Diversity is an Innovation Metric

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The Rudder Fallacy – Adopting Lean Startup

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In a lean startup, team velocity proceeds measurable product progress. Before there is velocity, no measurable progress can be seen on any metrics dashboard. Lean Enterprise Lean Startups Managing Entrepreneurship adopting lean startup agile velocity metrics

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Lean Startup and Lean Analytics in the Enterprise

Instigator Blog

It’s clear that Lean Startup is shifting from startups to the enterprise. There’s still a lot to learn amongst early stage entrepreneurs, and a lot of discussion that’s needed around implementing Lean Startup, but attention has definitely shifted to applying the framework in large organizations. Alistair and I have been looking at how Lean Startup and Lean Analytics are working in the enterprise. And voila, Lean had infiltrated the organization.

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The Lean Analytics Cycle: Metrics > Hypothesis > Experiment > Act

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To win in business you need to follow this process: Metrics > Hypothesis > Experiment > Act. We are far too enamored with data collection and reporting the standard metrics we love because others love them because someone else said they were nice so many years ago.

How Many Metrics Do You Need to Run Your Startup?

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One of the concepts we’re pushing hard in the Lean Analytics book is the One Metric That Matters (OMTM). The idea is this: at any given time in your business there’s one key metric you should be focusing on. Picking the metric is hard. Answer: Only one.

3 Rules to Actionable Metrics in a Lean Startup


First, what is an actionable metric? An actionable metric is one that ties specific and repeatable actions to observed results. This distinction carries over to metrics too. Rule 3: Metrics are People too Metrics can only tell you what your users did. Running Lean

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Lean Analytics

Startup Lessons Learned

Lean Analytics is the latest addition to the Lean Series. If you're working on the Sticky Engine of Growth , you're focused on very different metrics from those that you care about in the Viral Engine of Growth. You can order Lean Analytics today

Lessons Learned Launching a Lean Startup Accelerator

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Year One Labs is a Lean Startup accelerator. I believe it’s one of the first of its kind, with a very heavy focus on customer development and a rigorous Lean Startup process. We’ve learned a lot launching a startup accelerator, and particularly one focused on a Lean Startup methodology.

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No wait, of course THAT is the single most important SaaS metric

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

The single most important SaaS metric is retention , because cancellations indicate lack of product/market fit, no matter the cause (price, features, severity of need, duration of need). If it cannot be fixed, it means the business is a failure even if other metrics are stellar.

New Lessons Learned from Berkeley & Stanford Lean LaunchPad Classes

Steve Blank

Our Stanford and Berkeley Lean LaunchPad classes are over for this year, and as usual we learned as much from teaching the teams as the teams did from us. If you can’t see the presentation above, click here Filed under: Lean LaunchPad , Teaching. Lean LaunchPad Teaching

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Iteration = Time to Learn, Not Time to Build

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Lean Startup User Experience & Research Continuous Improvement Entrepreneur Metrics & Innovation Accounting prioritizationBurn rates are meaningless in isolation. Iteration time is a critical aspect of starting a new business and we've noted a few misconceptions.

Why vanity metrics are dangerous

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Why vanity metrics are dangerous In a previous post, I defined two kinds of metrics: vanity metrics and actionable metrics. In that post, I took it for granted that vanity metrics are bad for you, and focused on techniques for creating and learning from actionable metrics. In this post, Id like to talk about the perils of vanity metrics. My personal favorite vanity metrics is "hits."

Use Milestones and Metrics to Turn Planning into Business GPS

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Taking steering one step further, let’s suggest that good planning, with milestones and metrics, is something like steering with the aid of a GPS. Metrics are like dials on the dashboard, indicators of how you’re doing, tracking your progress toward goals.

Mastering Lean Metrics for Growth

Duct Tape Marketing

Mastering Lean Metrics for Growth written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. While these are certainly core elements of any effective marketing strategy, the place we should start is with metrics. What do you say to a business owner whose one metric is revenue?

An Overview of Lean Business Planning

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A lean business plan does what every business owner and aspiring startup needs to manage strategy, tactics, execution, and essential business numbers. It stays lean and simple with just bullet points for essentials and a collection of lists and tables. Why lean? Why lean ?

