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4/26/2015 - Rewind - Disruption threat sends oil trading to near four-month high


In Libya, members of the Petroleum Facilities Guard shut the Elephant oil field Saturday over unpaid salaries, said Mohamed Elharari, a spokesman at National Oil Corp. Futures were little changed in London after capping a third weekly gain. Complete Article. commodities crude oil EMEA Oil

Why Libya, Japan, and the Final Four is Your Real Competition

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In the past few weeks, your content has had a lot to compete with. In sports, India won the Cricket world championships. The NCAA tournament captured the attention of almost every male American past the age of 12; and a large majority of the ladies as well. Baseball season started, and the NBA and NHL are winding down. What’s the Answer. Marketing

Here’s What’s Driving Collaborative Consumption and Where the Market May Head Next

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I spoke this past week at the LeWeb conference in London, which was a superbly well run event with a very quality production team. Kudos. Prices down.

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Why the Navy Needs Disruption Now (part 2 of 2)

Steve Blank

For targets over uncontested airspace (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, etc.) If you haven’t, read part 1 first.).

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30-35 Million People Will Be Coming Thru


Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are all countries with a huge population and an extremely unstable situation. Is this too fantastic or what (from Right Wing News)? An influx of 30-35 million people will bust EU nations at the seams! - This is why it's extremely important to protect our borders. EU Refugees Right Wing

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

Miscues Before Libya Assault 453 comments. Miscues Before Libya Assault 453 comments. Facebook. Twitter. WSJ Live. WSJ Live. MarketWatch. MarketWatch. Barrons. Barrons. AllThingsDigital. AllThingsDigital. Factiva. Factiva. BigCharts. Financial News. Professor Journal. SmartMoney. Student Journal. Virtual Stock Exchange. WSJ Classroom.

The 8 Greatest Strengths Of Generation Y


Our mandate to him has been to support the social uprisings in Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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Reuters Daily Oil Insider


mln barrels of crude A fire raging for almost a week at Libyas biggest oil port of Es Sider has destroyed up to 1.8 REPOST (Inside Oil - Asia edition will not be published on Thursday, January 1, 2015 as markets are closed in observance of New Year Holiday. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.) TOP NEWS U.S. Obama move on U.S. ports. POLL-U.S.

Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

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When you are done reading the post, you'll be super mad that your marketing strategy is not more influenced by your competitor's data! Do it.

Let's Stop Complaining About 'Uncertainty'

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Why are smart, risk-taking small business people suddenly blaming all their problems on uncertainty? Mark Hanna (R-NY). I hear this all the time."

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Mark Suster: The Sharing Economy Is Here to Stay

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Collaborative consumption is the path to growth for successful businesses, explains the internet entrepreneur. Kudos. Prices down. Network Up.

US: Assad Must Leave, After Negotiations


Kerry and Hammond said they also discussed conflicts in Yemen, Libya and Ukraine. I understand the diplomacy but.CH says Assad must go, timing down to negotiation 9/19/15 08:23 (Adds Kerry and Hammond quotes, background) By Lesley Wroughton LONDON, Sept 19 (Reuters) - U.S. We need to get to the negotiation. We're prepared to negotiate.

Lessons From Obama's Handling of the Syria Crisis

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An apt case study on how (not) to lead through challenging times. It''s a mess, but also a learning opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The Real Jobs Problem

It's the economy, stupid. Well, yes, it always has been, if you're in the distortion field of politics. But whose economy? Got it? In droves. Wages?

Irene brings rain, flooding and end of news as we know it [#irene]

This is going to be BIG.

” He adds: “storms of another sort are still overcoming Syria and Libya, both of which might as well not exist on supposed news networks today. On June 17, 1994, the whole country was interrupted by broadcast news—us New Yorkers were watching Patrick Ewing and the Knicks in the NBA Finals. We didn’t have a choice.

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[Review] The Rise Of The New East


Are China and India still the “factory” and “outsourced service provider” of the world? A “China + 1″ Strategy.

Hacking for Diplomacy at the State Department – Breakthroughs, breakdowns and relentlessly direct critiques

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Time flies. Some teams have produced surprising and delightful minimum viable products (MVPs) — one is a simple T-shirt, another is an app.

Soundbites from the future

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They’re happy to facilitate revolution in Moldova, Iran, Egypt and Libya. A few soundbites from the future: Leadership: It’s no longer about being king of the mountain, it’s about being center of the circle. Prof Joseph Nye author of Soft Power. Woman will lead the 21 st century, or at least a feminine social and business ethic. APP Appeal.

Aspen Institute Maghreb Investor Delegation, next week in NY and CA

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The group is about 22 people; managing directors, partners and COO’s of major investments firms in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, and Tunisia. Localisation du Maghreb (Photo credit: Wikipedia). The delegation will be in NYC January 14-15 and is looking for investment professionals to join roundtable discussions as speakers.

Internet Self-Censorship Is Wrong In Any Culture

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In reality, the video had little to do with the violence the resulted in the killing of Americans in Libya and the chaos at the US consulate in Egypt. continuations : So what can be learned from this historical analogy? One key takeaway for myself is that we must be patient and can’t expect differences to disappear overnight.