Serious Business: Should The U.S. Implement Universal Family and Medical Leave?

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Most countries in Europe have government-mandated universal medical leave and even countries like Guatemala, Kazakhstan, and Swaziland. Should the U.S. join the modern world in supporting employees in times of need

5,500 miles for #BookingHacks All Women Edition

Sophia Perl of Wisdom

Portugal, Germany, Australia, Kazakhstan, and USA were represented on the team. I had an amazing experience in Amsterdam recently at’s Hackathon All Women Edition.

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More Global Innovation

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Bumper crop of innovations from various parts of the world we don’t always expect innovation from Near Cashless Society – Sweden A decade of LeWeb – France Faber-Castell – Germany Wine “Rover” – German wine country Rail Power – Kazakhstan.

UPS Goes Long With Eurasia Rail (


The railway crosses Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Poland, before coming through China. UPS is adding more intermodel stations to China's mega Europe-Asia railway.

2013: The Year of Grit

Seeing Both Sides

And the so-called BRIC countries are forecasting tepid growth (we could rename them "ICK" if we added in Borat's home of Kazakhstan and dropped Brazil and Russia.). grit . grit/. Small, loose particles of stone or sand. . Clench (the teeth), esp.

Roya Mahboob: Bringing Freedom to Afghanistan's Entrepreneurs

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Members are based in many developing countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Yandex Moving International Maps Over To NAVTEQ


Currently, Yandex offers maps for 270 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Russia's largest search engine has announced it has purchased map licenses from NAVTEQ, the Nokia maps subsidiary.

Yandex's Year-Over-Year Revenue Up 43%


Yandex, one of the biggest internet companies operating in Russia and the likes of Kazakhstan and Ukraine reported its 2010 revenue increase 43% compared to 2009. In Ukraine Yandex serves 27% of all the searches while in Kazakhstan the figure is 24,4%.

The GeoEdge Worldwide Internet Proxy Network An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

For example, you’d go to Europe to find such countries as Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, and Iceland. The following is a paid review for written and reviewed by Michael Kwan.

Is a difficult platform to replicate?


As we end 2012, Gust is the official, exclusive platform of virtually every national federation of business angels in the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, even China, all in their native languages. The answer is no , yes , and it’s irrelevant.

Yandex Announces Pricing Of Its IPO


Yandex also operates in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus Today Yandex announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 52,174,088 Class A ordinary shares at $25.00 per share. The shares will begin trading today on the NASDAQ under the symbol “YNDX”.

Russian Search Engine Yandex Shared Information With FSB


It also enjoys a fairly decent market share in other former Soviet states like Ukraine with 27% and Kazakhstan with 24% market share. Yandex has been on top when it comes to coverage recently and sharing another piece won’t be surprising. Unless it isn’t positive.

Russian search giant Yandex announces Access to Facebook's Firehose


Russian search giant Yandex announces today a partnership agreement with Facebook, giving Yandex access to Facebook''s "Firehose" of public data coming from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries, and Turkey. This plays into the "social search" trend that we''ve seen social networks move to, with Bing''s partnership with Facebook, and Google''s huge efforts being put into their homegrown social network, Google+.

Lean Business Planning with Tim Berry [VIDEO]

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One of the great questions Tim, and I’ll hand it over to you for the last twenty minutes that we have, is from an entrepreneur from Kazakhstan, which is great that we have so many international people on this webinar, she says, “Thanks for doing this.

Baring Vostok Launches New $1.5 Billion Fund


Russia continues to be a priority area, Calvey said, while adding that the funds also had vested interests in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other former constituent countries of the USSR. Baring Vostok Capital Partners announced last week that it has put together a new $1.5

Israel Ranked 29th in Easiness of Doing Business According to the World Bank

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Kazakhstan became the top reformer in 2010, leaping 15 places to 59th after making it quicker and cheaper to start a firm, and simplifying construction permits. However, it still takes 81 days to export from Kazakhstan compared to 5 in Estonia.

Funding, startup traction and news from Latvia: December


Additionally, the team reveals that their sales leads exceed €1 million across multiple sports in South Korea, Austria, Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland, UAE and other countries. Exits. To Become A Simple


Outside of Russia, Vkontakte is also the most popular website in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The move to a shorter and domain is associated with Vkontakte's efforts to expand their global reach.

Seriously Bold Tech Startup Predictions for 2012

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Startup Kazakhstan becomes a major phenomena igniting a well-spring of innovation in agricultural technology throughout the Central Asian region. About this time of year, folks put together lots of lists about the past year as well as the outlook on the future.

[ADV] Young Entrepreneurs Emerge From Business Challenge 2011


As you are reading this article, there is a team of cyclists on their bamboo bicycle travelling from Kazakhstan to China. As any entrepreneur would put it, the road to a successful, sustainable entrepreneurship is inevitably challenging.

From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.

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