Ideal Vacation Rental Investments in Malta

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Why Malta? Malta has seen a boom in both its economy and the number of foreign nationals willing to take residence in the beautiful Mediterranean gem. Malta makes for a great peaceful place to stay for both work and play. Malta is a little country with big things to offer.


Struggling to Grow, Daily Fantasy Sports Operators Like DraftKings Seek to Expand Overseas

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Ireland, Germany, Austria and Malta. DraftKings will now operate in Australia in addition to the U.K.,


Tips for Starting Your Own Real Estate Business

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Entrepreneurship Real Estate karkanja malta sothebysAre you taking the leap into the real estate business? As a real estate agent, your income depends on the commission you earn from every sale. This is why you are constantly looking for properties that can give you a good deal.


New “Locky” Ransomware Spreading At Alarming Rate


While there is a dramatic rise in the number of people who want to know about Locky virus, the majority of those users are coming from Malta, Germany and Luxembourg. Similar to wildfire in a Jungle, a new Ransomware by the name of “Locky” is spreading at an alarming rate.


Inventing Purple Cows. Guest blog from Richard Muscat.

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He studied creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship at the Edward de Bono Institute in Malta and seems to spend most of his time moving cats off his armchair. A guest blog from Richard Muscat , a designer and Head of User Experience at Red Gate Software.


Empty Accounts? Fake Followers? Politicians' Twitter Stumbles

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Texts from Hillary ," the viral internet meme inspired by a candid photo of Clinton checking her BlackBerry aboard a plane from Malta to Tripoli, still constitutes the possible candidate''s largest internet presence. If we judge by Twitter, Hillary ''16 could be in trouble.


ACTA Signed By 22 EU Countries, Still A Fight To Be Ratified In EU Parliament


Signatories include the UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.


Some Things Great Software Companies Do That You Don’t Have To | Rob Castaneda, ServiceRocket | BoS USA 2016

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Rob Castaneda: So firstly my father is from El Salvador, my wife from Malta and my wife is from the Philippines. Like even in Australia I wasn’t Australian where I was brought up and when I went to Malta, I couldn’t speak Maltese, so I was a foreigner everywhere. Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket.