Announcing NextView Operator Guilds

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We’re calling them NextView Operator Guilds. . The concept our Guilds is simple: We want to bring together small groups of Product and Go-to-Market experts to lend their time to support our portfolio company founders and key operators.

Top Goals For Operations Managers In 2014


Whether you’re an operations manager with an MBA in operations degree or merely looking forward to being one in the future, there are some goals that all operations managers will need to have in 2014. Move your core operations to the cloud.

Managing The Operations Of Your Startup


Your success or failure will not rely upon the historical data and industry statistics, but from how well you manage daily operations. Here are five tips for assuming better command over your startup operations: Consolidate and Negotiate. by Cameron Johnson.

4 Ways To Improve Your Business Operations


If you run a small business or large company, there are several ways that you can improve your operations. Here are some of the best ways to improve your business operations. Your business can be more successful and stay operating longer if you’re willing to make the right chances.

Building A Business Operating System

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Ben Huh, the founder/CEO who I adore and love working with, send out a powerful email about how he’s approaching Cheezburger’s next stage of growth, and how he’s thinking about building the business operating system. I’m kicking off the process of building the business Operating System for Cheezburger. As COO & President, Scott has management responsibility for a huge area of Cheezburger. Well-functioning systems and operational processes.

The Smartest Way To Improve Business Operations

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Grow Operations business operations internal audit process management productivity risk management small business advisersRunning a business isn’t an easy task. There are always difficulties to deal with that could negatively affect productivity.

Start Your Business: From Truck Driver to Owner-Operator

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There are few workers out there who don’t dream of a day when they could go into business for themselves, doing the same work they already love–but as an owner-operator. Business management is just one area of concern for owner-operator trucking companies.

Managing New User Satisfaction On A Daily Basis

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We came up with a very simple operant conditioning loop framework. Any user that doesn’t is unhealthy and gets an operant conditioning action, which in this case is an email with instructions on how to create a record. If they don’t, they get the operant conditioning action, stay at day three, and are now in category b. There are several operant conditioning actions that can extend it by a week or two weeks.

What Happens When Startups Turn from Their Innovation Stage to Operational Excellence?

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Nearly every successful tech startup I’ve observed over the past 20 years has gone through a similar growth pattern: Innovate, systematize then scale operations. Sam & Rahul have worked closely together on “innovate & operate” since the earliest days of MakeSpace.

Why Team Management By Fear Is Bad For Any Business

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Deference to the leaders can become the default mode of operation, suppressing valuable input, to the detriment of everyone. Performance goals set without team member input, and without support and feedback, are a sure sign of managing by fear.

A Guide to Crafting Your LLC Operating Agreement

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An operating agreement is the document that sets the rules for your LLC. You’ll be able to choose your management structure, lay out who’s responsible for what, and many other important issues. Should I have an operating agreement for my LLC?

LLC 169

3 Project Management Delegation Blunders To Avoid

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As you delegate project management be on the lookout for these three issues. The wrong project management processes can completely destroy business growth. Operations productivity productivity tips project management

Ways To Manage Distributed Teams


The advantages of these teams are well known, but they do require a different style of management that empowers individuals while directing them toward a common goal. With normal in-house teams, setting expectations is important for the management of a project.

Social Trends Podcast: A Vision For A Business Operating System


She recently shared Zoho’s vision for a business operating system, no less. Listen to to the show here: Social Trends Podcast : A Vision For a Business Operation System. Meera : This mainly comes from our vision around building a business operating system.

How An iPad POS Can Streamline Your Business Operations


Previous incarnations were clumsy, difficult to operate, not very effective and limited in both functionality and features. Newer iPad systems reduce the amount of workload strain on managers. Technology is everywhere.

6 Ways For Startups To Reduce Operating Costs


Here are a few ways for startups to reduce operating costs so they can function more efficiently, and make every dollar count: 1. The cost to physically operate a business can turn into a major financial burden for startups. by Morgan Sims.

5 Online Apps To Manage Freelancers And Outsourced Teams

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Whether you're a solopreneur or a small business, access to the right online tools will help you manage freelancers and outsourced teams with ease. Back Office Grow back office business apps business operations hiring freelancers Operations outsourcing productivity workflow management

How Great, Operationally-Focused CFO’s Can Transform Your Business

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For a well-funded seed company I have controversially recommended hiring a great office manager that doubles as an administrative assistant. One area I’ve had much discussion with the companies in which I’ve invested in is bringing on board an operationally focused CFO. Having an amazing and operationally focused CFO has freed up the rest of the team to achieve even more while giving the board much more confidence in our strategic direction.

Operating Cash Ratio – The Magic Metric For Entrepreneurs

Mike Michalowicz

And by tracking it through a metric called the Operating Cash Ratio (OCR), you will have your thumb on the company’s pulse. Cash Flow Money Strategies cash strategies instant metric money management ocr operating cash ratio

How To Manage A Remote Team Across Time Zones

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Grow Operations business operations Global Business remote employees remote team remote working virtual workforceA series of early decisions helped us build a team that isn’t slowed down by the oceans and continents between us. Here's how we did it.

