Duke University receives 2 endangered lemurs from Madagascar

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from Madagascar for the first time in two decades DURHAM, N.C. (AP) AP) — A pair of endangered lemurs has been imported to the U.S.

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I can ping Madagascar from my desktop in California in 368ms, but it takes 72 hours for a U.S. Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley believe that the financial services industry in the United States is “ripe for disruption. ” The basis of this argument is really two fold.

Wilmington students pack 50K meals for global hunger relief

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AP) — Some 50,000 meals packed by students at Cape Fear Academy will find their way around the globe, to countries such as Madagascar, Indonesia, Romania and North Korea WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP)

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Call yours the “penguins of Madagascar” if you want. Earlier this month, Heidi Groshelle invited me as a keynote speaker to the ExecEvent organized by Greg Duplessie — it is an exclusive networking event for industry executives focusing on the data storage marketplace.

Duke Lemur Center introduces twin baby lemurs

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AP) — The Duke University Lemur Center has announced the birth of twin baby lemurs with the help of King Julien XIII, the animated character from "Madagascar" film series DURHAM, N.C. (AP)

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I didn’t think it was a park so I searched for “national area with lemurs madagascar”.

The Candy Man

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We knew our Madagascar candy would move only during the film's release. Rob Auerbach, founder of Louisville-based Candyrific, knows what kids want. Rob Auerbach knows what kids want.

A butterfly flaps its wings and you make a sale

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It's easy to be taken in by the idea of the Butterfly Effect : That a butterfly gently flapping its wings in the jungles of Madagascar can indirectly cause a Typhoon off the coast of Jakarta.

Georgetown Cupcake: 'Your Customers Will Tell You What You Need to Know'

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Those are the-- (Crosstalk) 05:35 Berman: --the things that--and we use (inaudible) cocoa from France, Callebaut chocolate from Belgium, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, we use fresh bananas, apples, lemons, limes in all of our cupcakes.

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Done as well, with the Madagascar off-shoot? Home About Lightspeed Team jump to navigation If onling gaming is growing so fast, why are the companies not valued more highly? May 6, 2009 Posted by jeremyliew in games , games 2.0 , gaming. trackback Asia is significantly ahead of the US in the development of the free to play MMOG market. If China’s market is an indication, the future certainly looks bright. Says GamesIndustry.biz : China’s online games market will exceed USD 5.5