Corporation or LLC? Business Organizations for Tech Startups.


In the tech startup context, you’ll typically choose between a Corporation and a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”). When an LLC allocates income to owners (i.e. This can also vary as you grow and as some owners pull back from managing the LLC. Verdict : LLC. Verdict : LLC.

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8 Key Rules for Starting a Business on a Shoestring

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A limited liability corporation (LLC) can be formed in most states for less than $100 directly through the Internet without legal assistance. Take advantage of social media and free websites for marketing. entrepreneur LLC shoestring budget startup

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Why Small Businesses Have the Social Media Marketing Advantage

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Why Small Businesses Have the Social Media Marketing Advantage written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. If you don’t already, using social media in business is a great way to engage with current customers as well as attract new ones. Small Business Social Media.

8 Reasons To Incorporate Your New Company Early

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It’s very easy and inexpensive to set up online a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for the startup, which will allow you to track business costs, cash and taxes correctly -- no matter what happens. C-Corp incorporate LLC new business S-Corp startup

7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed

Media. Media Planning Media Buying Publishing Display Advertising Video Mobile. Social Media Community Management Social Commerce Social Integration Social Media Smarts. 7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed [Research]. Social Media.

Social Media and Tribes #31: Social Media comes through during Japan crisis

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From Morse codes to cellular phones, from x86 processors to Intel’s i7 processors and from email to social media, mankind has come a long way. And what is most compelling is that Japan turned to social media for connecting with their loved ones.

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How-to Engage & Market to Women on Social Media


Women outpace men when it comes to using social media. How to Engage and Market to Women on Various Social Media Platforms According to the Pew Research Center , women outpace men by at least 8 percent when it comes to using social media. Marketing Social Media Strategy Women

Eliminating Fiduciary Duties of Delaware LLC Controlling Members & Managers Must be Clearly Stated

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Original Title: Elimination of Fiduciary Duties of Delaware LLC Controlling Members and Managers Must be Clearly Stated. Treating LLCs as complete creatures of contract, the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act ("LLC Act") [1] provides wide latitude for members and managers of LLCs to contractually limit or eliminate fiduciary duties. [2] Although her practice covers a range of industries, including professional services, media and telecommunications, Ms.

Social Media and Tribes #32: Online Gamers become Contributors

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For brands this is an ideal product placement since traditional media is not effective for reaching the growing demographic of digital natives. — Contributed by Deepika Bajaj , President and Founder, Invincibelle , LLC and co-founder, ActiveGarage (the company behind 99tribes ).

Social Media and Tribes #30: Virtual Valentine

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In retrospect, its actually a good thing I waited to write this post till now as I had the time to notice very interesting shifts in behavior, thanks to the Social Media & Valentine Tribes! Yes, the fact that Valentine’s Day was a week ago is not lost on me!

Social Media and Tribes #26: Social Media in 2011. Are you still in the GAME?

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By the end of 2010, many of us have incorporated social media into our marketing campaigns. The concept of social media became part of our lives because there was a need for an “Online Conversation&# – to talk, listen and engage with your influencers.

New Tasks For Salespeople In The Social Era


Social media is changing the way companies conduct business as we know it and the effect on sales is equally profound. Perhaps the most significant change formed by the advent of social media is in customer expectations. Understand the influence of social media on the buyer.

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Social Media and Tribes #29: The new BLINK!

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— Contributed by Deepika Bajaj , President and Founder, Invincibelle , LLC and co-founder, ActiveGarage (the company behind 99tribes ). Social Media active garage break cofounders cricket on air deepika bajaj distraction facebook invincibelle social media and tribes work life balance

Social Media and Tribes #28: Social Media on the GO!

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It is now your desktop on the GO and has enabled social media on the GO. As long as you sit, walk or stand and have a smart phone, you have powerful tools to stay connected, thanks to Social Media, on the GO… ? !

Social Media and Tribes #27: Gen Y changes TV viewing experience

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There has been a lot of speculation about the what will be the impact of social media when Gen Y grows up into more mature digital natives. This generation has the unparalleled skill to use their fingers on their smartphones and use social media to stay connected and consume entertainment.

Small Business Saturday Spotlight: Social Media Management, LLC

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Based in Phoenix, AZ, Social Media Management, LLC uses social media to connect local companies with local clients. They are offering free initial consultations to all business owners for Small Business Saturday. For more information visit their Facebook page: Business Management PR and Communications Sales and Marketing Starting a Business

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Social Media and Tribes #25: Sharing ideas gets a discount this holiday season!

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And then it was a matter of time when I saw the power of sharing ideas through social media. This was brought forth for me by Roger C Parker , who shared his review on his popular blog leveraging social media to do so.

Popcornflix iPhone and iPad Apps For Free Movies On The Go


“We developed these iPhone and iPad apps to be state-of-the-art, easy and fun to use,” says Gary Delfiner, senior vice president of Digital Distribution for Screen Media Ventures, LLC, the parent company of Popcornflix.

Social Media and Tribes #33: Mobile Marketing + M Commerce = Mobile Social Network

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— Contributed by Deepika Bajaj , President and Founder, Invincibelle , LLC and co-founder, ActiveGarage (the company behind 99tribes ). I recently attended Adtech in San Francisc o, a digital marketing conference in US.

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How the Five Types of Marketing Can Work For You

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Social media pages where successive marketing efforts may be shared. Examples of executional marketing items include: Ongoing social media posts. Announcements in social media, newsletters and all client communication channels. Live social media events.

