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Startups and IP Ownership Issues

Scott Edward Walker

For many startups, intellectual property (IP) is their most valuable asset. Any IP created or acquired by a founder (e.g.,

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Intellectual Property 101

Up and Running

It is difficult to be in a business situation completely devoid of IP worth identifying and protecting. IP is a not just a legal issue.

Startup Blog: Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights

Taffy Williams

The diagnostic business would have the potential to allow a more rapid entry to the market place and obtain early revenues. 3 years). Now what?

Legal Checklist for Startups

Scott Edward Walker

Button-down IP ownership and assignment issues (see post here ). None of this is rocket science.

Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 3: The Best Defense is a Good IP Strategy

Steve Blank

Early on in my career I took a “we’re moving too fast to deal with lawyers” attitude to patents and Intellectual Property (IP.) Type of IP. _. Your intellectual property may be an additional revenue stream or may add substantial value to your company. Outside the U.S. Most of this post is from Dan’s lecture. Examples. _. Patent.

Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

VC Cafe

Improves customer experience during sale, after sale and support interactions while generating revenues and reducing operational costs. Asocs.

Shout Out to Seth Levine, or the In-N-Out burger startup

Scalable Startup

Shout Out to Seth Levine – Seth Levine’s VC Adventure – “I’m getting sick of the bull$%!^” ” [link]. link]. link].

Google Going All In on Mobile

Venture Chronicles

The tech media, and general media as well, is all a flutter about Google acquiring Motorola Mobility (note that this is one part of Motorola, the other being their Solutions group which is 2x the size of Mobility in terms of revenue). Uncategorized Android Google IP Microsoft mobile Motorola RIM

I-Corps @ NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

Steve Blank

CROs or Payers may ultimately be a resource, a partner or a revenue source, but until you get them signed up they’re first a customer.

Corporate Acquisitions of Startups: Why Do They Fail?

Steve Blank

buy out an entire company for its revenue and profits. For decades large companies have gone shopping in Silicon Valley for startups. So what?

3 Ways Structure Can Take Your Tech Startup To New Heights


by Gadiel Morantes , chief revenue officer at Early Growth Financial Services. A Jenga tower is a precariously built one. Build It Right.

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4 Deadly Legal Mistakes That Startups Make

Scott Edward Walker

IP Ownership. and the employee handbook to determine if there are any provisions that may give the prior employer rights to your startup’s IP.

How to Make Sure Professional Services Don’t Take Over Your Software Company

Both Sides of the Table

I think it’s important for enterprise startups to layer in professional services into your revenue stream. in PS revenue on top of $7.5m

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Is This Startup Ready For Investment?

Steve Blank

Since 2005 startup accelerators have provided cohorts of startups with mentoring, pitch practice and product focus. —-. Medical Devices.

StartupRoar - Great Content for Startups


Today I join Ben Yoskovitz , Vinicius Vacanti , Jill Hubbard Bowman and Steve Blank and others in announcing the launch of StartupRoar.

Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

Both Sides of the Table

They have have raised $2-3 million, built a product that has some amount of market traction and got to annualized revenues of around $1 million.

White-Label Mobile App Users: Who Owns Them?

The Startup Lawyer

If a startup gets paid via a revenue share arrangement, the potential exists for the large company to exercise their early-termination rights and get their white-label app’s users free-of-charge (or worse, the IP). Tags: Startup Issues IP mobile applications white label Nothing New. Different issues and incentives apply.

Fear of Failure and Lack of Speed In a Large Corporation

Steve Blank

They’ve figured out the revenue model (subscription, license, direct sale, etc.) Therefore, in a large company, failure to meet a goal – revenue, product delivery, service, etc.– I just spent a day working with Bob, the Chief Innovation Officer of a very smart large company I’ll call Acme Widgets. —-. What Drives Innovation?

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How Would You Build a Movie Studio if You Started Today?

Both Sides of the Table

They are doing tens of millions in revenue and the first product hasn’t even been live for 2 years. I took the bait. Look at Harry Potter.

