Artur Hochberg of Malta On Why the Country is Great for Startups

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With its generous tax benefits and DLT regulatory framework, Malta is a great destination for startups and entrepreneurs. Artur Hochberg of Malta takes a look at why the country is a good choice for startups. Malta boasts a strong economic foundation.

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Ideal Vacation Rental Investments in Malta

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Why Malta? Malta has seen a boom in both its economy and the number of foreign nationals willing to take residence in the beautiful Mediterranean gem. Malta makes for a great peaceful place to stay for both work and play. Malta is a little country with big things to offer.

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Tips for Starting Your Own Real Estate Business

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Entrepreneurship Real Estate karkanja malta sothebysAre you taking the leap into the real estate business? As a real estate agent, your income depends on the commission you earn from every sale. This is why you are constantly looking for properties that can give you a good deal.

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Regulatory arbitrage in crypto

Version One Ventures

Almost six years ago Marc Andreessen spelled out the playbook for creating the next Silicon Valley: Don’t copy the Valley but “figure out what domain is (or could be) specific to a specific region—and then removing the regulatory hurdles for that particular domain”.

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Is Google Letting Women In Business Down?


The USA followed closely behind at 25%, with the UK and Malta jointly after that at 19.04%. by Steve Carpenter, Business Development Director at Creditsafe. The modern workplace is one where men and women are valued for their contribution, regardless of gender.

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Crypto Chess Continues


“Welcome to #Malta @binance,” Joseph Muscat, the country’s prime minister, tweeted on Friday. “We Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptoasset exchanges by volume, announced this past week that it moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to Malta. The move to Malta also positions it to benefit from a more friendly regulatory environment to experiment with new business models in the sector.

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New “Locky” Ransomware Spreading At Alarming Rate


While there is a dramatic rise in the number of people who want to know about Locky virus, the majority of those users are coming from Malta, Germany and Luxembourg. Similar to wildfire in a Jungle, a new Ransomware by the name of “Locky” is spreading at an alarming rate.

Dog Days of Summer


As the United States celebrated its Independence Day on July 4th, several jurisdictions around the world, including South Korea, Bermuda and Malta, passed legislation to support crypto assets and virtual currencies. Of these, South Korea’s appears the most detailed by providing a classification scheme as a framework for regulation.

SXSW Startups: Knowbella

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I’ve spoken at a number of conferences, most recently a blockchain conference in Malta and a conference focused on using blockchain for customer loyalty programs.

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How Much Do SaaS Companies Spend on Their MVPs?


Most of the money went to employee wages and, to a lesser extent, advertising: Since Hotjar released that beta in late 2014, the Malta-based company has grown: It now has nearly 100 team members and is used by over 350,000 organizations in 184 countries.

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I Tried 10+ Different Food Delivery, Clothing Boxes and Online Subscriptions

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One of my former roommates from Homads was a guy who was involved in cryptocurrency and had plans on selling his stuff so that he can move to Malta. Scroll through to find some local Austin favorites (all promo codes are linked to the title name)!

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