Basic IP Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know


Unless you have baked in the proper IP protection, it’s far too easy for a great idea to be replicated and for you to be out of the game before even getting started. The following are four classes of protected IP: trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

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How Great, Operationally-Focused CFO’s Can Transform Your Business

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One area I’ve had much discussion with the companies in which I’ve invested in is bringing on board an operationally focused CFO. Legal threats from other IP holders? Having an amazing and operationally focused CFO has freed up the rest of the team to achieve even more while giving the board much more confidence in our strategic direction. We hired Steve Pease to run finance and then eventually all operations and it has transformed how we operate.

Protecting IP in Crowdfunded Deals

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Investors will eventually want to validate the intellectual property (IP) prior to investing but not just to hear about the opportunity. During this phase of the investment process, representatives of the investor group may agree to a non-disclosure agreement as part of their validation of the IP. Unfortunately from what I read, crowdfunders expect to invest in the next potential IPO in which IP may play a huge role in the success of the company.

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Putting the Dev in Devops: Bringing Software Engineering to Operations Infrastructure Tooling

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The original idea for this set of tools came from a presentation on Scalable System Operations that a few members of the ops team saw at Velocity in 2012. In homage to Tumblr’s Phil Collins tribute, we named the first ruby script of our own operations toolset after his bandmate Peter Gabriel.

Intellectual Property 101

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If someone asked whether or not your business has Intellectual Property (IP) and your answer is “I do not know” or “I doubt it,” you are not alone. It is difficult to be in a business situation completely devoid of IP worth identifying and protecting.

The Top 5 Intellectual Property Mistakes

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My business doesn’t have IP. 100% of businesses have Intellectual Property (IP). IP is not just for tech businesses or inventors. Even if you simply decide to launch a crowdfunding campaign, you’re exposing your IP to risk. What IP do you have?

Startup Blog: Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights

Taffy Williams

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights In the last few weeks, I was having discussions with a group starting a company in the healthcare field. That is what I advised the NewCo to do, try to get all the IP under one company.

Intellectual Property for Startups in the Real World


Last month we covered the basics of intellectual property (IP) for startups, including a simple taxonomy, some common issues and related documents for entrepreneurs to use when forming a new startup. I’d like to take a step back and discuss the significance of IP as a component of the overall value that founders intend to create as they grow the company. How much is it worth investing in cultivating and enforcing an IP portfolio ?

How to Protect Your Startup IP

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Not protecting your business’ IP or unwittingly infringing someone else’s can be a really costly unforced error. This week Allonn Levy of Hopkins & Carley and Glenn McCrae, EGFS’ Strategy Officer, gave a webinar on how to avoid the biggest mistakes startups make with IP. Mistake #1 — Failure to register IP. Ideas, processes, or method of operation.

The Law on Fonts and Typefaces: Frequently Asked Questions

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is a party (such as the Berne Convention ) operate under a common principle (called “national treatment&# ) which holds that a country must treat foreigners and locals equally. The right typeface is often the key to a great logo, graphic or web design.

Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

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i-nigma was successfully deployed by hundreds of enterprises, among them operators, advertisers, integrators and solution providers. The MBW base stations’multi radio mesh architecture enables cellular operators to build large-scale networks and deliver high data volumes.

How Do You Set Up Operations In The US And Why? Interview With Microtask CEO


Microtask has been putting in a lot of effort in the recent year or so to expand their operations beyond the Finnish borders. ArcticStartup (AS): What led you to build operations into the US, and more specifically the Valley?

Creating a Tech or Biotech: The Entrepreneur

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Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights A Few Great Links to Startup Articles ► April (11) Beyond Rumsfeld by (Stephen A. Virtual Work Force: by Don Alexander Intellectual Property (IP) and Know-how: Defined “Show Me the Money&# : Is This the Right Business Op.

Business Intelligence in a Wiki World!

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Analytics provided by the BI department while intended to focus the organization on their core operations and progress toward aligning to their strategic objectives, increasingly can be the impetus for transformational change.

Startup Blog: Intellectual Property: How Do I Get Rights to Patents?

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There are a few ways to obtain the rights to IP for your NewCo. But, for you or your NewCo to obtain licenses or acquisitions of rights to IP, make sure you are negotiating with the CORRECT owner of those technology rights. Startup Blog Steps to consider to start and grow a company.

Proof that speeding up websites improves online business.

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We’ve seen hard evidence from major web operators like Shopzilla, Google, and Microsoft. Google Analytics’ IP filtering was used to block out internal users, which might distort numbers too.

LXC – Automating Containers aka Virtual Madness (Part 2)

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The first numerically available IP address in any of our VM subnets is allocated to the Bob by iterating through reverse DNS lookups on the range until an NXDOMAIN is returned. An LXC config file is then created using the IP address and other options. Presenting Virtual Madness!

Robots, Graphs, and Binary Search

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The full list has over 1800 records, but here’s a sample: So given this list, and an incoming IP address, how can one quickly tell who it belongs too, if anyone? engineering operations securityWe love our human customers. That said we get a lot of traffic from robots too.


Clean Up Before Raising Funding

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The complexity and depth of this process will vary depending on the stage of funding you’re at (it gets more intense in subsequent rounds), and how the VCs operate, but there’s any number of things that can throw a wrench in the process. (Powered by LaunchBit ).

Startup Blog: Stuck? Mix it up a bit!

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You can make flawless business or operating plans. It can occur with most any operation in the company. Here are a few ideas for consideration: Review the Situation: It does no good to stay locked into a mode of operating assuming that it has to work when it is not producing results.

Christine: Mobile IM and IP: the Web Portal Killers

Main | How the Internet is Transforming Television Distribution » Mobile IM and IP: the Web Portal Killers Mobile presence, availability, and community were the central issues brought to Spring 2006 VON by Borough Turner of NMS Communications. Christine (.net)

Corporate Acquisitions of Startups: Why Do They Fail?

