What Is Really Happening to the Venture Capital Industry?


Internet Uncategorized Venture Capital Web/Tech asset allocation asset management LBO VC Venture[Follow Me on Twitter] Many are speculating that the year two thousand and nine represents a fundamental turning point for the venture capital industry. Some are arguing that the industry is in dire straits after years of poor performance. Others have argued that the math simply does not work for the industry’s current size.

A Venture Capital History Perspective From Jack Tankersley

Feld Thoughts

Also in the 80’s, the megafunds were created (at the time defined as $100 million plus); the LBO sector outperformed venture through financial engineering; asset gatherers, such as Blackstone, were created. In January, Jerry Neumann wrote a long and detailed analysis of his view of the VC industry in the 1980’s titled Heat Death: Venture Capital in the 1980’s. While I don’t know Jerry very well, I like him and thought his post was extremely detailed and thoughtful.


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3 Ways to Grow Your Startup

The Startup Magazine

You can either arrange an LBO of their business, or a mutual partnership that can benefit both firms. Getting your start-up through its initial phase of the business cycle is a tough challenge for small business owners. If you have managed to pull off success with something that 90% of other start-ups fail at, namely make it through the start-up phase, then you deserve some kudos. However, don’t pause for too long admiring your success.

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Twitter Link Roundup #330 – Terrific Reads for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

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The problem was billions of dollars of debt incurred by a private equity firm extracting capital via an LBO. Does the morning grind fill you with inordinate amounts of dread? Lay off the snooze button and check out these three simple tips from Fast Company to help you optimize your morning routine and get to work on time. You might even have a few spare minutes to use that fancy French press you bought yourself but never have time to use! Okay, this might just be me.).

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When Does Zynga Become a Value Stock?

Agile VC

Given Marc Pincus’s voting control, being acquired is presumably not in the cards for Zynga and a take private or LBO would be nearly unthinkable in the near term so there’s little chance of an M&A situation to arbitrage. Draw something… other than this painful chart. Zynga’s faced a lot of pressure in the public markets recently.

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Planning for a Harvest - Startups and angels: Along the way to success

Tim Keane

Whether this sale is going to be an LBO or a Private Equity transaction, or a sale to a strategic buyer, the process of selling to the buyer is critical, and overlooked. Whether this sale is going to be an LBO or a Private Equity transaction, or a sale to a strategic buyer, the process of selling to the buyer is critical, and overlooked. Startups and angels: Along the way to success. By Tim Keane, Angel Investor, Golden Angels Investors, LLC. Archives. Profile. Subscribe.

Go early, go late, or go home


I see this as a trend that will only accelerate in the next few years as you have venture funds, LBO shops, and even hedge funds get into the tech buyout action. After having returned from vacation last week, I had the chance to reflect on the current venture and investing market. Yes, one of the big challenges is that there is still way too much money sloshing around in alternative assets.

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