Cutting-edge Security Technology for Construction Sites

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Fortunately, there are a number of state-of-the-art security technologies that construction company owners can employ to keep their sites well-protected. This type of technology includes HD cameras with IP connectivity, motion sensors, vibration detectors, time lapse photography and more.

Basic IP Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know


Unless you have baked in the proper IP protection, it’s far too easy for a great idea to be replicated and for you to be out of the game before even getting started. The following are four classes of protected IP: trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

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Traction is the new IP

Version One Ventures

“Traction is the new IP ” sums up perfectly how the technology space has evolved over the past decade due to the nature of the web. It’s also important to realize how little value investors therefore put on IP when investing in a company. If traction is the new IP, the question still remains if your startup should file a patent if you see an opportunity.

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Protecting IP in Crowdfunded Deals

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Investors will eventually want to validate the intellectual property (IP) prior to investing but not just to hear about the opportunity. During this phase of the investment process, representatives of the investor group may agree to a non-disclosure agreement as part of their validation of the IP. Unfortunately from what I read, crowdfunders expect to invest in the next potential IPO in which IP may play a huge role in the success of the company.

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IP-Delivered TV: Are We There Yet?

Andrew Payne

I’ve always felt television, in the limit, will be delivered over IP. Specialized, proprietary cable TV distribution is gradually giving way to big, fast, cheap IP pipes. Of course, HTML5 & native apps will enable the long-awaited vision of “interactive TV” I’ve written about this before (going back years): One more step to IP-delivered television (2008). The problem isn’t technology; it’s the business model.

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Startup Blog: Intellectual Property (IP) and Know-how: Defined

Taffy Williams

Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. The discussion of IP is sufficiently important to the NewCo that it will take more than one article to get the basics down.

Startup Blog: Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights

Taffy Williams

Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. Tuesday, May 3, 2011 Think Ahead When You are Negotiating IP Rights In the last few weeks, I was having discussions with a group starting a company in the healthcare field.

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Should a Founder License IP to a Startup?

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Often a startup founder will desire to license his or her intellectual property to a new startup venture, rather than transfer ownership to the startup at incorporation via a technology assignment agreement. Founder IP License Problem. Even if the founder offers the startup a completely startup-favorable license, the founder IP license scenario should be a non-starter for most startups. Founder IP Should Become Startup IP.

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When Old IP Comes Back From the Dead

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What does that have to do with your IP strategy? The technology is clever and slick. There are multiple types of IP in this example. If this holographic entertainment goes on tour, it could turn into a whole lot of very real money because of what all that IP makes possible.

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Israel & Japan: Konnichi Wa to Collaboration, Sayonara to Stagnation

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To reduce risk, many foreign technology firms maintain R&D abroad, with local distributors overseeing localization, sales and marketing. Also, patent review is slower than Europe, as noted by Maier Fenster of IP firm Ehlich & Fenster in his presentation IP in Japan.

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Christine: Mobile IM and IP: the Web Portal Killers

net) technology and society Tweets follow me on Twitter Snaps www. As explored in Turners session, heres how mobile IM/IP could become Web portal killers: Were always present Christine (.net)

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Leading Life Sciences IP Team Joins Cooley in Seattle

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she represented emerging growth technology companies and venture capital firms in various transactions including mergers and. major business and technology centers across the United States: Palo Alto, CA, New York, NY, San biotechnology patent matters, with particular focus on U.S. and international patent procurement, strategic patent portfolio.

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[Malaysia] National Instruments Opens NI-AIN Lab In Technology Park


Automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software provider National Instruments has announced the opening of National Instruments Academy & Innovation Nucleus (NI-AIN), a shared services lab facility in Technology Park Malaysia comprising over RM20 million (~US$6.25

For IP Security at Startups, "Later" Isn't Soon Enough


IP theft is happening a lot more in startups," says Chris Porter, senior security analyst at Verizon and coauthor of Verizon's recently released 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report. "IP IP theft and other data breaches at startups are definitely trending up.". A brilliant idea.

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Hosted PBX, A Revelation In Telecommunications Technology


Telephonic technology has gone several notches high with the arrival of Hosted PBX. This business telecommunication technology is gradually taking the world by storm. Users are getting a sophisticated network technology of new generation without large scale investment.

Christine: Sprints ILEC-Hosted IP Centrex Deployment Strategy

net) technology and society Tweets follow me on Twitter Snaps www. Leverage years of IP Centrex learnings immediately 2. Christine (.net) flick Recent Posts Rentalic and appbackr Win $150,000 PayPal Challenge Last Chance for First Round Office Hours in 2009!

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Intellectual Property for Startups in the Real World


Last month we covered the basics of intellectual property (IP) for startups, including a simple taxonomy, some common issues and related documents for entrepreneurs to use when forming a new startup. I’d like to take a step back and discuss the significance of IP as a component of the overall value that founders intend to create as they grow the company. How much is it worth investing in cultivating and enforcing an IP portfolio ?

Intellectual Property 101

Up and Running

If someone asked whether or not your business has Intellectual Property (IP) and your answer is “I do not know” or “I doubt it,” you are not alone. It is difficult to be in a business situation completely devoid of IP worth identifying and protecting.

Nuts & Bolts of Intellectual Property for New Startups


Having covered all the bases to ensure that your corporate name is available, the domain name can be acquired, and the name doesn’t infringe any existing trademarks (as we discussed last week ), now is a good time to look at the categories of intellectual property (IP) that are relevant to most startups. Second in importance only to talented people, IP in all its forms is the key asset comprising most of the value of any tech startup.

