Why Startups Fail - 20 Top Reasons Gleaned from 32 Startup Failure Post-Mortems


Problems started when we faced some issues with our infrastructure. We weren’t able to resolve issues on the fly and had several downtimes. Location was an issue in two different ways. Location issues were given as a reason for failure 6% of the time. Discord with a cofounder was one of the most fatal issues for a company. So, the best way of dealing with this issue is to take a long, long vesting period for all major sweat equity founders.”. Education.

After Facebook's IPO flub, value of tech startups falls back to earth


The shares may rise and fall above the strike price, but the IPO was a flop on day one, which is when institutional and retail investors are typically rewarded for taking a risk on a new stock. In other words, the value of their cash has not diminished with the stock price. Stock prices go up and down as the public’s feelings about a company swing, and it doesn’t always make sense. Their Price to Earnings ratio is back over 100, not many stocks can claim that.

IPO 45

The cardinal sin of community management

Startup Lessons Learned

As Cindy mentioned, part of the issue is conflating listening with obeying. Game and world platformers don't even think about these issues, let along implement the best practices of fairness and firewalls. Often, they have an issue or a complaint about a relatively minor issue or annoyance with your service. In fact, I spoke out on so many issues that you might even wonder if I ever shut up long enough to listen.