Everything about Java 8


The following post is a comprehensive summary of the developer-facing changes coming in Java 8. At the time of this writing, Java 8 development is still very much in progress. Preview builds of Java 8, specifically the "Project Lambda" builds, can be downloaded from java.net: Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 8 Early Access with Lambda Support. It had the best support for the Java 8 language features at the time I went looking. This is a stateful operation.

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Efficient multiple-stream concatenation in Java


Let's look at the trees for up to five input streams as formed by our reduce operation. Let me share a few trends that I've noticed when dealing with streams and stream concatenation in general, having written a fair amount of code in Java 8 by now. I want to combine the elements of multiple Stream instances into a single Stream. What's the best way to do this? This article compares a few different solutions. Stream.concat(a, b).

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Top Java Engineers Attracted by DHL ESS, the first and only DHL Freight R&D team based in Sofia, Bulgaria


" DHL ESS plays a fundamental role in the Freight Transformation program, aiming at harmonize the existing operational, financial and reporting processes and replace the legacy systems with state-of-the art standards operating procedures and technology.

Technical Demo of Oblong’s g-speak Spatial Operating Environment

Feld Thoughts

She then shows an example of how Oblong’s “common operating picture&# works in a real logistics application. Using g-speak, she shows the integration of a VT-100 app, Java app, HTML app, a native g-speak app, and a video conferencing session.

Flash is the New Client-Side Java

Andrew Payne

Remember Sun’s vision for Java: client-side applets, downloaded on the fly, running in/alongside the browser? After nearly 15 years, client-side Java never really hit critical mass. Site operators (notably, Youtube in 2005) discovered Flash was the best way to get in-browser video. Then, Adobe started adding Java-like features, notably ActionScript 3 , a fairly efficient virtual machine , and a decent set of libraries.

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Why is node JS the best framework to launch a Multivendor Ecommerce marketplace Store?

The Startup Magazine

Its development stage has an insignificant runtime and triggers steady growth and distinction of operations. It also makes use of a mono-thread, that is, the event perimeter dealing with all the opposed I/O operations. Java javascript LinkedIn Mobile Open source Paypal restify.js

Framework Benchmarks


Netty , Vert.x , and Java servlets are fast, but we were surprised how much faster they are than Ruby , Django , and friends. In third place is plain Java Servlets running on Cauchos Resin Servlet container. Operating system. Java / JVM. Resin is a Java application server.

EnumSet and EnumMap


from Java's standard libraries. Historically, Enum{Set,Map} were recommended as a matter of safety, taking better advantage of Java's type system than the alternatives. Effective Java goes into detail about this use case for Enum{Set,Map} and enum types in general. If you write a lot of Java code, then you should read that book and follow its advice. Enum{Set,Map} have missed out on potential upgrades since Java 8. import java. RoundingMode ; import java.

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Frameworks Round 1


Netty , Vert.x , and Java servlets are fast, but we were surprised how much faster they are than Ruby , Django , and friends. In third place is plain Java Servlets running on Caucho''s Resin Servlet container. Operating system. Java / JVM.

Mangling JSON numbers


Theoretically we can send it from a Java server to a JavaScript client via JSON and both sides see exactly the same number. To convince ourselves that this number is safe, we examine various representations of this number in Java and JavaScript: // In Java long x = 1L. x.toString() is similar in spirit to x.toExponential() and Double.toString(double) from Java. POST endpoints that deserialize a client-provided JSON string like {"x":number} into a Java object.

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High On “App-titude”: Why Android Development Is Fast Becoming A Popular Career In IT


With more than 50 percent market share, Android is one of the dominant mobile operating systems. Some of these specific technical skills are: Java: It is a requirement to be fluent in the programming languages in Java.

8 Must Have Tools For Your Next App Build


It starts with assembling the right team of developers and IT operations into a collaborative DevOps operation. Java, Python, and other programming languages. by Matt Shealy, President of ChamberofCommerce.com.

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Cloud load testing

Guy Nirpaz

Guy Nirpaz Blog Thoughts from my startup journey Cloud load testing As a company which operates in the cloud space, we’re experimenting with building a product development company without any servers.

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Never say “no,” but rarely say “yes.”