Startup Blog: Getting Rights to the Technology

Taffy Williams

Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. The next segments will address a search and acquisition of the rights to the technology for your intended products.

Telco R&D Centers in Israel Scorecard

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Next month, one of the leading European operators is expected to announce a dedicated, Israel-focused venture capital fund. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to innovation clusters, some telcos are getting a better ROI from Israel than others. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Four Technologies That You Absolutely Need In Your Office


From a technology standpoint, what can you afford to leave off the shopping list and what is right up there at the top? So ensure that you have Voice over IP (VoIP) set up, as this will allow you to utilize phone lines and internet lines to communicate through voice, image and video.

Startup Blog: Select Technology and Negotiate Rights

Taffy Williams

Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. Thursday, April 7, 2011 Select Technology and Negotiate Rights Several aspects of selecting a technology have already been discussed as has the intro to licensing terms.

How to License Great Technology

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Consider licensing already-existing technology instead. There's a popular image of entrepreneurs as brilliant coders or scientists, working round the clock to perfect some seemingly-obscure bit of technology that will nonetheless change the world.

[Event] [Singapore] Techventure 2011: A Sign of Increasing Asian Technology Innovation


But those same words could easily be applied to the Singapore-based technology entrepreneurs present at Techventure 2011. Plans for more Singapore-based technology incubators. Talent, as well as technology, is flowing in this direction.

Bad Technology That Won't Die

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The speed at which technology evolves has never been faster. You typically have to type in an IP address like The problem is that the screen technology is just not that convincing. Usually hardware and software improve with time. But not always.

Bankruptcy Forces Sale of Valuable Satellite-Based Global Communications Technology

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corporate and private buyers, IP attorneys and venture capitalists who wish to maximize the value of are available online for viewing at the U.S. About IpAuctions Established in 2000,

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Startup Blog: A great ?leave piece? for partnering your technology.

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Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. Wednesday, June 1, 2011 A great “leave piece&# for partnering your technology (by Linda Pullan, Ph.D.) Licensing Technologies from Universities – Tips fo.

Glory Days for US Technology

Seeing Both Sides

The US technology industry has never been in better shape, and has arguably entered what may become one of the greatest sector growth eras in business history. Lost in the news of the tepid (now maybe solid) recovery over the last year is that the top US technology firms have become absolute world beaters and are surging through the recovery. Think of the bandwidth IP video is going to require over the next 5 years. The best news of all - it's glory days for US technology

How To Protect Your Business With Intellectual Property Rights

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Protecting your Intellectual Property is an essential component of running a business and in the early stages when there’s so much to sort out; it’s often understandable that your IP rights get pushed down the ever-expanding “to-do” list. Essentially protecting your IP makes it easier to pursue legal action if someone steals or copies your work. Technology. IP rights provide protection against someone directly copying your idea.

Startup Blog: Inventions & Patents are Critical - The Technology.

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Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. You will have to be extremely careful about the technology selection process and the IP that protects it. · Plan for IP costs and the protection of them.

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Startup Blog: Licensing Technologies from Universities ? Tips for.

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Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. Knowing the specific goals of the university from which an entrepreneur wishes to license a technology enables the negotiators to craft a better deal for all those concerned.

University technology transfer - why so difficult?

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Universities produce lots of research, patents, and base technologies. Research focuses on advancing technology without being constrained by business requirements. Product development starts with examination of customer needs and business requirements, and matches existing technologies to the problems. These startups represent the best technologies and teams that have commercial viability. The startups included; HydroGen Technologies - Boston University.

Business Intelligence in a Wiki World!

Active Garage

The discussions weigh the pros and cons of when it is best to foster creativity through opening up their research to collaboration and when Intellectual Property (IP) should be preserved.

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The Oracle Way

Mark Birch

No longer beholden to closed mainframe systems with arcane reporting capabilities, this new database allow companies to build more and better systems and technology companies to offer more flexible business applications. They do not build innovative technology.

Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

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The Mobile World Congress , possibly the largest International technology conference and definitely the most important mobile conference of the year is taking place in Barcelona this February 14-17. Ceedo Technologies. Runcom Technologies. IBM Global Technology.

Cornell Tech Company: Agronomic Technology Corp (Part 1), Guest Post by Deb Eichten


Cayuga Venture Fund recently closed an investment in a company called Agronomic Technology Corp (ATC). Part 1 of 2 part posting by guest blogger Debra Eichten, Entrepreneurship at Cornell staff, interview with the founders of Agronomic Technology. The resulting product adapt-N has become the initial offering of Agronomic Technology. Steve Silbulkin, CEO Agronomic Technology Group ]: “An entrepreneur must understand if there is a market opportunity.

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Innovative Technology and Design Prototypes from Israel’s miLAB

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miLAB is a research and prototyping lab that explores the future of media, technology, and human-computer interaction. The system is based on 3D scanning technology by PrimeSense, which is also integrated into Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect product.

Russia Drafts Its New IP Protection Strategy And Encourages Public Feedback


The Russian Ministry of Education and Science has announced the start of a public debate over this country’s new long-term intellectual property (IP) protection strategy, portal Science and Technologies Russia reportedearlier this week.

Special: 72 Israeli Companies Exhibit at the 2010 Mobile World Congress

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Allot Communications -a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. Our unique technology is called OTP (One Time programmable) FLASH.