Success Metric vs. Fail Condition – To the Pain!

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I reject the idea of a success metric. Experiment Design Lean Startups experiment experiment designAs entrepreneurs, we are biased towards our vision, towards optimizing, towards self delusion. Guard against delusion.

Lean Marketing: Basic Metrics You Should be Watching. Now.

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But when it comes to measurement, many managers struggle with developing and tracking the metrics specific to their strategy. An important step is to figure out which metrics are the ones that are important to your business. Marketing is an analytical process. Setting goals comes first.

Startup Metrics for Pirates (Lean Startup Circle, Jan 2010.

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Home Best of 500 Hats About Dave Startup Metrics Dave on Twitter Archive Pages About 500 Hats & 500 Startups About Dave McClure About Dave follow me on Twitter Top Hat Posts Google Open Social vs. Facebook Platform (aka: Open Standards are for Losers. er, Underdogs) Facebook Big Pimpin: Using Social Networks & Platforms to Drive Distribution Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR! The Lean VC: a Silicon Valley story about Innovation, Incubation, & Iteration.

Traction Metrics Seed Real Startup Funding And Growth

Startup Professionals Musings

That should make you wonder - how do you measure traction in a metric? I like his set of action items, and have added a few of my own for measuring early traction leading to growth: Turn initial customer goals into measurable traction metrics. Use these metrics rather than hide them.

Lean Goes Better with Coke – the Future of Corporate Innovation

Steve Blank

In 2012 I got together with Alexander Osterwalder , Henry Chesbrough and Andre Marquis to think about the Lean and the future of corporate innovation. It didn’t take us very long to connect the dots between exponential growth, business model innovation and the “Lean Startup” movement.

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Four myths about the Lean Startup

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, April 18, 2010 Four myths about the Lean Startup Myth: Lean means cheap. Lean startups try to spend as little money as possible. Truth: The Lean Startup method is not about cost, it is about speed.

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The Lean Startup Book is here

Startup Lessons Learned

The Lean Startup Book is done. If you've been waiting for a comprehensive account of the Lean Startup and how it can help you achieve dramatically better business results, this is it. We got together all of the Lean Startup meetup organizers that were in town for SXSW.

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Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

Occam's Razor

Traffic Trends Key Metrics Analysis. Onsite Behavior Key Metrics Analysis. I tend to use Hitwise a lot less, or not at all, because it is a very hard to use, it is slow, the UX/UI, metrics and reports have not really evolved over the years. Traffic Trends Key Metrics Analysis.

Lean Startup at Scale

Startup Lessons Learned

Guest post by Lisa Regan, writer for The Lean Startup Conference. As Lean Startup methods have been used now for a number of years, we’ve become increasingly interested in how companies use them to sustain growth. But we couldn''t have identified this without having clear metrics (that high bug count) to assess our development process. This has kept us lean as well—we don''t have release trains, and code generally goes live to the site every day of the week.

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Lean startup intro (with no buzzwords)

The Startup Toolkit

Slides from “ Lean startup intro (with no buzzwords) ” by robfitz. Lean gets bogged down in tactics & tools. This presentation is about what are, in my opinion, the big principles behind lean startup. Lean begins from there and helps us make it better.

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Startup Metrics for Pirates: SeedCamp 2009 (Sept 2009, London.

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Home Best of 500 Hats About Dave Startup Metrics Dave on Twitter Archive Pages About 500 Hats & 500 Startups About Dave McClure About Dave follow me on Twitter Top Hat Posts Google Open Social vs. Facebook Platform (aka: Open Standards are for Losers. er, Underdogs) Facebook Big Pimpin: Using Social Networks & Platforms to Drive Distribution Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR! The Lean VC: a Silicon Valley story about Innovation, Incubation, & Iteration.

Finding your One Metric That Matters


Lean Analytics Book. The One Metric That Matters. One of the things Ben and I have been discussing a lot is the concept of the One Metric That Matters (OMTM) and how to focus on it. There are also some rules for what makes a good metric in general. Skip to navigation.

Lean Startup Implementation Lessons

Startup Lessons Learned

Guest post by Lisa Regan, writer for The Lean Startup Conference. The Lean Startup Conference was founded four years ago to bring together real entrepreneurs who have applied Lean Startup techniques and have useful advice to share with each other. Last year’s conference was no exception: speakers talked about their direct experience with practices you may need help implementing—things like metrics, feedback, and experimentation.