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

They had just completed a new product written in Java and it was broken on a Mac, and could I help? Java was new and known to be full of bugs, and anyway I was a C/C++ kind of guy, and I didn’t want to get involved in an academic fad language like Java. (So

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Why Silicon Valley and Hollywood Don’t Get Each Other and Who Will Win the Future

Both Sides of the Table

You need to segment your audience and find a way to get your highest quality customers over to O&O (owned & operated) inventory where you can get higher CPMs, sell merchandise and capture more customer information. You can’t replace this stuff with Java.

Fastest Growing And Fading IT Skills In The Market


It’s worth noting that the cloud skills that one can learn spread over multiple categories, from cloud architects, cloud developers, and operations to cloud sales, administrators and consultants. Computer operators are also threatened by the accelerating technology.

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Building Workflows should be easy - and they will be.with Zenaton!

Cracking the Code

It's all made available as a scalable service so there are no setup costs, and no operational overheads. It has clients for Node and PHP, with Python, Ruby, and Java in the works.

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Fifteen Years Later

K9 Ventures

The end user may not be competent enough to figure out the intricate details of plugging in the right wires, installing the operating system (well, most machines come with them installed now), installing the software they need… and most of all getting it all right. Java OS.

Google Engineer: How We Interview, How I’d Beat Us for Talent, & How Non-Technical Founders Should Approach Devs

View from Seed

There’s not one ultimate way of operating, but you should know you team and ask them direct questions about how they learn and how they handle these types of things. Editor’s Note: NextView recently kicked off a Boston-based workshop series on technical interviewing with Google.

Bankless Banking Is Ready For Its Close-Up


A customer can transfer money or pay for goods and services by sending an SMS , using a Java application or other mobile communication technologies. by Harold Montgomery, Chairman and CEO of MoneyOnMobile.

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CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire.NET programmers


As one of the coherent commentators says below, Joel Spolsky himself laments schools teaching Java with the same basic reasoning of my article above, albeit more diplomatically stated.) .NET I say this having used COBOL,forth,assembler,c,c++,java,javascript,prolog and lisp since high school!

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Fifteen Years Later

K9 Ventures

The end user may not be competent enough to figure out the intricate details of plugging in the right wires, installing the operating system (well, most machines come with them installed now), installing the software they need… and most of all getting it all right. The biggest difference in this Network Computer will be the Operating System and how it handles file storage (common difference to all). AFS clients operate by using a cache. Java OS.

Would you rather be an alpha developer or an enterprise developer?

The Next Web

One codes in Ruby and Python while the other uses.Net and Java. Sinclair Schuller is the CEO and co-founder of Apprenda. Prior to Apprenda, Sinclair held positions at Morgan Stanley, Eden Communications, and consulted for the State University of New York’s (SUNY) vast IT systems.

Why We Should Be Teaching Kids the Language of Design

crowdSPRING Blog

Your operations team, which frequently relies upon effective communication to keep the ship upright, finds themselves hamstrung by a stale pantry. They should be studying HTML and CSS and PHP and SQL and Java and Python and C++ and beyond. Let’s face it: the U.S.

Telling the 800-lb Gorilla to Shove it up his Ass

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

It always goes like this: I'm just a two-person operation with no budget. Can you imagine a tool from Microsoft that supported ClearCase, ran inside Eclipse, and had excellent support for Java?). Every founder frets about competition from a big company, me included.

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Invest in Israel Newsletter March 2011 Edition

VC Cafe

Broadcom Corporation, a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, is acquiring Provigent, an Israeli company which develops system-on-a-chip products that enable wireless system vendors to deliver broadband wireless backhaul systems to network operators. The Tel Aviv center will support Barclay’s international finance operations and expand the British bank’s equities and prime services among others.

22 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names


From that I knew that the product would Melt in your Coffee… SO JAVA (coffee) MELT. An ‘office provider’ is an operator of flexible workspace that provides hot desks, serviced offices, managed office spaces and/or co-working spaces, and we work with the majority of office providers in 900 cities across 120 countries. The idea of exactly what your business is going to usually come first. Secondly, most often, is giving a title to your idea.

18 Top A/B Testing Tools Reviewed by CRO Experts


You’ll also be able to add dynamic variations and code blocks that support Objective-C, Swift, Java, HTML5, Xamarin, and React Native. Convert operates using an intuitive drag and drop system. At this point in time, the field is flooded with solutions.

Choosing Technologies for Your Web Startup (Part 2)

crowdSPRING Blog

A great platform to consider is the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Technologies that run on the JVM gain instant access to a very wide range of technologies, and also let you switch the underlying operating system for even greater flexibility. Java, PHP, Python, Ruby?

