost half of internet shoppers in China have made a purchase via their cell phones.

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Taking Your Startup Global


If you’re selling automotive parts, China, Japan and South Korea are good bets.”. China alone will have 650 million Internet users in just a few short years, with consumers set to spend $37 billion online by 2015.”.

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