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How to Avoid Innovation Theater: The Six Decisions To Make Before Establishing an Innovation Outpost

Steve Blank

Startups are developing IP relevant to the disruption. —– Corporate Leadership’s Innovation Outpost Decision Process. Sold?

Why The Media Has Been Wrong About YouTube Networks

Both Sides of the Table

Along with Greycroft Partners we were the first investors in Maker Studios 3 years ago when the company had no revenue and limited infrastructure.

Social Change Through Social Media: Kip Solutions

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

’” says Ip. Currently, Kip Solutions has 12 clients worldwide, and projected revenue of $508,000 for 2012. ”

Mojang growing strong: posts €234 million revenue


Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, tell the Wall Street Journal that their revenue has increased 38% over last year to SEK 2.07

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7 Lessons They Don’t Teach You In Crowdfunding School

Startup Professionals Musings

Project your costs as diligently as your revenues. Keep all IP details close to the vest. How can you go wrong?

What Should You Do with Your Crappy Little Services Business?

Both Sides of the Table

You own the IP you create. In a down market IP can become a huge differentiator. This post originally appeared on TechCrunch. interest?

Notes on the acquisition process

Chris Dixon

Don’t use a banker unless your company is late stage and you are selling based on a multiple of profits or revenues. The most prominent one lately is “IP indemnification.” Ten years ago, startups financing was an insider’s game. There is an old saying that startups are bought not sold. The earlier the better. -

Anyfi Networks Introduces New Revenue Model For ISPs With Easy Wi-Fi Over IP Roaming


You can think of it as Wi-Fi over IP.&#. On business models – scale or revenue? Check out the video below for more info.

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10 Incredible Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Growthink Blog

And I was one of the early adapters of Voice Over IP. REVENUES & RESULTS 8. I was the last of my friends to get a cell phone.

9 Ways to Get More Out of Google Analytics

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Filter IP addresses Certain visits to your website distort your analytics. Already know and love Google's data tools?

What is the Right Burn Rate at a Startup Company?

Both Sides of the Table

So if your costs are $500,000 per month and you have $350,000 per month in revenue then your net burn (500-350) is equal to $150,000. But those of us with longer memories remember that the revenue line can move south very quickly when the market overall turns south. ” I highly recommend reading it. Let’s set up a framework.

The Advanced Guide to Transactional Emails That Convert


The same report states that transactional emails also generate more revenue per email than promotional emails. Tweet It!]. via Litmus). Content.

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Venture Debt 101

Up and Running

If you’re generating a lot of revenue, you can get incredibly low-interest rates. Revenue. The downsides of venture debt? No, it’s not.

The Unbiased And Updated Guide To Selecting The Right Hosting Company


by Matt Janaway, owner of Are you concerned about the speed of your website? Step #1: Know Your Needs. Step #2: Compare Server Uptimes.

30 Machine Intelligence Startups to Watch in Israel

VC Cafe

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be eating the world. Some examples: AI will be the new mobile. Chris Rust, Clear Ventures). source).

Building the Global Startup

John O'Farrell

Google rocketed from zero to almost $350M in revenue in four years—80% of it from the United States market. Protect your IP .

Retooling Marketing in a B2B Company

Venture Chronicles

Ping Identity has gone through a top to bottom transformation in marketing over the last year.

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Understand the tricks Multinationals use to avoid paying tax

Start Up Blog

In case you don’t know, many of them of have the pleasure of only paying 1% tax on their revenue. They pay 10% on the $9 revenue they get.

The investment that didn’t happen

K9 Ventures

Modista had only had modest revenue to date (~5K) and had by no means gotten to the point where it was having an impact on the revenues of

Anyfi Networks Introduces New Revenue Model For ISPs With Easy Wi-Fi Over IP Roaming


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The Intersection of SEO and CRO (and How to Maximize Long Term Growth)


Treat Googlebot just like any other user and don’t hard-code our user-agent or IP address.”. It’s not hurting your revenue.

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