NC health officials monitoring recently arrived patient from Liberia for Ebola

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RALEIGH — A person with North Carolina ties was being monitored for Ebola and other diseases at Duke University Hospital after traveling to the United States from Liberia, riding a bus from the Newark

Massachusetts doctor who beat Ebola heads back to Liberia

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AP) — The Massachusetts doctor who beat the Ebola virus he contracted while working in Liberia is returning to West Africa WORCESTER, Mass. (AP)

Mobile army lab unit prepares for trip to Liberia

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military mobile laboratory designed to assess and combat biological and chemical threats is preparing for its first deployment to Liberia, where a team of soldiers and scientis BALTIMORE (AP) — A U.S.

How This Founder Hit Upon a Better Solution for a Health Crisis

Inc Startups

While working in Liberia, charity: water's Scott Harrison found that the health needs of half the population weren't being met. That's when he decided to approach the problem from a different angle

Video: Patient from Liberia is monitored at Duke University for Ebola

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A patient is being monitored for possible Ebola at Duke University Hospital

Local Liberians wait as protections against deportation end

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was 5 years old when he left Liberia as a child of war WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) AP) — Justin Miayen Woazeah Jr.

[Interview] Nellie Mayshak, Founder Of Canaf Consulting Associates


It has led her to long-term assignments in locations as far flung as Liberia and Lithuania, and work that has been complex, multi-faceted and often encompassing many years.

UPDATE: Doctor who contracted Ebola in grave condition

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Kent Brantly always wanted to be a medical missionary, and he took the work seriously, spending months treating a steady stream of patients with Ebola in Liberia

Tim Weah could make US debut against Paraguay

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CHICAGO (AP) — Tim Weah, a son of former world player of the year and current Liberia president George Weah, is among seven players who could make their U.S. Soccer debuts in an exhibition against Paraguay on March 27 at

Expert: Ebola virus poses little risk to U.S.

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The deadly Ebola virus that has struck Liberia and several other African countries poses little threat to the United States, a medical expert at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center said Tuesday

Weah debut with PSG and possibly US follows dad's election

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AP) — Tim Weah's famous father was inaugurated as president of Liberia in January, the 18-year-old midfielder made his debut for Paris Saint-Germain on March 3 and he could make his first appearance for the U.S. RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) national team

Ebola survivors: Hospital staff exposed in Africa

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CHARLOTTE — The hospital in Liberia where three American aid workers got sick with Ebola has been overwhelmed by a surge in patients and doesn''t have enough hazard suits and other supplies to keep do

First US Ebola victim remembered in Salisbury for compassion

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SALISBURY — Thomas Eric Duncan was remembered Saturday as a big-hearted and compassionate man whose virtues may have led to his infection with Ebola in his native Liberia and subsequent death as the f

Writebols turned to God when she got Ebola

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CHARLOTTE — David Writebol and his wife Nancy expected to enter a world of poverty, pain and suffering when they left home last year for missionary work in Liberia. They accepted the risks, having fai

Missionaries who had contact with Ebola to be quarantined in Charlotte

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Missionaries returning from Liberia who have been in direct contact with the Ebola virus but who are not sick are heading to Charlotte and will be quarantined once they arrive, health officials said S

Missionaries return to Charlotte and Ebola quarantine

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CHARLOTTE  Three missionaries who worked with patients infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia are back in the United States and feeling upbeat after their trans-Atlantic charter flight, the head of

Charlotte-based missionaries had ???heavy conversations??? after Ebola diagnosis

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Charlotte missionaries Nancy and David Writebol worked long hours in Liberia to help ready a hospital there to treat victims of the Ebola outbreak. They never imagined either of them would contract th

Charlotte charity houses missionaries from Africa

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missionaries who served in Liberia during the Ebola outbreak but only after they had been tested and did not have the deadly CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte-based charity says it has brought back to the U.S.

Here are The Missing Positives of This Election

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Liberia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Trinidad, Brazil, Kosovo, Slovenia, Denmark, Jamaica, South Korea, Norway, Poland & Croatia. It’s hard to feel any positives these days: We’re in the eye of the storm. We’re at peak anxiety. Maximum rancor.

Side Business: Side Hustle Interview with Chris Guillebeau

The Startup Magazine

This is the third in a series of articles in The Startup Magazine discussing side businesses and some great advice on side business income opportunities.

How Scott Harrison Wins Over a Crowd

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” Be Visual Another key to Harrison’s success is visual storytelling, something he learned about after he quit the nightlife business and spent a year volunteering on a hospital ship bound for Liberia, where he took pictures of patients before and after dramatic facial surgeries.

The 10 Greatest Social Entrepreneurs Of All Time


After a moment of clarity in Liberia, club promoter Scott Harrison decided to make it his mission to change that, heading up the non-profit organization charity: water.

Egypt 104

You Need a Vacation. 3 Tricks to Make it Happen

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And because I like to practice what I preach, Amani Liberia (a nonprofit that teaches women how to create, market, and manage businesses through textiles and sewing), is the beneficiary of the very overdue vacation that we just had to cancel Forget playing the martyr.

The Charity That's Reinventing the Nonprofit Business

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He wound up in Liberia on a humanitarian mission to offer surgical services to poor. When Scott Harrison asked Inc. 5000 entrepreneurs to help him solve the world's water crisis, they answered.

Invincible Ball Brings Joy to Kids (& Lions)

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They are being shipped out as soon as they come off the line to Liberia, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Zanzibar, Vietnam, you name it. Soccer balls from the One World Futbol Project stand up to life in a refugee camp. Soccer is enduringly popular in many poor countries.

5 Great Companies That Make Money & Do Good

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Recently named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business , Dehtiar currently produces in Ethiopia, Liberia and Kenya--with plans to expand Oliberté to Cameroon, Congo, Uganda and Zambia. Need a little inspiration?

Congo 80

Data Visualization Inspiration: Analysis To Insights To Action, Faster!

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It also does not include the other countries beyond Liberia and Sierra Leone where we know infections and deaths have occurred. Like a vast majority on planet Earth, I love data visualizations. Ok, so perhaps as the author of two bestselling books on analytics I love it a little bit more!

the world without altgate