What to Expect at New York City's Social Media Week

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Social Media Week , a five-day conference filled with panel discussions, workshops, and product demonstrations, is coming to New York City on February 17. Here are the events you need to check out at the mega-conference, which kicks off on Monday.

What are the advantages of stationing your startup in New York City opposed to Silicon Valley / SF?


Access to many, many more world market centers (advertising, finance, fashion, media, food, etc.). A city that from the Mayor on down is devoted to helping the tech startup community expand exponentially. The world’s fastest growing tech startup ecosystem. A much more tightly knit startup community, compared to the larger but more diffuse West Coast community. The world’s largest Tech Meetup (not to mention Meetup.com itself).

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How the New York City innovation community can still lose (and what you can do about it)

This is going to be BIG.

I remember hearing that a New York City venture fund was raising money in 2004 and almost skipping the meeting, because New York wasn’t a viable place to deploy that much capital—it was a small blip in the past. I've heard that most new angels make 70% of their lifetime investments within the first year of starting to invest--i.e. There isn’t a single person in the NYC that is more excited than I am about how far we’ve come.

What's the Future of Small Business in New York City?

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Mayor Bloomberg leaves a significant legacy in terms of being a friend to business and trumpeting the city''s tech start-up scene. New York City is home to more than 200,000 small businesses. It was always was bad news when you heard from the city.

What's New York City's Secret to Fostering a Tech Startup Boom?

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But recently New York City’s tech/information economy has flourished--especially in the city''s most diverse borough, Brooklyn. This uptick, he estimated, was responsible for roughly one-third of the job creation in New York City’s private sector since 2007.

Quantified Media Continues to Grow

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Quantified Media is media agency creating opportunities for skilled graduates and professionals in the field of digital advertising and direct response marketing. Who is Quantified Media? It is run by professionals with many years of experience in digital advertising and media.

Win the Talent War - VCball


A New York based VCs quixotic search for new knowledge in early stage venture capital and entrepreneurship. Last night I attended a dinner hosted by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (aka NYCEDC) hosted by Deputy Mayor Robert Steel and Head of the Center for Economic Transformation Steven Strauss.    Talent begets talent, at the city, state and national level as well as at the company level.  VCball.

Stray Boots Launches Mobile Guided Urban Scavenger Game Around NYC


Well yeah, they’re about to be made obsolete if New York City-based mobile game startup Stray Boots had its way. Ideaspotting game app guided tour mobile app New York City Stray Boots travel app


Social Media Strategy for Novices

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Have you been avoiding social media because you don't know where to start? How can a social media novice start thinking about implementing a social strategy? Perhaps you're from a small or mid-sized business, which still hasn't gotten on the social media bandwagon.

5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics


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It’s About Women Running Startups

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She had an interesting insight: existing content/media companies were having the same problem as hardware companies that rarely made the leap to new platforms. And she had a model for a new media company for mobile and wearables. New York Startups.

How One Tiny Business is Dominating Social Media

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Retailer The Brooklyn Circus has an award-winning social media strategy, despite having only two people dedicated to it. Last week a group of media moguls, business leaders and entertainment stars named the best and the brightest on social media at the Shorty Awards in New York City.

6 Dangerous Things to Do on Social Media

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When wielded appropriately, social media is a powerful tool anyone can use to bolster a personal or company brand. Don''t assume just because someone is young, he or she knows how to appropriately handle and grow your social media presence.

Media Companies Are Hot Again. No, Seriously

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The fastest growing private media company in the country never intended in its early years to be so editorial. And it has new heft in doing so, due to a fresh infusion of $20 million in funding from Stripes Group.

How to Go From Hacker to Founder | Vinicius Vacanti

Vinicius Vacanti

Home About Contact Me How To Make It as a First-Time Entrepreneur Vinicius Vacanti How to Go From Hacker to Founder October 14, 2010 | View Comments Now that Yipit raised a round of funding , we have the amazing opportunity to grow our team of engineers here in New York City.

What Social Media Can't Do: Ben Kaufman

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During Social Media Week, Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman said when it comes to product innovation, there are limits to what social media can do. “I have a sort of love hate relationship with social media,” Kaufman said to an audience at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.

The State of NYC Seed: Startup Trends & VC Data [REPORT]

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Since joining NextView, we’ve talked often and excitedly about the New York startup ecosystem. With many seed investments locally already, everyone on the team has had a window into how entrepreneurship in the city has evolved over this current cycle.

Traditional PR is Still a Fabulous Way to Stand Out

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Back in the day, you know ten years ago, I built some form of media relations into every marketing plan. As digital channels have taken more and more attention, it’s easy to push traditional media coverage aside, but do so at your own risk. Podcast Christina Nicholson Media Mave

Have Diploma, Will Work For Recognition


Millennials graduating this month are entering a strong job market full of optimism with dreams of starting their new careers. These optimistic new and recent grads are now primed to pave their path in the world and start their own businesses.

The Secrets of Social Media in China

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The huge Chinese audience offers nearly limitless opportunities for social media businesses, but there''s a lot to learn about the market before you can cash in. Despite its buzz and price tag, WhatsApp isn''t even on the radar in social media-obsessed China.

