How Live-Streaming is Changing Social Media

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How Live-Streaming is Changing Social Media written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Mike and I talk all about social media marketing, specifically live-streaming – why it’s useful and how it can help you promote your business.

Social Media Accounts are Intellectual Property

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When someone says Intellectual Property (IP), most entrepreneurs think only of patents. In reality, patents are only one of at least eight items that should be in your IP portfolio. Social media accounts. entrepreneur startup social media intellectual property business

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Social Media, CrossFit Style

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If you cross CrossFit online, the company''s social media squad will come after you--hard. The voice on the other end of the line was from CrossFit’s media offices.

Twitter Link Roundup #117 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

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These posts and videos are about logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! Current Trends in Social News Website Design - [link]. Obama Administration Comes Out Against SOPA And Protect IP – [link]. Related posts: Twitter Link Roundup #89 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More.

Every Startup Needs Intellectual Property To Thrive

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When someone says Intellectual Property (IP), most entrepreneurs think only of patents. In reality, patents are only one of at least eight items that should be in your IP portfolio. Social media accounts. intellectual property IP patent portfolio

Why Your Company NEEDS to Start Playing Pokémon Go

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Obviously, there’s going to be some drop-off when it comes to daily spend as the hype wears out, but Pokémon has a number of benefits that could add to its stickiness, including a beloved IP and ample avenues to expand its content offerings in order to keep users coming back.

Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

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Number of Likes represents social awesomeness. Number of Likes represents social awesomeness. It turns out that Marketers, especially Digital Marketers, make really silly mistakes when it comes to data. Big data. Small data. Any data.

Intellectual Property for Startups in the Real World


Last month we covered the basics of intellectual property (IP) for startups, including a simple taxonomy, some common issues and related documents for entrepreneurs to use when forming a new startup. I’d like to take a step back and discuss the significance of IP as a component of the overall value that founders intend to create as they grow the company. How much is it worth investing in cultivating and enforcing an IP portfolio ?

Optimizing Your Tweets for Search

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Twitter’s among the most powerful social networks in the world for brand awareness – which is why it’s of the utmost importance that you know how to tap into it. In the right hands, Twitter may well be among the most powerful social networks in the world. I suspect this is tied to the nature of the social network. It’s a social network they go to in order to share and discover new content; in order to share their stream of thought with the world.

Small Business and Startups: The Trends for 2014 (Pt II)

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Outsourcing social media. Many small business owners are devoting a significant chunk of their capacity to social media marketing, albeit sometimes with limited results.

Business Intelligence in a Wiki World!

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The discussions weigh the pros and cons of when it is best to foster creativity through opening up their research to collaboration and when Intellectual Property (IP) should be preserved. The ability to incorporate social purposes that may go beyond the core competency of the company.

How and Why to Create Smarter Content

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To gain full access to this level of personalization you must use a tool such as Google Analytics or Spring Metrics (a client) that can allow you to access publicly available data on your visitors such as IP address and location. Social tells story.

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StartupRoar - Great Content for Startups


This site aggregates and filters content from thought leaders who talk about topics such as Marketing , Sales , Design , Revenue , Hiring , Social Media , Business Models , Metrics , PR , Venture Capital , Angel Investors , Bootstrapping , Incubators , Agile and many others.

How to optimize your business with a mobile app

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Not to mention, mobile data traffic will grow three times faster than fixed IP traffic. With audiences becoming increasingly reliant on their mobile devices for social media, productivity, and their most important research touchpoints, your business cannot afford to lag behind.

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Top 4 Content Marketing Metrics

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New Users are the number of people viewing the site for the first time (or for the first time on their particular IP address) while returning users are returning to view your content again. This is the total number of unique IP Addresses that have accessed your site in the filter window.

3 Ways to Grow Your Startup

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1 SEO and Social Media Campaigns. If your start-up is not making the most out of its website and social media accounts, then this should be the first place that you look to expand your efforts.

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8 Intellectual Property Items Every Startup Needs

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When someone says Intellectual Property (IP), most entrepreneurs think only of patents. In reality, patents are only one of at least eight items that should be in your IP portfolio. Social media accounts.

How to Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

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Internationally recognized as the “LinkedIn Expert,” Viveka has made a career out of teaching people how to make social media networking work for them. The first 100 listeners will receive a FREE IP phone for every line (each an $85 value)!

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From Agency to Enterprise Software: The Evolution of Buddy Media

This is going to be BIG.

The other day I wrote a post about the lack of Enterprise Software disruption coming out of NYC —and a lot of people responded that I wasn’t citing Buddy Media. When I looked at the site, it had the term “Social Enterprise Software” written all over it.

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Avoid Wasting Time

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“We don’t have budget for that this year” “I don’t believe in social media advertising.” One of the questions I’m most often asked by CEOs is how to hire sales people.

5 Affordable Ways to Strengthen Your Team

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Even social media—Facebook and GroupMe chats or groups, for example—can be great places for employees to chat, ask questions, and even blow off steam, though it’s certainly not foolproof. If you can trust them, then you can more than likely trust their use of social media.

