The New York Times Launches TimeSpace, Its Own Startup Incubator/Accelerator

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The New York Times is launching a new startup accelerator, TimeSpace, a 4 month program taking in early stage media startups into the NYT Headquarters. News Startup Accelerators TimeSpace Accelerators Incubators New York Times NYT Startup

TextureMedia Gets Acquired by New York-based Ultra/Standard


TextureMedia, a hair care media company in Austin, got acquired Monday by Ultra/Standard, a multicultural hair care and beauty distribution company based in New York. It was one of the first investments made […] The post TextureMedia Gets Acquired by New York-based Ultra/Standard appeared first on SiliconHills.

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[New York] INGENUITY 2013


Despite the challenging US economy, the New York startup scene is burgeoning. The 16 finalists that have been selected – covering a range of industries, from mobile, digital media and healthcare to fashion, and Internet services - to pitch are: Crowdtap.

The Most Obvious Mobile Ad Unit and What the New York Times Got Wrong

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The New York Times recently ran an article titled, “ Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind.” I can tell you that mobile ads are going to deliver serious revenue & growth to those who understand how they will be different from those that came from other media types. How ads work are always different across media types. ” I love the NY Times and am a paying subscriber. But this article missed the real trend.

Hyphen-tech – a trend that bodes well for London and New York

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I just came across the concept of ‘ hyphen-tcch ‘: the numerous sub-sections of startups that align themselves with various industries: fin tech , fashion tech , media tech, and so forth. London and New York are good places to build these businesses because we combine strong startup ecosystems with world leading financial services, fashion, media and so on.

What to Expect at New York City's Social Media Week

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Social Media Week , a five-day conference filled with panel discussions, workshops, and product demonstrations, is coming to New York City on February 17. Organized by Crowdcentric Media , the event is aimed at "exploring the social, cultural, and economic impact of social media."

Houston Investor Murthy Reflects on Tech’s High & Low Points in 2017

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A series of events this year—from the Equifax data breach to the foreign use of social media to influence the U.S. presidential election—has prompted some to question the utopian promise of innovation, especially when it comes to Web companies and cybersecurity.

2016 Social Media Trends And Statistics That Were Crazy!


Social Media has become an essential part of everyone’s life, it is addictive! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest have opened a new gateway to express and connect. However some social media trends and statistics have really been crazy!

John Lilly On The Role of Simplicity and Messaging

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Yesterday I talked briefly about taking a break from media. However, I wasn’t precise, as the one thing I read each week is the New York Times Sunday paper. Management john lilly leadership message new york times startup communities

What are the advantages of stationing your startup in New York City opposed to Silicon Valley / SF?


Access to many, many more world market centers (advertising, finance, fashion, media, food, etc.). The world’s fastest growing tech startup ecosystem. A much more tightly knit startup community, compared to the larger but more diffuse West Coast community. A city that from the Mayor on down is devoted to helping the tech startup community expand exponentially. The world’s largest Tech Meetup (not to mention itself).

The New York Startup Market Rocks and is REAL


OK, I may be biased having been an early stage VC based out of New York since 1996, but I must say that the vibe, energy, and people at the Techstars NYC Demo Day event yesterday was simply awesome. As mentioned above, what I loved most about yesterday was not only catching up with many new friends, but also many old ones who were an integral part of NYC 1.0. I remember the number 1 complaint in the mid-90s, New York VCs don't get it.

The New York Startup Market Rocks and is REAL


OK, I may be biased having been an early stage VC based out of New York since 1996, but I must say that the vibe, energy, and people at the Techstars NYC Demo Day event yesterday was simply awesome. As mentioned above, what I loved most about yesterday was not only catching up with many new friends, but also many old ones who were an integral part of NYC 1.0. I remember the number 1 complaint in the mid-90s, New York VCs don't get it.

The “Good” Student « Steve Blank

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Reply Quote of the Day | Bronte Media , on April 7, 2009 at 7:28 pm Said: [.] Google requires transcripts for new grads. And even not-so-new engineers.

Is My Company Really Worth More Than The New York Times?

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A billion dollars is a big number, so a natural way to think about the valuation is to compare it with that of a well-known public company, such as The New York Times Company. I've been reading The New York Times every day for about 25 years.

How to bootstrap your way into becoming a VC

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Many in the VC community are incredibly generous when it comes to sharing their insights and experiences via blogging and social media. As an example, my friend Semil Shah has done an amazing job building his brand through a combination of smart writing, social media, and organizing get-togethers and targeted conferences. News First round capital Fred Wilson New York San Francisco Toronto Venture capital Version One Ventures

How Humans of New York Went Viral on Facebook

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In the last year, Brandon Stanton''s amazingly simple project, Humans of New York, attracted nearly 1 million Facebook fans. If you haven''t checked out Stanton''s photoblog and project, Humans of New York , I recommend you do so.

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The Problem is the Advertising, Not the Ad Blocker

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Media companies and publishers are mad. Marketing and branding ad blockers banner ads content marketing digital advertising native advertising new york times publishingLike, really mad.

Free Advice for: The New York Times iPad App

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In many cases the subjective judgment of the end user should create a roadmap for designers and developers, and the very best companies take into account customer feedback and other primary research such as user testing, focus group response, and media reviews of their offerings. I am a crank.

7 Social Media Events In 2015 Most That You Can Still Make To


Are you a social media enthusiast longing to network with those from your field? Or someone who is setting foot in the marketing world because they found social media to be their calling? image via social media strategies summit here. Social Media Strategies Summit.