Spotify, GoPro, and Airbnb Lit Up Social Media Last Week

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A handful of startups made headlines that caused their social media mentions to spike during the week of May 18 through May 24, according to data collected for Inc. The companies made news for very different reasons, but each generated a huge amount of online discussion.

Twitter Link Roundup #92 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

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These posts and videos are about logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, and more! Social Media Revolution – Facts and Figures (Updated) – [link].

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3 Considerations Before Deciding To Hire Or Outsource


Hunter Hoffmann is Head of US Communications at Hiscox Small Business Insurance and is responsible for media relations, social media, internal communications and executive messaging. Hunter lives in New York City with his wife and two sons – Walker and Otis.

2 Ways to Generate Massive Publicity for Your Startup

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After signing up as a “source,” you will receive 3 e-mails per day (morning, afternoon and evening) from HARO with tens of new queries in each e-mail, enabling you to strut your ‘stuff’ and show what you have to offer to the querier’s piece.

Way Up & Better–Your Next Product Management Job !

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Product Manager @ Viacom (New York) Keywords: Content Management, Media, Product [link]. Performance Marketing Manager @ Frank (New York) Keywords: Education, Finance, Online, Performance Marketing, Story Telling [link]. Product Owner, Diet Bet @ WayBetter (New York, NY) Keywords: Consumer, Digital, mobile, Product Manager, start up [link]. If you are a great product person looking for a great product job, or vice versa, check out our job board.

Starting a Web Business with Less than Your Monthly Rent (The $ by $ Guide)

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As a New-York-City-based startup founder, I’ve been asked these questions many times. For this reason, I’ve arbitrarily picked our budget to be one month of New York City rent: $3,836.

Visual Tech Job Board Comparison

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Nathan Hursts Blog Thoughts on Software, Technology, and Startups « Back to blog Im on the technical side of entrepreneurship in NYC. I love programming, board games, and my wife.

How much does it cost to build the world’s hottest startups?

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Henrik Werdelin , the Managing Partner of Prehype , a venture development firm based in New York City that has helped build companies like Tradable , Barkbox , FancyHands , Basno and Path , says recreating Twitter isn’t necessarily difficult, but the layered features will take time to get right.

Cost 62

3 Tips For Funding Your Small Business


Sixty-five percent of small business owners believe finding financial funding for a new business is difficult according to Hiscox’s DNA of an Entrepreneur study. Crowdfunding for small businesses is a new trend that makes it much easier for entrepreneurs to receive funding.

Twitter Link Roundup #274 – Non-conventional Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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We just love sharing articles about fonts, logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff! 12 Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Business crowdspring.co/1fcNGse. The 1980s.

Spring Cleaning For Your Small Business


With the onset of spring, now is a good time for small business owners to track their progress on their goals in the first few months of the year, re-vamp their marketing and sales strategies and put a shiny, new face on their company for the rest of the year.

5 Ways Role Models Can Help Small Business Owners


These new entrepreneurs can also help expand your network and keep you in touch with the latest developments in the start-up scene. Role models and mentors are an important professional resource and system of support that can dramatically influence a new entrepreneur’s success and confidence.

Investors Consider These 7 Elements to Be High Risk

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Nevertheless, we can all benefit by understanding a collective view from investors on the high-risk elements that every new business has faced historically based on the team, as well as in the marketplace. New drugs usually fall in this category, due to side-effect testing.

7 Startup Scenarios That May Be Judged Non-Fundable

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Nevertheless, we can all benefit by understanding a collective view from investors on the high-risk elements that every new business has faced historically based on the team, as well as in the marketplace. New drugs usually fall in this category, due to side-effect testing.

2 Tools to Leverage the Social Factor of SEO

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Beyond humans, websites are now developing social reputations with this new social search engine ranking factor. He has been featured in Forbes and on the Reuters board in New York City’s Times Square for his entrepreneurial success, among other publications.

Twitter Link Roundup #287 – Cool Stuff Small Business, Startups, and Designers!

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He has consistently embraced new tools and new technology, and to wonderful effect. We do love sharing articles about fonts, logo design , web design , startups, entrepreneurship, small business, leadership, social media, marketing, economics and other interesting stuff!

On Social Media, You Have More to Say Than You Think

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When you''ve got a traditional business, it may seem hard to figure out what to post on social media networks, but the truth is, you have more to say than you think. Javitz Center in New York City to learn about new ways to grow their business.

Guns and Cyber Security

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I grew up in New York City and for a few years heaven on earth for me was going to Boy Scout camp in the summer near the Delaware River. The camp had all the summer adventures a city kid could imagine, hiking, fishing, canoeing, etc.

8 Challenges To Overcome In The Growth Of Hyperlocal

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Most people have heard of Foursquare for local nightlife and Airbnb for rooms, but other nationally recognized sources for local services are still hard to find, including social media, local news, advertising, and event calendars.

Dalhousie University Commencement Speech – 2017

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Whether new forms of communication physically change our gray matter, or just cause us to use different parts of it, is still open to debate. Storytellers had new brains. With written text, the minds of the readers required a whole new way of processing information.