Which language should my startup use?


Share this: net c# development django java language php software Were often asked by entrepreneurs which language their startups should adopt when developing their technology. These are Java (from Sun),NET (from Microsoft), and three Open Source options: PHP, Python and Ruby. Java stands alone from the four others. Java can be used in both Microsoft or Open Source environments. You can find this out (crudely) from job sites (search on Developer Java, for example).

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FinTech Innovation Lab Launch Event – June 2, 2011

David Teten

My rough notes follow: Mike Dubno , CIO, Global Markets and Research Technology & Operations, Bank of America. FRIED: Non-structured operations on data are as least as powerful as structured operations. Java/Azure appliances will come in.

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Wireless and the lowest common denominator


There is a ton of hype on the wireless front especially with the announcement of Android, the Google operating system for mobile phones.

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Special: 72 Israeli Companies Exhibit at the 2010 Mobile World Congress

VC Cafe

Ceedo Technologies – Founded in 2005, Ceedo AppCenter allows fixed and mobile operators to deliver PC software applications over the web to the subscriber’s desktop, to manage those applications remotely and us the platform to provide additional services direct to the PC.

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Best Of Both Worlds: Mixing HTML5 And Native Code


Consider if your application can benefit by integrating with the camera, contact list, local data storage, offline operation, etc. Android Web views have the benefit of being able to expose an entire Java class to JavaScript. Smashing Magazine. Menu Search. × Search.


The cloud landscape described, categorized, and compared


Even for us humans (I expect you to be a human, dear reader) we can distinguish these 3 aspects of operating with data: we store data (e.g. Usually running an app means compiling the code and bundling it with the necessary runtime, like Java code and a Java Virtual Machine (optionally with additional middleware like Tomcat and/or Spring). Examples are  Google App Engine  (which allows you to deploy Java, Python, Go, and PHP) and  Heroku Buildpacks.

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Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability on AWS - Over a million writes per second


There was no setup time, no discussions with IT operations about datacenter space and no more cost once the test was over. Wednesday, November 2, 2011. Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability on AWS - Over a million writes per second.

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What The Rails Security Issue Means For Your Startup


a look at the enterprise sector (java, for example) and take a breath. Not more than three or four years old perhaps, and keep in mind that ZERO of my Perl, Python or even Java apps gives me these problems. Kalzumeus Software.

Programmer Competency Matrix


Also should be able to design operations support systems like monitoring, reporting, fail overs etc. Knows keyboard shortcuts for most used operations. API Needs to look up the documentation frequently Has the most frequently used APIs in memory Vast and In-depth knowledge of the API Has written libraries that sit on top of the API to simplify frequently used tasks and to fill in gaps in the API E.g. of API can be Java library,net framework or the custom API for the application.

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Transcript of Increase Profits Through Specialization

Duct Tape Marketing

That’s the first big picture idea that I want to make sure people understand is you will be tempted to specialize in something that’s about you, like your skill set, like I’m a Rails developer or I’m a Java developer.

Lessons Learned: The ABCDEF's of conducting a technical interview

Startup Lessons Learned

At the time, I was a die-heard Java zealot. and going into a long diatribe about how insecure the ActiveX architecture was compared to Javas pristine sandbox. He wasnt defensive because, as it turns out, he was right and I was completely wrong (Javas sandbox model looked good on paper but its restrictions greatly retarded its adoption by actual developers).

Reincubate: Blog: Chief Technology Officer job description (for web, start-up or corporate)


Tactical Draw-up and control complete IT operational and capital expenditure budgets for IT. Experience Five years experience directing IT; a further five years software engineering management or operations management experience ; and two years experience in a start-up or highly entrepreneurial environment. Past responsibility for operational and capital budgets in excess of $1M, confidence with budgeting and spend planning.

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Can A Startup Do OffShore Development? Part 2


Now on to more operational considerations. You can find the latest and greatest Microsoft and Java certified developers here and indeed the entire consulting industry is built around certification. Prosperati HOME BLOG ABOUT CONTACT Blog Can A Startup Do OffShore Development?

How Black People Leveraged Tech Bigotry to Boss the Blockchain Below the Radar

Austin Startup

Not only are the existing utility patents basically worthless with blockchain operating on distributed computing and workflow, we can argue blockchain may have destroyed the whole utility patent concept to null.