How to Get World Class Experts to Support Your Company

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Like many established finance & media companies, GLG knows that the tech startup sector is a growing part of the economy. This is particularly true in New York, where their traditional financial services industry client base has sustained significant damage since the 2008 financial crisis.

Polygraph Media is Disrupting the Advertising Industry through Data and Analytics


But he is living a Modern-Day version of Mad Men, the AMC TV series that dramatized the lives of ad men in the 1960s at a fictional New York advertising agency. The post Polygraph Media is Disrupting the Advertising Industry through Data and Analytics appeared first on SiliconHills. Ideas to Invoices Podcast advertising Chris Treadaway facebook Ideas to Invoices McDonald's Polygraph media technology WeWork Domain

What's Wrong With Sensationalist Media

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Check out this email I got from a major media company this past week: I was just talking to my boss about New York's tech scene and the types of stories I should go after. He Like maybe there's a new Brookly luxury bulding where 10 startup founders all bought homes, or there's a restaurant that all the tech geeks in the city go to to close their deals.

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A New Campus for Budding Engineers and Entrepreneurs in New York

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As his last days at City Hall wind down, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg moved to solidify his regime''s legacy in technology , entrepreneurship, education, and job creation.

More Cash for Entrepreneurs, Crowdfunding, and Indiegogo

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Indiegogo also helps campaigns gain and measure traction using the “GoGo Factor,” which is tracked automatically and uses a custom algorithm to determine which campaigns get promoted on the homepage, on the site’s blog, or in media mentions.

New York, London, San Francisco — The Latest Product Management Opportunities

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Short Term Gig: Product Requirements Analysis @ Reliant Solutions (New York City) Keywords: Freelance, Product Management, Short Term Gig [link]. New York, NY) Keywords: Ad Tech, Content Management, eCommerce, Olapic, Social Media [link]. Senior Product Manager @ Plated (New York City) Keywords: customer experience, engagement, mission-driven, product management, subscription e-commerce [link].

Launch of Harvard Business School Angels of New York

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Back in December, Richard Kane, President, Harvard Business School Club of New York , asked me if I’d like to chair the newly-formed Harvard Business School Angels of New York.

Eyeing an IPO, Dropbox Is Expanding to New York

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The cloud service provider, which is rumored to be preparing to go public, bought office chat company Zulip and is now hiring 25 employees for a New York City outpost.

Circle Media Merges with New York-based S3i Digital


Circle Media, based in Austin, announced that it has merged with S3i Digital, based in New York. Mark Piening, Circle Media president and founder, used to work at Bazaarvoice.

Top 23 Social Media Power Influencers

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Chris is the owner of Human Works and is a New York Times bestselling co-author of The Impact Equation, and a sought-after professional keynote speaker. If you’re looking for cutting edge tips for social media, check out the tweets of a “new media star.”.

How the New York City innovation community can still lose (and what you can do about it)

This is going to be BIG.

I remember hearing that a New York City venture fund was raising money in 2004 and almost skipping the meeting, because New York wasn’t a viable place to deploy that much capital—it was a small blip in the past. I've heard that most new angels make 70% of their lifetime investments within the first year of starting to invest--i.e. There isn’t a single person in the NYC that is more excited than I am about how far we’ve come.

Going Down? Q3 VC Investments in US Tech Drop 14%

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There are Many Angel Bubbles , New York Time’s A Silicon Bubble Shows Signs of Re inflating and Fred Wilson’s Invest in the mess ). T he latest VentureDeal quarterly report is out (see pdf) and it suggests that VC activity in tech has slowed down in the third quarter.

Flipboard Inks Deal with The New York Times

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Flipboard announced today that it has inked a content deal with the New York Times, marking a first for both companies. The New Yorker and WIRED announced they would no longer allow for articles to appear in their entirety on Flipboard, AdAge reports.

New York Times' David Carr Dies at 58

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described the media columnists'' work as "an indispensable guide to modern media The Times'' publisher, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.,

Tumblr Is New York's Third Billion-Dollar Start-Up Exit in the Past Year

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New York startups are proving that Silicon Valley isn''t the only place where monstrous tech companies can be made. In the past twelve months, three tech companies in the New York area have exited for more than $1 billion. Who needs Silicon Valley?

Making Social Media Work For SMEs


Small businesses rarely have the time or resources to invest in outsourced customer service support, and some are finding it more efficient to serve customers via social media platforms: one LinkedIn study from 2014 revealed that 81 percent of North American SMEs use social media [5].

7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed

Media. Media Planning Media Buying Publishing Display Advertising Video Mobile. Social Media Community Management Social Commerce Social Integration Social Media Smarts. 7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed [Research]. SES New York.

Quantified Media Continues to Grow

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Quantified Media is media agency creating opportunities for skilled graduates and professionals in the field of digital advertising and direct response marketing. Who is Quantified Media? It is run by professionals with many years of experience in digital advertising and media.

Transfluent Raises $1 Million Funding To Relocate To New York


Transfluent has announced it has received $1 million in Angel funding to relocate to New York and support their Singapore office. The company provides human-powered translation services with a quick turnaround, making it ideal for companies who need social media accounts in many languages, apps localized, and other tasks.

7 Types Of Photos Your Social Media Fans Will Engage With


Having no engagement on posts is the social media equivalent of talking to yourself – it shouldn’t happen. Posting more photos your social media fans will engage with can help your brand. Use social media automation to save time and reach your audience.

How Twitter's Retweet creates Pagerank for humans

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The Communilytics stuff was really interesting; we proposed a new “long funnel&# model that incorporates both community metrics (such as followers, amplification, and the like) and traditional analytics (conversion rate, checkout value, and so on.)