7 Lessons They Don’t Teach You In Crowdfunding School

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Keep all IP details close to the vest. They forget about the platform fee -- typically 5 percent -- taxes on pledges, preparation and social media commitment to prepare and execute the campaign, and the give-back required if you don’t meet your goal.

The 7 Unholy Lies Your Analytics Are Telling You (and How to Discover the Gospel Truth)


Each time you integrate with a new tool, add new social media buttons, and make other changes to your site in an effort to get more traffic and more conversions, you are likely to check your site more frequently. Hidden Social Media Traffic. Shared social is tricky.

Marketing Insights to Increase Growth and Exposure

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Steimle was ranked #7 on Richtopia’s list of Top 100 Most Influential CMOs , and data from social media research firm Leadtail recently ranked Steimle #11 on their list of People Most Mentioned and Retweeted by CMOs.

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Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


IP Law for Startups , June 23, 2010 Groupon’s Growth Made Possible by Facebook - Leveraging Ideas , May 5, 2010 Automating Themed Logo Changes by Season - An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey , October 18, 2010 Selling a Business - A Guide for Investors and Entrepreneurs - Angel Blog , February 28, 2010 Minimum Viable Product in practice - Guy Nirpaz , October 17, 2010 Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders?

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Copywrong Again: Founding the Next Pinterest or Napster?


Copyright is not the only type of IP right implicated — and others such as rights of privacy and publicity become increasingly relevant in the age of social media — but it provides many of the most accessible examples.

If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!


Michael Melfi is an IP attorney, entrepreneur coach, investor, media personality and four-time author. By Michael S. Melfi JD, MBA. We have all heard the old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Legal Issues Behind Running A Small Business


As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are protecting your IP and not committing IP infringement. When she’s not busy writing or working on her friends’ group blog, Word Baristas , she’s busy monitoring her social media profiles for opportunities.

Google Analytics Health Check: Is Your Configuration Broken?


Is the office IP address filtered out? Are the IP addresses of your affiliates filtered out (agencies, freelancers, etc.)? Is your home IP address filtered out? Are the IP addresses of remote employees filtered out?

This Is How to Optimize Your Business Blog: 14 Powerful WordPress Plugins

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Login LockDown limits the number of login attempts from a given IP range within a certain time period. You will also be able to optimize each post for social media by fully customizing the settings of the plugin. Floating Social Bar.

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Tahosa’s Summit: 6 Months [Series]

Non-Linear Growth

Don’t forget all of your social media profiles, and the legal names of the LLC’s you’ve set up. Hire an IP attorney to help you through the process and some good marketing people if you can afford them. I enjoy reading blog posts of entrepreneurs that chronicle the journey of starting and building a business. The ones I enjoy most are at times heart-breaking and at other times triumphant. The most memorable are always always authentic and introspective.

Venture Capitalists, Super Angels and the State of Startup Funding

Contact Us Submit News Contact Us Write for Us Spark of Genius Series Mashable | The Social Media Guide Business Mashable on Facebook Join Us! 38 New Social Media Resources You May. 4 Winning Strategies for Social Media. SCVNGR Makes Major Enhancements to iP.

30 Machine Intelligence Startups to Watch in Israel

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This is done by enriching transaction data points such as name, email address, and billing and shipping address with around 2,000 extra data points, such as an IP latency check to measure the real distance from the user, IP connection type, distance between key strokes, and email name match.

8 Applications You Should Hunt Down On Your Network


Media Streaming. More than any other category of application, media streaming services can consume a significant amount of bandwidth, and therefore run the risk of impacting legitimate business activities. Social Media. By Leon Adato, Head Geek, SolarWinds.

What Google's Penguin Algorithm Means for Your Business

Jobs Events Try Our New Social News App Welcome to Mashable! social media = we were an advertising or public relations firm in 2010. Get people who know about IP address, HTML and its impact on ranking, QR codes, NFC and other 21st Century marketing tools. Latest Social Media News. The Social Good Brief. Latest Media News. Social Media Lists. Social Network Lists. Social Media. Social Networking.

9 Ways You're Ruining Your Online Reputation

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Anyone considering hiring or doing business with you -- not just today but for the rest of your life -- will Google you and check out your social media presence. These days, anyone with a Twitter account and an IP address is a CEO.

Tech Events in China you Shouldn’t Miss This Year

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Media Pass – $0. Social Media. Our conferences bring together entrepreneurs, investors, medias, corporations, developers and students to learn about the startup community. Social Media. Social Media. Social Media.

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The Billion Dollar Breakthrough You Missed

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Do this experiment: Make a list of the new digital technologies (AI, Social Media, Internet of Things, Robotics). Then, make a list next to it of your existing products and IP portfolio. Why and How are Billions in Potential Innovation Left On The Table?

9 Ways to Get More Out of Google Analytics

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Set Up "campaign tagging" Wherever you promote your site, whether it's on Google, through a paid advertising campaign, or through social media, you need to create URLs that identify the source and nature of the visit. Already know and love Google's data tools?

Focus Bonus Exercise


We all know someone, even if it’s just a connection through social media – the person who owns a business or is running a company and finds time to complete incredible athletic feats, contribute to charities and worthwhile causes, all while taking amazing vacations around the world.