Stages of Social Enterprise Capital

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Survival or Establishment Stage: Once initial seed capital is drying up and no profit has yet been earned, the challenge for a social enterprise will be to expand the customer base and increase the market penetration while preserving capital. Growth or Expansion Stage: Once they have hit or surpassed financial break-even, the social enterprise may be able to access debt capital and to establish a credit history. At this point in financing, debt capital is likely to be preferred.

Venture Capital and Hedge Funds


As hedge funds receive more dollars and the markets, therefore, become more efficient, hedge funds need to find new ways to generate returns. The holdings — ranging from modest positions in startup companies to multibillion dollar corporate buyouts to a variety of more esoteric instruments, like subordinated debt — already amount to $65 billion, or 7% of hedge-fund investments, according to estimates by Freeman & Co.,