10 Entrepreneurs Share What Makes Their Business Unique


Thanks to Flora Pringle, Cracked Candy LLC. #4 Thanks to Jen Teague, Jen Teague, LLC. #10 Blue 16 Media Inspiration Storytelling business information product storytellingShare In the current generation of business being unique is a top priority to getting noticed.

[US] SPROCKIT 2014 Opens For Applications From Media Startups


SPROCKIT 2014 , a year-round program by NAB Show and World Series of Start-Ups that showcases elite emerging companies in media and entertainment and introduces them to industry influencers and decision-makers, is again looking for startups to participate in the coming year’s program.


Meet the #IamBplans Winners: Mike the Gardener and His Tips for Growing Your Businesses’ Social Media Presence

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Busin ess Name: Mike the Gardener Enterprises, LLC. Mike the Gardener has also done an exceptional job of growing a social media following through his businesses’ Facebook page: Vegetable Gardening , which has more than 30,000 followers.

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Every Startup Needs Intellectual Property To Thrive

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The company name becomes your intellectual property at the moment you incorporate your startup as an LLC or a Corporation. Social media accounts. Immediately go to relevant social media sites and grab the same name, even if you never plan to use the accounts.

13 tech trends to adopt before the year’s end

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Sean Ogle , Location 180, LLC. Look out for more products that aggregate and organize existing accounts and automatically scrub your inboxes, feeds and social media connections. Lane Sutton , Social Media from a Teen.

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Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools

); E-Mail Alert Sign-Up. --> Subscribe Now. --> Media Kit. --> About FOLIO. Media Kit. B2B: Business Media. Consumer Media. Media Kit. E-Media Summit -->. Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools. Social media audiences have effectively become another universe of prospects to tap, which means measurement and tracking is essential to yielding from these visitors both direct and indirect revenue. Insert Media Brokers.

Steve Case Visits Austin, Touts Entrepreneurship for Job Creation


Steve Case, head of Startup America, co-founder of AOL, CEO of Revolution LLC, and chairman of the Case Foundation, visited Austin on Thursday.

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7 Key Steps From a Million Dollar Idea To a Business

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With interactive social media and blogging, you have every opportunity to test and tune your idea before spending any real money. Formalize a company entity, website, and social media presence. I recommend you start with a Limited Liability Corp (LLC) and a winning name.

How To Make Your Small Business Legit


LLC vs. S-Corp. Utilize low-cost technology to further establish a media presence and keep up with the pace of the world. by Desha Elliot, CEO and founder of PB7APP. There’s benefits to making your small business legitimate.

Strategic Tech Buyers

Media & Events. While this group remains relevant, we have witnessed an expansion of the buyer universe as digital business models converge across media, software, services and commerce. © 2012 LUMA Partners LLC. Subscribe via RSS. Follow us. About LUMA.

Entrepreneurs Today Don’t Need A Big Budget To Start

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Setting up the business as an LLC or C-corporation can now be done online with low registration fees and minimal risk. Social media facilitates marketing and sales.

These 8 Disciplines Define A Fundable Entrepreneur

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In the United States, this is a limited liability corporation, or LLC. Even before you build a product, you should be interacting with potential customers in person, and through social media. Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask me what to do first when starting a business.

How To Close The Books on Your Startup

Sign in with Facebook or Facebook Mashable Social Media All Social Media How-To Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+ Featured in Social Media Tech All Tech Apps & Software Dev & Design Gadgets Mobile Featured in Tech Business All Business Advertising Marketing Media Small Business Startups Featured in Business Entertainment All Entertainment Film Gaming Music TV Featured in Entertainment US & World All US & World Politics Social Good U.S. Dissolve Your LLC or Corporation.

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Business Professionals Can Be The New Entrepreneurs

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Every company and startups needs marketing experts, who are skilled and knowledgeable in the development of marketing programs, content creation, lead generation, and the utilization of social media. The era of stable lifetime jobs for business professionals within a single company are gone.

Million Dollar PR On A Dime


Big brands spend millions each year on managing their presence in the media through public relations. Like no other form of marketing, editorial media coverage gives companies an implied third party endorsement that can drive recognition and sales.

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15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name


My first LLC was a very generic business sounding name – 24-7 Creative Solutions. Thanks to Julie Rustad, Julie Originals LLC. #4 Thanks to Francesca Montillo, Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures, LLC. #9 Hence the name Three Girls Media, Inc.

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6 Tips For Managing Millennial Sales Representatives


by Geoff Winthrop, Executive Vice President and Partner at Acquirent, LLC. Millennials know social media as well as (or probably better than) sales reps of other generations. Geoff Winthrop serves as Executive Vice President and Partner at Acquirent, LLC.

Social Media and Tribes #24: Getting better with Social Media – Christmas Wishlist

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Here is how social media was a boon in this time. Social media gets Starbucks on your bed side. Social media makes you chicken soup. Social media takes you for a spin. Social media charges cell phones and laptops.

15 Entrepreneurs Discuss Why They Love Their Business


Earlier this year, after a few years of thinking and planning, my wife Terri and I started HD Carolina, LLC. Thanks to Ryan Watts, HD Carolina, LLC. #2 Thanks to Suz O’Donnell, Thrivatize LLC. #9 Thanks to Ben Walker, Transcription Outsourcing, LLC. #11

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Intimacy scores with Social Media

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So, you may ask what does it have to do with Social Media? Social Media enables man to be SOCIAL at a level that was not possible before. Tags: Social Media active garage deepika bajaj intimacy invincibelle others people relationship self