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Lean analytics

Google Ventures

The Lean Startup is all about a constant cycle of learning. In this workshop, Alistair Croll talks about finding the One Metric That Matters to your startup right now. He’s the co-author of the best-selling book Lean Analytics. By measuring and analyzing as you grow, you can validate whether a problem is real, find the right customers, decide what to build, and how to monetize it.

4 short stories of our attempts to be lean at our startup


It’s no secret that I’ve personally been hugely impacted by Eric Ries’ work and the Lean Startup movement. For me, lean is completely about building and approaching things in a way which minimizes the amount of wasted time and effort.

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How to Find Correlative Metrics For Conversion Optimization


Equally valuable is finding activities that correlate with higher customer success – whether that be RPV, LTV, or whatever metric you’re optimizing for. But how do you find these correlative metrics? What’s a Correlative Metric? Leading Indicators or Lagging Metrics.

Lessons Learned: The lean startup

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, September 8, 2008 The lean startup Ive been thinking for some time about a term that could encapsulate trends that are changing the startup landscape. After some trial and error, Ive settled on the Lean Startup. I like the term because of two connotations: Lean in the sense of low-burn. But by taking advantage of open source, agile software, and iterative development, lean startups can operate with much less waste.

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Lean Design For The Lean Startup

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Development and Business Lessons By Michael Woloszynowicz By Michael Woloszynowicz Sunday, March 13, 2011 Lean Design For The Lean Startup The question of design and usability in a lean startup is a common one. Web 2.0

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Measuring What Matters: How To Pick A Good Metric


Ben Yoskovitz is the co-author of Lean Analytics , a new book on how to use analytics successfully in your business. We all know metrics are important. Used properly, metrics can provide key insights into our businesses that make the difference between success and failure. But as our capacity to track everything increases, and the tools to do so become easier and more prevalent, the question remains: what is a worthwhile metric to track? A good metric is: Comparative.

Lean Startup Conference Comes to New York & London

Startup Lessons Learned

Guest post by Melissa Moore & Jennifer Maerz of Lean Startup Co. Over the last eight years, we’ve learned that our Lean Startup community members are constantly searching for better ways to build and scale products. Whether you need advice on how to design a good experiment, how to get buy-in from your boss, or what key metrics to track to hold your team accountable, we’re here to help.

#TrackThis Episode 3: The Lean Startup

Up and Running

Have you ever heard of the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries? But I really believe that there are lessons in The Lean Startup for all businesses, big and small—including my own. I think it’s such a perfect example, and I echo Matt’s feelings about The Lean Startup.

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My experiments in lean pricing

Venture Hacks

This guest post is by Ash Maurya , a lean entrepreneur who runs a bootstrapped startup called CloudFire. There is no better success metric and it leads to less waste in the long run. Tags: Customer Development Lean

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Metrics for Series A - DShen's Blogs


Metrics for Series A. One aspect that has been shown to be incredibly important for sophisticated and series A investors is showing superior metrics and your knowledge surrounding them. Why Metrics? Showing that you are tracking the right metrics means that you have experienced personnel in tracking the progress of your business. Exhibiting metrics that are not only growing exponentially, but large in magnitude helps a great deal. Metrics on Demand.

The Future of Government: Hayward & the Lean Startup

Startup Lessons Learned

Guest post by Jennifer Maerz, contributing editor of Lean Startup Co. It’s been exciting to watch the Lean Startup movement grow from a practice utilized in the tech world to one implemented in a wide variety of sectors ranging from enterprise to education, religious organizations, nonprofits, and government groups. She’ll be speaking during Lean Startup Week at our Ignite Opening Reception on Tuesday, Nov. The team used Lean Startup principles to evaluate the issue.

Episode 9: Lean Business Planning with Tim Berry | The Bcast

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This week Peter and Jonathan talk to Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software, about lean business planning, strategy, tactics, specifics (milestones), and the forecast. Listen to Episode 9: Show notes: What is Lean Planning? Lean Business Planning by Tim Berry – (31:21).