Technical Demo of Oblong’s g-speak Spatial Operating Environment

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It’s a 30 minute presentation by Mary Ann de Lares Norris, the Managing Director of Oblong Europe, that is an excellent overview of Oblong’s technology. She then shows an example of how Oblong’s “common operating picture&# works in a real logistics application.

4 Operational Features Every Online Business Should Work To Improve Upon


Regardless of the industry a company operates in, there are certain practices and processes that need to be optimised in order to facilitate ideal business outcomes. Others business advice business operations Internet business

How To Manage A Remote Team In Multiple Offices

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Do you manage a remote team? If so, you know they are only as productive as your ability to manage them. And let’s face it, losing track of your remote team or managing them ineffectively is pretty easy to do.

5 Risk Management Issues Many Small Business Owners Neglect


One area where good decision making plays a large role in any business is in regards to risk management. A large part of a good risk management plan is a business owner who can determine what the businesses actual risk is and how much of a risk each element represents.

3 Inefficient Operations To Clean Up In Preparation For A 2014 Boom


Not Preparing for Mid-Tier Management Roles. As your startup grows, so does the need for mid-tier managers between employees and senior management. Leaders often put off hiring for these positions because mid-tier managers can be disruptive, and it takes time to integrate them.

Why Fleet Management is Important for Your Business

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This has seen a sharp increase in the reliance on fleet management systems to efficiently manage their fleet and get critical data that will help them make informed decisions. Why should you invest in a modern fleet management software for your business? Better Driver Management.

Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work

Steve Blank

—– Lean Innovation Management. Each horizon requires different focus, different management, different tools and different goals. And if they’re smart they’ll teach Horizon 1 teams to operate with mission and intent , not just process and procedure.).

Lean 332

Finance Director/ Operations


Summary Of The Role Provide financial support to Global Operations driving strategy, planning and overall financial performance. The Global Operations organization remit includes Supply Chain, Procurement, Customer Service and Corporate Real Estate. Identify, address and implement solutions for operational improvement and cost opportunities.

Financial Management Guide For The Self-Employed


For that, you need a great product and good financial management. Manage it well. When talking about financial management, it is the word “management” that is the most important. Others financial management managing money money management

Top Project Management Courses For Beginners


The market is expanding and as a result of that, the numbers of project managers who are capable of dealing with their work strategically and also execute them successfully are finding themselves overburdened with work. This course is offered by Project Management Institute.

Managing Up


(The following post was written by one of Return Path’s long-time senior managers, Chris Borgia , who runs one of our data science teams and has run other support organizations in the past, both at Return Path and at AOL. Managing Up in a Growing, Global Workplace.

4 Fundamentals Of Good Financial Management For Startups


The road to success as a startup company can be a rocky and ultimately insurmountable one for any number of reasons but poor financial management is certainly a common cause of crisis among fledgling businesses everywhere in the world.

How To Succeed As A Product Manager


And this is the product manager who dictates the strategies and processes, controls the product’s lifecycle and ensures that it meets all the set demands. One reason product management is such an appealing career is you get to sit at the intersection of technology, business, and design.”.

Wrike: The All-In-One Project Management Solution


Wrike is a versatile project management software that enables multifunctional teams to collaborate and effectively achieve their aims from a single location. Wrike Professional, while still a more potent option over its peers, is more appropriately suited to smaller teams managing a project.

Reflections Of A Retired Senior Manager

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My career, in several companies, included management consulting, different positions in many functional areas, heading up international operations and eventually leading to several positions as interim CEO.

Top 3 Tips On Managing Virtual Teams


With businesses expanding and going global, working virtually with teams operating from different geographies is becoming more and more common. One question that immediately comes to mind is how a manager is going to keep track of such teams and their activities?

Incident Management Basics

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The foundation for IT service management, the efficient handling of incoming incident reports can make or break a business’ service department. Establishing good incident report management can be a simple but time-consuming process for large companies.

Manage Your Startup Admin Efficiently


It is surprising just how much admin is involved in running a company, especially one-man operations where the budget is simply not there to employ a secretary. If startup businesses are to succeed, good administration management is essential from the word go.

The Pixar-inspired Guide to Managing a Creative Company

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Ed Catmull shares his experience as a manager of Pixar, one of the world’s most famous creative animation studios. The way I see it, my job as a manager is to create a fertile environment, keep it healthy, and watch for the things that undermine it,” Ed says.

Managing Your Small Business Cash Flow This Holiday Season


Your operating budget for the holidays could very well be higher than normal, but you also need to think ahead to January and February. Professionalisms cash flow cash flow management managing costs managing money small business Stephen Sheinbaum

Smart Ways To Invest In Your Business And Manage Risk

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Grow Operations business expansion business growth strategy growth hacks growth strategyGet your investments right and you will reap the rewards.

Operation Marketing Freedom

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The “freedom&# aspect of Operation Iraqi Freedom officially started after theUS invasion of Iraq and we found out there weren’t any Weapons of Mass Destruction.The mission turned from a matter of finding WMDs to rebuilding a broken society andinfrastructure.

Tips To Manage Your Business Finances Effectively


By looking at how your company manages cash flow and overall finances, you will see ways to improve and tackle issues as they arise. If you’re looking for easy ways to manage your business finances in a smarter way, take a look at these tips to get you back on the right track.