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What gets lost when a large company looks at the rationale for an acquisition (IP, team, product, users) is that startups are run by founders searching for a business model. Often they have brought in an operating executive as the new CEO.

Startup Blog: Virtual Work Force: by Don Alexander

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I am preparing the next section on IP for this blog which I hope to have completed in the near future. Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights A Few Great Links to Startup Articles ► April (11) Beyond Rumsfeld by (Stephen A.

I-Corps @ NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

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Activities cover clinical trials, FDA approvals, Freedom to Operate (IP, Licenses) software development, drug or device design, etc. Resources may be CRO’s, CPT consultants, IP, Financial or Human resources (regardless of whether they’re consultants or employees.).

Is This Startup Ready For Investment?

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The heart of the therapeutics IRL also required “Proof of relevance” – was there a path to revenues fully articulated, an operational plan defined. Since 2005 startup accelerators have provided cohorts of startups with mentoring, pitch practice and product focus.

3 Ways Structure Can Take Your Tech Startup To New Heights


Whether it’s burn rates, balance sheets, or P&L and cash flow statements, financial documents say a lot about your operations — and you need to be able to speak the language. Look no further than Google and Oracle , and you’ll see that no company is immune from IP impasses.

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NDA Stealth Mode and Sharing Your Startup Concept


Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 3: The Best Defense is a Good IP Strategy First Rule of Fight Club Does NOT Apply Worry About People Listening To You, Not About Them Stealing Your Ideas If you love your idea, set it free….

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NDA Stealth Mode and Sharing Your Startup Concept


Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 3: The Best Defense is a Good IP Strategy First Rule of Fight Club Does NOT Apply Worry About People Listening To You, Not About Them Stealing Your Ideas If you love your idea, set it free….

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Startups and intellectual property: how much is a muse worth?

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Every now and then, a comment merits its own post: I have a question regarding IP rights. The question is whose idea is it and who owns an IP for it? There is a legal standard as to what constitutes full IP ownership. I will not pretend to fully understand it but the gist is that it requires non-trivial input for someone to co-own IP with you. It’s just part of how high-tech operates. If it were, someone would try to buy the company for the IP.

Kernel Debugging 101

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The code at the end of the previous section tells us a null pointer dereference was the cause of the crash, and it gives us some clues as to what happened: IP: [<ffffffff8142bb40>] __netif_receive_skb+0x60/0x6e0. So let’s start poking at the memory to see what specifically happened: IP: [<ffffffff8142bb40>] __netif_receive_skb+0x60/0x6e0. But we’ll still be sleeping with one eye open… engineering operations

Christine: Deployment Challenges for WiFi Operators

« Etech 2006 Photos | Main | The Impact of Voice/VoIP on MMOGs » Deployment Challenges for WiFi Operators A coterie of network operators got together at Spring 2006 VON to discuss growth drivers, challenges, and roadmaps around WiFi deployments (and specifically, voice over WiFi).

Christine: Sprints ILEC-Hosted IP Centrex Deployment Strategy

« How the Big Guys Support VoIP Through Mesh Network Transitions | Main | Why Sling Media is Protecting Consumer Freedom » Sprints ILEC-Hosted IP Centrex Deployment Strategy How are ILECs and CLECs propping up their market share in traditional TDM voice services? Christine (.net)

Are You An Internet Entrepreneur In Colorado? Oppose PIPA!

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If you are a entrepreneur in Colorado who is working on something related to the Internet, please consider signing the following letter to Senator Udall and Senator Bennet opposing the Protect IP (PIPA) Act. As entrepreneurs in Colorado, we are writing because the Protect IP Act, now moving through the Senate (along with its House counterpart), poses a significant risk to the innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation that has characterized the Internet’s development.

What Businesses Need To Know In The Wake Of The Equifax Breach


Switching to older browsers and operating systems. And seeing multiple new accounts coming from the same IP address or device is a red flag for a single person creating many accounts. by Jason Tan, CEO of Sift Science.

How to Avoid Innovation Theater: The Six Decisions To Make Before Establishing an Innovation Outpost

Steve Blank

Startups are developing IP relevant to the disruption. Innovation Outposts most often fail when they come up with innovations no operating division wants and/or the company refuses to fund.

How to get a job in Venture Capital

Jason Ball's TechBytes

You’ll have insight into big company M&A (they will be your customer as a VC) and you’ll have some operational skills. 3) Work in the industry - Accelerators, PR, HR, Design, IP – whatever. 4) Fix a portfolio company- This works if you have operational skills. I get asked this question a *lot*. I wrote a post about it back in 2006 on the topic that I could point people to, but it looks a little light, so I thought I’d post an update.

Public Wi-Fi Security Threats and How to Avoid them

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This will take you to a different server at an entirely different location, enabling you to access public network without giving away your actual IP address. When you are done, just turn the public Wi-Fi off, disable VPN, and you will return to your device’s original IP once again.

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Legal Issues Behind Running A Small Business


A business operation entails many transactions and agreements that should be recorded in written form. In a business operation, you deal with a lot of leases, whether involving your location or equipment. by Melissa Page.

Qualcomm’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Program – Lessons Learned (Part 2)

Steve Blank

Doing so meant they would have to take risks for IP acquisition and customer/market risks outside their experience or comfort zone. I ran into Ricardo Dos Santos and his amazing Qualcomm Venture Fest a few years ago and was astonished with its breath and depth.

Copywrong Again: Founding the Next Pinterest or Napster?


Copyright is not the only type of IP right implicated — and others such as rights of privacy and publicity become increasingly relevant in the age of social media — but it provides many of the most accessible examples.